Why can't you just be normal? - The Babadook (2014)

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Wade Gonzalez
*[autistic screeching]*
Pretty much sums my life up XD
The World:WHY CAN'T YOU JUST BE NORMAL USA: Screams and eats Tide Pellets.
Jeff Smith
Unintentionally hilarious
The world: Why can't you jist be normal?! USA: *Autistically screeches and eats tide pods*
Phil H
Unironically saying this to your child makes you a failure as a parent.
Why all the comments are in inglish ??
Literally every liberal
My brain and me
Kyte Fireflapper
World: Why can't you Just be Normal?! USA: {Autistic Scream!!!}
Curran Dickinson
Tyler Joseph's Ankles
The biggest mood
Joshua Olson Cook
Why can’t you just be normal?! BECAUSE I’M BATMAN!
Never give up your personality. It's who you are
Obi Wan Kenobi
United States: "Why can't you just be Normal !?!?!" California: "{AUTISTIC SCREECH}"
God I can't stress how much this kid pissed me off
USA vs the rest of the world
John Bread
Dann wtf killyourself suiced dkdb djdhd djdjdbdkxbbdksosiej
Juli Nogueira
It's not suposed to be funny, but it is
Luis G
I know it’s a movie but this is why it’s acceptable to hit your kids
leave this empty
This would have been a fire movie if she just capped his ass with a hidden 45. You'll be a normal dead kid.
Black Crow
Why is it funny ? XD