Top 10 Movies That RIPPED OFF the Alien Franchise

Top 10 Movies That RIPPED OFF the Alien Franchise // Subscribe: // TIMESTAMPS BELOW ----------------------- CELEBRATE 10 YEARS OF WATCHMOJO WITH OUR SPECIAL EDITION MAGAZINE, LINKS BELOW! Movies that borrowed from, paid homage to, or blatantly stole from the Alien franchise. WatchMojo present the top 10 Movies that Ripped off the Alien franchise. But what will take the top spot on our list? Inseminoid, The Abyss, or Forbidden World? Watch to find out! 00:48 #10. “Species” (1995) 01:41 #9. “Creature” (1985) 02:40 #8. “Shocking Dark” (1989) 03:49 #7. “Pitch Black” (2000) 04:45 #6. “Contamination” (1980) 05:48 #5. “Alien On Earth” (1980) 06:44 #4. “Galaxy of Terror” (1981) 07:43 #3, #2, #1 ???? Big thanks to MattW128 for suggesting this idea, and to see how WatchMojo users voted, check out the suggest page here: /> Our Magazine!! Learn the inner workings of WatchMojo and meet the voices behind the videos, articles by our specialists from gaming, film, tv, anime and more. VIEW INSTANTLY: /> WatchMojo's Social Media Pages /> Get WatchMojo merchandise at WatchMojo’s ten thousand videos on Top 10 lists, Origins, Biographies, Tips, How To’s, Reviews, Commentary and more on Pop Culture, Celebrity, Movies, Music, TV, Film, Video Games, Politics, News, Comics, Superheroes. Your trusted authority on ranking Pop Culture.
Watch the movies featured on this list and decide for yourself! Pitch Black Galaxy Of Terror: Roger Corman's Cult Classics [Blu-ray] Forbidden World (Roger Corman's Cult Classics) [Blu-ray]
Dom Fabio
Think you got "ripped off" confused with the word "inspired".
How is Event Horizon in this? Its about ship that has been to hell and back and doesn't have aliens in it at all its demons etc corrupting the crew members. Did you just pick random space movies?
so almost every space/alien flick is a ripoff from the alien franchise? thats just a stupid statement..
other then the being aliens pitch black is nothing like the alien movies calling it a rip off is point blank wrong
Eddy checkt!
The Abyss ? Why exactly? Its an alien movie. Thats it. Why is it a rippoff? No aliens which take humans as breading stations, no aliens bursting out of humans, aliens are even friendly !! Is every horror movie a rippoff of freddy? both are movies with aliens, but Abyss surely did NOT ripped off alien ...
The Abyss, Pandorum and Event Horizon weren't ripoffs.
I think "Alien" was/is very influential and inspirational movie. Only fools can deny that. Just compare pre-Alien space movies and post-Alien ones. I'd only replace "RIPPED OFF" with "INSPIRED". Even underwater and no-space sci-fi movies took inspiration from Alien
Drew Layton
None of these are rip-offs. Alien created it's own genre. Any subsequent film of that genre is a blood relative of Alien. Saying these films are ripoffs is like saying all music in the rock and and roll genre is a ripoff of Chuck Berry. And that would be nonsense.
Pie Don
So, by this method:  Aliens is a rip off of Close Encounter which is a rip off of 2001:Space Odyssey which is a rip off of The Eye Creatures which is a rip off of Invasion of the Body Snatchers which is a rip off of A Trip to the Moon.  Yeah, makes perfect sense.
Terry Asheim
Even "Alien" itself owes a little bit to a film from 1958 called "It! The Terror From Beyond Space". Both films have the same basic plot.
Smonked Weed
I mean, Event Horizon is just a cosmic horror, by that logic Alien just ripped off Lovecraft.
"Species" wasn't really a rip-off, as the late great H.R. Giger designed the Xenomorph and the Sil creature
Josh McGrath
not every film with an alien in it is a knock off of 'alien'
adam lane
How was pitch black or Abyss a rip off?Some of these on the list just seem like you typed space and alien/monster and just went with what ever you found lol
William Chico
Pandorum is better than Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets.
John Fricker
watchmojo logic Sci fi horror movie= alien ripoff
Timothy Holton
I think there is a huge difference between simply being a space based sci fi movie with aliens, to being inspired by Alien, to completely ripping off Alien. Hell Pandorum does not even have aliens in the movie.
Lets AnimateIt
I know than I should not be so hyped for it, but *I CAN'T WAIT FOR ALIEN COVENANT!*
Event Horizon is not an Alien ripoff it hasn't aliens in it and is a very underrated movie and well made that movie is 9 out of 10 . Abyss Should't be on the list because it talks about a way different story in the movie and is a masterpiece. Then X-Files show is also Alien ripoff ? since it has aliens in the story?? is absurd to think like that . I can go even further Alien is also a ripoff from older sci-fi movies from the 50's and 60's not only made in the USA but also in Europe and China and Japan . It is saying that every action movie ripped off each other since story wise it contains the same stuff over and over , same can be said with Marvel & DC comics and movies in WatchMojo logic ??!!
Jason Toddman
The Alien Franchise itself isn't entirely original either. It was loosely based off of elements from two stories in the fix-up novel "Voyage of the Space Beagle" - *Black Destroyer* and *Discord in Scarlet* - written by A.E.Van Vogt in the 1940s. Subsequently these two stories were ripped off by movies such as "It! The terror From Beyond Space" and TV shows like the "Man Trap" episode from the original Star Trek. The Alien franchise simply became the best-known example of the genre.
Payton Ranee
I remember watching Pitch Black when I was little, and loved it! It's still one of my top favorites to this day😊
I can't believe you missed Dead Space starring Bryan Cranston. And no, I'm not talking about the game series (Though Heisenberg vs Necromorphs sounds badass.)
Blood in the Water
Uhm.. what about "Life"? It's actually a decent movie, but holy shit it's so similar to Alien.
Illaria 16
Guys, am I the only one who enjoys ALIEN 3 as much as ALIEN & ALIENS? Just curious. I do love its superdark tones and atmosphere. They tried to add something new. The Assembly Cut version is even better
Serge Damist
The abyss don't deserve to be on the list
Dont go Any further, comments are just cancer
Modern young generation doesn't realize how important & iconic "Alien" (1979) was. It introduced a strong female character in a blockbuster movie (Finally!!!). It introduced a very unique creature with no less unique life circle. This film is full of interesting twists & turns, great visual effects and fantastic acting!! They don't make films like this anymore. "Aliens" (1986) had a huge impact too. Call me mad but I adore "Alien 3" (1992) and "Prometheus" (2012) too
A Screaming Revenant
Nothing beats the cute and cuddly xenomorphs.
I love many cheap Alien rip offs too - Contamination, Galaxy of Terror, Inseminoid, Forbidden World, Xtro, Dead Space, Star Crystal, Saturn 3, Creature, DeepStarSix, Parasite, Leviathan, Deep Space, The Rift, The Terror Within, The Deady Spawn, Biohazzard, Species etc Like it or not but The Thing (1982), Event Horizon, Europa Report, Life (2017) took inspiration from Alien as well
Thanks for this video guys! The Alien series is my favorite movie franchise!!! I love all 4 films plus Prometheus
Kevin Cannella
I would compare Pandorum to dead space.
Matthew Cool
Top 10 Games that Ripped Off the Grand Theft Auto franchise.
What about recent "Life'?
David Angeletti
Natasha Henstridge will forever be an absolute smoke show
Galaxy Of Terror inspired James Cameron to make "Aliens", he even worked on "Galaxy of Terror" movie. You can see the art work and the epic design in Galaxy Of Terror & compare with with Aliens. GoT is a tribute to Alien, GoT inspired James Cameron to make Aliens.
You forgot Leviathan
Azea Zulu
I adore this franchise. Great video. And YES, it inspired a huge amount of movies
Mark Baumbargt
Leviathan, where's Leviathan?
I have to say, very good video, however, you're ripping off topics and facts that were actually presented in a video by another YouTuber named Blameitonjorge.
Eugene Girin
Lol, only Alien was itself kinda-sorta ripped off from Lucisano's Terrore nello spazio.
Nazi the man 69
Kelsey Merriam
Aside from the Italian ones and the number one pick, I wouldn't say any of these are rip offs. Inspired by maybe but not rip offs.
Brandon Hex
Susan Justin - Forbidden World theme song.
I always thought Event Horizon had more in common with Hellraiser than Alien.
"Life" is a rippoff too.
TVT o n s t o r
Completely missed V.H.S. (can't remember exactly which one). One of the tapes is about an alien that gestates inside of a human host and them emerges, killing the person, and begins killing everyone... its literally the same thing lol
Holly Sorensen
The Alien movies are sooo good! It takes a lot to scare me & most "scary" movies don't, but the Alien movies are the rare few that genuinely frighten the shit out of me.
Pyke Bishop
Speaking of so-called rip-offs, the movie Shivers (directed by David Cronenberg) was a forerunner to all these movies, including Alien. So, going by your (opaque) logic, Ridley Scott's Alien should be considered as a rip-off!!!
Michel Van
The Abyss, Pandorum and Event Horizon Are NOT alien ripoffs. ALIEN VS PREDATOR 1&2 are ripoffs...
Logan Cracraft
Leviathan. The best damn Alien ripoff, PERIOD!
Spencer Bean
Pitch Black, The Abyss, Event Horizon, and Pandorum are legitimately good.
Samara Mitternacht
How were Pitch Black, Pandorum and Event Horizon rip-offs? These were nothing like Alien franchise
Lee Thomas
I'd say remove The Abyss and insert Leviathan, list fixed.... you're welcome watchmojo. lol
Marc Brassé
Know yer SciFi history. Alien itself was a rip off. Ever heard of Bava's Plane Of The Vampires?
Split Second (1992) with Rutger Hauer and Kim Cattrall.
Stored Almond943
Species was actually a pretty good Alien franchise rip-off series.
Event Horizon was (albeit very loosely) based on Doom (the game, not the film). And The Abyss has NOTHING in common with Alien. They are not even hostile for Gods shake.
Cinema Snob needs to do a review of SHOCKING DARK.
Bryant Low
Fun list thanks. Would have loved if you included XTRO.
The new movie "Life" (2017) seemed very influenced by the original 79 Alien
Mirko Manessi
Event Horizon was more in the Hellraiser genre than Alien ... Supernaturalism instead of sci-fi! :D
Agent Prime
Top 10 People who have worked on both Star Wars and Star Trek (actors, directors etc)
You left off "Leviathan" and "Humanoids from the Deep"!
Denise M. Faraday
Thank you, WM! You just made my day with this list. I'll be spending this weekend hunting down several of the films featured on this list to view! 😃
bryce johnson
BTW I love the videos but I'm only commenting on the videos with ALIEN or PREDATOR
Kami Amaya
"Leviathan, the greatest Alien ripoff ever made." Anyone remember that SciFi commercial? From quiet some time ago. No...? Aw.
Sheamus Catuli
Many of these aren't ripoffs. Cloverfield is more of a Godzilla ripoff if anything, and The Abyss and Event Horizon have little in common with Alien other than being sci-fi horror in isolated environments. I figured Carnosaur 2 would be on here somewhere, I saw that on Red Letter Media and thats the most shameless Aliens ripoff you could imagine.
Top 10 Movies That RIPPED OFF the Terminator Franchise.
I would add Leviathan from 1989 to this list as well! It borrows from the Thing too XD
the king of cool
She had to scream that loud? My mom would've think I was watching porn. FML...
How is it ripped off from Alien?The idea of ALIEN monsters ,astronauts and space in fiction has been around for a very long time! Consider H.G.Wells'War of the Worlds for an example!These ideas are not exclusively property of anyone!
Jason Bean
The death scene of Erin Moran's character in "Galaxy of Terror" is what makes it a B movie classic
Not a movie but the video game Starcraft is undoubtedly the biggest offender
Sunset Shimmer Gaming
You gotta admit, though: seeing T-850s take on a hive of Xenomorphs would be awesome in live action
Zeiram was about a human woman bounty hunter chasing down a superhuman alien being. It doesn't share much with Alien, other than being a sci-fi movie. Event Horizon is a Ghost Spaceship movie and again not much shared with Alien. The ship, Event Horizon (EH) went to Hell and came back. is investigated and the crew of the investigating ship is overcome but whatever "Hell force" that infected the EH, driving everyone insane, killing everyone infected, and apparently resurrecting the crew to continue the mayhem. EH is unique in that it is one of the few times 1) a black man dies an honorable, heroic, and useful death saving others, and 2) a black man survives and gets the girl a white woman, and 3) THERE WAS MORE THAN ONE BLACK MAN ON THE CREW?
Tzeff NL
6:36 Oh, yeah, Rebecca? Well count me out! I'm giving this one a WIDE berth! XD
Alex Lemonds
Piccolo: "I think Ridley Scott's gonna sue somebody."
Wow, weak sauce. The criteria is "Set in space" for being an alien ripoff?
Rodolfo Rodriguez
But Alien was directed by Ridley Scott not James Cameron!
Ok... in WHAT way is "The Abyss" a "ripoff" of Alien? Seriously, tell me please.
bryce johnson
all of those rip offs should get COPYRIGHT CLAIMS AND ALL THAT CRAP
Alejandro Espinosa
STOOOOOPID ASS LIST!!!! the fact that it didn't have Leviathan in it makes me dismiss this list!
GigaStorm 2559
The situation is that all the Original stuff is gone AF, so even when you make some original stuff you still have a 50/50 chance of hitting other existing media.
Albasri Alladin
I'll Never agree with watchmojo list..
Fence Estimates
Humanoids From the Deep. The birth scene was the same as a chest bursters in Alien.
Everybody knows Alien is a ripoff of "It! The Terror from Beyond Space". (1958)
vicky singh
That THUMBNAIL man!!!!!
Ozzy King
notifacation squade WARE YOU AT
Reso Factor
Don't forget, parts of ALIEN were also ripped off from O'Bannon's earlier film "Dark Star"
WatchMojo is the BuzzFeed of Top 10 channels now. Good job.
i thought Klaus Kinski in the thumbnail was actually Phil Hartmann
The alien franchise is based on "the voyage of the space beagle"
Mountaineer Actual
Alien itself got its design from artist H.R. Geiger Edit: they mentioned this, sorry
Pitch Black was NOTHING like Alien. Stop being so damned sloppy. Also "inspired by" is NOT the same as "ripped off"".
The Chronicles of Riddick is an under-appreciated gem.
Kevin Cooper
I'm surprised the cult 80s british horror Xtro wasn't included
Torrio Torres
rip off? dude, just delete watch mofo from exisance. This is slanted lol
pitch black ripped off alien? straws... clutching...
Ivan Adilovic
didn´t Dark Horizon ripped off warhammer 40k? as a 40k i don´t mind, we have at least something to watch