Kabiria - Take Your Time

LYRICS: Watch you sit there Your eyes are glazed Empty wine bottles From only two days Your lover's gone Her scent's on your sheets You just want to sleep for a night Maybe weeks but It all goes on Rolls out beyond you Like smoke from your cigarette Emotions they cloud you I climb the stairs Meet your eyes The words they escape me There's no compromise Hospitals flourescent and gloomy Soon become home The rest, they say, is history Everything changed We're left to adapt She fights to survive and we Fight to hold back (CHORUS) Take your time away from here No one can keep you Or keep it from happening Take your time and hold it dear You're not alone in the wake of this tragedy I watch you leave with a last goodbye I can't say I blame you I know we both tried It all goes on Rolls out beyond you From darkness to dawn You're not alone in what you're going through (CHORUS) Lyrics by Gretchen King | Copyright 2014 Kabiria.co For Lovers, Stalkers, and C-Walkers /> /> /> /> />