Student surprises teacher after 38 years!

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We have all had that one teacher that has been influential in our life! 38 years ago my husband started a new school in 8 th grade and on his first day he met a teacher who was starting her first day of teaching and the beginning of her career! He was her first student on her first day so when he found out she was retiring he wanted to surprise /honor her and be her last student on her last day!

Kayla Blair
That would have been hella awkward if the teacher didn't remember
Aditya Dwivedi
I also have that one teacher who believed in me when everyone else failed ....miss u Archana ma'am .........
Paul Steed
one time in second grade ,it was my birthday and my teacher had me sit on her lap , she was hot , and while they were singing happy birthday , I got a boner, figetaboutit
I had a great teacher in 4th grade I came from an abusive drug family an jumped house to house some would be forsale we would kick the back doors in an sleep there til morning I remember winter came around an I had no clothes one pair of jeans 2 shirts I wore that pretty much all year one day I came to school she pulled me aside out in the hall an gave me a bag or clothes pants socks underwear shirts coats an all ive never had it easy I still struggle to this day I might not be the brightest or the smartest but I do remember someone caring for me in need
Fake Thumbnail
Did she start teaching at 0?? She only looks 38
T Davidson xoxo
This needs more views omg
This Guy Is Crazy
yeah, she was probably a HOT teacher, that's all
Lewie McNeely
I went to see my old English teacher in her nursing home. She was a sweetheart. I'll never forget her.
rebecca bayaird
I was luck to have two such teachers in my life. My 6th grade teach ms Svenson and my freshman math teacher mr hopkins. Both gave me the desire and tools to be what I am today. Thank you.
Abdul Rahman Dhillon
Sometimes you don't even get 1 good teacher throughout educational life the ones that do are fortunate
Queen Lioness
I had a teacher who was my favorite her name was Ms.Bloom.I don't remember what happened to her.
John Turner
i hadnt seen my old boyscout troop leader and high school history teacher since i graduated 20yrs ago and last sept lost my dad and lo an behold at the wake funeral in he walks was greatly appreciated thank u mr geotz
if i went back to my old high school i'd get egged
Wake Up America
Norm Bolduc
That teacher looks good for her age..She's atleast late 50's if not early 60's to have taught 38 years ago.
God Bless General Lee
My favorite teacher paddled me...a lot.
Sierra Snider
For real
Wow this needs to go viral
She looks younger than he does.
Ameen Moqbel
So are we all going to ignore the kid sitting on the floor at 0:24 ? Lmao
She must be like what 50-60? She looks good for someone that age. Also those kids don't look like 6th graders, look like 3rd graders to be honest lol
Sarah C
He looks older than her.
spencer the great
My favorite part was when the one pixel gave some colorful pixels to the other talking pixel
Ethan Tremblay
Why do I get the impression he banged her?
FmA Troopah
What if that was the wrong teacher lol
Shaun Michael
i practice speech after speech in the mirror and still manage to mess it up, this guy goes in and had that whole group of kids following every word, good for him, real mvp
Demarcus Shields
I guess the 24 ppl who dislike this dropped out of school
Because I Can
I went back to my middle school to see my favorite Earth Science teacher but unfortunately he had passed awhile after I graduated from High school
kav rams
that was super good very sensitive n oh boy I cud fall in love with a thoughtful gentleman like that anytime
my greatest teacher was my 12th grade physics teacher. he looked like Bill Nye and he was very smart in physics. his corny jokes always made my day. Your awesome Mr. Zaleski!
Who would ever thumbs down this video?
Great job. We need to recognize those who made an impact
P Aguirre
I'm crying and I don't know why... Oh yeah, vertical filming.
Steve White
Great post, great gesture...
Dennis Rivenburg
that's fantastic news
Vandana Singh
Teachers r God.. according to my religion.. if Teacher n God both r coming on same time then we should welcome teacher first then God.. bcz Teachers themselves God
john smith
that video rocks !
Debra Thomas
ObiJuan Kenobi
But hes older then her.......
6 feet under
How could anyone dislike this video wtf
Mich Mochol
No, 2016+2=2018 so it is 40 years not 38 years!
Bass Bear
I had a teacher like this in 5th grade. Im 26 and is still the only person who has genuinely listened and motivated me. I got straight As that year because of that.
Why are my eyes sweating?
Man Child
I have a teacher for technology.... he called us "nothing" and started to yell.
Oldschool Cyborg
awesome video!
My kindergarten teacher would never forget me. She once had us all sit in a circle so she could pass out snacks to us. Well, after she served me, I stuck my legs out and tripped her and she wound up breaking her leg. True story
I have a teacher that I can still remember as being a huge impact on my life. She was my third grade teacher.
J Williams
why the army fatigues?
I had a teacher that hugged me into her pairs after coming back from a break due to surgery. Felt like pillows. Another time I was sitting in class, I was a little upset, but then I felt someone rub my cheeks and noticed right away that it was my teacher. One other time she openly complimented them to my mom saying I have soft cheeks. Gave me a short but sweet memory. I'm talking about the cheek-rubbing, you freaks.
I'm a senior and don't have that teacher.... My third grade teacher was great, but he's definitely dead by now. So yeah
Eastern Explorer
Its strange isn't it? There were some teachers I thought the world of and then there were a few I could still punch in the face if I seen them on the street today. One of my favourites was a math teacher and he would go completely out of his way to make sure every student learned. I always respected him so much for that.
David Gomes
pfft teachers pet
My 3rd grade teacher used to ask my mom how I was doing up until my mom stopped working for the school, would say I was the best and cutest student she ever had. I saw her a couple times during high school and man did she look good. Awhile after I graduated we ran into eachother at my work, totally threw "do me vibes" but I was wearing scrubs so had to tone things down. After seeing this I think I'm going to go back to that shithole town and seal the deal. Hope you're reading this Mrs Holcomb
Swamp Fox
I had a vice principle not give up on me and got me in night school several times until I finally graduated then 16 years in the military later. About a week ago I ran into him at a restaurant.
I never looked back in my life, and never missed any teachers 😅 Even if coincidentally saw any of my teachers, i know that they won't recognize me, and i pretend that I don't know them 🙈 and life goes on
Jason Mihalo
that's like macron except macron still is with his teacher
Ethan Moreau
Imagine if the teacher didn't remember
Edward Bliss
Once during exams, after all the students were finished and I was the last one in the room, my teacher gave me all the answers
Dvan Nguyen
Nah he just wanted to smash. we all had that one hot teacher that we wanted too.
Jonathan Allen
This Is a good example of why our teachers and the military men and women need to be paid more then what they are getting paid.
Tommy Pak
It would be more awkward if it was the wrong teacher and he would have to take the stuff back.
Open Your Eyes B42late
i had one teacher i would like to thank for a act of kindness. i cant rember his name or class as i was so young but i guess he knows his deed was never forgotten by a frightend little boy.. thank you it made the bus ride a happier one.
Rommel Navarrette
it would be funnier if she was the wrong teacher.
Hector Trejo
note to self : become a bad ass marine or navy seal go back and bang your hot teacher .....
JesusChrist is the Messiah
Hope every feminist teacher stumbles across this video
people never learn that you cannot see everything when you videotape in portrait
Krishan Singh Swali
After 38 years my teacher would be like "who the hell are you?"
I never had a good teacher. Every teacher I have had hates me or ignores me.
Og. Narutoshppuden
I hope my 8 grade ELA teacher will still remember me after many years😞😞
Melina Fuchs
such a wonderful idea! Greetings from Germany!
Benz Buzor
And one stundent still hates the teacher :D
Rob Con
0:02 lol
Teacher response: Uuh, what's your name again
Gazzy Bishop
If only more people would appreciate their teacher's. They should be our role models! This was so great of this soldier to do for her. 😍
Flying Dutchman
And now their married or what?
tear jerker
Ramon Garcia
According to my own judgements and calculations, she must've begun teaching at around...-8 years old?
he gave her more than flowers and an apple that night. gave her something she won't forget.
sergio Fernandez
I wish 🌠 I could do that...
She deserves it; she must be a great teacher
Alfredo Corona
When teachers say to his or her students that this is the best class ever...
Mauricio Rodriguez
Sebastian Guasque
I was just waiting for the shots.
This look a little bit awkward..😂😂
Frank Nasrawi
just give her a hug already... my God!!
Amina zubair
aww miss u misbha mam
Ritesh J
so nice
Richard Lombardo
Awesome, totally awesome.
Rita M.
She recognized him from jump start. Lol!
islandboy lover
Harold Toomey
well done Chief, well done
Bill Wilson
What a sweet thing for that military MAN to do.
Smoked Out Gardens
she must of started teaching when she was 18
Keith Purdue
Good job, both of [email protected]! Applause....🖖👌🖒
Sorry not sorry
This is beautiful
This made md cry and 😓😓😓 so sweet
Van Dash
But did they smash?
Eyassu G. F.
Wish I could do the same. awesome !
I always wish to had teachers so i could appreciate just like this. Mine were all a*****es.
how is she remember?