System Of A Down - Streamline live 【Astoria | 60fpsᴴᴰ】

System Of A Down performing Streamline live at Astoria Theatre, London, England. 2005 (4/4/05) High Quality/Definition Audio/Video Facebook ► />Twitter ►

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how underrated is this song....
Jeremy Jenkins
"Streamline" needs to be played more often in live shows.
David Gonzalez
1:20 that was a nice shot
I think at this point it's time to express my enormous gratitude for you! You provide us with awesome recordings of our favorite band. I wanna thank you for the work you put in this channel, it's always a joy to watch/listen to your videos. Please keep on doing it! SoaD will be my favorite Band forever and i can't wait to see them live in 2 and a half months. Big thanks! And by the way, I think Streamline is an awesome Song and i'm sad that they didn't play it live too often.
Darons backup vocals are on point here
This show was probably one of their best performances in their carrer! Astonishing!
Senthil Velan
Aww... John's monkey!! This is one of the many underated SOAD songs!
Igor 100
I never heard this one live before... thanks for this!
Max Bass
Best channel on youtube u deserve more than 1m subs or even more man
the black bass power music cover
I wasn't there for you, I wasn't there for you, I know the weather's gonna be fine, But I can't see you 'cross the streamline, My love wait's for me in daytime, But I can't see you through the snowblind, (I wasn't there for you), You are gone, (I wasn't there for you), Goodbyes are long, Goodbye, (I wasn't there for you), Goodbye, (I wasn't there for you), Goodbye, I wasn't there for goodbye... Well, I know time reveals in hindsight And I can't wrestle with the stormy night, Because your love lasts a lifetime, But I can't see you through the snowblind (I wasn't there for you), You are gone, (I wasn't there for you), Goodbyes are long, You are gone, (I wasn't there for you), Goodbyes are long, (I wasn't there for you) I wasn't there for you, I wasn't there... I wasn't there for you... (I wasn't there for you), You are gone, (I wasn't there for you), Goodbyes are long, Goodbye
That guitar solo gives me goosebumps!!!!
Lewd CauseNewd
When someone commits suicide " i wasn't there for you "
Spyros PETS
Αγαπημένο! Τα επικά σόλο στις γέφυρες, η φωνή του Serj, το μπάσο, ο ρυθμός (που διάολο θα βρεις 9/8 σε τέτοιου είδους μουσική;).
Thank you for posting this ! My first time hearing my favorite system song played live and i was not disappointed.
paulo arley
essa é raridade
best channel
The main riff is such badass...
jhony soad
Mano Cinho
2019👊 Brasil🤭 System 💗🎵
JOHNNIE Hard Studio
Very Good เยี่ยมที่สุด หนักกระโลด ลึกสุดขั้วหัวใจ
Tasos Boubas
too bad that serj cant make the proper scream before the solo just like the studio version..
ZyNx Xenonnphobia
Drumming is so weird in this whole song,Especially in the studio Edit 2 month later:I dont remember this comment, or seeing this video
Nico Ludwig
Daron with the manson crucifixion on his shirt. wow. I hear all this stuff with fake news these days and in a lot of ways its what manson was talking about back in the 70's
sheila vanderwaal
Best band in the world words can't express the feelings......oh goosebumps is one.....magical group!!!!
Fabinoux Gracias
Magic voice, magic voice! Thank
Eric Sandoval
Shavo wearing a shirt?!
Arif Kızıltaş
no cap their best song !!
sheila vanderwaal
Effortless magic best band ever ❤
Eugene Ponomarenko
I read King`s SALEM`S LOT while listening to this album. Those songs have kinda different meaning to me
Bruno Nunes ツ
John É Mágico
Stealthy Weasel
In the thumbnail, John looks like Jesus
Ale Batero
Oh my god ! its the first time i´ve seen this !! i love them some much and this sound excelent !!!!!. Love you with all my soul S.O.A.D and i love this song so much !... Beatifull performance and concert in general !!
Jimmy Saboter
3:20 - Shavo (bassist) overplays the part. Seems like the bass is missing from the mix too. WTF?
Ya Boi
The way you mixed the audio makes it sound like there's a chorus effect on the vocals which really adds a lot to the song
Maya Devi
didnt knew that John was a part time magician 1:09 😂
Jacob C
Serj sounds incredible
Lucky Boiii
Dayli Dosis of SOAD
Le TwisteH
what type of forest is tthis?, dont kill me xddd
Philipp Ehlenz
Love the Solo
Tig H
one of the best soad songs
Manuel Alejandro Gamez Ochoa
Hi! I'm from Venezuela and thanks so so so so so much for this channel, i've deserve the best and keep going it, congrats!!!
Chassy Singleton
Ugh what a fantastic performance
majestic nine
Its Mariee
this song 💕
Jacob C
2018. Goosebumps
Ernandes Souza
Marco mayo condori
Dima Mosiychuk
TrustNoOne 622
Wtf a good steal this album song
esto fue ahora
Will T
ugh the sound quality is so bad
sheila vanderwaal
These cunts got marshells up to their necks lol omg the life beautiful