Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice TRAILER (2016) - Ben Affleck, Amy Adams Movie HD

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clyde smith
I personally feel like they should have released a batman movie with ben Affleck prior to this film to give it that additional hype and also to judge Affleck as the next batman
Walter White
I get a big watchmen vibe from this
Bianca Hlaing
Crispy motion
The "K"
This must be the most beautiful  trailer I watched in my whole life
I can't get over how weak and petite Wonder Woman looks...
everything looks good except for jessie Eisenberg
"It wasn't easy to synthesize, Clark... Took years and it cost a FORTUNE... Luckily I had both... This is the end... For both of us... We could have changed the world... Now look at us... I've become a political liability... And you... You're a joke I want you to remember, Clark... In all the years to come... In your most private moments... I want you to remember my hand... At your throat... I want you to remember... The one man who beat you." -The Dark Knight Returns
I get the feeling they crammed too much stuff in just one movie because DC wants to keep at Marvel's pace... and the result will probably be bad. Also, we get another fucking Batman origin story, seriously? like there's still someone in the universe who hasn't watched ANY Batman movie or cartoon...
OMG! Is anyone else all wet! Lol
Christian Bale Will always be better
Please let this movie be good!
Looks expensive.
More like Greenscreen of Justice
That Guy on the Left
You know it's dark but good
Thomas Anderson
Man, Gal Gadot looks so hot.....
Sasha Tawney
Looks just meh. Im not feeling Jesse and wonder woman. Henry looks good of though
Moses Jonson
gal gadot looks and doing her thang as wonderwoman is awesome, batflick  doing his thang as batman/bruce wayne, clark kent/kal el/superman pulling all the stops lmao, this is very promising indeed.
Shaco, the Demon Jester
Heather Alexander many conflicting emotions............
Reona Raghubeer
Marvel = Apple DC = Samsung hello iPhone 6 that bends
Geo Evans
Marvel > DC in movies. That's all I gotta say!
Joshua Rodriguez
"Be anything they need you to be". - YES! Finally superman is going to finally be a hero I can't wa- "Or be none of it. You don't owe this world a thing". - Screw you Snyder
keith mcnamra
The red capes are coming,the red capes are COMING.PREACH IT
Wow at 2:03 I think everyone knows who that is
Bondor's Shitpost Shack
Does anyone feel like they don't give batman enough credit? I mean play all the batman Arkham games then come and talk.
Alex the Kaiju Fan
The HYPE is real!
Yesenia The Hedgehog
Okay, who the hell though casting Jesse Eisenberg as Superman's arch-nemesis would be a good idea? lol
Wonder Woman looks very Greek. I like it :]
allen brooks
I don't think a lot of people read to much past the actors. Lets see, batman is getting a face lift and redirection similar to the dark knight returns(only one of the best, if not the best comic series for batman of all time) Superman is just like he was in the man of steel, which was amazing! To each their own, but for someone who reads comics every day, this timeline and story is 1000000000000 times better than the dark knight trilogy. Bale in the first two films were great, but the last one was so horrible I turned it off! Affleck, older,seasoned,bigger and no shitty Bale voice = it will be a better Batman. Eisenberg could of been a messed up, but most movies hes done = intelligent,sarcastic and witty which all equal Lex! Time will tell, but for a true fan and comic guy.....GIVE THE MOVIE A CHANCE! Know why I state this...because know of you are by just judging the film off the actors!
Faren Kaposvari
They should of choose someone different for wonderwomen
1:17 So should I stop watching this trailer or...?
Superman is a stupid character. He doesn't make any sense. Even in its own universe.
It would be a lot better is we could somehow bring Cesar Romero back from the dead so he could play The Joker in this movie. This movie would also be a lot better with less CGI, and more Matte paintings, and rotoscoping.
Joe Meister
That's Jason Todd's costume isn't it
Wonder Woman. I am happy.
Eric Cartman
*_Harley Quinn is gonna slaughter both Batman & Superman._*
Leah Fox
I kinda think Superman will win. *Laser Eyes *Super Speed *Flying Ability *Ice Breath *Super Strength and batman has *Martial Arts Abilities *Good Strength *Flexible *Other Fighting Abilities Superman is stronger in my opinion. like he said in the trailer superman can wipe out the human race. Batman can fight crime and etc.
Sloppy Joe
did nobody see the joker reference at 2:01????? HELLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO?
Jesse Eisenberg is soooooo DULL here whereas Lex Luthor is so Charismatic in the comics!! Hope this is the case only in the trailers and not the movie!!
Elmo Ador II
I like DC better than Marvel. Marvel heroes are dumb.
fabian thomas
what an awesome film!!!!!loved it
Huy Hoang
Jeremy Irons as Gordon? I'm down.
Am I the only one who thinks Jesse Eisenberg looked better in the bald pick than with that ridiculous wig? especially if he´s going to be Lex Luthor?
This looks like the dumbest concept for a movie that I have ever seen. This is why Marvel succeeds and DC fails
Chris Tanada
So they have to tell how Bruce parent's died again? they could've used the excuse that Ben as Batman certainly looks a lot older with those white hairs and I would've been fine with it. But that is just me.
Mikhaila Shetler
I think it will be hilarious if Wonder Woman breaks up Batman and Supermans fighting and says "Ugggh Girls girls your BOTH PRETTY NOW STOP IT" XD
choppers priv
batman looks like hulk hogan
Jean-Luc Thomas
Why does batman need goggles and a trench coat over his bat suit....
American comic Industry
Batman snapped someone's neck but I don't care cause it looked awesome
Hey guys you know versus is Vs not V, Oh wait now I get it... its Batman 5: Superman!
Zhiyang Lu
Superman: damn, you really looked serious in that scene. Batman: 'cause I'm BATMAN! Superman & Batman: Haha, cheers! (both drink coffee)
TyDarrien Spears
I was skeptical about wonder woman due to the fact that her powers are so basic, but after that cuff clank, that felling has left the building.
Jerry Miller
come on superman will crush bat man lol
Fire Base Alpha
Its going to be really cool watching a Literal god fight superman
AO95 Gaming
Adam West vs Christopher Reeves would have been great,funny but great.
Winter Faddick
Wow what a great railed I'm super exited for this movie😜
Oh God batman is so awesome but Ben Affleck as batman HELL NO!!!! WACALA !!!!!! and that skinny skinny girl for wonderwoman HELL NO!!!!!
2:48 was that kyryptonite holy shit
I won't judge it until I see it for myself. It could be good. You never know. I loved Man of Steel when most ppl didn't.
ReaLife HD
0:06 That's Mrs. Incredible
Charli Kay
Bat Mans suit looks awful.
Jada Potata
Wonder Woman!!
Gamer Sebastian
I can't wait for this!
Beauty Love
who's the bad guy? Batman or Super man I'm confused 😅
I saw batman, superman, wonder woman, so where's fantastic four, hulk, black widow, iron man and the gang?
Honestly I'm putting my faith in DC movies. As a Marvel fan I am totally disappointed in their Movies. What could have been Epic movies turned out to be stupid and full of childish humor.
Sin Susa
Jim Cheung
I bet Superman will win.
Robert Thomas
It is ridiculous to think Batman would stand a chance against Superman; it is a non contest
Rick Dinson
So is robin dead? I know that they're probably setting up for the red hood but he hasn't even been in a movie yet(shut up, Chris O Donnell doesn't count).
Juli Loza
they basically showed the whole movie 😏👎👎👎👎
Holy shit! This looks better than I thought! Seeing Wonder Woman is the icing on the cake.
I refuse to see this film... I mean, for starters, and I know I am beating a long-since dead horse here, but, really, who was the movie exec that came up with that title? Did they learn nothing from any of the other "versus" movies that Hollywood shat out just to make a quick buck? And that's just the tip of the iceberg; this is very obviously a thinly veiled (and highly rushed) attempt to keep up with Disney -er- I mean Marvel's Avengers juggernaut. I dunno guys, in my opinion, DC's gone off the rails... again (a la Batman and Robin). It's really quite sad to see. Sure, this movie will probably be financially successful, based on the number of sucker fanboys (and girls) I see commenting on this video, but it won't be remembered well. Face it, this is DC's Phantom Menace...
This movie is so close to being perfect....than you have Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor and Gal Gadot who I guess coincedently doesn't have any lines in the trailer. I'm sure it have nothing to do with how good a perfromance she gives in the movie no not at all....
So on Imbd for suicide squad... Supaman............................................................................................................................................................................etc(cause im on phone and lazy) ........ Dies
Soy el único que piensa que esta película es estupida en lugar de épica? osea estas películas salen después de que saliera Alien vs Depredador pero ahí cabía el titulo por que ambos eran malos y eran enemigos por naturaleza.. pero aquí que? se supone que ambos son "heroes" y que uno es un humano entrenado normal y el otro es invencible... y es un VS? jajajaj que imbéciles!
Jonathon Kitchens
so many things wrong with this trailer, batman takes time to brand his logo into a dude, stranded flood victims take time to paint huge superman symbol on roof instead of a generic sos, and the rocket exploding they have launch escape systems that do basically what sups did, so ya downvote this nerdos, also how the f*ck does jesse eisenberg keep getting work, aw let's keep giving the dorkiest kid a chance
Pazuzu Watchmaker
OMFG, another weak and bad chosen noob actor in another blue latex/plastic uniform??? Maybe another new weak sound track?? Who remembers "Man of Steel" soundtrack as the Superman music instead of the original 1970's one?? Go to hell Hollywood, that's enough, I'm really tired, bunch of clowns :/
No Man
Actually, 'Watchmen' was based on the old CHARLTON comics characters, NOT the Justice League. But at the time DC couldn't get the rights to any of them, so Alan Moore 're-wrote' the characters and put his own spin on them, creating the now legendary characters. As for this 'Bat v. S' CRAP...Any TRUE BatMan or SuperMan fan will have the common sense to AVOID THIS GARBAGE AT ALL COSTS!!!!! These are NOT the TRUE representations of the characters. If you want the TRUE representations of the characters, then read ANY DC Comic BEFORE this 'New 52' GARBAGE.
Zoe Pope
No Man
As for secret identities..SuperMan was BORN Superman and uses Clark Kent as his 'Alter-Ego' to blend in with humanity. Superman came FIRST..Clark was born later out of 'necessity'. And Bruce has been BatMan for so long, that he actually considers BatMan to be his TRUE self and Bruce Wayne to be the 'Alter-Ego'. But when it comes right down to it..Bruce is just a screwed up adult still pining over the loss of his parents, so he puts on a bat-suit and bashes bad guys, all in the name of his warped mind-set. I long can you hold onto something like that? GET OVER IT Bruce!!
Law Gun
Great Superman actor, great new Batman actor, interesting plot... but aweful Lex Luthor actor (really I hate this guy, his acting and appearance level are Mark Zuckerberg and silly coward from Welcome to Zombieland, aweful Wonder Woman (once again why she is here?), she looks like she is from some teenage comedy, Gina Carano must be Wonder Woman.
Casting of Wonder Woman is the worst.............................. I hate her look she offcourse is a beautiful lady but this is not the WonderWoman look. To skinny and to young..............
Darcy Larson
May as well have been Iron Man vs. Superman. I mean Batman puts on a wannabe Iron Man suit? Well I guess that's the only way he would have a chance in hell. This whole concept is crazy though. Either you have Kryptonite or you lose. Superman is invulnerable folks. Even in a fancy mech suit Batman would be an insect to Supes without the big K.
so nervous for this film!! I really want it to bed.. I actually enjoyed the first one even tho Henry cavill is a terrible actor.. but now Ben Affleck as well.. hmm batman is like a athletic ninja, can't see Ben pulling that off. he looks like a tiff ironing board with just running lol..
Yo Hyun
Suicide squad actually looks better than this.... Im very dissapointed as suicide squad didnt even interest me that much. Superman and batman being probably the most iconic figures of super heroes this will be a monumental task to pull off. Skinny guy saying red capes are coming... sigh... and wonderwoman is pretty but very skinny. This may kill the superman/batman series off.
Looks much like the style of Man of steel with lots and lots of dragged out action and fight scenes a zerofocus on actual plot :( A shame i really like the potential of a DC universe in film... Good thing suicide Sqad is not directed by Zack Snyder then
I read Doomsday will appear in the film. I hope that leads into a third movie based on the Death of Superman. That was my favorite comic book storyline back in 1993. They have the technology to make it believable now, would love to see a decent adaptation of it.
Gabrielle Mullins
I would've loved this if it was animated, have the voice actors from justice league unlimited and their appearance from there...or even let WB animate it with the new 52 generation of the heros..
Swapnil Pathak
i just dont like the title! BATMAN VS SUPERMAN? why? What if AVEngers age of Ultron was named like this?Its like iron man ,thor, hulk,vision,hawk eye,black widow vs the Ultron.?WTF.
Zoe Pope
Is that's Lex Luthor or Green Lantern? Is this the beginning of hero because Flash has started Arrow has started Gotham has started and super girl will be here soon
Sonny Quiaoit
in my 43 years of existence, 38 of which clearly sensible on DC comics, the saga of the Batman and the story of the alien from Krypton... reading graphic DC comic books and numerous animated DC movies... This movie seals it.... I await....
Sora Park
WONDER WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anas Buschenreiter
These DC movies are just way too seriously. I suppose I understand because the lead character is, you know, Batman, but come on. There isn't a single shred of humor or passing moment of levity in any of the new DC movies. I prefer the Marvel films because each one has a unique style and tone, and they generally know when to make fun of obviously bizarre situations.
Tom Wormstedt
Supe has a few screws loose?! Of course - Lex probably brainwashed him. Glad to see that DC finally is giving a creator credit to Bill Finger for co-creating Batman after 76 years
Thunder God
The Red Capes are coming !! The Red Capes are coming !!!!