** THE DAMAGE IS JIRAIYA THE HARDEST HITTER? OMG * | ** Naruto Ultimate Ninja Blazing *

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Time to take the goat Jiraiya and see how much damage he can dish out. Infinity Stones - /> Anbu Discord - sending inv to sponsors (sponsors please contact me if you did not get inv) Update - il be making a twitter group for the anbu squad Twitch - />----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe, Comment, Like ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Twitch - />Twitter - />Music - Intro Music - />Intro Music 2 - />Intro Music 3 - />-------------------------------------------------------

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MugiOnline TM
Kaguya and jiraiya both need abilities but they have the same multiplier and attack, kaguya hits harder cause she actually seriously has 6 more attack
Abody T
Fun fact night guy is the hardest hitter , his sync skills could give him 350 attack + and abilities 700 so his attack could reach 3950 the damage he could do on a hart type 82k+
I know Jiraya is a beast but I'm save for anniversary, I'm sure he will be back in anivversay banner plus I have night guy. If anything level 3 summon is a mabey
You upload right when I was about to go sleep. 😭 but I'll still watch. 🙏🏻
night guy hits harder though right?
i think the anniversary characters are ganna be hagoromo and hamura hopefully amd i think the pc unit is jugo
Fake Sun
"When it come to blazing fest Bandai doesn't disappoint" -Shiney S 2k18
Zaid GameZ
How does Shiney always forgot about Night Guy it makes no sense to me he does realize that while Jiraiya drops 74k I think Kaguya drops 78k Night Guy drops 80k
Santiago 537
Bandai had to throw respect on this man's name.
goku black ikaros
Am so not going for Jiraiya
Paulo Teixeira
Wtf they shaft shinden sasuke and think hmm lets make jiraiya strong af wow wtfff
Shihab Ahmed
Just wait until units start hitting for a mil
Jaime Cecena
They finally did our boy jiraya good.
Lim Ding Jie
Any idea when is the aniversary ?
THAT CRIT THOUGH!!!!!! 389k.......jesus Christ almighty.
Marco Pineda
"Hardest hitter" LOL gtfo
Beez Cuit
shiney would you make a setup tour or nah?
Deltix HD
Not first 😂
Theelitemastergamer555 56
God tier
Hamza Phoenix
1st !!
Kajus Narunas
Not even reached 2nd anniversary and its already dying😂🤣🤣😂
This jiraya goes through this ninja road like piss through snow
squirtle yerim
Stop using attack boosts from field/buddy skill please, or at least show us what damage the units do without field/buddy skills, because it really makes a huge difference and I want to see what damage they do on their own
Robert Allen
Yo do you know what the next summon will be? Coz I don't know if I should spend my pearls or save them, possible vid?
Lasa Barrett
Now we need a good itachi pain and obito itachi has good cards but not top tear pain doesn’t have a good card that has good range all short range and obito needs a card with more damage
Rizal Mehdy
I always use it on pvp, u've to know that jiraiya have 25k - 38k/40k ninjutsu's damage on heart element. So, thats why I need all dupes on it 😁
Despacito GT
They did not shaft the homie jiraiya
Sorry but did I just see 389k? Can’t wait for it to come to global 😀
Vakashi Hatake
Bro my kakashi did 30000 for his first jutsu i felt special that day
Lip 01
Now all body need is a attack booster and it’s now Skill 2.0
baby turtle
I just realized this is pointless in what situation in the game /raid are you gonna be able to get 150% nuke without it messing up your team setup
5 pearls. I guess a week of farming after getting shafted 2 times on a row on 30 pearl yugito and am free to play
Filip Erak
does anyone know whats the name of the naruto picture he uses for the smash the like button
Meanwhile pain is over there crying
Dragon Ball Addiction
I needs Jiraiya
Super Vegito
I wish we could get a new op wisdom blazing fest unit like kaguya....
aMaan Ali
Shiney but night guy takes away health and i dont have much healers to back it up.
Dragon killer:A
I have night guy and 3 dups of him
more better
Lucid Sage
6:34 is that a bad word shiney
Bryan :3
The artwork makes it look like if it was from a normal banner
looks like a win more card
ReVz Frosty
Big Lad Køishi
That thumbnail tho lmao 👌
Reaper Death Seal
Been waiting on this vid lol
Clay Vu
"WhEn iT cOmEs tO bLaZiNg FeSt, bAnDaI dOn'T dIsaPpOiNt." Yeah nice one shinden sasuke
That thumbnail😂😂
Annett Ammering
That Intro tho
u r the best shiney
xxx tentacion
Is the wisdom good?
Should i go for him or wait for anniversery?
Shito Rin HD
kaguya with max abilities does 53k
MaJsoN : Dracu
the dark avenger of konoha
when is the anniversery coming? June or something?
Jamal Williams
How many pills you need to properly 💊 out a unit?
someone know in which month there will be anniversary event guys? thx
Lim Ding Jie
What is the max number of pearls an account can carry ?
Makes me sad knowing I can’t play this where I currently am ;(
Dill Pill
Should i summon on him or wait for anniversary
Take this man on ninja road, easy W.
Jaime Cecena
I feel like his art should have been him with the spikes on his back when pain killed him. Imagine him all beat up, blood coming out his mouth and other areas, and with the spikes impailing him. Maybe that would be the first 7 star?
Can I get some free ninja Pearls
RegularNinja 599
Don't forget jaraiya has way more health than night guy and there are no draw backs to using his ult