KernelEx - A Compatibility Layer for Windows 9x (Overview & Demo)

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Diogo Bruno
They should do it with windows xp, programs are beginning to become incompatible with it too.
Win32Application - System File
Windows 95/98 is a wild but wonderful OSs Microsoft ever developed, I will always remember my childhood times with it on my father's IBM Thinkpad laptop. I wish I go back in time and experience that golden era once again. It seems Microsoft favorited their braindead simple-minded users on Windows 10, even Windows 3.1 is more deep and complex than the disaster called Win10. Veteran Windows users like myself will remember this treachery, I and many users wanted more detailed customization and now look at it.
Rez Zircon
Just FYI -- tried to register on OSForums, couldn't get past %$#@ing reCAPTCHA. Gave up after about 20 iterations. It has gotten so bad that anymore I usually just bail on sites that use it. I think the problem is the bots are wise to it, so it keeps upping the ante. Today among other crap I got "street signs" images so blurred I couldn't tell what was what.
You should do a video on the Windows 2000 Program Compatibility Launcher.
Cameron Walker
OpenOffice? LibreOffice is the standard. OpenOffice is old hack. LibreOffice is where near most (of not all) the previous Sun Microsystems OpenOffice original developers moved to, AFTER Oracle detonated the development team. Apache took the project over since.
Señor Dossier [Retro reviews & más]
The site's link to the program seems to be broken
Francis Friesen
Yeah firefox 60 wont work 52 esr would be the newest that could potentially work
The AquaDrew48
Ur voice like Microsoft Sam
Sparky Cat
If only the KernalEx devs were there to update it
Chrome on Windows 9x?!? M I N D B L O W N!
Angry Birds 2017
0:03 A Chrome On Windows 98! LOL! XD
Now i can play fortnite on windows 98 thanks
Honestly, I don't have much experience with kernel-ex, but I am going to use it when I get a Windows ME based machine. I like ME because of a couple of things. 1.) The general public doesn't really know how stable that OS can be if it's using well coded drivers specific for the OS. 2.) I share my birthday with ME. I don't mean just the month and day, I'm literally as old as that operating system. Yeah, I might be a little biased because of the birthday thing and I just love old pc's in general, but I think ME didn't get a fair shot.
Great video!
Cybernik The Robot
Is there a similar software for XP/7? If so can it run Windows 10 softwares?
You can't visit websites using HTTPS only on older machines as they sometimes don't support the communication. I can't remember everything, but when I googled for the hardware and software used on StackOverflow I found a blog post from the developers briefly talking about issues like that. It would certainly make for an interesting video, something along the lines of: "Windows 95 to Windows 10: what we've been gifted with and what is missing now"
There's a bloke called "jumper" on the MSFN forums that's forked the project and made a much more updated version. Lets me run later versions of VLC and lets me able to run FamiTracker
Lewis Johnson
Hi! First like.
I definitely found this useful for some games, but sadly v1.14 of Diablo II and whatever's the most recent versions of StarCraft 1 and WarCraft III still won't run with it.
it needs to support Windows 7 and maybe even 8.1 in the near future, this will always be useful. Also, Firefox 50 ESR probably works since it officially supports Windows XP.
Konrad Kołakowski
But why would anyone would like to do that? Windows 98/Me were unstable, still DOS-depended OSes, anything based on NT is VASTLY better in this regard, especially since modern hardware minimizing any possible performance improvement of those very weak OSes. Anything capable of running relatively modern version of Chrome or Firefox, probably could run Windows XP or 7 as well... I respect this as technical achievement, but not as something very useful
Running very modern programs on a 1990s/2000s computer isn't practical due to their vastly increased resource demand, especially a web browser or a desktop 'app' built in a web engine. A Windows 98 machine will run out of memory or GDI resources very soon, and crash, or be stuck with full cpu utilization. Very unlikely people use those computers productively today, and if they do, then they continue running specialized applications compatible with old systems. For nostalgic and entertainment purposes (games), a computer with only period applications will also feel more authentic and be more stable. Most tasks can be completed using older versions of software, such as Microsoft Office 2000. A computer doesn't necessarily need a web browser on it, or latest versions, just because they exist. Old web browsers no longer work regardless of operating system because of forced, unnecessary updates in encryption protocols (elliptical curve, now also TLS 1.3 on some sites). Opera did release an update, but that is for WinXP and later only. KernelEx is a useful tool, but I'd use it only if there a need to run a specific program.
Saúl Soto
I like kernelEx
Rusty Ruwes
Very interesting. 👍 The Windows 9x UI still looks pretty nice. Timeless design.
I wish this would be updated and maybe even have a version for XP. I would love to make software that does that or even make a modern web browser for operating systems like XP and even older ones going back to even Windows 95, maybe even 3.1 but I doubt that’s realistic to have modern web browsing on at all.
Joel Robert Justiawan
4:25 Omg? *Pay?!* this is not free?! No. He means, "Feel free to visit ..." not "pay". The software is fully Gratis, Open Source, and Full version. He just preffers to use different style
Tech Savage - Bobby and Ralph’s Amazing Channel
I still love your vids!
Angry Birds 2017
Chris Hendrix
Bass Maiasa
This is great. I have an old 98 that I keep in the kitchen that I only use as a media player while I'm washing the dishes. Why should I waste even $100 to replace it as long as it still works? With this Kernelex, it can now run MP4 files instead of ridiculous WMV files (90 mb MP4 = 1.5GB WMV!), and I don't have to waste time converting MP4s anymore. Just a note, the unicow.dll file may unzip as a hidden file. If you don't see it, that's why.
Mistro Tech
Get Firefox 52.9.0 that will work with vista and xp 60 requires windows 7 or newer, if you read the dialog box.
Is a great tool to run newer software on vintage machines, unfortunately some of those new programs are a bit greedy with the resources they need to run and spoil the experience somewhat. 2:16 Maybe the reason for that is that Opera's certificates are now outdated. I can't browse, under Win98SE, some sites i used to visit, not so long ago, anymore, neither with Opera or Firefox, and many of them aren't even high end, eye candy bloated websites. I blame the recent announcement of Google that Chrome will mark non HTTPS sites as unsafe and i guess many sites are migrating from old certificates to newer ones unsupported by legacy browsers. If someone can bring a workaround, please let us know.
If I where to guess I think this might just be tricking software into thinking its on a newer OS. Thus any checks that prevents it from working normally get bypassed. That and I think it could be utilizing some wine files to emulate say newer graphics apis.
Troy Van Heer
@Michael MJD Hi Michael, it's Troy here. Just wanted to say thanks so much for uploading this video as I requested. I actually didn't stumble across it until a month or two after you put it up, but nevertheless it helped me get Kernelex up and running on my Windows 98 machine and for that I'll be forever grateful! I apologise in advance to you and everyone else that it took me so long to post an update, but better late than never right?
Thunderglobe 127
Thanks for posting this video! Now to try out ActiveSync 4.5 on my 98SE machine.
Sriram Jeostarzz
Can dragon ball fighter Z run on windows 98 with the help of kernel x?
There was enough need to keep these older M$ operating systems more usable? 😳 I can fully understand stopping at Windows 7, but not those.
Nathaniel Knight
In my opinion OpenOffice 3.2 is one of the last best version of OpenOffice
i wonder if native vista ever get something like hat to run windows 7/8/10 aplications
Jessie James
Would like to see more stuff on this program been using it or trying to use it and like to see a list of programs that work. Also there is a web site that says they have updated this program but I'm not sure if its safe or if it really does anything because after installed it which I'm not really sure how I did because the directions on the web site was weird. My game stopped working so I had to reinstall windows. Well final fantasy was being stupid and wouldn't update saying there was a problem with the hard drive but after reinstalling windows the game works fine. But yeah I want to see more stuff on this program.
Jim Dayton
Hey cool video! I will definitely try this sometime!
theluckycrafter C18
how to make windows 98 not obsolete
random kid
where did you get the windows 98 iso from
Only posted 3 hours ago and already infiltrating my recommended section. Sounds like an interesting program since I like experimenting with old operating systems in VMs occasionally.
Nurudin Imširović
That was a nice video you've made! I actually take my spare time to play around with KernelEx inside VirtualBox, it's fun! I'm thinking on testing some "modern" games like GTA 4, Call of Duty 4 and such. Do you think it's possible? At least with VMWare if not VirtualBox. Again Great video, keep up this work, it means a lot to us 😀👌
Chris Hendrix
Kernelex doesn't have their own website, but it's just a sourceforge page.
Zachary Schwanke
+Michael MJD are you going to make a video on how to theme the latest version of window 10 to look like windows 7?
David Davidson
But can it run Crysis?
Hey your pronounciation of troy name wasnt complete rubbish have a sub
Used it on WinME.
Furry AwsomParodyz
why was this recommended
Victor Dike
KernelEx is the best software to run Firefox 9.0 to watch YouTube video's.
Michael Perugini
I think i will attempt to do this.. I have a vintage PC i restored with 98se , so i think i will try this and see how it works on my real 98, now that i have seen this. Thanks Michael!
I thought KernerlEx can only run up to Win2k softwares. :D
Consuming Memes
nice vid
Hugo Simões
Yes, i can give win9x a 15404154th try and use kernelex. I think i never used it.
im watching this video on opera right now :)
Gabriel Korytiak
Windows 3.11 in 2018 ???
Gobbz YT
Wait.. ur running windows 9x on 2018?
Nathaniel Knight
I have a video suggestion to install Windows FLP on the $5 Windows 98 PC
Shiny El. Ghosteo
Is there a program like this that allows XP and vista to run 7/8/10 software? I feel like that would have very practical uses.
Cosmo AKA Matthew
I heard Chrome can work on 2000 with mods like this
Francis Friesen
Just wondering what vm did you use to run windows 98 in
Natsuki Lutick
Would this work on Windows 2000, and if so, does Doki Doki Literature Club run on it? Or does DDLC work on 98 with KernelEX?
You can drag and drop in virtual box
but WHY? Why extend Windows 95 instead of installing Windows 2k or XP?
Kaibe Corp
is there any compatibility like this for windows Xp? so i can run win 7 apps on it?
now you can run csgo on win98!!
Eder Lopes
Very good.
Jaan Artur Viirsalu
Is there something like this for iOS? I have iOS 9.3.5! It's also JBd.