Why can't you just be normal? - The Babadook (2014)

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Wade Gonzalez
*[autistic screeching]*
Pretty much sums my life up XD
Jeff Smith
Unintentionally hilarious
Phil H
Unironically saying this to your child makes you a failure as a parent.
When i told my parent im a furry.
The world: Why can't you jist be normal?! USA: *Autistically screeches and eats tide pods*
United States: "Why can't you just be Normal !?!?!" California: "{AUTISTIC SCREECH}"
Can some sjw translate what the kid is saying at the end?
Maile Vasquez
I never realized how ridiculous that scream actually sounded.
Trevor Barnes
Me and my brain arguing
My brain and me
The World:WHY CAN'T YOU JUST BE NORMAL USA: Screams and eats Tide Pellets.
Burgly Thievery
Why all the comments are in inglish ??
Never give up your personality. It's who you are
God I can't stress how much this kid pissed me off
My cousins and I were watching this move one time. When this part came up, we died laughing.
NuclearPackers Gruv
Hackers (little kids) vs normal gamers
walnut s
K. Brooks
"Why can't you just be normal?" *screams and eats laundry detergent*
Dark Soul and Silver Heart
WHY CAN'T YOU JUST BE NORMAL? *e e e e e e e e*
The biggest mood
Joshua Olson Cook
Why can’t you just be normal?! BECAUSE I’M BATMAN!
Literally every liberal
angerey doggo
Why cant you just be normal? *screams and eats laundry detergent*
USA vs the rest of the world
Julia Nogueira
It's not suposed to be funny, but it is
John Bread
Dann wtf killyourself suiced dkdb djdhd djdjdbdkxbbdksosiej
Luis G
I know it’s a movie but this is why it’s acceptable to hit your kids
leave this empty
This would have been a fire movie if she just capped his ass with a hidden 45. You'll be a normal dead kid.
Quality Meme Machine B R O K E
(Screams and eats laundry detergent)
Lil C
REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE This kid is definitely not a normie
Arthur Mélyscendre Isidor
Why is it funny ? XD
Filthy frank to his fans
Sprinkles the Fox l Ustoleit l
Every character in the Pikmin series: WHY CAN'T YOU JUST BE NORMAL Louie: [SCREECH]