50 Cent - Just A Lil Bit

Best of 50 Cent: />Subscribe here: /> Music video by 50 Cent performing Just A Lil Bit. (C) 2005 Shady Records/Aftermath Records/Interscope Records

MC Jhow
Alguém do 🇧🇷 em 2019 ?
Sebastiao6e Carlos
Sebastiao herói cada musica linda um grande sucesso belíssima voz ok galera linda uma boa semana com muitas bênção e felicidades para todos vocês de coração amem conquista e vitórias ok galera nota dez
youtube censored like half of the song.. back to spotify
Nadila Vieira
Meu sonho ir em uma balada e curtir esses sons antigos. Slcc #2019🇧🇷🎶🛬
Baja Gaming
This video got dislikes but just a lil bit
Ricardo Alex
Aqui no Brasil é assim 50 cent
Sidney Dery
who is here April 2019. Gimme a like
Allan Silva
Essa epoca 50 cent era foda d mais o estilo dele deixou de ser totalmente gangster
Wendwoson Bekele
🔥😍😍When ever just A lit bit nice music 😍🔥😍50 cent
Tamo Junto Rapaziada Quem gosta das música de 50cent em 2019 curti aí e Noiiisss
Alex Bennett
50 tha old skoll gangsta to the new rap generation
Ιωαννης Ντερος
2019 Needs more songs like this 😉
Imagine being one of those people that say "new school rap is better" lol
1. Buy subwoofer 2. Listen this 3. Buy subwoofer
Vatani görevimi yerine getirmeliyim :Türkler ses verin
WOLF Caroline
Alguém do Br escutando em 2019?ABRILL SKSK
Ludaka Akhona
Damn am 18 and this song is lyk new to me i still lv it as always
Cadê os brasileiros só eu que ouço essa música ainda hoje ?
brian nice song kweli abagui kabila muriira
Ten years and the song is still lit let show 50 cent some love again hit a like if you feel the same👌👌👌
Alguien de España en 2019?
abubakar khan
Miss the days with the good old rap. Now we get trash like Gucci gang
Ahmet Çelik
Beraat kararı hoppala vede cubabala hadi bağcılar
Hidayet Turko
2019? Are you here
JodiLyn Brown
Phil Astor.
marcos aurélio aparecido jacinto de souza de jesus
2019 e ainda escutando essa pedrada do 50 cent 😎🍁
Deven Lad
Its 2019 sadly now we dont hear this kind of music
Sophia Luv
I instantly smile when i see this guys face lmao
ashley m
hahaha I remember listening to this when I was like 10 and always worrying about getting in trouble if my parents heard it on my ipod nano
nukey da b
2 people i hate: 1. the devil 2. the muthafuker who made censorship
İbrahim Şeker
Nerde bizim turkler begeninde sayimizi bilelim🇹🇷🇹🇷🙏
Rafael Rafael
Chingonas tus rolas Carnal💪👍👊 saludos DESDE Zacatecas México.
Gleidson Luciano
Só que já curtiu das antigas deixa o like aí!
True Brilliance
One of the best songs ever. Never gets old
BDE Unit Olivais
Thats because tracks like this that 50 is the last hip Hop real Living Legend ever exist! Respect that!
isko sergooo
One of the best beats ever
François Web
I like 50 cent he’s My Lord and Savior
Kiah the Great
Is that Emilio Rivera from Sons of Anarchy
John Sterling
look how beautiful girls were 11 years ago without plastic in them >_<
Azam Offical
Tape types are we gorgeous girl playing be man 😎🧐🤓😋😍😂😂😂
Thalita Alves
Ele e o Eminem são os mais fodas!!!! E ponto! Aceitam ! Bjs❤❤❤😘
Biggest game R
Still listening to this in March 2019
Al Forster
When 50 was absolutely on top of the game
Liam Benoit
16 years ago still a good song!
Jule T
Imagine if he was singing this in your ears? 🤪🥰
Gomes Tv
Analaura Ahuexoteco
2019 and I still love this song 😍
Bobby Glorer
Producer: how much bass 50 Cent: yes
Ranveer Singh Sangha
2018 anyone
Haseeb Mirza
Who else is listening in 2019???
Mehmet Başaran
Amanda Morais
12/04 Brasil 🇧🇷😎
Vitor Santos
Nostalgia meu bom ✌❤😫
Nostalgia da porra
Alex v1
Fooking 2019 My neighbours love this music so much when i put it on my speakers loud that they throw a brick trough The window to hear it better Edit: and they say i just need The music to be a lil louder
david h
Damn this beat goes hard
Mauro Bonifacio
Brasil 15/03/2019
Fernanda Ferreira
Brazil... Like!
king Mohamed Films & Vlogs
Old is Gold 🌟 2018 😍
yak usman
Who's here 2019 March 7
Максометор Виденин
Мой любимый 50 цент моя молодость! Вот раньше качали тему! А сейчас что? Всем привет с 2000г
K 87
I showed this to my sister Now she is my brother
I feel bad for 2000 kids. Cuz they have lil pump and we had 50 cent...
Like if it wasn't surprise that this video lasted 4minutes 20 seconds. 420
Ese Jesús Ochoa chingandole en los videos jajajaja que bárbaro.
Oba*** Man
Would you be listening to this track in 2050...lol
Anmol Singh Gaba
14 years later still bumping on this a little bit..! Lit Cent as always💯
LifeJewel Amber
2017? 😁😏
Celular nokia 5200 estralava na rua com essa música BR
Cringe Tube
Old school 💯
Max Mahabur
That's the clip I had on my old Nokia, that was good time back then😍😍😍
Дима Билан
yee 2019 anyone watching?🤘🤘🤘
October 2018 ?🔥🔥
'Onur'ßυɾsaŁyツ Korkmaz
Burası bağcılar...
Fred Muromov
209 Best Бля ! )))
mayafurlan furlan
MAYAFURLAN sheilesbaia yotuberas from Spain welcome to BILBAO
Blessings 777 777
50 cent is a legend.
carlos gomez
!fr£lque tiene muchas istorias solitario el vicho y nopueden conel siete bdsmis amigos flsv 503?
That guy they tied to the bed was in Z Nation 👌🏼
alice moh
How I miss the old 50. My mum and I used to love his albums, we still do. Classic
selçuk Ergin
2019 dan slmlar
wandeison pinto
Cadê os brasileiro 🇧🇷 Instagram: wandeylson_Lk
K Veestar
2020 i Love u from 🇦🇫🇦🇫
Guuled Hashi
If u watching 2019 like me▶
XL Cy.
Definitely this song never old this song is batter than songs now 10 years challenge 🤩
How can ppl say that new school is better than old school
fabiana Santos
50 cente tu e pica aqui no brasil nois escuta toda hora suas musica e ino porra pra nois tu canta muito
Giorgos Androglis
Marcus Alvarez without the mayans leather!! Something aint right
O.G Kush
THUG LIFE BABY 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💣
André Vítor
Quem aí já ouviu no play 2 ⚽️
ÇPA / g g
2017 2018 2019 2020 - 2000020000 !
Forever Music
50 cent's beats are literally legendary! 🔥👑
suresh g
Anyone from India? 🇮🇳
metin beydullayev
Love from Azerbaiyan 🇦🇿
Stacy Fisher
Between da lyrics, da base line, an that damn set of vocals 50 got.. get that thing.. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥.. he got it ⚡️lit⚡️
Alejandro Montana
México 1019??
Bruno Amaro
Disco Inferno, é mais top
Duthoit Pierre
Gros son grosse équipe grosse montées que de souvenirs!!!!💪🤙
mujibur rahman
*from Bangladesh 2019*
Vinicius Ato Tutoriais