Top 10 Olympic Opening Ceremonies

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For more incredible content from Getty Images, be sure to check out their Instagram page here: />Top 10 Olympic Opening Ceremonies Subscribe: // Have a Top 10 idea? Submit it to us here! /> When these countries got a chance to show their best to nations participating in the Olympics, they did not disappoint! WatchMojo presents the Top 10 Olympic Opening Ceremonies of All Time! But what will take the top spot on our list? Will it be Beijing, London, or Sydney? Watch to find out! #10. London 1948 #9. Seoul 1988 #8. Los Angeles 1984 #7. Tokyo 1964 #6. Atlanta 1996 #5. Barcelona 1992 #4. Athens 2004 #3, #2, #1 ? Watch to WatchMojo: /> Have an idea for our next video? Check out the suggest page here: Our Magazine!! Learn the inner workings of WatchMojo and meet the voices behind the videos, articles by our specialists from gaming, film, tv, anime and more. VIEW INSTANTLY: /> WatchMojo's Social Media Pages /> Get WatchMojo merchandise at WatchMojo’s ten thousand videos on Top 10 lists, Origins, Biographies, Tips, How To’s, Reviews, Commentary and more on Pop Culture, Celebrity, Movies, Music, TV, Film, Video Games, Politics, News, Comics, Superheroes. Your trusted authority on ranking Pop Culture.

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ts Wong
Haley Faragalli
I can't believe the Beijing Olympics were ten years ago
Beijing 2008 was crazy, totally a master piece, iconic and whatever you want when you are thinking in great things. I remember that I was 12 years old and my mom watched the show with me, it was at morning, early.
l e n a.
Beijing 2008 was the best to me.
Loya Frostwind
Beijing 2008 was the most memorable to me.
Michel Etienne Sartre
The beijing olympics is still the best for me...
0022 J
My top 5 favorite summer olympic opening ceremonies: 5. Rio 2016 4. Seoul 1988 3. Sydney 2000 2. Athens 2004 1. Beijing 2008 I already excited for Tokyo 2020! <3
Beijing's opening ceremony finale was one of the greatest real-life spectacles I've ever seen on TV. An Olympic gold medalist running across the walls of the stadium in mid-air while a tapestry of previous athletes from different countries unraveled in the background with harmonizing music about world peace and unity before the Olympic torch at the top was finally lit!
Only Athens 2004 and beijing 2008.. so simple.. for 3000+ "years" reasons for each them
Jay Levine
Beijing is still the best after 10 years.
Dustin F
Beijing 2008
Beijing will host the winter olympics in 2022 so get ready for another amazing show!
Melody Lee
Beijing 2008 is definitely the best of all times. Sochi 2014 should be the second best. And then Athen 2004. London 2012 is undoubtedly the worst!!!
Ryan Vincett
Beijing better be number 1
oki alpiansah
beijing is no 1 its true
*My Top 5:* 5: Sydney 2000 4: Rio 2016 3: London 2012 2: Beijing 2008 1: Athens 2004
Vivek Joshi
#1 Beijing No contest
Beijing is still the best, the performances were simply mind-blowing.
Dr. Alakbarov
My faves: 1. 2008 Beijing 2. 2004 Athens 3. 2012 London 4. 2014 Sochi 5. 2016 Rio
Alessandro Fernandes
For me 1. Beijing 2. Rio de Janeiro 3. London
Mr. Horseshoe
Ronaldo Frias
My faves: 1. 2008 Beijing 2. 2004 Athens 3. 2012 London 4. 2014 Sochi 5. 2010 Vancouver Btw I haven't seen all of the Olympic Opening Ceremonies.
10. 1948 LONDON 9. 1988 SEOUL 8. 1984 LA 7. 1964 TOKYO 6. 1996 ATLANTA 5. 1992 BARCELONA 4. 2004 ATHENS 3. 2012 LONDON 2. 2000 SYDNEY 1. 2008 BEIJING
mohamed reda
Beijing the best by faaaaaar Others are nothing comparing to it
Thank you for acknowledging that the Beijing opening ceremony is #1. It's, bar none, the most spectacular opening ceremony in the history of ever.
Massive Destiny
Ah, yes.. Nothing better than honoring the Winter Olympics with a Top 10 honoring the 10 best openings for the Summer Olympics.
Everton Nascimento
Rio 2016 was better than Atlanta, and it was historical. It was the fisrt Olympic Games in South America ever. 🖓
- Borg -
Beijing and Athens the best ones London is the worst for me of this list
Flery Perez
this should be called top 10 SUMMER Olympic opening ceremonies. where’s the Winter olympics love?
InsideOut Fan2001
My Top 5 Best Opening Ceremonies 5. Atlanta 1996 4. Sydney 2000 3. Athens 2004 2. London 2012 1. Beijing 2008
ΑTHINA 2004 The magic of the greek culture, the spirit the history, the birthplace of western civilization and of course the Olympic Games honouring the Olympic Gods..Thank you Greece ...for everything and for that epic ceremony. The greatest but still too small compared to what Greece gave to the world.
Franco Franco
My top 5: 1. Athens 2004 2. Beijing 2008 3. London 2012 4. Sochi 2014 5. Rio 2016
yeah! China No.1!
Mike P
The best was the 2004 Athens for me
Sky King
#1 is China. We know we know.
Why aren't there ANY winter opening ceremonies? Vancouver 2010? Sochi 2014? Calgary 1988?
no Sochi 2014? US and canadian propagandists are really fear Russia? ;)
Bill Klimis
Athens 2004 was one of the best!!
Luke Wang
No way, u r all wrong, INDIA NO.1
No USSR? Good job American propaganda
London 2012 Opening and Closing Ceremonies were amazing. The pop culture was perfect. It was my favorite. The music was brilliant!
You forgot 1980 Moscow, shame on you.
Denis Fagundes
Why Rio isn't on the list? I really like the message, and the cauldron was the best ever
Beijing killed the competition. Amazing and a little try hard IMO but it was China's first so that is expected.
Measuring the countries and their economy Greece had by far the best opening and closing as well.... The amazing stage with the brilliant presentation of her history it was breath taking... After all, this is where it all began..
Γιώργος Τσιμπιρλής
Ολος ο Ολυμπιακός κόσμος και η Διεθνής Ολυμπιακή Επιτροπή έχει αναδείξει τους Ολυμπιακούς Αγώνες της Αθήνας 2004 ως τους ποιο όμορφους και ολοκληρωμένους Αγώνες στην Ιστορία των Συγχρόνων Ολυμπιακών Αγώνων. Η λιστα σου ειναι λιγο άστοχη. All the Olympic community and International Olympic Committee have award the Olympic Games of Athens 2004 as the most beautiful and completed Olympic games in Modern Olympic Games History. So your list is a bit miss.
Raymart Lipat レイマート・リパット
I pray and hope that Tokyo 2020 will be the best with the strongest Japanese culture including Mario, Ash Ketchum, Goku JAM Project, Babymetal and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.
Bejing Olympic Opening Ceremony probably the best within 100 years.Enjoy it soooooooooooo much ,watched it sooo many times.
Certainly, Athens 2004 is number 1 for me. More than 3,500 years of Greek History in 1 hour of opening ceremony!
Fhernando MedHer
Río de Janeiro 2016 es la mejor inauguración. Atenas 2004 le sigue y México 1968 innovó mucho para su tiempo. Viva mi linda CDMX
George Korgas
Wtf? Athens no4? You should be ashamed of yourselves! Athens was about history,culture and ethics! The rest of the ceremonies are just a group of people well organized! You dont need many people to tell a story most of the times you need one!
Athens opening it's still the best for me. And for the matter, Sochi comes second.
21 inter 21 international consulting
Beijing impresses me
Ayrton Baracho
*Rio 2016* was the best for me.
Dem Dem
I'm sorry but I can't take this list seriously. London number 3? It was great tech speaking but it was lacking actual content and depth.
Daniel Mora
Horrible list , Athens 2004 is probably the best ceremony ever
I'm Just A Fans
athens 2004, oceania😍
Germany -36 for sure best. Make Germany Great Again.
zerin tasnim
Athens should be no 1 not 4. It was mindblowing !!
Devilus Advocatias
Maybe Beijing’s Winter Opening Ceremony will top their Summer Opening Ceremony. For me, I was most in awe of Beijing’s Opening but most affected by Vancouver and Salt Lake...
Filippa Bafalouka
Athens is and will always be the best for me
Matheus Rodrigues
Without Rio, without list
Maya Adams
for me the best summer olympics opening ceremony is Beijing 2008 the best winter olympics opening ceremony is Sochi 2014
Coby Yuen
Sochi 2014 is the best!
Of course Athens 2004 is the best Olympic ceremony.. the first stadium at Ancient Olympia is the place that Olympic Games took place 3000 years ago... the place where the 1st athlete ran.. Also, the idea to revive the Olympics Games was by Greeks after the end of the Greek War of Independence from the Ottoman Empire in 1821. In addition, the 1st Modern Olympic Games took place at Athens 1896 at Panathenaic Stadium which built at 6th century BC. Futhermore, the ceremony in Athens 2004 was too emotional for all Greeks because the Olympics Games came at the place where started... can you understand that? at ceremony of 2004 you had the chance to see the whole culture of the country who invented these Games.. Also, i am sure tha you know the word "gymnastics" , do you know which is the etymology of this word? In greek language means naked.. because at the ancient Olympics Games the athletes participated naked.. because Ancient Greeks believe that to exercise your body is so important as to exercise your mind... so if you dont know the history of something so important as this topic dont make top 10.. In conclusion, the ceremony of 2004 was the best because the Olympics Games came back HOME !!! at HOME.. so simple!
Douglas Murphy
Worst Opening Olympics: Rio 2016
RIO 2016 DID THE BEST OLYMPIC OPENING CEREMONY EVER. Why? Lets see: - The first ceremony that talked about the past, the present and the FUTURE - The first ceremony with a talk about all the whole world, not only about the host country; - The first ceremony that showed the REAL STORY of the country (Like the slavery, favelas, extition of natives, etc) and not only the glories - A really dinamic and compact plot (Not segmented like previous ceremonies) - One of the lowest budgets of an olympic ceremony in the modern era - The most inovative and funny parede the athletes with Bikes carring the name of the countries - The first ceremony with a really important mensage for the world, about the ecology and social diversity - The Athletes Florest, a REAL FOREST with 11k trees (THE MOST GENIAL IDEIA EVER) - Most smart and surprising Olympic Rings of the history - Most beutiful, inovative and awesome couldron ever - Most stunning and surprising couldron lighing ever seen But well, just my opnion. :)
Jason Rin
Beijing Olympic Game still impressed me even after 10 years! second to none.
epis tol
Athens 2004. Elegant!
eric he
Beijing no 1
Jaynel Guillen
Beijing Olympics the most beutiful opening in olympics history
Franklin Vieira
the opening of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games was one of the best, accept this bunch of envy without culture.
Litachi kirito
London 2012 no way. One of the worst
Lipe M
Top 5: 1- Rio 2016 2- Beijing 2008 3- Athens 2004 4- London 2012 5- Sidney 2000
Where is moscow 80? Where is sochi 14?
absolutly china...
Dmitri Feyginov
Sochi 2014 TOP
Riv Vin
Agree but the London one was 💩. It was boring and for a modern ceremony, it was quite lacking in tech and spectacle. And the it was weirdly dark and not “happy.”
Clearly people in here aren't British if you're dissing the London 2012 Ceremony. Just because you don't GET it, doesn't mean it wasn't powerful. FFS, they showed us forging the bloody Olympic rings at our age of industrialism (no need to thank us btw). Take your dislike of it and shove it up your ass. I don't care if you thought it didn't cater for you, but ask any Brit that watched it and 99.9% wil tell you that whole spirit was amazing. You lot needed to be Londoners at 2012. For once I actually felt proud to be British, as a black man. THAT is what it did to me. So don't EVER say it was "boring" or act like it wasn't cultured. It wasn't aimed at you. It was showing you British ingenuity, smarts, humour, pride and what we as a people respect and love about our own country, and aimed at uniting us even for a short period of time.
Daniel Oliveira
Where is Rio 2016?!?!?!
Disliked when London wasn't 1
Liam Berry
london 2012 is only 3rd place its defiantly my favorite ceremony
The worst in history was London 2012 Opening and Closing Ceremonies
Well we now know that Pyeongchang 2018 belongs here too. Marvelous opening ceremony and a great display of the fascinating Korean culture.
Bull Lea
always will be moscow '80 for me .
Vinícius Quintela
Brazil Rio 2016 ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Justin Angelo Alvarez
LONDON 2012 and BEIJING 2008 are the best...
Vinícius Quintela
1° Rio 2016 Brazil 2° Atenas 2004 Grécia 3° Barcelona 1996 Espanha 4° Sidney 2000 Austrália 5° Los Angeles EUA 6° Tóquio 1964 Japão 7° Seul 1988 Coreia Do Sul 8° London 2012 Inglaterra 9° Pequim 2008 China 10° Atlanta 1996 EUA ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🔝❤🔝🔝🔝🔝❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤👏💪
ZikoShare Zones
Beijing #1 standar for olympic.
Renwei Liu
2008 will always be the no.1
jiaqian zhong
the Beijing“s one was the best for me
Denis Popov
Guys! Are you out of your mind? Is the political brouhaha made you stop thinking? What? NO SOCHI 2014 Ceremony at all???? My God, how can you be so blind?
Jimmy Qoo
Beijing drilled everything to perfection.
My top 3 are: Athens 2004, London 2012 and Atlanta 1996. Was in Atlanta right before the Olympics started that year
This list kind of feels like a cop out that you guys just threw together, kind of wish you had done more to include other opening ceremonies that were impactful and/or magnificent. I get it if leaving out the Sochi games was intentional for present politics; but not including the 1980 Moscow Summer Olympics on this list is pretty messed up. Yes, the The United States may have boycotted the games with 65 other countries; and yes, this led to the 1984 Soviet Union boycott in response; but if you are basing this list on firsts and/or on the spectacle involved in the overall production of the opening ceremony then 1980 Moscow should have been included. It was the first, and so far, the only summer games held in Eastern Europe It had the first live broadcast from space during the opening ceremony broadcast on the stadium scoreboard It had the first implementation of large scaled human flip boards in the opening ceremony to create various pictures and avenues for ceremony participants to pass through It had a massive total of 16,000 performers involved throughout the presentation of the opening ceremony It had actual chariots in a parade, enormous human pillars comprised of gymnasts and performers, a well executed child ensemble performance, and an absolutely amazing showing of cultural heritage with The Friendship of the Peoples dance. That dance itself warranted Moscow 1980 a place on this list; it represented to the world the cultures and shared history of millions of people from across what were then the Soviet Republics; and it did this at a time when very few people had any idea of what "Ivan" was really like and the Cold War was still very much on.
Eriksson Salisbury
China wins the list for sure
juan Felipe Devia Beltrán
2012 is by far the best with Paul McCartney singing Hey Jude at the end
lovii lovii
Sochi 2014 was probably the best so far.
Templar Gamer
You only did summer Olympics. What about Salt Lake 2002, Sochi 2014, Lillehammer 1994, or even Vancouver 2010 since you tales about culture
Kevin Sun
Beijing Olympic 2008😄