Liv Kristine - Making The Video 'Skintight'

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Follow LIV KRISTINE, director Patric Ullaeus and the REVOLVER.SE team when they create the "Skintight" video.

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Mmm Gothenburg!
Luis Kråke
Hail Liv Kristine, who even doing pop music still being a Goth/Metal Goddess
I don't know why everyone bitched about Liv making a pop album, I'm pretty sure this wasn't her first and even her solo albums had a subtle pop sound to it. Pop isn't a bad genre, it's how you use it. The reason why all these top 40 songs sound so bad is because they all suck, they're cheap and gimmicky. Liv's album was simplistic and pretty good in my opinion
Morti Giovanni
Liv Kristine is an angel The clip is very beautiful Images memorable Thank you for creativity