US figure skater makes history, landing triple axel at Olympics

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Mirai Nagasu, 24, did not make the 2014 Sochi Olympics team.

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Jeffrey Davis
Damn, that's impressive
Brandon Puente
I’ve never been so proud for a stranger before. I just found out about her but the passion she has for what she does fills me with so much joy. Go you💙
Tum Tum Dah Films
Thank you ABC for being the ONE video that ACTUALLY shows the triple axel. All others are pictures -_-
dangerous woman
Not only did she do it but she landed so gracefully.
Mitch Johnson
Is it just me or does all the headlines coming from US media make it sound like she was the first woman to land a triple axel in the Olympics? It confused me so much because I've read somewhere before that some ladies had done it before? It's not until I've read the whole body that I went, "Oh okaaaaay." LOL
Ryon Atkinson
One day after I watch the Vox video on the triple axel jump this happens. Coincidence? I think so
Tobby Olumba
Her triple axel was incredible!
i am the cypher to your taehyung
thats so sick, i wish i could represent my country like that
Lauren B
She's amazing and beautiful! To those who say she isn't American, just stop. What she did on the ice was impressive. It takes a lot of guts and time to pull something off like that. Let us all just appreciate and congratulate her for doing (and succeeding at) the triple axel.
stef tsh
Everyone saying she doesn't look American lol tell me what does American look like and you do know there's no such thing as looking American and the US is based on immigrants the only one's who aren't immigrants are the native Americans but they also originated from Asia for those who didn't know
MiMiB__ _
She was "born to make history!" ;) To all you Yuri on ice fans who are thinking the same thing lol. So proud of her!!
I got damn emotional watching that for some reason
There were more Americans who landed on the moon than American female skaters who landed a triple Axel ? Hmmm.🤔🤔🤔
Amelia M. Winter
Congratulations, Mirai Nagasu. Way to go, honey. :)
Roses are red, Violets are blue, There will always be an Asian Better than you.
Tony hawk did the 900
Kenny Shrimpton
Funny how Americans seem to hate on immigrants and the children of people who have immigrated to the states until they do amazing achievements like this. Be consistent throughout who you praise for being American whether it's great achievements like this or smaller ones.
Ben Dover
Tonya Harding could have done it!
Shes beautiful great athlete♥
Jinnie hiura
She makes it looks like its so easy but it takes lots of practise to reach that level *STRONG POWER*
Alina DeWitt
Atitaya meekhun
you cool
Kriss kross made her jump jump
more graceful than tonya harding
Wow! That was a very impressive landing triple axel. The power of determination lead her to achieving the perfect landing. Congrats you did it gracefully.
The lady Flower
All i could think of was Tonya Harding good on her too ❤️
So every other American throughout Olympic history met body splat on the ice trying to accomplish the triple axel? She's the only first American to land it in Olympic history?
Corey Martin
It looks like it worked out well that she got the third spot on the team, instead of being left back
Eric Rovira Barreira
First american woman. Remember Mao asada (japan) used to land 3A many times.
T Bartja
Don't get me wrong, this is very impressive, but the title is a little deceiving to say she's making history at the Olympics; the triple axel has been done by women before
She's Japanese... #Japanstrong
Marcos Zamudio
tears came to my eyes when she landed it
Amir Hasan
The American always do better when the Russian is not around
Isn't Tonya harding did it first?
vico khang
She stand for American, but she still Asains that why she can do the impossible. Asains power.
OMG im so happy for her!!
So awesome!!!
Alvaro Corleone
It’s nothing in front of the already historical world legends as Russians cuties Lipnitskaya, Zagitova and Medvedeva!
Ave Satan
Alina Zagitova got the gold medal. Don't you think that you need something more than just a triple axel?
Oh there will deff be some in and out burger tonight! 😏
The title is way too misleading, as if no one has landed a triple axel at the Olympics before - I'm pretty sure Mao Asada, representing Japan, landed THREE triple axels at the 2010 Olympics in Canada...
Angelica Ornelas
While these chicks are trying to perform the triple axle, you got 15 year old Russian chicks doing quadruple jumps. American figure skaters have long ways to go before catching up to the Russians
Billy Bob
Jonn Marvy Santamaria
a rare time an immigrant is called an american.
I thought the first woman was Tonya Harding🤔⛸
Congratulations my God what a thrill"💃💪💪👏👏.
Simeon Banner
America: the best of everything and the worst of everything.
icedwhite mocha
Midori Ito was the first women then Mao Asada. She's not the first one. She's only the first in American history.
Skating level - Asian
A Estrada
The landing was so clean
Guess you can say she was born to make history 😂😂😂
Not.enough to.go.around
Her mom : you only land three? Why no four, you failure! You should have played piano better.
Chris M
Her's is better than Harding's. Tonya looks lopsided when she does it. I mean kudos, but Mirai tackles it with power, speed, and grace.
Sugary Suga
I would say triple axel at the Olympics is not a big deal anymore right
Michael The Animator
Only a matter of time before she assaults another skater.
B. C.
This Olympics has been epic in skating as first female cleanly landed triple axel and first male cleanly landed quad lutz!
Jaaass oonn
she is clearly asian
Space Mountain
You guys always remind me why I turn off YouTube comments. Seriously I hope someone one day builds a huge enough human collecting bulldozer to shovel you all off the cliffs and shores and into shark filled oceans, then the world will finally be a better place.
'US figure skater makes history' we wERE BORN TO MAKE HISTORY
That looks like the same jump the main character of persona 5 does in the opening
Catira App
Actually she is the second women to attempt a tripple axel the first was tonya harding...
Jiminie Hotdog
There's no such thing as looking American. America is so diverse when compared to other countries that you can't tell.
Raven Light Assembly
You mean that a Japanese women was landing a triple axel. I didn't see any native Americans ice skating here...
Q FromChi
Amazing !!!
Miranda R
Super proud of you!!
Japanese-American...Congrats! Btw, I Think You're Beautiful! >-;-)
Asian Turf
Well Rich Brian have done it
Trinity Alhassan
Y’all idk why I’m confused
Pelinsu Cesur
Im so sorry but i have to do this WE WERE BORN TO MAKE HISTORYYYY
Will you all shut up about race? Topic is redundant.
Saw it live so amazing God bless her
Tori Greco
This reminds me of the yuri on ice theme song
nagaso's jump is very very powerful and gorgeous!!!!
New XxKyutiexX
The Olympics in Korea looked a lot more fun than the Olympics in Russia! I think Mirai was better off than Ashley in the end.
TONYA did it first!
'For this genes are neutrally fying family'
Nathan Lagunas
Fernando T
Go MAO! o wait! Go Mirai!
Borris Müller
But ... she’s not the first American woman to do it
Roger Sullivan
What a beautiful landing too...
speaking as a Black Person from Chicago, Im like *damn that triple axal .. I'll be more concerned with the "North Korea Klan" walking around smiling & shit* (😒they might try to pull a little stunt..hell they just had nuclear missles pointed at U.S. not even 2months ago)
Chicley Holmes
Well shes asian so its not really fair :D
Asif A
Well, that was easy.
Erick J.
Damn she sexy 😏
Hi Bitch, Bye Bitch!
Well damn
Abby Inman
I watched this live lol
Viix Reed
Almost like she was born to make history
Congratulations USA. It does not matter whether Japanese descent or not She is the one who participated as a USA delegation at the Olympic Games. Figure skating is a specialty in Japan and the players are thick, Coaches and exercises are advantageous overseas.
Karl Kessler
I slipped on some ice going down some stairs and I'm pretty sure...Yep! Did a triple axle, with a perfect two cheek ass landing.
Chelsea Juarbe
I think it so unbelievable to see comments saying she’s not American simply bc she’s Asian, like do you not go outside, watch tv, read the papers? Hello! America is one the most diverse countries in the world people! And yes very proud go mirai!!!
Josh Sun makes Tyler Growseph
I want to be adam’s friend
shes hot
Snow Anaya
God Figure Skating is amazing. I admire all the people who do it. Just so much time and hard work and pushing your body. It's not just skating they have to learn ballet and gymnastic. They gotta basically eat, live, breath skating. I couldn't do that at all. To see them being able to glide on a slippery cold surface like that... I'm proud of her. I couldn't do that and neither can a lot of people. Figure skating like gymnastic is a fucking sport that should be respected. So much goes into it and if you make one wrong move your body will suffer from it maybe even for life. Damn, fucking amazing so much respect to her and the others.
El Lic.
Her face and name arent american lol. Shes japanese.
Junito Punto Comm
USA 🇺🇸 USA 🇺🇸 USA 🇺🇸