50 Cent - I Get Money

Best of 50 Cent: />Subscribe here: /> Music video by 50 Cent performing I Get Money. (C) 2007 Shady Records/Aftermath Records/Interscope Records

Keith David
You will never hear music like this ever again
2019 anyone?
Qasim Khakwani
Anyone else just randomly listening to old songs 2018 ?
Damien Rubensson
When 50 used to really run New York..
Big Boss
2018 any one ?
Michael Collins
Who's listening to this in 2018??
Valdemar Massanga
My favorite rapper "50" murdered this beat easily. R.I.P Prodigy 🙏🏽
who's here after 10 years?
Okay,it was from 2007 .. Who’s still following?
Ricky Spanish
Lit before lit was a thing 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Brainz Rooney
the last big 50 single anyway thanks 50 for these times when rap was rap
Allen Saunders Jr.
Funk flex wasn't lying in the intro when he said that this is the hardest record out in 2007 to the point Jay-Z & Diddy had to jump on the remix 😂😂😂😂😂 no lie 50's Curtis album was his last great solo album in my opinion. I'm typing this in 8/10/17
Damn 50 was putting out them bangers back in the day.
r.i.p. PRODIGY
Moses Mkaku
Time when America was America
Chaz Xi
My new years 2019 Anthem
Seyi Oyetade
2019 baby
Luxury Fox Gaming
2018 anyone??
Aww jean shorts and shirts that were 2 x your size 😂 those were the days
Akeem Campbell
Still bumping in 2018 🔥🔥
LA HardBody
This was 50 Cent last Hit Record..💯🔥
maria brown
anyone who thinks 50 is really bankrupt is a fool 😂
Ashanti Zulu
This is one of my favorite tracks.. smh I’ll say it again 50 is a Genius 👍🏿. I workout to this everyday!!!
Audioplugg Music Productions, LLC
RIP Prodigy 🙏
Ruveyda Vana
2018 anyone?
Vasilii Toumanyan
Keeping it real in 2k19
Ianique Chantre
When you find $10 in your laundry
Darius Olfus
This gave that Curtis project a adrenaline shot
Lorenzo Perry
My favorite rapper 50 cent
Anthony Thompson
50 kills his verse straight 🔥
Lasan Sanjula
nate dogg
*50 cent is one of the best rappers alive*
Tonio Yano
The first verse is so nasty
I just seen a French Montana ad on 50's channel lol.
Da Dadadada
'Have a baby by me be millionaire' 😂😂 😂 how did I just find this on hear too
𝓛𝓪𝓡𝓾𝓼𝓼𝓸 👑
First song of 2019
2019/ 2020 i run new york !!!
Tidal Waves Pomade
I remember when this dropped! Played this song almost the whole day back to back
Tomas O'Se
NYC.......home of biggie n PAC!!!!!!!! Fact!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brainz Rooney
2018 still I get money
william will
Sou fã dessas músicas,, batidão 👊😎
Margaret Archer
Who else 2018 brought em here?😍
demetrius Reynolds
Robson and safechuck was bumping this after the documentary
Rico Suave
"when I as young i couldn't do good .. now I cant do bad" - real shit
Tralise Huggins
Who is is Listening To this in 2018 Still my jam t'il this day 👑🔥🔥🔥🔥😎
wxr- G
At 1:10 50 killed this beat
john McLain
Still here 2018
Tanishq Sharma
Ufc 205 brought me here. Also, McGregor lost to khabib last night at 229. It was crazy.
nicole van aarde
Wow this was almost 10 years ago, time flies man.
Marija Anic
Buying cryptocurrency on this mantra, lets go!
JAHUXNEE aka DonQuenthai BLAXEGOLD aka Pitt
Hard track bro likes 💯 👌
The Usually Quiet Scorpio
2018✊..50 u too Damn Sexy! Then and Now♥️♥️I love you baby!!!
Mark Sweeney
I agree, 50 was at the top of his game when this came out
Ben Gelo
World no-one ☝️Big UP to Gh 🇬🇭 best musician Sark nation and SM for life 👊🇪🇸
Kennith Goldfish
Too much censorship
you know a harder rap song. please name it.
Richard Löwenherz
Only this Track is better then the WHOLE Career of Kanye West or Drake! FACT! Deal with
Christiam Sanchez
Top billin sample
Alexa silva
whos the girl model in black?
President USA
69 M visualizations... This should be a sign...
Dee Dee
Why is it that broke.ass people always calling other people broke? The irony. lol. 50 is set for the rest of his life, can many of you calling him broke ass say the same. Hell naw!
Words doesn't tell how hot this song was when it first came out. These 10 emojis will tell u. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Daniel Hirvonen
А! Ай гет ит! Ууу Эээй ууу эээй Еее еее
Janek Gala
T bone Steak
2019.. 50 still runs NY💥💥💥.... Who else gonna run it??? Don't base this on money 💰 either... Name an artist that u actually rewind ⏪there music🎼 and play▶️ again..
One Time Exclusive
I Listen This even in 2019 :)
Floyd Mayweather’s theme song
ozzy sainz
Song still lit
Samuel Coleman
Best getting cash song of all time.
Came here before Tyshawn Jones
marcos Antonio
I Get money é demais
This song was poppin when I was in elementary school
Blessings 777 777
Legendary 50 cent.
ndongo clauzel
Who still get money in 2019!!? That song make me buy this album
Eu sou a Resistência
*Brasil Brasil Brasil Brazil Brazil Brasil Brazil ✌😎 🔊*
Paul Allen
Btw I've never met a dealer who would not knock you out for pulling a camera out to film it for the purpose of showing off on a social networking site!
Mustard & Ketchup
Original I got money from audio two top billin
H Mistry
When you get your paycheck
Ivalina Passe
Belle Ashley Belle
💋❤❤❤ LOVE ME SOME BOO BOO 50 🔥🔥😘❤❤💯
Ananda Kumar
Yu All time Great man..💘
Reklaw Auhsoj
DJ Jon804
bruhhh this song turn 10 years old this year ! I remember when this first came out, this shit was the Anthem in High School.... damn We Old AF lol
2019 anyone 🔥🔥🔥🔥
gatsby newman
Need a tan naa, I'm already BLACK. 2019 MARCH.
Dsh Saparow
Legend 🔥🔥🔥
Justin purple swag
I run new York🗽!
Almighty xFerg
The thing that people dont understand now adays is that 50 cent is the last real rapper. Actually a rapper, he rapped about his life, childhood, daily struggles, money guns, drugs,selling. Now the guys people call "rappers" are just hop artists. their style and how they sound and their beats are hip hop and just hop. not rap. even jay z turned into a hip hop artist. 50 is one of the most lyrically inclined rappers to ever touch the game and if you hear him talk hes actually intelligent unlike many.50 also confronts beef and doesnt run away from it. then again name a new artist thats sold over 10 mil twice let alone once.RIP to real rap. 50.Nas.Pac.BIG.Jay.Em.NWA.Bone Thugs.
Reed Jenkins
10 year anniversary of Curtis is tomorrow
JJ13 Games
I played this next to my perfume now it's a vape
That beat is still fire🔥🔥
sesh gremlin420
Who else is goin 2 his concert in dublin 💪💪👊
Tom Smith
Joe Shmoe
Shout out to AUDIO TWO
Mr Mohabir
Im sure he still got a bunch connections in ny killers drugs errthang.
Marquise Robinson
I feel asleep watching loveliveserve and ended up here
young dior
this record is still crazy