Three Days Grace - Lost In You (acoustic live)

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Three Days Grace performing Lost In You in 95 Will Rock

three days grace lost in you acoustic live life starts now 2009

Adam Gontier
I don't get how people dislike this ADAM IS BAE
Rob Lozier
This is perfect
Alexander Preis
Can somebody tell me where to get the same cap like the one from Adam?
Christian Reynolds
the best thing about three days grace is that all their songs have a meaning
Bonaparte Cuckooclock
xD lmfao Adam makes me all tingly and what not. xD bahaha im sorry i just had to say it. o_____o
Bonaparte Cuckooclock
@chasemam nah they're the closest to perfect a band can get. =]
Nikkilas Gunn
3DG all the way its the best band in the world or even the universe i can't get enough of them
Nikkilas Gunn
@chasemam nahh, i'm pretty sure this band is perfect :D
Kendall Lillian
He Says Wouldnt So Cute:) ! <33
@chasemam Well, i think Adam is perfect... <3 <3 <3
Thaine Borges Grossi
Somehow I found a way to get lost in you 3DG!
ManhuntRuler 1993
Awesome to see a Post-Grunge band like Three Days Grace still rocking the way they want and not making today's music get to them. Three Days Grace are the few bands that we can trust and believe in. Love Three Days Grace!
I'm a huge fan of Three Days Grace. I got general admission pit tickets for the uproar festival and was right up against the stage. Still, I hate how people bash on Bieber. His music may be shallow, but he's a talented guy. Listen to what he sung when he was 13. He just sings crap now because his record company wants to squeeze him for every penny they can.
agni maria
why do we have to not like a band like this? it's not britney spears or bieber...... it's real music.... people have to respect real music.......for god's sake...
Carly Lewis
i want to marry adam gontier !! :p to bad hes taken "/
Tomas Maslianikas
Only Nail can play song with a box !!
By far my fav song from LSN.
Rogério José
justin bieber lá atras?
Hebert Conceição
Hebert Conceição
I am sad now
Bonaparte Cuckooclock
@3dgnaruto1 Awh yay thank you! And thanks for the friend invite!
Bonaparte Cuckooclock
@3dgnaruto1 AHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA XD it is true. it really is. xD
Bonaparte Cuckooclock
@3dgnaruto1 I know!!! :D:D:D:D lol
where is brad?
Wow they sound great, and Adams voice sounds great too, but sounds like adam hit a couple sour chords oops but everything else sounded fucking really good! They are really good at making each album sound really different but great in their own ways!
sunny d d
the timing is now
sunny d d
come get me
sunny d d
I can't live without you
sunny d d
please don't leave me in this world alone.
@thundertower that's because you're a dick, but it's okay we forgive you.
@iamthemusicman13 and I'm also a guitarist who gets high off of playing my guitar :D but I don't/never have used drugs, and I don't plan on it. :P Keep off of em, bro :P
I love how he screwed up and didnt mess up with his voice. He did glance down and probably was thinking "shittt" but he didnt show it
@iamthemusicman13 I know you werent arguing I was just trying to support your statement by saying that he now has his own natural high
@iamthemusicman13 he has a natural high and its called playing/writing music
kristin Bindhammer
♥ Fabulous!
Claudio Fabian
1. Thing 2. Say 3. Days Grace 4. Ever.
Gargouri Basem
lol justin beiber wanted a camera shot at 1:39 lol
Francesco Olivotti
@lolipopgirl12321 myles kennedy or brent smith are also good singers ! but yeah adam is great too :)
Lexa Star
@jojothatguy I know who Adam is obviously...but whos brent?
Rachel Reynolds
lol at 03:13 adam hit the wrong note on the guitar, but i give him props, cuz its hard to sing and play teh guitar! TDG! <3
Rachel Reynolds
yes i explained that in my comment.
Chrisser Laursen
he's voice is just soe great <3
@iamthemusicman13 He's been "over" it for quite a while:) Its just that One-X came out about the time he had just finished Rehab:) Therefore the album was filled with songs(Epic songs) about his inner demons in a dark way, but Life starts now is still about his inner demons, just in another "lighter" perspective:P
awsome!! I wish that they could come to portugal one of these days =/ those people at the door doesn't even no the luck they have. sorry about my english xD. TDG 4ever
@franci91, Adam and Brent kick ass, easily the best rock singers.
Labian Gashi
You're lucky man :(.
Tiffany Guidry Wilson
@iamthemusicman13 Just saw them 9-4-11...Adam isn't looking so good :(
Jessica Clark
i love the beat in this song.
2 people didnt get lost in Adam's beautiful voice!
Ashley Rupe
damn. i freakin love these guys. and happy birthday violet, neil's daughter. if i'm not mistaken.... adam and neil have beautiful voices :)
Schwarze Wolfe
@chasemam wrong ! Chuck Norris is the perfection incarnated ! xD LOL
@blondedbythelight703 The lead singer's name is Adam Gontier, and his girlfriend's name is Naomi. 50% correct :3
Where is Brad???
Yasmin Thames
@xXbeckyg97xX LOL That made me laugh..because it's so true O.o
Yasmin Thames
@xXbeckyg97xX Sure, no problem, thanks for accepting it!
Yasmin Thames
@xXbeckyg97xX Lol, yup, I mean, he's cute AND he can sing xD
Yasmin Thames
@xXbeckyg97xX Lol yeah, I just checked out your channel. It's pretty cool! 3DG is obviously my fav. band too ^_^
Great song. The lead singer looks like Adam from N. E.. I bet his girlfriend's name is Eve too.
Cc Smith
@miller1717able seriously?
John Pacheco
those people at the door are fucking stupid and annoying
It's not often you see a group that sounds just as good in person as they do on the record!!! <3~ LOVE THREE DAYS GRACE!!
Jocelynn M.
OMG!!! my dad finaly got me 3 days grace concert tickets!! yay!!!! i am soooo EXCITED!!!!!!!
they rock awesome band
Derien Davis
@rifk1 omg ikr. Im still listening to it :P
Chris G
Amazing, he truly has a gift
I love u guys <3
Jessie Hixon
this song, just moves me. it helps me get through alot
Carly Lewis
That's what I'm saying lol
Deonta Cartman Cartman
Im black but this song goes hard I wish I could play guitar
look at Adams hand at 3:13 lol he made a little mistake, damn he has an awesome voice!!
Craig Bronsdon
seriously who the fuck dislikes this? :L
Nicolas Kwan
@YoungBeefy2010 nah, jsuty decided that the chords he normally woulda played woulda been really boring, so he changed things up a bit...accidentally xD
Derien Davis
i've listened to this song over and over non stop for 5 hours. does that make me weirdd? xD
Martin Gonzalez
Im tired of hearing Justin Bieber's name in videos that have nothing to do with him BUT, this video has Justin Bieber in it, he passes by at the door and takes note of what real music is. Lmao
see no autotune sucks to be a rapper and cat sing like this
@1337million Thanks for the info, He's a great Musician and this is an amazing song!
Bonaparte Cuckooclock
@1337million actually I'm pretty sure Adam and Naomi are married. ^.^