Spore Pacifist Run | Rise of the Ghandicus ☮

This is the tale of the Ghandicus empire and their peaceful crusade of tranquility. All music used and other information you don't care about: (open description) Link to my Discord server: />Patreon: />Twitter: />Facebook: /> All music used in chronological order "Broken Hopes and Dreams" />"Tranquil Departure" />"HOME - I See You" />"MAHA MRITYUNJAYA MANTRA" />"Birth of Love" />"West One Music - Tribal Battles" />"Zane Alexander - V o i d" />"Salil Sawarim" />"Salil Sawarim (Synthesia piano cover)" />"The Last of the Mohicans - Promontory" />"Ly O Lay Ale Loya" />"Tribal Trouble Soundtrack" />"The Encounter WAVES - Deep Groove" />"Two Steps From Hell - Never Back Down" />"Zack Hemsey - Mind Heist Evolution" />"Thousand Foot Krutch - Hurt" /> #Spore #Love #Peace

I wasn’t expecting a literal BBC Earth spore documentary...10/10
32 minute video, 1 ad. You've already shown true pacifism in this action alone.
Ralsei, The Prince Of Darkness
‘Did you do it?’ Ghandicus: ‘...Yes...’ ‘What did it cost?’ *INCOMING TRANSMISSIONS* ‘Everything...’
Man, Discovery Channel has changed.
Aus Tronaut
"The whole world must learn of our peaceful ways. By force."
"Our peaceful crusade of tranquility starts by, naturally, not eating any other organisms." *Eats plants*
Beats Spore: Respect+ Beats Spore without killing: Respect+++++
Aaron Hinz
A Spore video going viral in 2018? Maybe there is a God
Rob Quello che sente il Metal
I don't get it Why put a picture of Gandhi, the nuclear overlord, to represent pacifist?
Melon Bread
Seven sexual organs. One for each chakra.
*in this Video: How EA Ruined One Mans Dream by Not Testing their own Game Enough*
Elliott Johnson
Although, the universe rallied against you in the end, they still came together BECAUSE OF GHANDICUS! LONG LIVE GHANDICUS
Abby Collins
A look on how radical pacifism can become very tainted and corrupted.I greatly enjoyed this. It was a very interesting,entertaining, & unique story. I'm very happy I watched this.
Burraku Dusk
I made the mistake of watching this video on my smart TV, in the same room where my Alexa is located. ...To put it simply, you activated it.
That was actually really sad. Not just the role play ending, but the fact that you went through all that for nothing
I'm literally crying.. This is one of my favorite videos EVER. Spore makes me emotional every time I see or play it. Good job.
UberDanger: We must ally with the grox to achieve ultimate peace me: NO NO NO DONT DO THAT NOOOOOO
no joke, this is one of the best videos I've ever seen on youtube
Lance Caliber
No joke at the start of the episode I said “I hope he just has a mental breakdown at the end of the episode.”
me: lmao these guys can't be that peaceful *isistep midi starts playing* *k now that's the real peace*
Martian Refridgerator
Are those WEAPONS on your spaceship?!?? Why would you taint the sacred vessel of peace with such..... Filth?
Nils Blockmans
i once had that red gorilla ultra powerful alien befriended and got kidnapped by the sleeper ship..... if i will ever find that ship ima kill and take revenge my spice's where the neon guys
Robo Pork
i keep screaming but god won’t answer
The greatest sacrices require the strongest wills. 11/10 video uberdaddy
Benjamin Nolan
Can't believe I watched the whole thing through, but, dude. It's OK. I know how you feel. *puts understanding hand on arm*
Ibrahim Zutlana
11:37 Am I the only one who noticed that the Song "Salil Sawarim" (ISIS anthem) is playing?
Amazing video. I laughed, I cried, but most importantly, the Tribal Trouble theme at 14:49 brought me back to 2006. Thank you. The 32 minutes was well worth my time
Mystic Panda
Excuse me your eating plants PLANTS HAVE FEELINGS TO YA KNOW??
Brandon Yong
*You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.*
uber: we get this guy becose of his singing. the thing: has shit sing power.
Pie Napel
30+ minutes and only a single midroll, and he managed to keep in character at all times. A legend
The Shattered Soul 404
"be kind, or else" - Captain Tranquility
Espe roba
Ghandicus, can we become allies? Grox, Well yes but actually no
Jesus Christ
Peace, Love, and Evolution! Praise be! ❤️😇
Alan Błaszczyński
31 minutes of waiting until you finally bomb someone. It was worth it. You lived to the name of Ghandi, my friend.
6:54 “When suddenly...” THE FIRE BATION ATTACKED!
Payton Burrows
If you could make one for an opportunist and genocide run that would be amazing.
Aren Steyerman
Ghandicus: "Sometimes you have to do what's best for the world!" Civilian: "AAAAAAAAAAAH!"
tabled tables
What was the song for the civilization age
I almost fell asleep, but watched the whole thing. I am not worthy to follow your paths, for I am selfish and unseen the signals.
lubomir bogdanov
I think now have watched this video like 10 times and i can say that this is my favorite video on your channel <3
Jonathan Bruce
this is one of the best video game videos I've watched in a LONGGGG time
Sir Cornelius
oh when u palyed the game u know how this is going ^^
Cerebral Tempest
unreal, one of my favorite videos of all time I LOVE IT
Starting a fire in the middle of a forest. Definetly not dangerous lmao
Nick Kirchner
This is what i call good, creative content. This is what YouTube was made for. More please!
this was an amazing video, probably the highest quality video i fucking loved it the emotion this video has put me through is that of a soap opera, truly mesmerising cinematography and amazingly written script.
pixels n pixels
I love how you are a pacifist with the ISIS theme song
No joke, I come back every couple months to watch this video lmao. It's just so good
Gerald Needs Therapy
Thank you for your monologue. I shall steal it now. :)
Anime Ruler
Why is this so halarious
Mc Dino
i cannot believe you categorised it as "games" instead of "education"
Selkra Souza
This is the single most well crafted Spore video in all of Youtube. I can definitely see myself rewatching this in the future.
Ruby Rose
Welcome to the origin story of the Tau.
I need to know if this stayed monetized
If you think about it, by your actions you brought the entire galaxy together for the same cause
Megumin Is Waifu
This actually felt like i was watching a science documentary
I'm glad somebody was brave enough to attack pacificism!!
Дмитрий Боровиков
4:51 please, the name of the "siren song"
Johny the Bulgarian doggo
Will not hurt any creature. Kills a plant immideatly after being born.
Alvaro Martinez Ruiz
This might be your best video
I love how this video describes the rise of a fascist regieme, and it probbably will stay monotized because this just sounds like the EU.
Mason Bilbrey
bro your editing is out of control. you're a mad lad
One of the best Spore journeys that I've ever been taken on. A cinematic masterpiece.
Soumyadeep 980
The backstory was taken from India But now modern India has *Zer0* *Tolerance* *Policy* 💪😁✌
you outperformed yourself on this one, chief.
Diego Anedda Angioy
This is a masterpiece!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aric Wood
Good lord that was a journey
A truly beautiful story of love and tragedy
Prgrant 6669
During the tribal faze with no food they were most like Gandhi
Reznor The Impaler
Your commentary style reminds me of a certain African warlord.
shahaman noodah
"Hit me again Sam, I like it." Basically the plot of the pacifist run.
Chriss Chriss
“We don’t hunt the fish, because it would hurt the fish”
Karthik Natarajan
Dont know who you are or what this game is but this video had me in splits! Congrats on the remonitization
Maximoose 2005
I couldnt stop laughig throughout the enture video. Good job mate
Ramadingos Chromosome
This man actually put this ammount of time and effort into a video while getting fit at the same time... True Gamer Respect Certificate
Felix Karlsson
I'm feeling sad :( RIP Ghandicus
Thomsn Vykovski
I think this video truly represents us as humans when we strife to achieve the maximum goodness while becoming the worst evil at the same time. The destuction of the home planet perfectly represents how they lost themselves. This says alot about our society.
My man pulled a lelouch for ultimate unity
Mélissa Antona
The end is so sad 😭
Travis Williams
The greatest video on YouTube, a true masterpiece that highlights the struggle of human morality.
Life Soldier
Malorie-kae Steinmuller
what a ride, goddamn xD
N. Silver
watched this while spore was downloading i'm gonna try to do this can't believe a video on a videogame about evolution made me cry
"Not eating any other organism" aren't plants organisms?
This is the most entertained I’ve been in 6 months
Jebus Bird
This is a video roasting Californians
Soumyadeep 980
The ending was quite tragic 😦
Max a Million
"We naturally don't hunt for fish, as that would harm the fish" I lost it
this is making me want to play spore again lol
Okay so not only did this make me burst with nostalgia, this is also masterfully edited, major props dude
Melbourne Meliodas
Mahatma Ghandicus has the possibility of going AWOL and literally burn the **** out of different civilization using his most powerful weapon. The Pacifist bomb.
Lazy Reaps
You could always imagine that you played the role of lelouch, from code geass. The entire universe was against you and now they will all live in peace!
abraham camarillo loza
I achieved Nirvanna watching this
* starts joining to grox * me: oh noooooo
Jakob Himml
this video is a masterPEACE.
Wow I have never seen the Gameplay so advanced in Spore. I never knew you could do missions and go to the center of the galaxy :0
*Befriends most hated species in the galaxy * Everyone else: War it is
Kaleb Scott
THE ENDING, this is such a fine piece of art.
Dirty Dan
i don't usually watch your videos but i really enjoyed this, great video man!