Kayleigh (acoustic Marillion cover) - Mike Massé

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“Kayleigh” by Marillion, an acoustic cover by Mike Massé. For booking information: Listen on Spotify: Buy on iTunes: Mike’s 80-song collection, “Covers (Mostly Live)”: />Mike’s 30-song collection, “Covers, Vol. 2”: /> Google Play: Keep up with Mike at: /> Please support Mike on Patreon. Any amount is appreciated: /> Buy merch: /> Please share and help spread the music: /> /> /> Liner Notes: I recorded this on my latest birthday (Jan. 13th) as a present to myself. One of my favorite songs by one of my favorite bands. I have MTV to thank for this discovery. I remember seeing the original video, and loving the sound, the song, the lyrics, the singer, the band. And the gear porn--a table (table?) full of guitar stomp pedals, racks of keyboards reminiscent of some of my favorite prog rock idols. What was not to love? I ended up buying "Misplaced Childhood" and absorbing it one December while listening on my mom's CD boombox (a luxury item for us), as I slept on the couch, trying to get comfortable as I recovered from a cracked collar bone. "Seconds Out" by Genesis (particularly "Supper's Ready") was on heavy rotation at the same time. Marillion went on to become one of my all-time favorite bands. Well, Fish-era Marillion, at least. After he left the band, I sort of did, too. But those four Fish-era studio albums, B-sides, EP's, live stuff--loved it all. Fish (aka Derek Dick) was a colossal figure (literally and figuratively) for me in those high school days. It culminated with me getting to meet him backstage briefly after a great Marillion show at the Glenn Miller Ballroom on CU campus in Boulder during the "Clutching at Straws" tour. The man is one of my favorite poets, not to mention singers and frontmen. His lyrics are second only to Neil Peart in my book. And they're just a hugely talented band overall. I totally get that they're not for everyone, so don't be shocked if you listen to them and don't "get it". I'm just glad I did.

Mike Massé
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Mike Garvey
Love this tune. And this is one of the finest covers I've heard. You always seem to translate the feel of the song Mike rather than a soulless carbon copy. Good stuff!
You are so talented. Beautiful job.
Bart W
love the dumpert sign! ^^
Aris Alamanos
I love it how you did the guitar solo with the vocals...Rothery's solos are second to none in terms of emotion (screw Gilmour) and you got the vibe 100% with your voice.
Laura Hirsch
Ok, I'm impressed. This cover does the original definitely justice. I expected to be disappointed because the song is one of my all-time favourites, but I was proven wrong! You have an amazing voice.
beautiful! Love Marillion. You've made my day a bit brighter!
acoustic buff
Yes. YES!! Mike, I just had to create a youtube account to congratulate you on your art. This is so great. Period. I'll purchase this right away. Have you ever heard about an Irish band named Aslan? Check it out, I believe a cover of "Pretty thing" would be a perfect fit for your vocals. Just saying! :)
Haha. I love this cover!! I was named after this song 🙃
You should post this to Fish's facebook page! I'm sure he'd love to see it.
acoustic buff
... I have been watching this about a dozen times since you've posted it (well, compatibly with the family routine, that is). I'm telling you, it's giving me goose bumps... I'll be hoping for another (ANY) Marillion cover, from the Fish era. Btw, so glad there's one less lawyer (I am one myself, so I am allowed to say that ;) especially since this world gained one (full time) artist of your caliber.
Youtuber Mavic
Also ich muss schon sagen..... Top🤗 Richtig geil gesungen und gespielt. Gruß aus Germany 😎
You've been so blessed! Your talent goes way beyond an average performance, I hope you realize this.
Fares Eidi
Wow ! You have an amazing talent to bring to life on an acoustic guitar powerful and beautiful renditions of these 80's classics !!!
Matteo Sartori
Simone D'Angelo
Brilliant, man! Beautiful cover! Greetings from Italy (Dublin, now)!!!
Ed Soane
Brilliant rendition. Could listen to this all day.
Mitch Joel
great choice!
lindsey rennie
Love this track Mike masse version
Great . You're such an inspiration thanks for the awesome fantastic covers
Nick B
Fab playing and great voice. Brilliant. I was waiting to see how you would handle the solo - very nice!
sonof erin
omg. brilliant, i have always loved this song. amazing Voice.
Sloer Meutel
DUMPERT! Thanks for this cover Mike. Added to playlist :)
Claudio Daddi
Amazing man!!!!!!!!!
Lupe Valdez
Amazing cove!!!. Thank you for creating this!
Scott Brawner
Once again, Mike manages to cut through to the core, the soul of a song. Amazing job.
Guilherme Torelly
Fantastic cover! Nice job, bro!
Innes Chalmers
Oh. I just found this. It's gorgeous - to hear a song I've loved for 32 years played with such freshness and joy. Bravo, Mike.
Brett Sokol
Mike, that was absolutely fantastic. Great cover (and I love how you still incorporated the guitar solo into the song with your voice!), keep up the good work!
Richard Miller
fantastic rendition mate top class
Metren Angerjärv
Absolutely awesome cover! Love your vocalizing the solo too, great idea! Instant subs!
Dave Stroebel
Love the original and also this cover. Well done!
Mirko Giorgini
Wow!bravo!👏👏👏👏👏👏 The best version on this earth of this wonderful song!
DUMPERT and great song...my favourite band
Bobby Quine
that was great, man. thank you for sharing
Fabio Oliveira
Best cover, Congratulations
Jens Zimmermann
Perfect Mike!!!!! You are my inspiration for playing acoustic guitar :-)
Evandro DeSouza
Mike, you are very good and excellent at what you do!! A notable musician! Congrats for this beautiful cover! Music is life! God bless you.
Martino Solla
Very Good Job! Dear Mike, waitin' u for "THE Space",... something that you know. .... cheers.
jack james
Man you are fantastic,gretings from poland.
Filippo Sottani
Simply amazing, great cover Mike!
OMG you put the Dumpert sticker on your guitar! That's so boss! Awesome cover btw!
Gerald Hartley
Very cool. Love it. 👍🏼
David Flint
Oh by the way I used a lot of guitar technique in my rendition of this piece. Thank you for that Mike
Jan Gillesen
Sweet! Great guitar conversion too, is it standard tuning?
Daniel Giabiconi
great cover !!! congratulations !!!
Rusty Y
Loving this.. great cover
Alfonso Rivera
Amazing work! love the way it combines a respectful yet a very original version!
Sgt. BubbleBlower
you should cover, kenny loggins - I'm free
A masterpiece! Like every song you play Mike! Thank you!
great cover as per usual, Mike..... big Fish is Scottish as well :)
Amazing song, awesome cover! You are so talented!
Luigi di bacco
Great job mike from Italy !
David Flint
A year later I still get goosebumps and a little misty eyed listening to you beautiful and true to the original. 👍👍👀
Definitely one of the highlights of your channel. You nailed that guitar solo with your voice.
Great cover! You should cover Script for a Jester's Tear as well.
Brian Vogelsang
Wow! Really Amazing Mike! More Marillion covers please. :)
acoustic buff
Excellent!! Now it's available on Amazon too. I've got all your last four works, thank you so much for what you give us.
Rod Gano
Awesome brother. Thank you. I love that song!!
Best cover! Wonderful as always!
Awesome job as usual man. Must say I've never heard of this song or band but I'm glad you introduced it to me. Hooked!
stefano sanna
complimenti sei bravo!!! ciao
Perfect !!!! Nothing to add.... suuuuper
*Awesome Acoustic Cover!* 👍😍♫♪ Well-done i love this,shared with pleasure! Carla ~ YoutubeSingers
Masterful in every way, wow!
Great cover like it very much. Guitar is Martin Dreadnought -- ?
wow wow and wowwww. as a 30+ year fan, I can only say you did a fantastic job. keep it up!!!
Retroplay ARG
Man you are so good!!! Amazing cover!
Juri Juri
Nice job bro
Great cover, good job man.
Peter Zaenker
Another one showing me you're the man Mike. You bring back the vibes of 1985 like no other and you inspire me. Keep it up!
janek rapid
Absolutely amazing👍
I didn't think an acoustic cover could be this good...... Great song.
william ballato
Impressive cover of a great 80s tune!! I dig the chorus section
Marty Lemieux
Beautifully done as always. Hadn't heard this song since College some 25 + years ago. Thanks!
Henk van der Laak
Impressive, as always :-)
tony green
wow, this man is just brilliant
fugu pinkeye
My favorite singer covers my all time favorite band, and nails it! This made me smile so much.
I'll try those chords out ,then invent a special potion to play them as fast !! Great talent.
Great song! Thanks! How about The Beatles next?
Ramon Rezende
Muito bom!!!!
Bruno Canoza
Awesome cover!!!! You voice is amazing! I'm a singer as well and I was wondering what mic you use on your guitar? Keep on rocking!
Oops, lol. Nevermind.
like always amazing !
Clown Basher
I used to like this song, now i LOVE it!
Jay Law
Amazing 👌🏻
Lucia Asprea
bravissimo mi piaci un casino
Dan Barry
Best Cover Ever ! Unbelievable Talent..! Please go on Britain's Got Talent Mike ! God Bless
Fachrizal Yans
Thank you Mike Masse, remind me about the past.
Lamer thing
great:-) pozdrawiam z Polski:-)
jefe rodolfo pereira da silva
Amazing. Congratulations from Brazil.
Kailei Eustis
perfect bday present to myself as well! and my namesake! :) so well done!
Eric Bergmueller
Your voice is awesome on this piece - love the vocal guitar solo. The sound of your guitar is nice and crisp too. Well done!
Marillion has a CD of 2009 called "LESS IS MORE". You have honored that title with this cover. I´m loving it!
jesus christ that was fantastic
Guy Farting
I know it's literally a meme, but would you ever do a Neutral Milk hotel cover? Would appreciate it quite a bit.
John Fisher
That's 4 yeses!!🤘
Joel Bowden
That was the bollox my son 👍🏻
Kayleigh Sheridan
Posted on my 30th birthday. Thanks, Mike!
damn, this is great