Busta Rhymes - Touch It (Remix) (Official Music Video)

Watch the official music video for "Touch It" (remix) performed by Busta Rhymes Music video by Busta Rhymes performing Touch It. (C) 2006 Aftermath Entertainment/Interscope Records #BustaRhymes #TouchIt #Vevo #HipHop #OfficialMusicVideo #Remix

Tish's Voyage
Who listening in 2019?
Clint .R
Dmx part make me wanna rob my own house
Abdu Samy
This track better than all today's rappers career combined
Kione Ward
Dmx look like someone that will steal your stuff and help you look for it
YOOOOOOOO BUSTA! I think the world is in need of a PART 3 after all these years!
Vanessa Motloung
Everyone killed their verses
Shanice Sealey
Who still listen in 2019 thumbs up
Jan Sund
Can we plz recognize Spliff Star as the greatest hype man in hip hop ever! Him and Busta's synergy is a rare thing indeed.
Unreleased/Underrated R&B Grooves
"Don't it look like I got Beyonce's hips?" yassss Missy lmaooooo love her
even busta knew DMX's part was the illest, dude committed murder on this track!
christina Queen-Booker
Papoose and Dmx was my favorite!!! Dmx get me pumped
Evans Meki
Even Mary J droped bars harder than all the mumble rappers we got😂
Kiera Kane
Dmx you had one job to go from calm to loud you went from loud to louder lol
Brown Shugar
That DMX verse was just ruthless. Vicious. Ruthlicious.
BBLove Gaming
*This Beat Is Cold* 🌬️ *Who's still bumping this in 2018*
This is Hip Hop/Rap...not this mumble rap we have in 2018!!!
Raphael Smith
This shit used to be on repeat everyday in the summer that year!
Ghettodi nixoh
This is Like the biggest and best Hip Hop collab in the History 👍
Brionna Tolbert
Rah Digga 😍
Remember when Eminem surprised everybody at the bet awards with his verse?
Anyone notice that Busta didn't tell DMX to turn up. DMX arrived on the scene already turned up.
Hosea Kenyatta
Lloyd Banks Neck-Piece Was Iconic..... X Was Doggin Every Verse.
Definitely Not Wicked Reaper
Dmx part is so turnt half his lyrics is muted shit kills me every time lol
Rose Ushry
This is still🔥🔥🔥 dmx was a monster in this
When every comment starts with "DMX"
Shivam Teelucksingh
DMX had me ready to fight some ppl 😂
Julio Ramos
DMX gave us the best 20 seconds ever on this track. Straight FIRE.
Justin Pigg
This is what you call doing it for the culture
Unreleased/Underrated R&B Grooves
Loool my baby Missy had me cracking up lmao love her. MJB & DMX tore this track upppp as well
Pinky YumYum
This music kids can even understand how to make something like this these days it is completely foreign they would go into Epileptic shock trying to create something this beautiful
Ugliest Alive
Bruh wtf happened to Rap and Hip-Hop.
Drianna Armonie
DMX 😭😭😭😭
Rhiarna Morrison
TBH DMX had ready to punch somebody‼️🙌🏾😂 every time hear his part of the song i get hella hyped‼️😂
Mubeen Khan
DMX = 🔥
Sam I Am
Dmx part had me ready rob my grandma for her church fundraiser money
Just Shanie
As soon as I saw DMX...I knew shit got real
Aaliyah Janae Deggs
LITERALLY ONE OF THE GREATEST COLLABORATIONS/REMIXES EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Everyone's verse was 🔥 But I think Papoose had the best verse #FiveBurroughsofDeath
I'm from the south Statesboro Georgia 912 but when New York was United it was a beautiful thing and y'all made some great music
Papoose sounds like jay z
i was so amazed by this video when I was a kid because of the different colors from each rapper.
Hristo Donev
For all of ya rockin' this in 2018 🤘 Damn, X's verse is 50% mute
celumusa Radebe
Whose here for 2019..
This stuff absolutely destroys all the momo rappers today. FIRE!!!
Lola Cabana
It's so funny because I forgot DMX was even on this song. Then, my long term memory kicked in, and I started rapping with his ass! "Swizz is a monster. X, the beast....."😂 oh, and fyi Busta does say "turn it up!" It just gets bleaped out, because DMX curses at the same time🤷🏿‍♀️
If this ain't the most New York thing I've ever seen..
3:31 Lloyd Banks verse is my favorite part
100% pure Blacklv
If this didnt light up my MARCH 8TH 🎂 bash 2019 thanks Busta .....48 and still rocking this jam
Mrs. NickyBayBay
DMX verse still got me shook🔥🔥🔥🔥11/2018
mia hazel
Who remember seeing this on 106&park 👋🏽😫
Every time I hear DMX part I feel like I gotta kill somebody afterwards lmao
This remix was so fire my $20 mp3 player used to blow up!
one of the most original tracks ever
Pinche Beto 714
This beat was on something else brings back memories to 6th grade lol
munashe thealdeezo
Busta killed everyone on this project 🔥🔥🔥
DMX in the censored version: ***** MAN **** *** MAN! ***** ******+*******{€~¥!£.\^<|¥,¥|
Pap and X made this song
Laurice Guice
Love This Remix... Papoose Killed it.. In high school thats how i knew all the Burroughs in NY. & Mary & DMX Murdered it. 👏👏🎤🎤🎤
impact zone
missy killed this track
Star L
Back when remixes was litter than the original 😍
killer bee
DMX sounds so angry😂 whenever his verse comes up I be ready for war
Christoher Redden
May God Bless you all in Jesus name! I LOVE HIP-HOP
Flum Beatz
Busta was so loud that i had to turn it a lil bit down lol 😂
Q Royal
Missy Elliot's was the best lol😂
Bria Albert
The only song were everybody verse go hard
Mrs Mommy And More Channel
Remy Mas b-day shoutout to pap on TSR led me here 🤷🏽‍♀️
Annette B
X,The real deal. Fo Sho 💋
Money Miami
Y’all crazy he did tell dmx to turn it up it just got caught in the bleep smh y’all tripping harder than dmx
dj archee
This track wins the award for most hip hop artists on one single track. Congratulations Busta
Man this remix was fire! I went 0-100 real quick when DMX part came up! You cannot listen to that man and stay calm. 
Keeping Up With Tristan
Bouta act a fool real quick
Jairaiya Gilbert
DMX was on the throne then... classic!!
trudence joreese
I will forever love this song😍❄️
Zian Valderrama
whenever i listen to rap like this i get sooooo drunk
Miss April F
Now you know this is a some great when he got Mary J to rap!!!
Had no clue this song sampled technologic by Daft Punk. Love daft punk
Énio Ângelo
This video makes me soooo proud of being black
aminata kunda
Because im loyal i came back when i got youtube and liked the video
Trishana Dove
lol everybody else had their chill part of their verse then they got loud..not dmx tho..dat niqqa got loud from the beginning and stayed loud lmao
Christoher Redden
Psalm 115:15 King James Version (KJV) 15 Ye are blessed of the Lord which made heaven and earth.
South Hussle
That blue Sox cap😍💙💙
Hank Hill
Thanks DMX now I want to smoke crack
*5 Boroughs of Death* *You don't understand ...*
It's Dara G
Why does DMX part make me want to fight?
Emmanuel Gwadia
DMX voice quake down my house
Victoria Austin
Who Still listening in 2019???👀👀🔥🔥🔥
@4:27 X arrives shuts this whole shit down!!!then the song had to take a lil break...........and get low Bus!!!DMX the GOAT!!!One
Cantttt nooooo oneee deny DMX !!! Man he stole the show with no efforts but everyone was awesome best remix
Sandra J
they didn't say "turn it up" for DMXs part cuz he was turned up the entire time
Rosanna Sotomayor
Cha Cha doing her thing 😜🖤
junior pierre
2019 is back again busta rythmes
AH 7
DMX black one is fire 🔥 🔥🔥🖤🖤🖤
kia curry
Papoose sounded like Jay z here
Kreason Perumal
Banks Underrated he got straight bars
Confidently Toyez_31
Can't help but growl every time I hear dmx verse
pink cookies
DMX....got me all rowdy! BEAST!!!!
Krass Krasniqi
😘 it touch it good 🤩😍 misssy 🤩🤘🤘
That one guy
Damn that Sean Paul verse was fire lol