20 Min Yoga Flow for Beginners

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This is a 20 min yoga sequence that's best for people who are new to yoga. It's a flow sequence, but slowly than your traditional vinyasa. If you love this and want it on your device for when you travel or don't have internet, it's available for download for less than the cost of a latte. More here: /> For more, visit: website: />instagram: />facebook: />twitter: />yoga forum:

Lana Jarvis
Your instruction is concise( not too much unnecessary commentary) yet clear and easy to follow. I enjoy trying your routines because I know I'll be able to follow the, easily. This was very relaxing
I notice your dog did the Plank pose.....just too cute!
Vag Ina
You communicate well through out the video plus the other videos I've watched. You should try to do a guided meditation, your voice is spot on for that.
Great workout! It has been a looong time without practicing yoga. I know that now that I'm 63, need to go slow and easy to recup the tone and flexibility. I love your videos!
Amazing workout! Well done. Keep it up :X
Thank you for letting me practice with you today!
sarah khan
A heartfelt thank you Candace. The flow is awesome especially for a beginner like me. Appreciate your efforts. love 🌼🌼🌼🌼🌺🌹🏵💮💮
Alex Cushley
Thank you very much! Great sequence pre-flight to loosen up the body. Love seeing you beautiful dog on your mat. My dog always used to love laying on my mat and 'helping' me (by licking my face during savasna or going under me during plank or down dog) with my practice. It's funny how dogs and animals do yoga instinctively (e.g. Everytime my dog got up she would do an up-dog, down dog, some mountain climbers and let out a big sigh), yet we humans need instruction.
Karina Charles
hi. I'm in the uk about to start this 👍👍👍
Thank you, Candace. This video was used to help me in a college course on muscle flexibility and strength. Have a great day.
Katherine Sunderland
I've just discovered your videos and I love them. Your instructions are so clear and the pace is perfect. Thank you!
I felt this was definitely a video for beginners who'd been doing yoga a while. I was constantly looking up & interrupting any flow just to check if my toes were meant to be flat or tucked under and where my breathing was at. I was going slower, like you said, but then it was too slow & felt rushed.
Kaylee W.
This was beautiful. Thank you so much! First time I finished a yoga flow. :)
Layla Parkin
Thank you for your videos, I find then very helpful and have defiantly helped my yoga journey😌💚
Daniel Caceres
loved the class!
Sarah Pedder
Thank you I am a beginner and I like the pace and find the commentary helpful
Rachel Leigh
I just found your videos and am loving them! I appreciate your calm and respectful tone :)
Katrina C
I enjoyed this. It was perfect ...informative descriptive for beginners! Thank you so much for explaining!!! I appreciate you!
This is the first video of hers that Ive seen and I love it. I hate to be creepy but she is almost to drop dead beautiful to follow everyday. I suppose that's a perfect opportunity for practice, remembering that the body is not as it appears outwardly, we can look deeper into how it really is and, develop heart. Thanks C.
very nice. Thank you. No frills and no affectation. Well done.
Soul Rises
I love this video!! Especially the beginning because I can never get my golden off my mat! Immediately related to you Candace! Thanks for the great video! I am a new fan.
Your voice is amazing supportive and positive. Despite not being able to stretch my legs straight in any position, you still made me feel happy because it didnt matter, and i completed the workout (very first one!) very relaxed. Thank you!
A Nony Mouse
Thank you! This is exactly the speed I needed without injuring myself trying to keep up. Great intro to Vinyasa <3
A Gypsy
great sequence! beautiful dog! #Namaste
Maja Bubanj
ma dog likes to sit on my yoga mat too :-)
nailah charles
I love this work out,excellent!!!....(your dog is really nice to!!lol)
Anthony Ormond
Husky <3
Luis Dunn
I love it! Thank you! much gratitude!
Candy Arias M.
I love it! A great way to release my tension. Thanks Candance
Mahra Aldhaheri
I enjoy doing Yoga with you blessing <3
Harry Newton
thank you so much, i am 16(male) and have been having sleeping problems and this has helped me get to sleep faster
alex mccully
this was the video I chose for my very first practice. I felt so amazing afterwards I've done yoga every morning since. This video is perfect for those who have never stepped on a mat. Thank you Candace! <3
Elena Maddalena
I have done this yoga flow a number of times and I feel SO much better after! I'm new to yoga but your videos inspire me to keep practising and learn as much as I can. Thank you!
Paulina Palian
Thank you so much for this ☆♡
Erika Freeman
Thank you for recommending this one for me...much better! I want to start practicing yoga and this is a great start.
Tatiana Novak
hey, just wondering if it's good to do this next to weight loss workout program? you know, for relaxation and stress relief :)
Fernando Agostinelli
thank you, I just finished it , it was very challenging
Giovanni Serratos
it was tough, but it feels amazing, I need to work much more on my flexibility, thanks
Michele Mota
Thank you for the video!!!! I'm new to yoga and is already improving my days!!!!
Abby Woody-Chicoineau
Namaste, thank you Candace!
Steve Edwards
Its great, im a man, and this is by far the best routine I do every day, and now im not frightened to have a slight bend in my knee, thankyou :-)
Ray Bayne
love you candace
Melissa Field
Wow that was just what I needed! I find it hard to find a beginner's flow that isn't too light. That had just the right amount of movement. I also really enjoyed your voice and you have great energy. Thank you!
Alison Young
Many thanks, Candace. You have a lovely presence and I certainly appreciate your generosity in making these routines available to us here online. Namaste!
Nikyta Griffith
Hi Candace Im new to yoga and I love this video. Thank you for posting and thinking about the newbies😆
Michelle Sweeney
This is a wonderful video; your detailed instructions, patient voice, and kind encouragement will help every beginner. I have been doing your videos since last fall, and I have gained strength in my upper neck-- hence do not get the strain and pain in my C-spine I usually get while riding my bike. Please note, I do not have a neck injury, it's just that Yoga in general has strengthened my neck muscles so that my long bike rides are now more comfortable. Of course other muscles are stronger too, but this is an area of contention for seasonal recreational cyclists like me! Thank you!
Maui Bandit
Candice thank you for sharing your yoga wisdom. I am now for the first time in my life practicing yoga daily with your videos. Is there a video sequence online we can purchase monthly to contribute to your teaching. Mahalo from Haiku Maui!!
Laura Di Lizio
i always felt kinda awkward when following yoga videos on youtube because it just didn't feel right (with that weird background music and stuff..) but this was really great! thank you so much.
Sahan Hegoda
im new to yoga and like the way you instruct. very easy to follow, thank you! your dog is amazing!
Elizabeth Scales
I love this video and return to it repeatedly for a well-rounded and light daily practice. Thank you!
Emma Fox
This was super awesome for coming back to yoga for me. I used to do yoga and Pilates but am sadly very out of shape. I can feel that this is going to increase my strength, but it also felt calming
Millie Rojas
Awesome. This is just what I needed to go back to my practice.
malak baguthian
I love Thais practice
Millie Rojas
Thank you Candace!
Lina Farias
wow i loved this! it was so relaxing! I really want to continue to get stronger with yoga so i can move onto harder poses, and this was a great gateway thanks!
วชิราพรรณ กองทอง
I have to admit that you are very good at teaching yoga. You are one of the best here on youtube. I feel totally relaxed.
Lovely to have the opportunity to go slow and mindful thank you !
Megan Skeels
This was a great practice. Fairly easy for beginners and very clear and concise. Your voice is calming. Thank you
Morgan Hondros
Hello Candace! Question, being a beginner: Does this workout need a warm-up to proceed it or is the warm-up integrated within the video. Thank you! This is currently my favorite tutorial.... hoping to proceed further with the back session that you have a the park. :) Morgan
Jessica Kilroy
Thank you Candace. I discovered you by chance today and I am so happy to begin embracing yoga with you! The pace, poses and energy were a perfect combination. And your voice is calming and not distracting like some exercise classes. So excited:)
rose m
this is exactly what I was looking for! I haven't been to a yoga class in a while and I was looking for something similar and your video was perfect! thank you! excited to get back into practice!
I've been looking for something to improve my flexibility in between my weight lifting workouts and this is perfect. Incredibly relaxing and easy to follow. Thank you!
Guinevere Short
I love your yoga videos. Your videos are a fantastic way to start the day.Your commentary is very relaxing with just the right amount of instruction. I think I am addicted. I do at least 2 videos a day. Thank you.
Fabio Aconi
excellent beginner lesson. I'm studying to be a yoga instructor and practice with my high school students, your videos are perfect for them. Your clear instructions and calming voice are just what my ESL students need. Thank you!
I found this really difficult, being a beginner. I had to keep looking up and trying to keep up.
Alyssa Sauer
I loved this
Klash Song
Thank you. That practice felt good. :)
James Schmid
My wife and I have been doing yoga for about 2 weeks now. Just following whatever 20 minute video we can after the kids go to bed. This is the first video we both actually like! We'll definitely be back for more of this one :)
Calum Page
Thanks Candace. I went to a Vinyasa class yesterday here in Bogota and was totally out of my depth! Trying to follow everything in Spanish wasn't too great either. I am going to try to follow your class at home before venturing back to the studio. I felt like giving up yesterday, but your video has given me hope.
Dulcia Goldman
In 2017, I used this yoga guide "zamsoka space" (Google it) to supplement my jogging. Apart from strengthening my form, I also dropped 10 pounds along the way by simply taking part in a Yoga exercise Challenge applying the routines in this handbook. I really enjoy the simple descriptions, positions, meditations and even the way to live yoga off the mat. .
Lisa Baca
Am just getting back into yoga. What a great work out!
Fur The Luv
Your dog looks just like ours!
this was very nice. thank you.
Allison Evans
This was great, thank you so so much. Very clear for a beginner like me, and your voice was so soothing.
Greg Johnson
You are beautiful Candace,you have a gorgeous body!!!
: )
Alyssa Sauer
I love your flows...
Diane Milligan
Totally agree with Lara Jarvis - your instruction is perfect - concise, clear, quiet - nothing extra, which makes it easy to fully connect with body and no need to even look at the screen - Thank You!!!
You are really a good teacher =) Thanks for doing videos for beginners, i'm don't speek english but your videos are really clear ! It's a pleasure to workout with your video =)
Andres Reyna
Thank you, I always enjoy. I would like to know how can I get more flexibility? see you next class!!!!
Robert Vogelezang
Really enjoyed this. I like the detailed instructions and calm pace.
hello! I'm starting with yoga and I have a question. Do I need to warm up before ? because there's a lot of stretches...
GregroyPaul O'Beirne
LOve this 20 nins session :) perfect
This was very simple, and yet so effective. It proves that you don’t need to do the hardest poses to feel yoga’s benefits. I really enjoyed this practice. And seeing the cute Buckles at the beginning was a plus! Thank you, Candace, Namasté!
Andrew Wickes
You are a brilliant yoga teacher. I am a beginner and lack flexibility. I have tried videos created by several teachers and yours are the best. The directions are spot on and the sequences were really achievable for me. Thank you. I will be trying more of your videos for sure.
The dog is doing yoga lollll
John Bohlinger
thanks. Great wake up work out.
Fernando Agostinelli
thank you, I just finished it , it was very challenging
Adrian Sanchez
Very nicely done. Good, clear instructions. I have practiced yoga in a class, so it didn't feel rushed. I bought a couple yoga videos but Candace gives much better instructions. In time with the movements and understandable. No weird cosmic stuff like "feel at one with the universe." I need to be reminded of foot placement, proper posture and so on. Cosmic is nice, but only if its helpful. And not lagging behind the video or too far ahead. Keep it up. Thanks.
Miss Desiree Z
Thank you! I love the ease in which you take me on the yoga journey while introducing little stretches that I've never seen or used before. It's like a gentle push to try something new with the body.
The Loved Woman
Nice stretch, ty woman!
wim hellemans
Very nice! Finally, a nice voice, no candles and no music. Just the right exercise for me. Thanks a lot!
Daisy Mail
+Yoga by Candace  Hi Candace :-) Would this routine be useful in improving circulation, especially for varicose veins?
Sarah Gill-Branion
it was good but you need to deliver more names of poses; explanations were good; pacing was good.
Yvette Williams
Lol, my dog does the same thing!!!
Said Mahdi
Thank you!! that Au-Some!! :)
Kolo Kai
<3 :)))
Lee Lee
This was so relaxing candace. I don't know if this is normal, but when I do the chavasana pose at the end. I hope I spelled it right. I sometimes start to cry.
Colin Brochard
very nice, easy session. Want to make this a daily warm up!
JarJar Beats
Candace your voice is soothing and measured and your pace is perfect for my skill level, but a few improvements to your editing skills would really help your videos. Silence at the beginning of the video is never a good idea cause it can be disorienting, and there was a rogue title slide at the end that made me laugh. All in all, really good though!