Examining the Appeal of Women's Sexual vs. Non-Sexual Companionship (Irene Yvette's Delusions)

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Author Alan Roger Currie
*Time Stamps* for this video podcast: 0:00 - Intro 0:27 - Music Intro 0:57 - Alan does his thumbnail pose 1:51 - Alan opens up by lightheartedly "apologizing" for uploading an additional video podcast (that is free for the YouTube general public) when Alan had initially said that his next (free) video podcast would not be uploaded until sometime in December 2:35 - Alan mentions that when he hosted his audio podcast show on the BlogTalkRadio Internet Radio Network (June 2007 - June 2016), he interviewed a high number of female guests (and also, Alan has interviewed exclusively female guests on his Adults Only podcast program, _The Erotic Conversationalist_ http://directapproachdating.com/podcasts/the-erotic-conversationalist-adults-only-podcast-program/ ), but he has rarely engaged in discussions and debates with women since he began being a video podcast host here on YouTube (beginning with April 2017) 5:33 - Alan mentions that he was involved in two podcast discussions and debates on Oshay Duke Jackson's YouTube Channel that involved a female YouTube podcast Host by the name of *Irene Yvette* (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC522O1rf613xJXfcwOzFvFg ) Friday's discussion & debate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvKYe8R1YoI Sunday's discussion & debate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJoODnFPbw8 9:56 - Alan highlights the fact that he rarely if ever engages in "personal attacks" against other YouTube podcast hosts, but that he will not hesitate to engage in spirited and even heated "philosophical differences of opinions" with other YouTube podcast hosts 12:08 - Alan makes note of the fact that he always admonishes male clients when he works with men, but that he also harshly admonishes female clients when he works with women Related: http://www.modeone.net/training/ 13:38 - Before Alan begins discussing what he feels is the very "delusional thinking" of YouTube personality Irene Yvette, Alan first offers a few compliments and agreements with comments that Irene Yvette expressed on Sunday evening 15:29 - Alan harshly criticizes the Pickup Artist (PUA) Community for misleading all single heterosexual men into believing that they all have it what it takes to become an 'overnight ladies' man' and/or an 'overnight womanizer' which simply is naive and delusional for men to believe 16:54 - Alan mentions that he got banned as many as seven (7) times when he used to post on the AskMen.com "Dating & Relationships Advice" Discussion Forum between 2002 and 2006 because he used to post discussion threads exposing how *highly manipulative* the vast majority of women are and how *sexually duplicitous* most women are 21:32 - Alan mentions that he could not help but to laugh and shake his head when Irene Yvette asserted that the vast majority of women in the 21st Century have a "lower body count" than their male counterparts, and generally tend to "frown on the idea of being promiscuous" with men 22:22 - INSERT ... DOG FACE ... HERE #1! 23:21 - Alan points out that the term "nymphomaniac" is predominately, if not exclusively, a *female* term (A _nymphomaniac_ is a woman with an almost uncontrollable, insatiable desire and lust for male sexual companionship) 26:59 - Alan begins to explain why he believes many of the comments expressed by Irene Yvette on Oshay Duke Jackson's YouTube channel were at minimum, highly invalid ... and at maximum, incredibly *delusional* 30:37 - INSERT ... DOG FACE .. HERE #2! 31:00 - Alan reiterates the fact that many women will marry a man who they do not find physically attractive and/or sexually appealing (in other words, many manipulative women will marry man just to gain access to his non-sexual time, attention, and companion as well as to gain access to his financial resources and material possessions) 37:48 - Alan emphasizes that (heterosexual) men rarely if ever pursue relationships or marriages with women primarily or exlusively for a woman's *non-sexual* companionship 39:39 - Alan reiterates that the vast majority of (heterosexual and bisexual) women tend to "overestimate" the value and appeal of their *non-sexual* companionship 40:58 - Alan invites his female listeners & viewers to engage in one of two "challenges" that he tends to present to his female acquaintances: The Alan Roger Currie *Challenge #1* - Alan challenges his *female listeners & viewers* to *invite* their so-called "male (platonic) friends" to engage in semi-regular or occasional sexual relations with them, if nothing else, just to evaluate what type of reaction they will receive from their so-called "male (platonic) friends" The Alan Roger Currie *Challenge #2* - Alan challenges his *female listeners & viewers* to exhibit upfront, specific, straightforwardly honest *_Mode One_* Behavior with the men who they have absolutely *no interest* in dating or engaging in short-term and/or non-monogamous sexual relations with Related: 1) https://negromanosphere.com/funclubbing-men-place-womans-friend-zone/ 2) https://negromanosphere.com/resist-funclubbing-women/ 3) http://modeone.net/archives/FunClub_Test.html 50:08 - Alan harshly criticizes women who attempt to make (heterosexual) men feel "guilty" for 'objectifying' them and treating most attractive and desirable women as nothing more than 'sex objects' 53:15 - Alan reiterates why many women exhibit the behavior of what Alan refers to as a _Manipulative Timewaster_ Related: https://negromanosphere.com/mans-1-priority-weeding-manipulative-timewasters/ 54:17 - Alan emphasizes that for the vast majority of heterosexual men, *sexual enjoyment and satisfaction* is either *a)* the *ONLY* reason why they desire to share women's company ... or *b)* at minimum, one of their *Top 3 Priorities* for entering into a long-term romantic relationship or marriage with a woman 55:28 - Alan wraps with his closing comments 55:54 - Exit Audio http://patreon.com/modeone
Keith Brower
I knew this was coming been waiting lol good video man
Brenda Schultz
Well Mr. Currie, I can assure you that I am very “awake.” All of us should know by now that sex and a woman’s looks is the primary motivation for why you men pursue us. So, I agree with most of what you said in this video. I have never been delusional in this respect
Brian Moore
35:13-35:38 is the way I talk to a room full of double standard male hating women AND BROTHA ALAN the looks they always give me (its like a black man step into a KKKlansmen meeting). Right on point as usually
This is one of your best videos, being able to break down the entire dysfunctional statements made by Irene is pure genius. You had me LMAO! Nice work Alan.
FreddY P
The GodFather 👑 always breaking the game down to it's purest form .. Appreciate all the tools you give ... ✊👑💯👑💯
Edward Coleman
ARC. Hitting em hard in the chest!! Great Video!!
He could barely believe that comment 22:25
Andre Eli
I sense alot of saltiness from women and some men, that theres men perceived as "betas" who finally know and understand the true nature of women and aren't wearing rose colored glasses anymore and are unapologetic about it
Arc my brotha, bumping that pac in the beginning. Salute
Rashad Williams
Alan got that fresh cut. Looking fresh brother
9:35 Insert Dog Face Here!!!
Detorreon Pla
She's only saying that because she thinks that man will be less likely to cheat. She's not looking at the big picture.
Johnny Streamz
Sex crazed? Lol. I wonder how many men that follow your work enjoy those complaints and criticisms we hear from women from time to time like I do. 😎 Unfortunately there are so many women these days that still can't figure out why we don't wanna get married, why we don't wanna live with a woman, and why alot of us don't really see the point of having serious relationships. I'm actually surprised that a traditional conservative like Irene can't tell you what women bring to the table besides sex. It's sad and it shows how far we've come from those traditional days. My own mother could answer this question easily. Women used to bring support, they used to cook and clean and a whole bunch of other stuff men used to love. Now these psuedo masculine women seem to think that we value bachelor, master's, and PhD degrees in shit and accolades we just don't give a fuck about. Even Irene couldn't answer the question and if you were to ask female dating coaches about why so many men don't see the point of dealing with women at all they try to reel men in by saying "you know we both wanna fuck each other". Now I would never come out and assume women in general are only good for sex and blowjobs but I want women to see how we see things. Because I know alot of men that feel like keeping all their resources to themselves and not share them with a woman. Especially if she only noticed that man at his earning pinnacle and didn't care about his well being when he was in school taking the city bus to college. Enlighten me ladies; sell us on relationships and marriage. Explain to me why it isn't better to just have a few fuck friends we make love to instead. I'm listening. ✔🔞💯
1. That was a good interview on oshay's channel 2. That challenge you presented to your friend had me rolling and the voices you made. Lol. 3. Irene knows what time it is. Honestly a male stripper told me women of her ilk are the main ones to hire him for his "services". 4. With that story about the white chick that likes black guys but married a rich white guy I've see something like this twice thus far in my life. Once was with this Moroccan woman i wanted to get with. She married an older rich guy. The second instance is this white woman that had 2 white kids out of her first marriage and then after that ended she got a black man. She told me "my dad didn't want me to marry or date black men but I have my white kids now so I'm good". Hypergamy is real and men need to know how to navigate through society accordingly and not see things with rose colored glasses.
Amos Causey
Raw. Real. Righteous.
Hangin' with Cliff
Mr. Currie, what you said at 34:22 closely reminds me of what Chris Rock alluded to in his standup, "Never Scared." In a piece about relationships, He said, "The number one reason your woman is always pissed off is because you're not her first choice." I didn't know what he meant by that, but upon watching you and other youtubers who gives us men the game, I can now see that correlation. Material things does not help build attraction and you'll only leave her feenin' for the man she really wants.
Antonio Burrell
Come on Alan, she was delusional. She really thought she was gon have her way. Silly Rabbit, tricks are for kids. Someone please tell ms.Irene that she is at the MAN table, it's time to be realistic and grown. She has no idea. ARC 😎💯
Dwain Anderson
Most women will not do that challenge because it will kill their ego and their delusional thinking.
This was gold mate
Steve harvey did a video about men and women cant be friends and how you describe the challenge he said the same thing
Terence Manuel
You know ARC I was sitting in the ATL Airport on Saturday morning when I listened to the video with Oshay, Irene, and yourself. I actually listed to whole video. I observed three things with her in response to your questions. First, you asked her how long had she been in her relationship. Initially, she was very vague. Then she said 2 weeks or 2 months. I cannot remember. Second, you asked her if she was a virgin. She admitted that "she did it wrong." Right there I said to myself "this woman has run into an ARC type that tore them draws up." LOL!!! Now she is a born again virgin blah blah blah. Lastly, she is like a new religious convert. She opposes anything that threatens or undermines the nuclear family. She kept reiterating the fact that "people should stay in their lanes" . Gays with gays, high sex men with high sex women, etc. This again seems like someone who is maybe salty over their past sexual/relationship experiences. What I found rather shocking was she seems totally clueless as to why it is not realistic for men and women "to stay in their lanes." A promiscuous woman does not want a promiscuous man as a long term partner. Short term or casual. YES. Long term NO. The same is true for a man. She seems to very naive to the working of the real world when it comes to the sexual relationship between men and women. Regardless, waiting until marriage to have sex is just not realistic. As you indicated, sex is a BIOLOGICAL need with humans.
I remember reading the AskMen.com message boards in 2000 and so on. I was on that site everyday back then. I remember being banned from message boards too😂 They used to be extremely sensitive! 😂😂😂 *Alexa play Drake's Started From The Bottom*
Kregg Honest
If only more women were mode one1!!!
Amar Bennett
47:54 lololololollllllll
Rashad Williams
This right here is a classic
Yo mr currie i knew you were going to give irene that dog face yea man 👍🏽🐶
One of your best video observations! I posted a link on www.pickupdaily.com
1K Subs 4 Maa'Quchii cause y not!!!
POLYAMORY... its Mammal nature... only 3% of mammals are monogamous and they arent even monogamous in the way we define it as defined by Monotheistic (Christianity/Judaism/Islam) tradition... more and more people are starting to accept and embrace poly amorous habits... albeit slowly butt its on the rise... Europeans are ahead of Americans in this area... especially american men.. xb i would say that women overall are far more open minded and accepting of it then men are... or rather its easier for a women to get into it then a man is... MGTOW itself is not to fond of women cause women now can do what the fuk they want.. and its usually not in line with long standing tradition.. or rather religious concepts of what a relationships "SHOULD BE" tbh i still believe and say with 100% certainty... scientific consensus seems to support it... that monogamy is unnatural to humans and only became a thing with the rise of Monothiesm and how its influence spread.. condemning poly-ish nature of pagans and proto religious people.. using the threat of hell fire to control human sexual behavior and eventually over generations brainwash majority of humans in to thinking and believe that humans are monogamous.. yet in reality... we all.. both men and women.. deep down inside wanna fuck every sexy person we see.. xD pagans and earlier humans clearly where very very sexual and praised and embraced what society today condemns when it comes to natural sexual behavior... i think this is probably the main reason why so many relationships fail.. all the drama... the hate.. the sexism.. etc all that bad stuff we hear about happens... we simply are continuing to impose a system that is just not natural to human sexuality.. if we look at all other mammals.. who lack "religion and its influences" to impose on each other.. they get along just fine.. they have flings and fuk around all the time then both male and female go back home and most sleep under the same "roof" tryna getting laid regularly as a beta zeta omega and every other letter of the alphabet would probably not even be a problem in a poly society... Dolphins and Bonobo chimps are perfect examples...hell male dolphins cooperate when impressing females.. and they both get laid... all the males nut and all the women climax.. every ones happy.. no ones tryna control or impose anything... xD
Jibaro Malo
Ah ha extra thanks peace
Stay strong Alan and keep bringing the real deal!!
Joe Cool
Loving the 2pac intro Mode one!!!
Brent Richburg
Straight. Freaking. Fire!
T williams
Dewayne Darmanie
38:07. Damn I'm glad I don't have to feel shame any more if only my 21 year old self knew
Breeze Mackin
I’m with ARC, there is no reason a single heterosexual male should be “friends” with a single female he is attracted to, it’s an uneven exchange, she gets attention and you get nothing
Amir Tak
Honestly, when it comes to relationship between men, women, and society I dont care about anyone else including the red pill, MGTOW or whatever they say. I only listen to Alan. ONLY Alan. Its so simple a 5 year old can understand. 24:30 Take into consideration that many men have circumcised penises.
Since you know the true nature of women, do you think you'll every get married ARC?
A. Nel
I knew this video was coming 😂
Don Cardo
haha, yes sir! i am going to challenge some of the women in the my circle talking that smack about " hes like a brother to me" - - - i am gona ask them to offer their P, and we see what happens. hahaha, i enjoyed this Alan - thanks brother.
Exalted AJ
Alan the term for male hyper sexuality is satyriasis. It's the equivalent of the term nymphomaniac.
Dewayne Darmanie
22:54. It got real here
HAHA ARC! These women know everything you are saying but they don't want to tell the truth as they will no longer get the benefits such as free dinners being helped to move or flattering conversation etc. Let these women lie all they want, the truth will be uncovered in the next decade as you and Roosh say.
Dewayne Darmanie
Alan Roger Currie is the man for the job of critiquing Irene's comments n delusions
big 5150
Appreciate the time stamps on your videos, nice courtesy to your viewers!
I used to be a kid growing up listening to some of these intro tracks .. brings back memories
Potee Robinson
I'm proud to say that as of last Friday 11/23, I have ALL your books. Much respect, man.
Reformed man75
You are dropping a ton of knowledge ARC. Great video.
Hassan Mc Millian
Well facts are facts I completely agree these women are completely delusional about any and all their non sexual abilities 😳GTFOH!
Rony Ron
Mode One is in the house. Can I make a suggestion can you add the music soundtrack on the Time Stamps.
Alan keeping it a 100 always
Aaron Wroten
I guess this video proves that Alan isn’t afraid to put a women in her place after all.
Peeped you on Oshay's vids and had no choice but to subscribe!
andre silva
I would even say tha most men if had the opportunity, would not deal with most women if they were not entertaining the possibility of sex! The non sexual companionship of women is VERY overrated by women! For example if prostituition would be legalized tomorrow, most women would spend very little to no time with women they were not fucking! For most men the see the non sexual attention of women as a cust they have to pay to get into her pannies! As friend used to say to me: If she is not cocking for me, or fucking me i have no business talking with her
James Leffel
I know what "Bless her heart" means.
Charles Gilmore 3
Hehehehe. Why you have to name him Charles? I'm hurt. Hehehehe. If he was named CHARLES, he would have been MODE ONE from the JUMP.
Alonzo Carter
Lmao I hate all you men
douglas williams
Hey Alan, what do you think of this bit of logical reasoning.....1.The sexual revolution in theory if not always in practice made women freer sexually and economically than previously. Feminists approve of this generally, as do I, though I dislike 3rd wave feminism as it seems to hate men. 2. Women have been freed of traditional expectations as a rule. 3. It must follow that men ditch their traditional burdens, most importantly to pay for women's sexual companionship in traditional ways, like dates, meals, diamond rings, and most disturbingly marriage, which is a male resource destroyer. 4. Men need to wake up to point 3. and to cease being providers for women, who can provide for themselves.5 .Feminists are not interested in this part of equality.6 When men cease to be walking wallets for women and government by proxy, the sexual revolution will offer men huge tangible benefits, at last. Then equality could actually mean something. Time to wake up all you men!!
Good music Allen
Ish King
Totally agree, men live on an illusion. And most die thinking women are prude beings lol
Dewayne Darmanie
17:28. Stahpppppp
Mr currie i want to know your point, do you think trump is a 100% alpha or a beta with alpha traits? The same question for the late hugh huffier?
I don’t know why you even responded to her. Women don’t believe most of the things they say deep down.
lolol, Irene doesn't contribute anything of note. she talks out of the both sides of her mouth, and in circles. she can't answer a straight question. she's a bored housewife, nothing to do but babble gibberish on youtube.
Hey Alan, great video man. I agree 100% with all you say. Don't you want to get married/have kids? If so, why not? Just curious
Raymond Friendly
Hey ARC do you believe that it’s a numbers game when it comes to getting women?
skinfan jay
Relationships are overrated to me ARC ....what is your opinion on this?
Dewayne Darmanie
I like disingenuous soliloquy
K Elaine
Question: is there a particular reason your thumbnails have you holding a bottle of some sort? Just wondering the nature of that.
K Elaine
I think you are sweet on Ms. Irene...lol
Andre Eli
Another thing, we shouldn't have to apologize for addressing PUBLIC videos/commentary, when people make outraged statements, it shouldn't be labeled bashing, attacking etc...
Gwenie Beatty
I'm HAPPY without the hat. Did you have a FEELING THANKSGIVING???
rahkeem tha great
great video
Alexander Stevens
Yeh thats true I love flattering attention and doing fun activities and conversation with women ..... as long as we fkng otherwise im dam near offended!
Best Life Ever
Alan, let me help Irene out. Below are some of the benefits women bring to marriage (in no particular order):1. Death benefits - life insurance, 401(k), etc. if she passes first2. Emotional support - men are more likely to abuse alcohol/drugs because they are not able to get this support from other men3. Physical support (during an illness or after surgery)4. home cooked meals5. domestic chores (cleaning, etc.)6. childbearing and rearing7. Ability to promote family belongingness by playing hostess for holidays and other family functions8. Creating a beautiful and tastefully decorated home environment ( as opposed to an old futon and dusty pull-out sofa)9. Helping with errands10. Increased social clout11. Prolonged life - married men live longer12. Increased financial stability - many married women work and earn high salaries that contribute to the household income13. Direct and constant access to a partner that has a skill set or characteristics that can fill in your gaps. This could be anything like temperament, financial knowledge, organization, interpersonal skills, writing ability, etc.
What about non-sexual companionship if she's close friends with a family member, or the sister of one of your friends- girls you know you will see at backyard parties/weddings in the future? What's really weird is when your mom or aunt tells you to keep a friend (close to their age) of hers "company"...
Art Beckerell
Alan, I am a bit confused. You said that monogamy is not a natural biological impulse for men or women, but then in this video, you said that not all men were meant to be promiscuous or polyamorous. Can you clear that up for me? Thanks Alan
The Anime Libarian
Honestly as much as i love a monogamous relationship i often feel better at ease to myself not even with women mainly because im naturally a loner and my nihilism and disdain for humans i cant trust them never know if there gonna go behind my back
Love Incorporated
Women, better wtfu!