My Best Friend's Wedding. End Scene.

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from the film My Best Friends Wedding 1997, this version of the song 'say a little prayer' in this scene of the film is sung by Phillip Ingram. His version is also available on youtube

My Best Friend's Wedding (Award-Winning Work) Julia Roberts (Celebrity) Dermot Mulroney (Film Actor) Gay (Film Genre) best friends gay gay best friend GBF Fag Hag

Anne Marie Carson
Sweet true friendship scene when friends show up and support hard decisions friends make!!!!!!! Good ending scene!
Santiago Uribe
George Downes: Suddenly, a familiar song. And, you're off your chair in one, exquisite movement... wondering, searching, sniffing the wind like a dapple deer. Has God heard your little prayer? Will Cinderella dance again? And then, suddenly, the crowds part and there he is: sleek, stylish... radiant with charisma. Bizarrely, he's on the telephone. But then, so are you. And then he comes towards you... the moves of a jungle cat. Although you quite correctly sense that he is... gay... like most devastatingly handsome single men of his age are, you think... what the hell. Life goes on. Maybe there won't be marriage... maybe there won't be sex... but, by God, there'll be dancing.
Ra Rodri
I love this scene. Is bittersweet but I loved it. It makes me smile and cry at the same time :)
XD maybe there won't be marriage. maybe there won't be sex. but by God... there be dancing!
Tara Doring
He is my dream gay friend
hugo meirelles
perfect end for a perfect movie...TIMELESS AND AGELESS.....
Adam Percival
This has to be the ultimate way to charm/chat up a girl. I know he's gay and they are friends but could easily work in a straight relationship. One of the best endings to a movie.
Man he's so attractive in this scene
apparently in the original final scene, she was meant to meet a guy (played by John Corbett) but it didnt work with test audiences, they basically wanted her character dead for all she'd done haha so they expanding George's role and created a scene that just...worked and allowed people to 'forgive' julia's character
Everybody needs a George ;)
I love his voice. Prince Charming from Shrek
Quijote Web TV
Bond. JANE Bond.
Dahon sa Puno
Then.. Suddenly... You want to watch the whole movie again.
AG Faith
Friendship goals AF
Yudhistira Pratama
I love you Julia Roberts! My favorite actress forever!
Rosario Mitacc
I'd love to have a gay friend like him... and by the way where did he put the cellphones?
Maira Patricia Pacheco González
What the hell, life goes on! and I still watch chick flicks!🙈
Ely Medina NAILS *
Gyan Prakash
by God there will be dancing!
Tsolmon Naimdii
I wish ... I have friend like George in my life so whenever I get sad George calls 😩😩😩😭😭😭
Aaron Michaels
Julia Robert's movies are always classy....
June Lynn
I need a friend just like George...a gay man is probably the best friend a woman could have...just my own observation....I love this scene very much : (
angel_ dust
i wonder if there is a recorded version of I say a little prayer from this band. this is such a superb version
Mark Radell
who sings this part of version? that Dania king sucks!
Chika Onyeka
ugh i hated the ending i wanted them to be together so much but thats life i guess
Fifka Amal
This ending is so iconic .... (complete the sentence)
Jennie Lind
Where can i find this version of this song ?
I wish he was straight so thAt they could be together in the end ... like they could have just been best friends not a gay best friend... fukkk.
Yudhistira Pratama
I love you Julia Roberts! My favorite actress forever!
Love this scène...
I was disappointed this version of the song is not in the soundtrack. I know it was a John Doe singing but still, very good.
JJMe Disneycool
This movie is bullshit. zero chemistry between the bride and groom. The groom should've ended up with Julia robert's character. They had so much chemistry and actually went well together. And I'm sick of people saying of life goes on. No she could've had him. He wanted her to begin with all those years ago, if she didn't say no, she could've had him. She really has no right getting all sad when she screwed up letting him go to begin with. bullshit
Adam Exarhos
Fabulous scene, Love it !!
hugo meirelles
Kate Lee
God bless gays :)!
S. Braxton
Man I love this movie! Wish I had a friend like George. Someone who, even when you make a complete arse of yourself, still loves you unconditionally and comes with thread and needle in hand in the form of brilliant charm and grace, to help mend your broken heart back together again.
Zaisus Ponce
One of the best movie ending of my generation.
Fanny Ibno
I need a George in my life <3
Elyon holic
when i first i saw this movie i though she ended up with George romantically was i wrong!! but that doesn't change how fantastic this scene is ^()^
Andre Bolivar
I really want this version of Say a little prayer
Best scene in the entire film.
Laura Lister
Everyone needs a George!!
Alexandra Anaya
I'm so lucky to have my own George in my life :')
yeap, always a gay man to the rescue, that's why a gay uncle is always precious ^^
Ronni Star
George is adorable. Why did they have to make him gay?
Shirley Davis
Just need to know how that giant phone fit in her tiny handbag. 👀
Matthew Andreasen Photography
love her laugh its contagious and adorable.
Richaerd Daley
he could've totally been bond
Dahon sa Puno
Forgot to breath for 3 minutes
Joselyne Georges
do you know the singer name in this scene? I wish I could find this soundtrack with his voice
Erik VQ
No me canso de este final, es hermoso
sakshi tewari
singer is awesome
Dot Grey
So cool.
Lais Antunes
Qual nome dessa música ❤
Mistress of Love
Worst ending Jules and Michael Forevee
Moe Thomas
Love this scene
Beyza Kenar
I wish george wasn't gay.
Jamila Brown
Does anyone else feel like this ending gives such a great sequel hook vibe or (even better) a pilot hook? Like, I just want to watch a show about George and Julianne living in the big Apple, being snarky, and breaking out into song. I felt this way about Muriel’s Wedding ending too, especially.
George was saved her scheming ass😂. But this ending was perfection.
Beverly Thacker
Why does George have to be gay? They would be a amazing couple
Jagjit Dusanjh
I've always liked this film. It's refreshing to see a woman friend zoning herself by not taking action for 9 years.... instead of a man.
I Like this Version of Say Little Prayer. Who Sings it?
Beverly Thacker
That open flip phone 😂😂🤣😉
Siti Jakarta
I hope Julianne and George got married soon.
Marbella Perez
I need a George in my life.... 2018?
Chanakarn Wongsaengchan
Classic <3
I love the performance of the singer my favorite cover
Amber Cherise
The story of my life right now.
Cara love
I love this scene so much
John campea
Cinimod Brule
Btw that's Prince Charming, In Shrek 2
Safiyah Kagda
Yo quería que se quedara con George aunque fuera gay
Marie Skelton
Love this movie.. that cell phone though! Wow
Denciong Pogi
I loved this last scene dialogue of Rupert Everett...So cool..Bond James Bond....he,he...
charito Luciano Jiménez
Me encanta esta pelicula, especialmente esta escena, que hermosa de sonrisa de Julia Roberts
Marcos Martinez
Thank you soooo much for posting :)
angela123 altintas
Monitoring searches is a bit much. Too many owls without Ayse.
Love watching..... .my best friend Wedding no matter how many time i see it .. .its dashing xx
Necla BRK
My favorite movie .. I was searching long time , who is sing this song ? By chance, I am reading now. Finally I know ; Phillip Ingram thanks
Jingjing Yang
the band make this song so great , cuase there is only female version for this song , so i especially enjoy this version
Autumn Leaf
I want a George in my life too
María del Carmen Cárdenas LLaja
I absolutely love this scene!! :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)
I want a movie where it's just the two of them bantering back and forth. I'd pay good money for it.
Stacey Hernandez
I love this movie and all of her movies.
maide tezcan
It'd be a better and more shocking ending if George turned out to be straight. At least I supposed he was .
Natthasha Siripunthasophon
when I was young I' ve ever seen this movic and told my friend how beautiful she is , beautiful dress this scene show us something " Lastly gay always be woman's best friend"
Baby cakes doll
The moment I wake up.....
I'll ALWAYS adore this scene.
God, don't you just love the performance of the band on this song.
essarhars1 09
they make such a beautiful couple
I am the only straight guy that likes this ending?
Anthéa Gwladys
For my sweety lovely guy...
Deiviane Bispo
Sempre Julia Robert a melhor
Kasozi Caroline
she's so beautiful, i loved this part oh my God
dhogan1999 on legs...Everett.
Fernandes Pinho
Assisti este filme N vezes por causa desta cena. Choro sempre.
williams pardo
alguien que te apoya en una decisión difícil! excelente final :)