Lady Gaga - Star-Spangled Banner (Live at Super Bowl 50)

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Lady Gaga performs “The Star Spangled Banner” at Super Bowl 50 (February 7, 2016) Follow Lady Gaga: /> />

Lady Gaga Star-Spangled Banner (Live at Super Bowl 50) Interscope Records Pop

Josu Diamond
Pure gold, pure legend.
Niar Liu
I got goosebumped listening to this and I'm not even American, shiiit!
J Zamo
She is the headliner for this years Superbowl. Idk how but im gonna fucking be there on the field. I will sell organs to be there.
Janet Houser
If she wouldn't have played her career like she did.. she never would have been on this platform. As controversial and questionable as it was. She is a marketing genius. And now she is respected for her actual voice and not just what most people call raunchy videos. Well done Stefani! Well done!
Dark Angel
"Lady Gaga is talentless"... they sad... "She cannot sing" they said...
This Fine Lady
I know I wasn't the only one getting ready to cry right?
jeremias matos
When Gaga sang the National Anthem that was my favorite song
Jeremy 23
lady Gaga sing better then Ariana grande
David Miko
I literally listen to this everyday
R. W. Mendez
She better put this on her new album 😂
Rian Boutilier
Pure, unadulterated talent. Personally my favourite rendition of the anthem to date. Love the uptake on "our flag was still there". Whatever your thoughts, this lady really can sing! On a separate note, as for the "diva-offs" in the thread, it's high time we stopped diminishing womens' talents by pitting them against each other. Whitney, Madonna, Mariah, GaGa, Beyonce...they're all incredibly strong, talented (albeit in diverse ways) and extraordinary people (gender aside) - kudos to each one of them for the indelible and unique contributions they've made - artistically, socially, politically.
Moto Mortar
She actually means it when she sings it. Gave me chills.
Tiger Lily
How does this only have 700,000 views
Kim G.
Have her sing the anthem every year.
Rolando Cárdenas
Lady gaga Woman of the Year 2016 All your little monsters are proud of you. ♥
the other video had 14 million views (most watched NA) on a different channel but it was taken down :( but I'm sure people will come back to watch here. Just incredible!
rosa a
I forgot her name but omg the lady that was translating in sign language is my fave actor from switched at birth
Queen 😍👸🏼
2016 - National Anthem 2017 - Halftime show
Great Voice. Who knew? I certainly didn't.
Nicole Nicole
why did they take the david bowie tribute out!!!!!! 😳
when ever she was really popular, my mom would always change the channel when her songs would come on cuz she was too "inappropriate." i never got to listen to her when i was little but now that i'm older, i'm so glad that i started to listen to her music. she really is a legend.
I didnt know Im a Lady Gaga fan.
Slender Gman
artist > celebrity Gaga is the artist
Louis Felice
16th September 2016 : 1 002 175 Views 43 348 Likes 712 Dislikes 3 672 Comments
Glen CoCo
And y'all still wont give her respect as an artist! 🙄😒
J Mynce
Lady Gaga has the best performance, extremely clear speech, her voice literally singing with the music, and her voice sounds so good that it sounds as the best match for the anthem. If I listened to the anthem on a recording and if I had to choose which one is the 'original' this will be it!
Nalendra Pradama
who's madonna ?
Chase L.
It's so bittersweet to be a fan since day 1 in 2008, to have to listen to the general public talk so much shit about Gaga over the years, for them to turn around and suddenly be a fan of hers. Eat. Your. Heart. Out. So proud of how far you've come, Gaga.
Crixalis Sleipnir
Keep refreshing... Can't wait for #PERFECTILLUSION
zoey famousz
wow lady gaga
Moh'd Qayyam
2016 - National Anthem 2017 - Halftime Show 2018 - Playing in a team
Elie Essawi
Lady Gaga & Sia collaboration Requested!
Lotta Krap
Gaga & Whitney !!!! The Best National Anthem singing EVER
Justin A. Worthy
One of THE best! Hands down. It was flawless. Soulful. And to the point.
Rika S.
Her voice at the end when she says "god bless you America" so strangely CUTE. I never in my life thought i'd be calling gaga cute wtf.
I only came o see 2:22 that chest bump always gets me
Daniel Merino
So many of you are so obsessed with views that you can't even enjoy the performance... just enjoy, please! :)
Moonlight Babe
I'm not even american but I respect and love your country very much. I would like to study english at college, and travel to USA someday , visit places like New York... Great place, good people, it's amazing to see how they all are united. This way of respect their anthem and their country gives me chills. In love. I will learn the star spangled banner some day! God bless you al , from Spain :)
O-Remi Ishii
Nick Canchola
Gaga defeated isis with her vocals
KevBoii 8
The Chills man...
Felipe André
vamos lady? XD
Vellumination VII
I want to hear Adele sing this 😏
Jhonny Alejandro Gonzalez Orozco
I'm not from USA but i feel just like an American when i listen this permormance
Colorful Pineapple
She snatched the fucking stadium, I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW
Liam Kurz
If this doesn't bring out the inner patriot in you Americans I don't know what will! You guys have the greatest fucking country on earth, be proud of it.
Lady Gaga channeled her inner Cher!! I love this!!!!
Hannah Rose
Honestly this is how the anthem should be done. Simple, compelling, Passionate. She didn’t oversing anything, she just got up there and belted it out for the country.
jeremias matos
2015: everyone thought it would be the year of Taylor and ended up being Gaga. 2016: everyone thought this would be the year of Adele and Gaga continues to reign.
Mrs. Deneuve
I can't wait for her to perform the halftime show next year ❤
Mark Surfas
git rid of urself layd ggaa. bad. bad. bad. bad.
Darlon Torres
Baby, You're the BEST <3
Music Videos
Does it make sense that Taylor swift had more Grammys then lady gaga I'll answer... No!!!!!!Taylor is a 🐍
William Gabriel
2017. Waiting for Gaga in Concert, Will be AMAZING!
Mr Moonlight
Unsurpassed. It brings tears to any one who knows how hard it is to prove now that you are the one here among trolls. Looking all those neurotically imitating 'performers'... I know what I say. Truth is hard but needed. Not for nothing Gaga chose not those orchestras but solely the piano. She always is thoughtful. Bless YOU, Lady Gaga, little one precious light of sun called Stefani. There will never be another... My souls, hope you're nearby. Appreciate her.
Ylaij Santos
anyone come here to cure their ears after demi lovato from the mcgregor vs. mayweather fight? lol
Darvey Clint Gario
Is it just me or this video is so much better than the versions days ago,,so clear and loud ❤️
Holy shit. I'm not an American and usually find their overly patriotic antics annoying, but damn this actually sent chills down my spine. Amazing as always, Stephani!
Orlando Rivas
Can't wait for 2017's Super Bowl!
Man i love the different textures and layers in Lady Gaga's voice! She can sing so much more than just pop with a voice as gifted as hers. Truly incredible!!
Jesse Habacuc Alvarez
Deam good voice
Moa Olsson
I only watched the superbowl because of this!😊Yaaaas Gaga!😭🙌👏❤️
I'm sad as fuck right now lol
God bless America & Lady Gaga!
Serenity Ridge David Bowie's son, Duncan Jones, publicly bashed Gaga after her David Bowie tribute at the 2016 Grammy Awards. His tweet was the definition of the word "gaga". After a recent request by Duncan, all videos of Gaga's David Bowie tribute have been deleted off YouTube, including the two most popular videos which had a gross total view count of around 15 million. David wouldn't have liked this, Duncan. This woman took two weeks out of her life to create this tribute and has a tattoo of your father on her body.
Chilin Gurrl
Wow I knew she could sing, but shes bloody Amazing.
Official Elven
I know katy perry can't sing like gaga😘 Lady gaga is the best and amazing
David Rodríguez
1:45 Her mother ❤
Emma L
She ain't Katy Perry.. she's all show and glitter and she can't sing live shit. But look at Lady Gaga :)))) All glitter AND she can sing!! Awesome
Louis Genieys
I think this is even better than Houston
saki akane Sunako
Her voice is awesome
Ceka D
She did a FANTASTIC job!!! I don't know why people still surprised how much she can sing
David Moritz
OH MY GOD THIS IS SOOO AMERICAN, I'M DYING 😂😂😂 nothing wrong with that but as a foreigner it's a bit ridiculous how almost half the crowd faints as US soldiers are being shown (thanks for your service nonetheless) and the other half as some Jets fly over the stadium
Zvonimir Družianić
The best anthem performance in the history! Nobody was even close to this performance!
Adam Martin
It's been a year since I heard this and today I'm watching her like the first time having too much goosebumps and tears in my eyes AND I'M NOT EVEN AMERICAN
Rinso Detergent
I'm not American, but is it goosebumps I was feeling?
SA'ED AbulHawa
she really has an amazing vice ,,,,,, bless you GaGa
alex guzmán
A powerful voice
Euddy Gonzalez
Dios, que voz mas prodigiosa!!!
By far the best rendition.
This is how talent looks like.
natalia sierra
lady gaga super bowl 2017
xaris kat
I'm from Greece but I learnt every single word of your National Anthem because of this perfomance! Gaga you are Perfect! not a #PerfectIllusion , just Perfect!
Cristina wood
this should have more views...
Roxy Fox
Still the best rendition I've ever heard
BOIII AKA Black ops 3
She ruined the star spangled banner
rick lips
Lady gaga is so good 👍🏻
David Miko
She has such a powerful voice 😍😍😍
best performance of national anthem I've seen (IMO) (I've seen a few) ❤❤ gaga
Behind The Madness
Dance Aficionado
I can watch this over and over again, she's so talented!
She has an amazing voice!
Possibly one of the best public performances of the song. No bells, no whistles, just a legitimate voice singing a well loved song, perfectly executed.
Yassael Lopez
you are my biggest inspiration, Stefani Germanotta
Fray Uribe
Paulo Sergio
Frederik Hirsch
I don't understand how americans are so proud on their country and their veterans. The american foreign politic is so weird and so embossed by unhumanity that veterans are not good people if they serve their country if serving their country is killing human beings.