Stereophonics - Have A Nice Day - A Little Later

A live performance of Have A Nice Day on A Little Later from April 2001.

great song! love it!
really want to know its guitar solo at first start
Eze Flowers
my right ear is sad
Swav Lewandowski
Im loving the one person who hit the dislike button by mistake... lol
proper song.proper band.......'nuff said.
lane nebraska
OK, I really like this Tune and Rhythm! But the lyrics say nothing at all :-) It doesn't really matter what he's saying, as long as he gets to the chorus :-) So Have A Nice Day!
yeah, had this on VHS from back in the day
@lane nebraska A little late as a reply to you now but the verses do have meaning... The first few tell a story where the message is about en masse urbanization and modernization/McDonaldization drowning out the local culture. The places people choose to visit, be it New York, Paris, London, Seattle, Tokyo etc they are all becoming the same, offering the same things (shopping and spas etc). This leads into the chorus asking the question is this all you want? just to to have a nice day? The alternative being traveling the world and seeing how it really is or perhaps was. The final verse offers an explanation why this is the case, the obvious one, money; sell to the masses and you swamp individualism. Modern society is judged by one thing above all else - profit margins and this song is asking is this what you really want? This song isn't as shallow as it may first appear and certainly isn't as happy as it is upbeat, much like REMs Shiny Happy People. All this said, have a nice day! :)