Тим Минчин и The Heritage Orchestra — Концерт в The Royal Albert Hall

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Концерт Тима Минчина со всемирно известным The Heritage Orchestra, записанный в легендарном лондонском The Royal Albert Hall 29 апреля 2011 года

Tim Minchin (Musical Artist)

Drew P. Weiner
Song times: I'm In A Cage: 0:00 - 6:02 Rock 'N' Roll Nerd: 6:03 - 13:19 Cont: 23:47 - 30:30 If I Didn't Have You: 37:36 - 42:35 Thank You God: 48:47 - 54:14 You Grew On Me: 54:55 - 1:01:43 The Fence: 1:04:09 - 1:09:08 Prejudice: 1:11:20 - 1:18:31 Lullaby: 1:22:37 - 1:27:25 The Pope Song: 1:34:37 - 1:38:34 Cheese: 1:41:45 - 1:48:29 Beauty: 1:50:05 - 1:54:12 Dark Side: 1:54:21 - 2:07:25 Not Perfect: 2:09:53 - 2:16:12 White Wine in the Sun: 2:17:52 - 2:23:57
Roswald Walton
this man is multi talented musically, thst takes more skill than just playing the guitar. it takes great skill to play in one key and sing in another!
Matyáš Valenta
Who is that motherf*cker who disliked this masterpiece? Wtf?
Yevheniy Dubovyk
Огромное спасибо за перевод!) Концерт отличный...)
Megan McLerran
Tim really needs to invest in some waterproof makeup.
Captain Lik
2:09:28 *крик из зала* "Я буду ходить на твои футбольные матчи, Тим!"
still watching; awesome song "dark side" and more PERFECT piano playing :.) I'm glad this performance is here on youtube to watch.
Kailtyn Parker
the pope song sounds like something the southpark boys would write
I love Tim....genius...enough said
I watched this whole performance today! tim minchin's piano playing, I think, is PERFECT!
Love me a bit of Tim Minchin, but I'm not a fan of the orchestration here - it's too muddy and too heavy for his superbly crafted words and exceptional playing.
jodie Swannick
The silence at 2:23:34 gives me chills
The last verse of "Not Perfect" always makes me feel immensely shitty.
Jonathan Wood
That moment you forget to laugh in "Cont" because the music is just too pretty...
Ali Masswi
does anyone else get some Rolling Stones vibes from Cheese?
samara nogueira
hahaha what does the woman yell in the end after dark side and applauses?
Константин Артемьев
по поводу перевода, там где вопросики "Noahty ark" 31:30 - Noah - Ной, ark - ковчег; Noahty - каламбур с Naughty
Oleg Kostyuk
Ну разве он не ахуенен? :)
Спасибо за русские сабы!
don't type
Обожаю этого типа.
Drew Waldron
This performance is still iconic. Dark Side is my favorite Minchin song, and hearing with an orchestra is a million times better
Igor Salata
amo esse video
Joss Perring
Hello area's song team