Star Size Comparison 2

Dear world, Let´s talk about time. When I uploaded my first YouTube video 7 years ago, I would have never thought that it would get that much attention. Had lots of discussions, met new people, continued to make videos about things that intrigued me. Or tried out effects. I enjoyed it a lot, and I still read every comment that pops up. And they keep coming in. It is a hobby that I am very glad about having started. And I am humbled by the attention. Well, as time went by I found less time to work on videos, struggled with other things in life, and wondered if I would ever find the time again. But I always knew one thing: I owe you something. All the time people were are asking about a sequel to starsize comparison. And yes, I promised once. I keep my promises. So, whenever I found time over the last year I spent it on that. Here it is. I hope you like it. I tried to do it in a bit different way. Curious for the feedback. I know I will be hardly able to beat the choice of music from the first part, but let me say, Vangelis Alpha is a piece that is very dear to my heart, I always had this in mind. Still looking for contact to musicians. I do not know what the future brings, but I hope we will hear from each other. Enjoy. morn1415 Social Media: /> /> />

Star size Comparison 3 (Vortex V1) is out. Enjoy
Jean Luc
Yet only 10% of the ocean is discovered.
Wong HC
Earth Moon: I am big! Earth: I am a little bit bigger! Saturn: I am much bigger! Sun: I am much much much much much bigger! Pistol Star: Raik UY Scuti: Lol
Every human should watch this Video at least once in life. But watching this stoned is one of the craziest and most impressive things you can do in this life.
Boglárka B.
We watched this video in geography class. I'm utterly mindblown, I come back to rewatch this video from time to time, I love it
Two posibilities exist, either we are alone in the universe or we are not. Both of them are equally terrifying
Ah, my favourite existential crisis generator.
Ceres: I'm Big Pluto: No, I'm big small Ceres Ceres: I'm small Mercury: I'm bigger than Pluto and Ceres Mars: I'm bigger than Pluto and Mercury Venus: I'm bigger than Mercury and Mars Earth: I'm bigger than Mars and Venus Kepler 22b: I'm bigger than Venus and Earth Neptune: I'm bigger than Earth and Kepler 22b Uranus: I'm bigger than Kepler 22b and Neptune Saturn: I'm bigger than Neptune and Uranus 2MASS J0523-1403: I'm very small star and bigger than Uranus and Saturn Jupiter: I'm bigger than Saturn and 2MASS J0523-1403 Proxima Ceutavri: I'm bigger than 2MASS J0523-1403 and Jupiter HD 100546 b: I'm big planet and bigger than Jupiter and Proxima Ceutavri Sun: I'm bigger than Proxima Ceutavri and HD 100546 b Sirius A: I'm bigger than HD 100546 and Sun Vega: I'm bigger than Sun and Sirius A Pollux: I'm bigger than Sirius A and Vega Arcturus: I'm bigger than Vega and Pollux Aldebaran: I'm bigger than Pollux and Arcturus Rigel: I'm bigger than Arcturus and Aldebaran Pistol Star: I'm bigger than Aldebaran and Rigel Antares: I'm bigger than Rigel and Pistol Star Betelguese: I'm bigger than Pistol Star and Antares VY Canis Majoris: I'm bigger than Antares and Betelguese UY Scuti: I'm bigger than Betelguese and VY Canis Majoris Quasi Star: I'm very big and bigger than VY Canis Majoris and UY Scuti!
This cured my depression two years ago
chinmaya panigrahi
The BEST video I have watched on YouTube Date-24.3.2019
Cami Gamboa
What if every universe is actually a cell of a larger organism?
I think all humans should see this video at least once in their life.
DefaultyboiAli Potato
1:19 home of Morn1415. Me: I wonder what it’s like on that planet.
Modern concept of Indian science & discover
Special thanks for this video maker.
countedjoey888_t Channel
I will forever watch this video until I die.
It was a nice sunny September day school has started I was in 7th grade, our physics teacher as an introduction to physics plays this video on YouTube. I walked out of the classroom didn't even talk to anyone I was just standing in the hall in complete silence thinking. From that day physics has been my favorite subject. And from that day until today which has been 2 years already, I have been in love with physics and I have been absolutely crazy about anything space related. I'd like to thank the creator of this video and my teacher V.M. for fulfilling my life and making it so much better.
Savage & Jokester
seeing all these galaxies and multi universes , there is no way in hell that we are alone. NO WAY
2:55 - Swiggity swooty, ain't no star bigger than...
Kevel Tv
Посмотрев этот ролик я понял, что зря мы изучаемся столь машстабный космос... на Марс мы идти не можем, говоря о других галактик.
freedom lover
State owned and operated scientists sure do have large tape measures. 😂 The real message of our state mandated science: You are completely insignificant; you are nothing more than organic compounds that restructured themselves over billions of years of random chance; and there is no higher power than man, therefore, we, your government, are the highest power in the universe and the absolute authority over mankind.
Awais Noor
The description of this video is beautiful. Thanks for all the hard work man.
alp chan
now i can see, my problems are so small
desdomain desdomain
Возможно, наша вселенная, лишь один из тысяч пузырьков газа, в открытой кем-то бутылке воды
I can handle this up to galaxy size, but after that I go into drool and stare mode.
What an absolutely great video. Thank you for your beautiful work. How long did it take to make?
Kate Lee
I show this to my high school physics students to give them a good dose of perspective.
Best video i've ever seen
junaid faisal
And am worried that i didn't catch that shiny Pokemon.
HD 100546: because a lower setting isn't even possible.
John Dee Is Me
Feels like I just visited late 80's EPCOT
I refuse to believe that we are alone in this massive universe
How can science see this far from our planet but I can't even get wifi in the kitchen!!!!!
There are definitely billions of civilization out there.
Абдаллах Муслим
do you see a blue planet next to Venus??? I was here and I have to tell you that's a terrible place filled with jerks
Classic Time
Igen és emberek ebben hisznek ebben az animációs mesében!sok embernek fel sem tűnik h miért nincs semmiről eredeti!!!!Használt az agymosás rendesen!!!!
You probably will not read this, but I remember the first version of this video as one of the first videos I saw in youtube 10 years ago, and the music got stuck in my head until this day. Thanks for your work
Kinda scary to see how Big this is
M Somebody
Should I go with the 900 or the turbo?
Cheyenne Alvis
Just wait until you realize that without the mind, all of this will look like a video game does inside your DVI cable :) Or taking it a step further, a blue ray disc before it gets hit by the laser.
78Cullen DiVito
i think ive watched this video atleast 1,000 times
adam smith
The only planet we know with life on is our own. And yet we destroy it.
Brain has stopped working
Frazzle Flib
Gonna go out on a limb here and say aliens might just exist
Skyler EddsworldMegaFan#1
I remember watching this for the first time when I was small and it made me cry just because the music I love this video
Chad Bridges
i suddenly feel very small and insignificant.
Mohammad Raza
Who said God doesn't exist? ... Now thats beyond out knowledge. Even beyon our reach, light years travel is impossible
Annie Dusus
When I watch things like this I'm wondering why humans believe that everything is all about them. So arrogant and stupid.
I have to fight off a mini panic attack each time I see this video.
Richard Martin
We are the only intelligent life in the universe..yeah right
Simone Daniel
Every time I see this video I feel the peace to myself. All our things are nothing in relation to the immensity of the universe, and we are only the speck of dust (maybe) in the universe. Every second the universe is expanding of 67km. In billions of galaxies with billions of planets and stars, it's possibile there are a lot of life forms than we can only imagine
geez. i think ill have a hard time going to sleep because of all the light
hirman 11
I cry everytime I watch this
Just Name
I can get a new girlfriend in another universe
1:17 Home of morn1415
Space Mog
I love looking at these kind of movies - always so scary to think how much more is out there and how little time I have left to see it all :(
Matt Potter
Hi aliens , we’re humans. The only species that can save our home planet from environmental apocalyp.......oh wait, there’s a new iPhone out?
the fifth
Hey Cosmos music!! Sweet!!
Alejandro Chavez
Yah the hole space is never gonna end
Uranus is 51000km wide.
what?! Mars is so small!!?!
How can you still insist that there is zero chance of aliens existing after watching this. Just how?
Muhammed Altınok
You are still here :) at 10 years
F Folder
Don't take something too serious. Remember: you are here 4:27 *Enjoy your life*
Sergio Garcia
I'm curious about the dislikes.
Retsehc Nis
Show this when people say they are "important"
No words can describe this
Ichang Suroto
_2019 still watching ?_ *Me !!!*
Christine Still
Using the very first video about star size comparison, I amazed my grandkids with it and have continued as you have. Now I start again with a 3 yr. old using the first video. Thank you so much.
Avery BigMess
Me, rocking back and forth: I'm so small. So insignificant. I'll never know anything about the rest of the universe.....
And I always say the remote control is "too far"
Galaxy_Crusher_ 9_YT
I cry every time I watch this
André Luís Santos Neves
😲Caramba!!! Mi sinto uma agulha em um enorme palheiro 😂😂
there is no song that could be possibly better than this one, especially to this video
Kostas K
7minutes that create deep thought
0:44 😶 1:56 😐. 2:25 😮. 3:46 😓. 4:18 😲. 5:19 😭. 5:48 😵. 5:57 💥 Thanks for all the likes btw
Çomarların yorumlarını burada görmemek nede iyi.
Niaveral White
Finally I found you here. I watched this vedio from Weibo. This is one of my favorite vedio, I watched it again and again. Impressive!
Blown.... And i am done.😌
Pep Nino
The Music along with this video makes it even more spine chilling. BRR
Bijan Spanjer
This is possibly the best video I've ever seen
Aliens have to exist then🤣🤷🏼‍♀️
Leisure Time
1:35 Damn, really? ;)
Kyle Campbell
Are galaxy’s just billions of star orbiting around a super black hole Sorry I’m not sober
This Is Truly Amazing! It Really Shows How Big The Universe Is.
who else got goosebumps
Sxarahx x
And we are here. Destroying the only planet we have...
Roxie Jodi
It is truly incredible that science has developed so rapidly over the past few centuries, to the point where we can make an educated guess about the size of our universe and support it with facts. It is humbling to see how much we know, and even more humbling to see how much there is still to learn. I go to school every day to devote my life to studying the unknown and the beauty of this place we call the universe. I can't wait to devote the rest of my life to this. p.s., sMaSh ThE LiKe If YoUr'E fRoM eArTh sksk
Jesse Brown
Wow Uranus is 51,000 kilometers!
Shashank Gutta
Just imagine what we can discover using james webb space telescope and other terrestrial telescopes(extremely large telescope etc)
Rehan gamer FF
You Wanna Know Which Is The Biggest Star In This Universe ? Hint : read 1 line
Ebon Shadow
Must be billions of other lifeforms out there... the sheer probability of it is so large that it there must be life.
Angelic Bunny
Ima tell my teacher and say: "Do YoU kNoW hOw MuCh uNiVeRsEs ThErE aRe? Teacher:1 duh... Me:Infinite Teacher:*dIeS* Class:👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌
Fil Beluan
June 18, 2019
ifeelso y
and people in our world still trying to start a war lol
Anyone know what the name of that music is?
Loca aaa
Damn, this video, this music... Made me cry...
fredbear 122
Wow I am speechless.Im lost for words. The universe is getting bigger and bigger. There is no end!😱
Anti Hentai
Too much Information!! My brain: You should not be able to sleep tonight
When you think your problems are big.. watch this video.
lil Nae
Who wanna explore space?