HIM - Join me in death / Gregorian master of chant

Compositor: HIM Interpretre: Gregorian masters of chant Album: Chapter III Canción original compuesta por HIM, versionada por la band alemanaa "Gregorian Maters of Chant" en un estilo conocido como "canto gregoriano". Música es cultura

Gregorian master collection

Υπερδιαγαλαξιακός Αστροπολεμιστής
Elicia Luna
Of course, I would love to join my love in death, without my love, life simply isn't worth living, even though life is full of precious, unforgettable moments, it isn't worth remembering without his presence. I'll either join my love or wonder through this world alone in sorrow.
L_u_ n_a
Будто в другой мир уносит Music from another planet
Lexy Staniland
Always stops me in my tracks.
Shine Moon
Olá. Adoro esta musica, e quando a oiço fico todo arrepiado ;)
Sublime Thinker
This must be the version with Sarah rather than Amelia then, right?
RIP Maria, miss you my love :(
Carlos Henrique
I love very this music!!
Angelik Rincón
Me lleva a otra dimención
Emersom Severino
Está musica e otina
Rainer Zufall
I had the best sex.....
Very good.
Kevin OFF
is rock?
Katri Kuusisto
I love this very much!!
Pablo Marx