From Beneath - Full Horror Movie

Bitten by a leech-like creature, Jason and his girlfriend start to suspect a horrifying link between her missing family and the parasitic invader. Subscribe to Viewster on YouTube! ► /> At the start of their summer vacation, young couple Sam (Lauren Watson) and Jason (Jamie Temple), decide to cool off with a dip in the local pond while they await the arrival of Sam's family. But while swimming, Jason is bitten by a strange leech-like organism, and when he tries to remove it, part of it slithers into his leg. Back at the house, Sam's sister and her family have yet to return, and as Jason's leg (and sanity) worsens, he and Sam start to realize there may be a horrifying connection between her missing family and his new parasitic guest... Watch more terrifying horror movies ► /> Like us on Facebook ► Follow us on Twitter ► />Follow us on Google+ ► /> Download our Viewster mobile apps Android: />iOS: /> Check out more full drama movies ► /> Check out more thrilling action movies ► /> Check out more full comedy movies ► /> Check out fascinating full documentaries ►

Hazel3y3s Sweet
2019 Reading comments first to make sure it's not a waste of time. Who else does the same?
Yawn; was the super saturated colour and contrast supposed to make up for the dullness?
Carol Sceniak
Go to the ER with that leg.Stupid things like this wreck a movie.
وردة الياسمين حلو كتير والله
فلم فاشل مع الأسف قضيت وقت بلا نفع لمشاهدة هذا الفلم سخيف جدا
Lone Wolf
If you have trouble sleeping- watch this movie
Sam Howard
After watching this I myself wanted to jump into that pond! Seriously...can't reception...can't get an ambulance but didn't they just drive there?? I love B movies but have to draw the line at F**cked
Richard Cole
Not even sure what to say about this one.  A bit, scattered story, lighting was bad. Couldn't tell if it was night or day because the lighting was horrible. The plot was full of holes. And the guys tendency to forget all the time, made it a very bad film.But oh well, take the good with the bad.  There are some really good hidden gems to be watched, just have to keep watching.
Samantha Williams
jan dostal
From Bottom ( of pile ). Should have left it there.
Atik Mujiati88
Asyik bener udah lagu sekarang ada filmnya juga.sama siapa sih anak ganteng?.
Taniya Green
if something was up under my skin moving like a worm I will be clearing trees clearing any kind of brush that's in the way cuz that's how fast I'm be running to the nearest damn hospital or knife to try to carve that s*** out of my body
Zitha Hasyim
Indonesia...ok!!! film nya irit pemain gx lebih dri 2 orng... lokasi dri awal Ampe akhir dsitu aja...biasa aja
The guy has a huge PARASITE in his leg crawling toward his heart and he puts a bandage on it????
Davin Gladwell
seems like an early 1970s movie not annoying but still too new for me to watch since it references "dot com"
Linda lin
Film apa sich ini ?? Mentang2 film horor susah nonton nya. Semua gelap 😡
Tony Jaksn
When people write about modern movies being Shite, than here is an example of such ................... Dull, Dry, unentertaining, witless, no original thaught,............ complete waste of film, air, electricity......
Melissa Medina Lopez
lol. The acting is so bad. it makes it look like a stupid movie.
Ken Corey
Yeah I see a scuzzy pond and the first thing I want to do is jump in......NOT
Khalida Ahmed
Can’t even give this a rating. It’s bad don’t bother watching this mess.
Ezzah Faezah
Mcm bangang je filem ni.... ntah ape ape...
Carol Sceniak
Fani Ad
saya suka baget menton pilem2 yang mesterriyus Apa lagi pilem horor yang sagat setan Dan enaktu kan
Stara shield
top worst decisions in a horror movie.
tina A
Stupid low budget movie not impressed 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
Robin Rowe
The movie would be better if it wasn't for the piano music. Way to loud.
Hope the folks who did this um 'film' don't quit their day job. lol
meyral ali
ادعولي اتزوج حبيبي دعوه الاربعين غريب مستجابه ادعولي فدوه 😢😢
Tyron Frayne
I do the same read comments first
Jee Ra
Kennika Jones
they gave these actors some stupid roles they don't even use common sense at all
Damon Andrews
omg 7 minutes worst acting EVER
Tarmo valk
this movie needs a Candiru fish .....just saying
Rahtu Nuri
Kan sudah tau sakit kenapa tak lansung balek atau pergi kerumah sakit malah tdur kak situ bodoh serupit
Anthony samy
sheri withdog
A boring movie , it should not be called a horror Movie, it has no story ,no life nor action ( sorry)
Shawnee Chackappan
I thought it was a ok movie
Shabnam Ara
Is there any another part???
Manggai Power
the full movie horro thailan.
jaen Valenzuela
Alam mu kase paghindi naagus tubig hindi puidi maligu riyan kadami riyan nakatirang mga oood mabuti may isda kakain kanila mga ood para hindi sila naiipun mga ood ilog yong ilog nga saamin takut kami linta pagdumikit yon balat namin balat taho nakakasama balat kinakain niya dugu taho linta malakas kumain dugu somipsip dogo kahit naagus natubig nakatira parin mga linta duun ilog
Alejandro Tapia
A fever dream! LofreakinL!
Candy extreme
Why didnt they just call an ambulance in the first place? Because its such a low grade movie they couldn't afford the call-out fee.
Tanya Payne
movie sucks an bad actors
Anji Bangaru
Anji Bangaru
Atik Mujiati88
It is not!.
ravi kumar
hindi me laiye
Angel Herbert
Are the writers taking the piss bad acting bad movie
Albert Chehade
OMG!!!! Yawn.............TD!
Tyron Frayne
Load of crap
fuanjia christopher
It's fuckx boring
Herlina Febiyanti
Bad tipu jelh itu cara make up
Glenn Higgins
When undergrad films go bad. Can't beat the price though.
Donald Coder
Even the screams and spooky music (it wasn't) couldn't rescue this loser from sheer boredom and confusion. Hollywood at its worst. I prefer Mickey Mouse!
Jeynelle Dean-Hayes
I tried.I truly tried to appreciate this for what it was given my hubby is now trying to take up acting, but it is pretty bad. I love bad movies, they usually give me a giggle but movies where there is just one bad decision after another just pi**es me off. Thanks for uploading though!
Hana Winasis
Ikutan .. nonton aja ., INDONESIA ... sub ., dong , Please ..!
M rafly
what is kind story movie 🤔🤔🤔
Chance St.Thomas
12:54-13:10 LOL Her boyfriend is funny.
dantae and Max
Rahtu Nuri
Flem setupit
Alejandro Tapia
Ok... I tried! I tried to watch this crappy movie.... Cant do it... But thank you for the upload... On to the next one..
Ataullakhan Khan
omg it's terrible movie
Michael W. Smith
well, the local yokels got together and gave film making a try: F.
Sunil Mallick
Marita Olsson
Quit good movie... 3/5
Why they didn't just leave????🐒🐒🐒🐒
Anisha Nandi
lina tjong
stupi movie 😒
The Puck
so confusing
Ali Nawab Gondal
Hx-Flix & Blog
nono popo
dont u think u shud blame directors and script writers for boring movies instead ov actors?
Darsinah 57
Bad movies
Seriously; this has got to rank somewhere amongst the TOP 60,000 greatest movies of all time !!!!!!
Johnemil Navarro
so boring tsk!
michela derry
ragazzi che palle!
salsa bhila
Very bad
The Best Natural Bodybuilder
aria afghan
Wow the comments are so mixed I don't even know if I should give this movie a try or not!
Shiree McCarver
Dead body in a house in the summer, you are going to smell it when you first get to the door. It's not going to be oh "no odor" from the body until you open the door to the room the body is in. Now we all have to be thinking the same thing. I hate contrived scripts. Step on this weird insect, then see worm-like things moving beneath yours skin. So you leave the lake get in the car and go look for the nearest clinic, hospital or doctor. The end. So they have to make the people in these horror movies very stupid. Duh got something under my skin but oh lets go back to the house and wait until every one get there. It don't matter if it could be a contagious flesh eating virus. Oh yeah finally, I'm in the midst of different crap so I forgot the other crap that stopped me from saying I love you back for over a year. So, Duh.. I love you, kiss me not knowing if I have some contagious flesh eating virus or worms in my saliva. Sigh.
the girl is wicked cute tho :P
if this wouldve turned into a soft core porn halfway through..
Naomi Hackett
this is the stupidess movie I've even seen jus waste a hole lot time watching it out
Deca Cards52
Who wrote the script to this, a fifth grader? LMAO
tammy york
Excellent movie loved it thanks
Latoya Clearson
Too dark.
mark kropka
These guys must be friends, no acting skills at all, and if this was the best at the auditions...Yicks.
Flower Girl
Rubbish movie
Melissa Taylor
Warish Ansari
พิราวรรณ ชูภักดิ์
หนังแบบนี้เขาเรียกว่า หนังส้นตีน สัสสส
Alejandro Tapia
@39:57 to 40:13 Hilarious! I memtioned in an earlier comment that i couldn't watch anymore but now im stuck! I have to finish it now just to see if the acting gets better... As for now it has to be the worst acting that i have seen in my 48 years of life....the girl is a hottie though...
Catherine Morris
Have to enjoy "B" movies to like this one. :)
Gillian Barden
they can't pissing act
Tyrone Robinson
i enjoyed it
Sebastian Corbin
Yarn...but watched the whole movie.
Bored Eats
pure crap!
Petra Lucie Žaloudíková
One can tell it´s going to be a crappy movie just from the atmosphere. I understand that people want to say something and express themselves, but if you can´t do things right, don´t do them. Law budget movies can be great, some, some very few, but they can. Give your story someone to read, to someone who will be honest to you. If it´s good and you deside to make a movie out of it do not finish and post it, till you are happy about it. This is not the case. You did not choose bad actors I have seen much worse, but they are fighting and romantic music is playing- just a detail, but still. This is why I would never let anyone make movies out of my books. I am autistic so I think in pictures and I see all my stories in my head, like movies so I just write down what I see. Nobody else would make it like that and I am not a movie maker, besides my stories are full of magic and fantasy creatures I have made up and it would be really expensive to make it look really good.
sandeep Kumar