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Hi guys so i made a video stating What You need to know about Cyprus or the things you need to know about North Cyprus as a student. BASICALLY WHAT NO ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT CYPRUS. We listed out some important points we thought would be useful to you guys, if you have any questions you can leave them in the comment section below. Thank you for Watching. Please LIKE, COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE. Follow me on my social media platforms ----------------------------------------------------------------- Instagram; GloryOkings Twitter; Gloryokings SnapChat; o_kings Facebook; Glory Okings

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What no one tells you about Cyprus: - The "north" is illegally occupied by the Turkish Army, like France was occupied by the Nazis in World War 2. - The "north" is a puppet state of Turkey and there are no embassies of any country there. - The "north" is not recognized by anyone, that's why there are no flights to it. That's why there are no brands like McDonald's, H & M or IKEA anywhere in the north. - The north is poorer and cannot trade with anyone because it is not recognised, hence it will accept any students from anywhere in the world because they're willing to pay to fund its crippling economy.
Elias Amvrosiou
the north is not a country ..its a illegal breakaway invaded part of cyprus ..it was invaded by barbarian turkey ..its not a safe place to be .. the south is the legal owner of all of cyprus ..cyprus is owned by cypriots ..NOT OWNED BY TURKEY ...TURKEY IS AN INVADING COUNTRY ... YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED
Lord N
Northern Cyprus is illegally occupied by Turkey. South Cyprus is an independent state/country is not owned by Greece lol. Nice vid
Cyprus Without Borders
Sorry, but you girls have no clue.
Stefanos Stylianou
Not (?Girne ?) but keruneia Not ( leukosa) leukwsia ! This names are greek thousand of year ago , and you just living in a fake goverment who lives there illegally ! Not (North) katehemwna is the name of the occupied land ! Cyprus is a proud Greek Island thousand of years and is not for sale ! 🇨🇾🇬🇷
Aram Khoury
Cyprus was invaded by the donkey turkey. viva from Syria to Cyprus 🇨🇾♥️🇸🇾
Stefany Potato
Cyprus was invaded in 1974 by Turkey. They took 36% of the island by force. Those are the facts and they are undisputed. Since then Turkey has put a large number of mainland Turk citizens on the island of Cyrpus and has changed a huge mountain side to look like the turkish flag, because they thought that would be frustrating to the original inhabitants of the island. Since the turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974, nobody on planet Earth has recognized the authority or legitimacy of the turkish state on the northern part of Cyprus.
Debra Dennis
It's hard to listen and take in advice when you are both taking at the same time
Konstantinos Chrysostomou
Turkish people are bad. One day we’ll get the land they stole us back and they’ll pay big time!!
George Neocleous
Good video but it would be better if you didnt mention north Cyprus at all
Ronald Read
Total rubbish
Alex 3
Please get your facts right
Malik Olasupo
your make ups are so so on fleek fam
Sad Greek people still can't except the defeat......50 years later still playing the same record
Abiodun Adegboye
Well, Greece isn't any guarantor as the south cyprus / greek side is the True and only recognized Country. Cyprus is in the Bible and is known to be the land of the greek people. TRNC was and is still ILLEGALLY OCCUPIED BY the Turkish people.
Passionate Paintress
Wow why not write down note....hard to hear two people talk.....not good but cute giggly girls
Cleo Patra
My dear .. cyprus is still a lot more sweeter dan dubai for blacks ooohh.. here ppl stay straight 2 years no fun.. just work and come home sleep on bunk bed ..room of maybe 6 ppl to even 35😅 so nothing is discouraging about wat dey have said even.
onize otaru
wowwww...I have been watching your videos and never did I think u studied in Cyprus...im a student also studying in EMU. transportation is pretty much accessible...there are buses(especially emu buses which goes everywhere around town) and taxis which is about 15tl..and you were right concerning accommodation u pay in tl or usd
AlaribonGames TV
Rakael Boozierre
Wow! This brings so much awareness!! God Bless you!
it good listening to you guys, but you keep talking only on North Cyprus, what about the South Cyprus?
Kulthum Salim
Waa love your make up sisters cites in the house😘😘,thnx for your ideas dears
Efrica Sesay
I'm planning on studying in cyprus.. thanks for the tip guys
Zoe Soteriou
There is one thing all of us im Cyprus should realise. First we should put aside our anger and hatred for each other and become friends since after all greek or turkish we have at least one common thing. We are Cypriots. IN A COUNTRY DIVIDED, PEOPLE UNITED!!!
macmohan ting
wat is the name of ur friend...she is too cute.
Gina OMG
Its NOT turkish side there is NOT turkish side they got it from war
Thank you for making this video! I've been trying to do my research on Cyrus for university and there's barely anything. Please make more of these videos! 💖
Life in North Cyprus is tough if your parents got no money. The sanctions on Turkey and inflation have caused prices to double in the space of 1 year. Rice which was 4 lira last year now cost 10 lira etc.
are there any salons please?
emmanuel fordjour
Does it snow in Cyprus?
Ojie Papalli
its sad they said the weather in cyprus was control by british army .. mostly only sunny here and winter
Nao A
Is it not expensive??
Khadija Timami
Where do you order clothes online from?
Aristide Djams
This was fun watching ..... I'm a new comer I'm a dude but this surely will help
Kiprotich Salat
Y’all should realize this video is made from their personal experiences and is not 100% legitly what you go through in Cyprus
God Hillary
Can you study and then work at the same time even though it’s a restaurant jobs
JOE Ekeator
#smh she say na people of lefkee @4:56:57..#smh😀😀 as in ehhh i wonder for those Nigerians schooling there..how sure is that Lefkee sch is been recorgnize in Nigeria
Naturalista Mia
Great video.. I’m studying in Cyprus 🇨🇾 too(South )
What's GAU? What about University of Nicosia?
mughal shezada
i was living in the north cyprus as a student of ciu knowing equal to nothing about cyprus , now i am completely awared, i m feeling relaxed and a little much better than before after knowin about cprus,thank u very much once again,.......
blossom zufrex
sure fact about cyprus
Stephanie Bishop
Voke Adamx
the 300-400pounds is it per year or per month
You ladies both look so stunning! Please do a video on your journey and application road to Cyprus.
Dini Mohamed Ibrahim
I am coming soon thanks to hear alot of tips
lawrester queen
uhumm....EUL is actually bigger than GAU..HAHAHA....just say top 6 including METU
Dydy G.
Thank you so much, I really wanted to hear about Girne especially from Africans,and am glad Ive seen a video made by Nigerians. Am from Côte d'ivoire. Keep it on,love you
Asong celine
Thanks for the tips. I'm planning on studying in North Cyprus.
Samantha Mulqueen
This is just bull crap there have no clue and stupid girls. Cyprus is not Greece
George Nicola
Disgusting, living on stolen land! How can you live with yourselves. You’re essentially promoting murder, torture etc. Evil