The Dark Knight Rises Official Movie Trailer Christian Bale, Batman Movie (2012) HD

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Lord Yoshi
I don't think any superhero trilogy can top this
Darwin G
That time when the movies were actually better than the trailers
Glodier Mesaki
Christian bale was the greatest person to ever play batman. Man I miss him
Lego Luke
When you see alfred, you have my permission to cry
Mill Burray
Four years have passed, but I still get goosebumps from this.
Lobhas Dhuri
those freakin awesome days are gone now....😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Andrew Hong
The Dark Knight Rises (2012) 100/100 Batman Begins (2005) 100/100 The Dark Knight (2008) 100/100
And L.
Great movie to end an amazing trilogy!
Connor Stockwell
Bane was an awesome villain for this movie.
Still one of the best trailers ever.
Jr Koka
Tom Hardy as Bane, Christian Bale as Batman, Anne Hathaway as Catwoman + Christopher Nolan = Instant Classic
Roadway Automotive
Ben Affleck might think he's Batman, but Christian Bale is the true Dark Knight.
Amadeus Mozart
the joker was the best villain, he didn¨t die and he achieved his goal by turning Dent into a villain and creting anarchy in the city. the joker won and he accomplished all his goals. Bane is not a psycopath as the joker, so to me the joker will be the best villain of the trilogy.
Andrew Hong
Nolan + Zimmer = Legendary Masterpiece
Govind Virdy
My dark knight rose after watching this
Mustafa Ali
No one,I mean no one can ever beat "The Darkn Knight" trilogy.Thank you Christopher Nolan for mashing Batman great. 2 decades ago people used to speak shit about batman
Ben W
The epic conclusion to the greatest story ever told.
1st. The Dark Knight 2nd. The Dark Knight Rises 3rd. Batman Begins 4th. Batman Returns 5th. Batman Forever 6th. Batman 1966 7th. Batman v Superman 900234th. Batman & Robin
Am I the only one who still gets goosebumps after watching this?
Hi Daßer
I'm saying this with 100% trust in myself that there will be never be  comic book trilogy which can top Chris Nolan's .. He even made one of the best trilogies ever existed ! I was so nervous going to the theater back then to watch the DKR but man ! that long standing ovation after the movie ended said it all !!  Thank you Christopher for this historical masterpiece !
The Ranger
The Dark Knight trilogy is not a DC movie. By DC standards, it is too good to be DC, just look at BvS it was terrible. Green Lantern was terrible. Man of Steel was meh. This trilogy is one of the greatest trilogies ever made.
Russell Morton
No one will beat nolan's batman master class
tom campbell
How can they go from this amazing trilogy to something like BVS and suicide squad. They need Nolan back! Suicide squad used great characters and had great character stories but the script was shit
I wish I could go back in time and relive this part of my life relive the hype of this movie and watch it again for the first time such a great end to a great trilogy
Jonny Lupus
sucks to be a person who hates this movie
Love this movie! It's one of my favorites.
Flavius Josephus
I don't care what the haters think, The Dark Knight Rises is the greatest comic book movie of all time!!!!! The Dark Knight is great too
kittycat kit
Ann Hathaway was soooooo amazing in this, i mean she always is but in this she was just brilliant
Amazing film, epic trilogy, Crhistohpher Nolan and Bale the best
I wish to Chrisopher Nolan a long life and many more extraordinary movies. Thank you Nolan.
Bodega Mouse
can I go back to 2012 please.....
Axcel blaze
I really loved christian bale playing the batman role rather than Ben.
Mighty Thor
As a Marvel brand. We watched this here on Asgard and thoroughly enjoyed it. I would've taken Bane out quickly tho.
Pabla Digital
Who came here after the new Batman vs Superman trailer?
The comments section here just shows how desperately people can strive to be haters
The Goatman
still better than any marvel movie -_-
If only they made batman vs superman with bale :/
tim shimm
ben Affleck jackass
Don't say bullshit guys, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises are the best batman movies (from faaaar), and two of the best movies of all time.
Starring: The cast of Inception
Carlos Torres
this trailer gives me epic
JK Films
its the movie , most epic of the year 2013 :')
Kshitiz Jaiswal
Ben Affleck is also good but DC didn't gave him a chance.
The dark knight trilogy 10/10
Declan Smith
Can't believe I've came back to watch this trailer again. I love the trilogy and this film is my favourite out of the 3,but all 3 movies are as good as each other,there is no better one all 3 are 10/10.
Still watching this in 2019... AND STILL one of the best trailers EVER!
I remember seeing this trailer for the first time and that part at 1:55-2:00 was bright as fuck LOL. great movie though c:
I would love if Nolan had made a short scene where you see someone with green hair watching Gotham "burn" on the tv.  And he would of course be laughing. ;)
Abdullah Sami
One of the Best Movies Ever made!!!
Still EPIC
Parth Singh
now that is a trailer....god damn its sad trailers like these aren't made much anymore
Zach W.
This trilogy far surpasses all the other movies in the batman franchise because Batman truly stands for something more. He is not just a symbol to fight for justice. He shows that anyone can be a hero and anyone can stand for what's right even when everyone goes against them - anyone can be behind the cape and cowl.
New Gamer
so much better than Zack Snyder movies
I honestly can't decide if I like TDK or TDKR better.
tim shimm
haha ben Affleck ruins it!
Baran Sevim
He could've used his BaneProof spray tho
Pissing lava! Pissing lava! Pissing lava!
Bruce Lee
When I first saw this trailer and the person that sat next to me in the theater as my eyes lit up, besides this she was the only thing that could ever have that same effect on me. I'll never forget those words she said to me, "We should go see this the night it comes out." 7 months later If I only knew then what I know now and how everything would be changed in my life forever, how this movie related to all of that happening. I would have my own epic conclusion to the story of my life. It was the like the only reason we even went to the movies that night and how it symbolized everything. Nothing would ever be the same again. 12/16/2011 The last show we ever went to and I'll never forget you. You were my greatest beginning and my ultimate ending  to everything I have become. The Dark Knight Rises Forever <3
Pat G
this movie is definitely one of my top 10 of all time
Rotten Tomatoes is just so biased. They bashed Nolan's Batman trilogy and praised the hell out of the Fantastic Four movies. No surprise that it's partly owned by Warner Brothers. They're obviously a bunch of Marvel fanboys. **sarcasm**
Christian Bale will be forever missed
Who's watching this after suicide squad
Dark knight > Dark knight rises
Clothing Fits
Bring back Christian bale
Andrew Hong
this >> bvs
i still watch the trailer, awesome movie
latentterra •
one of the Christopher Nolan's legend! I'm admiring every single day of this man's works!!
The Caped Critique
In My Opinion, Anne Hathaway Is The Best Catwoman.
There is help, get help
3. The Dark knight rises: 8.50 2: Batman begins: 9.00 1. The Dark knight: 10.00
Sean Wright
What do you call Batman who skips church? Christian Bale.
Maddy Spidell
Literally my favorite movie ever. Tom hardy was almost as amazing as heath ledger.
Ben M. Davies
I just want to say, I liked this movie. I know that there were some plot holes in it, but I love this series of films, and I thought that with the plot holes aside, that it was a good end to the trilogy.
Batman Begins: Ras Al Ghoul The Dark Knight: The Joker The Dark Knight Rises: Bane The perfect trio.
99% of people probably don't know this, but look at most movie trailer from the past 5 years and look at trailers from the years before this film...this trailer changed the way trailers are made forever
Divyanshu Sharma
This makes me sad. The nolan's bat will never be made again. I wish I could forget this trilogy and rewatch it just to experience that magic which i felt while watching it the first time.
holy shit that soundtrack and prison inmates chants always give me chills.
Gaming Pro
Even thanos can’t beat this movie..
Love this film but the dark knight was a ity bity bit better.
Maurice Maroni
Haters listen, 8 years was peace no crime, when bane came to Gotham bruce had to put the suit back on, bane broke batman because bats was weak, he wasn't in good shape for 8 years,he got back in shape & climbed out of the pit as a strong man, he beats bane because he breaks his mask, making him weaker, batman reveals his identity to Gordon, he saves the city, he's honored as a hero, he lives a happy life with Selena & u call this movie crap, COME ON people, think about it Bat pod chase Rooftop fight Sewer fight Pit escape Bridge fight Wall Street fight
Anyone noticed the apple logo at the right bottom too?
Erick Alejandro
Tom Hardy one of the best actors of all time
G.P Rox
Man, I still get shivers down my spine whenever I see this trailer. Pure Genius by Nolan!
the best end of all time8
Adnan Cusic
When you are watching the trailer for the first time after you watched the movie like 20 times.
Little Sunshine
Just  one word : Fantastic. I watched the Dark Knight first and actually found this one including Catwoman, much much better. To me, best Batman movie is this.
Kamal Mohamed Badawy
Christopher Nolan. Enough Said!
I Keep Dreaming
You are as precious to me, as you were to your own mutha and fatha. I've sworn to them that I would protect you... And I haven't
I was hoping Bane would win throughout the whole film.
Edward Brennan
*sheds tear for Nolan/bale batman*
Kiera Mubambai
looking back on how this was considered one of the most well made trailers when it came out really shows how much better they've gotten at it in the past few years
Why is there an Apple logo on the bottom right corner?
Game Detective
Best trilogy ever. This movie would have been more appreciated if The Dark Knight wasn't perfect. But still, I don't fucking care. All three movies are great and one of them is perfect.
Connor The Star Wars fan
Still gives me goosebumps sad that this trilogy is over like if you agree.
Mo Jo
anyone come here after seeing the justice league teaser . Watching these trailers makes me so sad bc the dark knight trilogy has been over 4 years. Dc is so awesome
Connor The Star Wars fan
Who's still getting goose bumps from this in 2017?
Damianos Z.
I 'll be back
Roni Rios
A masterpiece😭😭😭