Busta Rhymes - Touch It (Remix) (Official Music Video)

Watch the official music video for "Touch It" (remix) performed by Busta Rhymes Music video by Busta Rhymes performing Touch It. (C) 2006 Aftermath Entertainment/Interscope Records #BustaRhymes #TouchIt #Vevo #HipHop #OfficialMusicVideo #Remix

This was THE SHIT back then.
fluid creativity
I still think is funny that DMX was the only one Busta didn't say "turn it up" to because that knee grow is always raps loud and turned up.
Star L
Back when remixes was litter than the original 😍
Shivam Teelucksingh
DMX had me ready to fight some ppl 😂
Bobby Perse
DMX part had me feeling like a serial killer
even busta knew DMX's part was the illest, dude committed murder on this track!
Leo. Villicaña.
Lloyd Banks and Papppose Hip-Hop Legends.
Luxury Fox Gaming
*This Beat Is Cold* 🌬️ *Who's still bumping this in 2018*
11 years later and I still don't what DMX is saying.
Anyone notice that Busta didn't tell DMX to turn up. DMX arrived on the scene already turned up.
Kadia Fulani
Truly Shantel
I would have loved to see Sean Paul spit some raggae
BLAqend Blooms
that beat knocked *hard* back then. such a classic banger.
"Don't it look like I got Beyonce's hips?" yassss Missy lmaooooo love her
Jordan Clemons
Should be called the "Legend" remix
Remember when Eminem surprised everybody at the bet awards with his verse?
Abdu Samy
This track better than all today's rappers career combined
Emre Alparslan
Dude let DMX talk...
gameoftruth gameoftruth
Before durags started smelling funky!!..😂😂
Missy had me dying back in the day whenever she said who she looked like. On one song she looks like Halle, another song she looks like Nia, AND on top of looking like Halle and Nia, she also got hips like Beyonce. Hilarious.
i like how dmx cut off papoose so fast lmaooo
Shay Shay
I miss the 90/early 2000s when there were remixes and dope features. Sigh...take me back
Tiffany Moore
Awww busta matched everybody colors....so cool
If this ain't the most New York thing I've ever seen..
Vanessa Motloung
Everyone killed their verses
Bro female rappers were so much better back then but female rappers now like Nikki Minaj I personally don’t consider rappers
This is Hip Hop/Rap...not this mumble rap we have in 2018!!!
Yatta. Datta
When boody was real🍑
Mary is so fly 😍🙌🏾 I could never get into Rah Digga 🌚 Missy makes everything fun 😁 Lloyd Banks is so smooth with it 😏 Papoose slayed for New York 🙌🏾🗽 DMX...there will never be another like him 😢
christina Queen-Booker
Papoose and Dmx was my favorite!!! Dmx get me pumped
Papoose really went crazy on this
*5 Boroughs of Death* *You don't understand ...*
Trinidad's Finesst
mary j blidge went to Brooke real quick 😂 . favorite part
Bria Albert
The only song were everybody verse go hard
Rusty Shackleford
I was the cheerleaders age when this came out
Avis Corrin
Beats were so sick those days
Jan Sund
Can we plz recognize Spliff Star as the greatest hype man in hip hop ever! Him and Busta's synergy is a rare thing indeed.
YOOOOOOOO BUSTA! I think the world is in need of a PART 3 after all these years!
Jay West
Hip hop used to be so good. What the fuck happened?
Brionna Tolbert
Rah Digga 😍
Clint .R
Dmx part make me wanna rob my own house
Truly Shantel
One of the hottest remixes ever🤞🏾I loved how they incorperated the kids. I miss videos like this
Pinky YumYum
This music kids can even understand how to make something like this these days it is completely foreign they would go into Epileptic shock trying to create something this beautiful
Chocolate drizzle.0rg
This was the anthem !!!! Love this in 2018
Dt F
I'm from the south Statesboro Georgia 912 but when New York was United it was a beautiful thing and y'all made some great music
Anthony Tad
This shit is still 🔥 🔥 🔥 absolute classic. MJB bringing the fire bars
innocent Ebegue
2k18 playing ▶
Every time I hear DMX part I feel like I gotta kill somebody afterwards lmao
Erica Daniel
everybody ate!!!!! #facts
La morochaMica
Papoose sounds like jay z
DMX: Man...man...man.. Fuck censorship.
Kevin Kimani
If I ever need to be resuscitated just play dmx part and I'll be back baby Also that ass at 5:35 will bring a brother back to life.
Man this remix was fire! I went 0-100 real quick when DMX part came up! You cannot listen to that man and stay calm. 
Sam Sammy
Year 2018 and still recovering from that DMX verse...
Just Boldilini
Missy E verse was better than Rah Digga 😂
Cristiano Ronaldo
Bevor Tom die Unterhosen wechselt ist die Frau mein Feind
Raphael Smith
This shit used to be on repeat everyday in the summer that year!
3:31 Lloyd Banks verse is my favorite part
Editar nombre
Hottest song, video, hook omg turn up!!
Shintek Beats
This was hiphop mannnn
munashe thealdeezo
Busta killed everyone on this project 🔥🔥🔥
Cassandra Manick
Heard this on the radio today and I had to come hear to reminisce .... #wildoutvideo 💃🏾🕺🏽💃🏾🕺🏽thanks Busta
Dang Busta killed this #RIP
Wyoming Oregon
Papoose and DMX tho.....FIRE FIRE
CHiEf Thumbs of Thunder
Pinche Beto 714
This beat was on something else brings back memories to 6th grade lol
Dakie Terry
Missy had me feeling sexy lol
mariooutsider luigi
Now-a-days you barely see 3 rappers in a song smh...
Kiera Kane
Dmx you had one job to go from calm to loud you went from loud to louder lol
Money Miami
Y’all crazy he did tell dmx to turn it up it just got caught in the bleep smh y’all tripping harder than dmx
celumusa Radebe
Whose here for 2019..
Акраб Акрабов
Верните мне мои 2000 года😭😭❤
kia curry
Papoose sounded like Jay z here
It's Dara G
Why does DMX part make me want to fight?
Samantha vd G
What does he want with a chinchilla 🤔? (I know what he means but I hear it everytime I listen to this 😂)
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Banks is wicked... Banks flow is hot
Recep Production
Hayret TÜRKler burda yok amk
Emilia's world
Why marry raappin lol. I guess money make you do anything she seem hungrywhen she dont have to. love you Mary. I'll talk to you soom ma. But u Im u saying got me confused as hell all right Mama will see what you doing like you got me something fix this whole time I didn't know that you was in this song. Love you Mary but they need to do better cuz on the radio with people that work hard we didn't know it was you until we see the video LOL.
Loaded Leo
Everyone started low and turned it up, DMX started up and turned it UPPP
The Cold and the Jet
David Jimenez Mejia
Unos de los mejores "capea el dough"
Lola Cabana
It's so funny because I forgot DMX was even on this song. Then, my long term memory kicked in, and I started rapping with his ass! "Swizz is a monster. X, the beast....."😂 oh, and fyi Busta does say "turn it up!" It just gets bleaped out, because DMX curses at the same time🤷🏿‍♀️
This was my shit! It was a good weed song!
Ugliest Alive
Bruh wtf happened to Rap and Hip-Hop.
I wanted to be one of then girls doin step so baaaaaad 😭😭😭
Laurice Guice
Love This Remix... Papoose Killed it.. In high school thats how i knew all the Burroughs in NY. & Mary & DMX Murdered it. 👏👏🎤🎤🎤
Astroboy Sid
Damn whatever happened to Hiphop
Raman Rapper
Eminem featuring in live
i was so amazed by this video when I was a kid because of the different colors from each rapper.
The real Vance
Banks was that boy
Ooooohhhh myy! 😣😭😭I soo miss this time so long ago...the last of the good tunes...it'll never be the same😵😫😔 Imagine Migos on this track😂😂😂😂
Aaliyah Janae Deggs
LITERALLY ONE OF THE GREATEST COLLABORATIONS/REMIXES EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Everyone's verse was 🔥 But I think Papoose had the best verse #FiveBurroughsofDeath
Steven Tyler
Before Youtube, I remember watching Much Music just to wait for this video to come on.
It's epic how they can all come together like this and make something so epic. It needs to happen more. I remember being in 8th grade when this came out, getting ready for school in the mornings while MTV was playing on the tv playing music videos and this always came on.
Keeping Up With Tristan
Bouta act a fool real quick