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Stylistic Future
You and David seem to enjoy each others company. Love to see you happy and having fun Tasha!
They way he looks at her at 4:45 and says that her curly hair is the best 😍
Your natural curls just suits you a lot more! You are gorgeous 💕
Thank you for vlogging again! I agree with the comments below you look so much happier with David! Glad to see you happy. Also animals are attracted to kind/beautiful souls xoxo
Rai Mae
You look so radiant, glowy and really happy. Great visuals! Amazing
Samantha Maria
The orange juice part looool!
Jeanne Roest
Can you please do a video about hairstyles on your curly hair
You do seem genuinely happy with David tash ! Is he really Jason's cousin though ? Wish you'd make a boyfriend tag whenever you're ready ❤️
Two Cents28
Keep grindin’, Tasha. Loving all regular uploads!
Naana Jane Lane
tasha you are literally the most beautiful girl ever and i want your whole wardrobe!
joscelynn pantoja
Watching your vlogs make me so happy :)
Anna James
Aaawwww you both look so happy - I'm so happy for you both xx
Jay Rowe
It’s so nice seeing what a difference driving can make on a holiday- all that freedom ! <3
this vlog gave me so much joy haha, your energy is infectious ♥
Omg this was beautiful!! Those outfits were so adorbs, you’re stunning☺️💛
mia raja
your skin looks soooo glowy and wow!! :)
The coloring of this video is amazing! And I freaking love Angie Stones' "I wish I didn't miss you anymore". I feel like you would really enjoy Amber Marks music. This vlog has a very similar feel to her video for her song called "Heatwave"!
Stavroulla Kyriakidou
ive been following you since i was 15, living in South Africa. I am now 23 and live in South Cyprus. Crazy to have followed your journey since. Mad fan, mad love beautiful.
@02:30 that would make a dope pic! also, the video quality!!! come through tasha
Pascale Johnson
Lovely vlog and you make a gorgeous couple!
Luīze Līce
I'm so happy that your are posting videos again. Can you please post what you wore in this vlog? ❤️😍❤️
Life of the Darkos
Your face when David burped was priceless 🤣. Also those kittens were to die for!!😻
Katie Gaffney
Loved this 😊 OMG those kittens, too cute xx
christina brown
I need a track list of all the songs you used! Love them!
Globally Zandii
hey Tasha! great great vlog. You look so happy girl! you should consider getting the canon m50 for vlogging. I noticed that your videos go out of focus a bit. The M50 stays in focus no matter what and quality is amazing. A bit more pricier than the g7x mark 2 but really worth it for videos.
Tasha where’s you brown backpack from?? It’s so cute 🔥🔥
Somachi O
Love 💕💕 and the little kitties were so cute 😭😭
Nisha J.
It seems like you two had fun on your trip together.
Marianne Macharia
David seems sweet ♥ plus he looked🔥 at the wedding And you do look better with curly hair
Annie Banana
Those statues though! 12:16 Completely caught me off guard. LOLOLOL... Also, gorgeous outfit at 12:18. OMG!!! so many good moments <3 18:21 and 18:33 too - cuties!
Paris Lee
Love love loved this vlog Tasha. Is David from Cyprus
Sofi Singley
I really enjoyed watching this! Cyprus is a VIBE. Thanks for sharing 💙💙💙
Κωνσταντῖνος Χρυσοστόμου
It’s so sad that Cyprus has been taken over by the Turks and the monasteries are prone to collapsing.
khristina cassanova
Ok but this video quality 🤧😭👏🏾👏🏾 like editing kills on 100! What camera did you use while filming? I felt I was watching a commercial love the vlog
Sophia smith
What part of cyprus 🇨🇾 did you go ? Xx
Alexandra Bass
love the spotty top!! where's it from?? love ya girl xxxx
I'm kinda digging this David dude Tasha! MMmkkkk!
Teri Ntshole
I go to Uni in Cyprus...should have holla'd for a chill hahaha!
So happy to see that North Cyprus has been visited and the beautiful views and historical places have been seen. I hope you have enjoyed your time there and we do welcome you back! ❤️
Lucy Revell
In love with this video! You are glowing tash!
Honor Danns
I love yourr vlogs soooooo much! So down to earth Tasha xx
thanks for sharing your life with us, Tasha :)
Gabrielle Samuel
Getting drunk before the weddinggggg....BURRRRRRPPPPP LOL #loveit
Mikayla’s Mane
your blogs are always so beautifully shot! I love!!
asoul _ soula
Pls take the cat home !!!!!!!!!!🐈 🏡 ❤️ Like who agrees 👍
Very cool vlog, Tash! Thanks for coming through. LOVE the mules from Topshop. Can I get a link pleeease? Couldn't find them on the website. Sooo cute for summer dress up (or down). ♡
So happy ur vlogging again 💗💗
Alisa Bee
Tasha I’m so happy for you!! You look legit happy and so I’m happy for your happiness. Genuinely love you and your channel.
Maeve Malik
I need to go traveling soon! Love the vlog :)
Someone please where are those sunglasses from? 19:07 and in the whole video. I really love them, thanks alot xx
DjAG #Feel The Vibe
Thats north cyprus and its ocupied by turkey!!! Next time come to original cyprus on the other side
Sydonie Tapper
Woah Tasha we have all the same beauty marks. I never noticed before but I have one on near my eyebrows,under my eye and on my collarbone as well!
Viola Tshalata
I'm soo excite to watch XD..
Sonali B
omggg the eye movement thing killed me
this looks soo soo pretty! xxx
Karla Ivonne
You guys are soooo cute! Love your love for animals :) You're so beautiful and radiant!
Naomi Carpenter
omg i would die for that dog
Pierre!!! 😍😍😍
Leila Peach
Lovely !!
A. Emma Diallo
Rosemary U
LOOOOOOOOOL your face when he burped! Hahaha!
wanda Shivers
Aww such cute kittens
Jo March
I'm definitely warming up to David. At first I thought he was a bit of an asshole but now he seems kinda sweet. As long as you are happy Tasha, that's all that matters. Thanks for sharing your trips and holidays. I get to see places and live vicariously through your vlogs. ❤❤❤
Really lovely vlog, but the different accents/voices you do are annoying af.
Pleeeease don't put your bf all over social media again. I say this out of love.