Germany Win Men's Eight Rowing Gold - London 2012 Olympics

Germany win gold in the men's eight rowing event at the Eton Dorney as part of the London 2012 Olympic Games (1 August). Canada won the silver medal in the event with Team GB claiming bronze. Subscribe to the Olympic channel: /> Rowing has been staged at all the editions of the Olympic Games, except in 1896 in Athens. It was, however, on the programme, but a stormy sea compelled the organisers to cancel the events. Women made their debut at the Games in 1976 in Montreal. They competed in a smaller programme. The Olympic Games in 1996 in Atlanta marked the introduction of the lightweight events. Find more about Rowing at

Germany's move on the last 250m brought me to tears. Half a boat-length of overtake in less than 100m is the kind of rare determination that makes this race so memorable.
watching this to get pumped up for a 2k erg test
Doris Cozma
Canada at the end, though... Damn. Just damn.
That was great. Rowing is so hard. This sport is interesting.
Well down Germany
9:50 A-Final
Edward Lemmings
Different wind conditions would make a big difference to the overall time.
Endurance events in the Olympics always move me the most.
Andrew Anderson
That cough right at the beginning is HILARIOUS!!!
Jim Haas
A SUPER 4th 500m by the Canucks! Great race!
Matt Conover
that leg drive from canada thou :0
reading The Boys in the Boat brought me here
Nathan Ferm
What a beautifully set boat, the 8 that I row in constantly bobs back and forth on starboard/port 😂
Rubber Soul
Haha, David...., it's your dream, but in Rio it's 2000 m again, and watch out for the german eight. : ) In 1960 olympic games Rom wins the german eight the first time gold and 1963 invite J. F. Kennedy the same crew into the white house.
That Polish team looks like the hardest group of men i've seen in a while. Badass.
Imnot Zoidberg
Interesting sport. Where do people train for this? Is there like an Olympic trial to qualify or what?
Joe Underwood
its amazing that at any one time there will be at least two crews exactly in time with each other
Marcel As
A Person who lives in the German city Hamburg is also called "Hamburger"
Actually it's highly plausible that they'd put the most technically adept rower in the bow. In fact I thought that was the conventional wisdom for 8s. Of course, at Olympic level there's barely any difference between the rowers. But the German bow really has a sort of relaxed, horizontal efficiency about him that seems to make the boat run well.
David Tallman
on a 1500...
Anthony Naylor
Yea, but they weren't, so it wasn't.
I love this sport.
Christoph Trettin
Yeah, I'm desperately looking for it.
empacher...but a special one ;-)
If Canada were on form it would have been there race !
Greg Johnson
what make of boat are the germans rowing?
Der Deutschland-Achter ist der Beste!!!
yeah......sure they did
Mitchell Williams
It all depends on conditions. Unless it's a FISA certified course and conditions. My frosh/novice lightweight 8+ recently went 5:25 and we don't even compare to these guys
goddamn, so fast
The race with german commentary,that would be nice........ Norbert Galeske
Any idea if there's a copy of Gary's commentary somewhere in the interwebz?
yes, but in the right conditions olympic boats get low 5:20's. A junior crew must've had a helluva tailwind, but still, very impressive time indeed.
Sean Turner
I'm going to pretend i didn't read that first bit. the bow seat must be one, if not the MOST, technically astute rower in the crew. a good catch, a strong drive and a clean tap are what is required to lift the bow seat out of the water to make it plane. not to say you are wrong, as the stroke must be up the top too, but the bow has a large responsibility, and thus must be adept.
Singling out one person in a boat of Olympians when they all have relatively the same stroke? Seems a little unlikely they'd put the most fundamentally sound rower in the bow...try taking a look at stroke seat and six seat and you'll see excellence.
Hasnan Shah
Wow... I cant even get a sub 7 2k
16:57 3 seat canada, telling the world how to be a frikin' horse
Poetry in motion
David Desaulniers
unbelievable leg drive too
Oliver Harradine
It all from dat dere body-swing (note bow seat in particular)
David Desaulniers
Those canadiens sure can sprint
Kristof Wilke is my p.e. teacher 😎
LOL. You weren't watching, Merlin. (Canada)
Sebastian Gr.
Oh right thx :D
Lucas Parkes
2 seat in US and UK means second from bow. Stroke is nearest the cox, then 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and bow.
Cormac Auty
14:41 nearly crabs then looks right to make sure they didnt lose any ground
Cormac Auty
Look at 15:47 and tell me that we didn't win that watch the bow bak
It's a fantastic skill from the commentator to sap all emotion out of the race. It's a shame Gary Herbert's commentary isn't on this.
Lucas Parkes
He hates sitting up there all alone. Cos it's the loneliness that's the killer.
Dude at 17:52 looking a bit PC principle
Sean Turner
there is a training video of them where it looks particularly suspect
Sean Turner
adamski in the german bow has amazing technique
Merlin Rotermund
Germany - Great Britain: Amazing race!!!
Daniel Power
There is no seat 8 or seat 1. It is coxswain stroke seat 7 seat 6 seat 5 seat 4 seat 3 seat 2 seat bow seat
Sarah Northman
Go Germany! They sure pulled it out on this one!
Sebastian Gr.
sorry for the silly question, but is 2 seat the second one from the back of the boat, or the front of the boat (so from the coxswain)? Sorry, but I know that in france for example, 2 seat is the second seat from thefront, while in germany its the second one from the back
Matija Vukovski
how did you know that feeling? are you a medalist?
the A final gives places 1-6 overall, the B final for places 7-12, C is 13-18, etc. it's so all boats can get an accurate ranking
Del Charlotte
1:41 Poland/Ukraine, amazing :o
Benjamin Dover
Interesting that Germany should win this, looking back at the stats, they're so much lighter than the Canadian crew and the British crew, only a couple over 100Kg, whereas almost the entire Canadian 8 was 100+. The Germans were mostly around 92.
Jay lope
17:14 best feeling ever.
Aly Omar
No, there is a Grand Final(1st, 2nd and 3rd place get medals) and there is a B and C final in which they do not get medals. The people in the B and C Final did not qualify for the Grand Final
So there are, for example, two gold medals?
Essentially the best crews from the heats go into the A final and everyone else goes into the B final. It's a bit more complicated than that but the basic idea is that every boat competes in a final, so that it's possible to produce a complete ranked finishing order that includes every boat that qualified for the competition.
is there anyway to get the bbc commentary? this guys sucks
What is the difference?
b final, first thought as a rower, oooohhhhhhh DRAG RACE!
Why there were two finals ( 01:44 and 11:21 ) ?
Griffin Wagner
This is the most viewed rowing related video on the Olympics channel. I checked. The next most viewed video (as of may 2017) is 20 years of badmiton.
Ozan Aşık
What is the stroke rate of the Canadians at the last 250 m? 
Haha lol a load of huge muscular bears and some tiny guy in the back :D
Chris Gulka
Nice job vud
John Tary Moscoso
Imagine how fast Vikings before if they would join in this kind of competition now... big bearded men rowing like bad asses shouting at each other..
Grant Harris
do they get literal midgets to sit in the back because they are lighter
Ed Evans
The lads in boat 6 the Bondi Bunnies were hanging back waiting for a good surf break!!
Alex Balansay
Are most/all coxswains men in Olympic Men's Rowing?
wow really fast!! and sexy!!!
Germany? I did not understand that!
What an incredible finish by Canada,!
Ragnar Lodbrok approves!
Nicholas McCloskey
Fantastic race. I wish though there was an Olympic 5K Head Race. It would show the world just how much faster a coxed boat can go vs coxless.
Bruno Moreira Lima
What happened to the USA?
Mahony Austin
Canadas Bowman in the final 200m was giving it absolute welly. Interesting technique aswell, in that he opens up very early. I guess hes trying to lever the bow of the boat up out of the water?
Waldemar Scholtz
que regata !!! infartante el final.-
soraya jamshidi
Deutschland ist besste😍
Peter Sharpless
Why are some boats mounted evens to port and odds to starboard, then some are mounted 1, 3, 6, and 8 to port and 2, 4, 5, and 7 to starboard? Does it make a difference? It seems like it would change the points of stress in the shell too.
Ruby Abc
LOL a guy from thew netherlands in literally named hamburger
Lockon Stratos
Germany won here with a time of 5:48. Canada and USA have the record at 5:19. How is that possible?
Sigrid Greitzke
That was great. Rowing is so hard. I do that in the gym for 10 minutes and I am "finished". Btw: Rowers have sex bodies. I'll take one rower from every boat.
James Martin
i remember rowing for oregon state back in the late 1980's and i would of made the national team lightweights varsity eight but i couldn't find the way to really relax so know that i am 49 i know the drill...just relax and row hard  "the creator"
V. vBruchem
oh, this reminds me so much of the Argo vs. Phocas leightweight beginners coxed four match of the Randstad Regatta 1996!! but also of the Euros lightweight coxed eight a year later in which we won with five boat lengths!!
Does the wee person at the front get a medal?
what i really like is the special effects behind the olympics!