Las Ketchup - The Ketchup Song (Asereje) (Spanglish Version) (Official Video)

"The Ketchup Song" is the English title of the song "Aserejé," recorded by the Spanish pop group Las Ketchup. It was released in July 2002 as the lead single from their debut album, Hijas del Tomate. In the summer of 2002 they had a major flamenco Europop fusion hit with "Aserejé" (released as "The Ketchup Song" in the UK and other countries), which reached the top of the charts in many countries including Spain, Portugal, Colombia, UK, Italy, Greece, France, Finland, Turkey, Syria, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Netherlands, Philippines, Switzerland, Germany, Romania, and Australia. Awards: 2002 'Ondas awards' -- Best New Artist/group 2004 Billboard Latinos awards -- Best pop album from new generation ("Las hijas del Tomate") -- Most tropical-salsa song played by Duo or Group ("The Ketchup Song" (Aserejé) 2003 Latin Grammy Award -- Best Pop Album By a Duo or Group with Vocals Las hijas del Tomate (Nominated, lost to Bacilos Caraluna.) 2003 Record Fair MIDEM (Cannes) -- Best New Artist/group 2003 Amigo Awards -- Best New Group -- Best New Artist 2004 Record fair MIDEM (Cannes) -- Breakers of borders (Best-selling Album out of its country and inside of Europe with "Las hijas del Tomate") Song)

I used to sing: I said a hey, a ha, a hey, a heavy do they have any say do you know mama hobby and they boogie and they boogity bee.
a r
my last brain cell during an exam
my life is a lie
Adika IsMyName
I still dont understand how my childhood knew this masterpiece
Ana Dinu
Who of 2019?🤔
Nobody 👏 Cares 👏 What 👏 Year 👏 You're 👏 Listening 👏 To 👏 This 👏
better than despacito
happy gumball
The song that everybody's mom knows
chocolate heaven
This song reminds me of Jennifer Aniston for some reason
Freak Psychopath
Ketchup in march 2019?
Pradhum Patel
well it took me 7 years to find out this song
i am replying cause i am a faggot and
I searched hey ha hey hey
Kerepi Trindall
I remember dancing to this song like it was yesterday... Oh was
The last time I watched this, I was like 3 yrs old. Feels so nostalgic
Elizabeth Black
what am i doing here i have a test to study for im not spanish ive never heard this before
Jessica Singh
Still don't no why called ketchup song.
Özge İdil
2019? ♥ I miss old days :"( From Turkey
Aamir Sohail
From India did not understand single word but still loved the music dance Spanish people awesome !
2019? Nostalgia.
Sidhivinyak Galaxy
Very nice song may Lord Vishnu bless you and increase your prosperous work day by day
Rajat Singh
Refreshing Memories: I used to listen this song in my childhood
V -whatevs
Oh well. I guess it's never too late to find out the song whose name you never knew and you're sure the entire universe knows, after about 8 years. Finally. Like. FiNaLlY. \(*-*)/
Ali Nishat
They should reunite and make a 2019 return
Abhishek singh
Every person on this earth must have listened to this song once
seçkin fans
الجاين من فيديو ديميت في الطائر المبكر ✌✌✌ لايك 💜 Demet özdemir'in videosundan gelenler 💜💜 beğen yapsınlar ✌✋😂
Dark angel
I still remember this when I hear this I have 7years now I'm 25yrs 🤗🤗🥰🥰🥰 still I hear this song daily🥰🥰
Saif Abusaif
Ricsi111 Gaming
The 80% of comments are this "2019" we are hitting a level of useless comments and the 5% of its just r/gatekeeping and the 15% of comments are just normal
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Ly Che
15.1.2019 from vietnam Miss that time. Went i was young alway listen. And now im 23y.
i remember hearing this all the time when I was 7-8 in saudi arabia. but i never saw the music clip, no wonder why.
I said a hip hop Hippie to the hippie The hip, hip a hop, and you don't stop, a rock it out Bubba to the bang bang boogie, boobie to the boogie To the rhythm of the boogie the beat 😂
Tÿjø Ürîê
mi ama: quita esa cancion del diablo yo de 8 años: ~(o.o)~
Polina Kussov
My brain during test
Melike Aran
Rahul Sharma
Anyone from 2019
Jikotani Lakepa
Ketchup in February 2019
keerthi sankar
this song is my childhood but i didnt know the name of this song so i just searched 'asara eh ah eh' and guess what i found it😂😂😂
Abraham hmar
When you simply asked the waiter for a bottle of ketchup and this happens :)
Anandan Biswas
I used to hear this in the radio around 2006-2007.. ahh
sandip naik
🍷🍸🍾🥂🍻🍺Party time
still listening to it in 2019 . who else?
มาดาม คังแดซอง
the song of school events
chandrakanth chandu
Listening after 10 years and feel a like time just stop
Hudson M
i have a research paper due tomorrow but
A simpe Channele
2018 ? Nobody? I knew i am alone :(
Pizza Steve
90's kids.. U FEEL OLD YET?
oki hamzah
Lagu lamaa 🤣 waktu hp masih jadul
Marcin Wysocki
Anybody here from a polish wedding? This song is sometimes played and everybody always dances and has fun 😁
Kingof LA
18.12.2018 came to listen what a legend song :) who there with me? still listening.
Apoorva Anwariya
Yessss...this is my childhood !
KH Yizuku
I still waiting to the ketchup
Γεώργιος Γούβης
Greetings from Greece ❤🏖🏝🌴🌍😍💃🏁🏎🎆
first 2019 comment
Max Nyström
Felix send me here the mote fjaton guy
Gustav Ramirez
I feel genuinely sorry for those Americans who are unable to pronounce "asereje" :( :( :( 
Harry Balding
Rachel monica phoebe vibes
Golden Angel
I remember these song on VH1 music videos
lady wera
I love thiss in 2019💃
Hemant Vora
anyone came to feel nostalgic?
harriet k
This is violently early 2000s... I love it
Attila Veres
Thank you Las ketchup.!
Thomas Clayton
Can someone translate thr spanish parts so i know what the song is about? 😂👌
Empereur de l'an 3000
I still can not believe that they are actually 3 Sisters ! Prue, Piper and Phoebe!
Me: Pass me The Ketchup He: Starts dancing the ketchup song's dance Me: Aserejé, ja deje tejebe tude jebere Sebiunouba majabi an de bugui an de buididipí
Adithya Adi
Anyone nostalgic to Ketchup song in December 2018?
Nievaris ARS
You roend the song press good if that is right
Shae Shero
2018 ? Whoops 2019 anyone ?
Prateek Singh
GTA Vice City🥰
Katre'i Matem
2019 :)
tavo tėvas
Holyyy this nostalgic
Just Chillax
It's like Dj song do you guys agree?? Actually who is watching in 2018
Omg just dance 4
Ariana Grande Cat Valentine
This moment when you hear a song and feel young again 😘
Mine Server
Somebody 25.02.2019?
GARU 117
Sauce No Kétchup xD
Yash Shrivastava
two of them look like monica and rachel from friends
Best days 🙁🙁🙁
Abdullah alshammari
From 2019 ?
Priscilla Jimenez
Just Dance does a good job portraying this song.
Angel R
This was my sister's drug.
Eddie Shtaunton
People outside Spain don't know the Spanish had a vote to make this the new National anthem
Noor Alazzawi
We listened to this in my spanish class 😂
carly micallef
Old memories of this song in school
randall estacio
part 2: mustard, part 3: mayo
This reminds me of days in Spain. :-) Went to the European Championship of Karate in this weekend. Made me want to travel more than ever. Hmm(?) where to go first(?) well ... the less money, the more time to think ;-) <3
Nami Nom
I used to listen to this song when I was 5 now I'm 19 😮
leen sy
2019?😍😍 from syria ❤ all love for this amazing song ❤ miss old days💔😭
Yasmine Lopez
I didn’t notice before that the music is in spanish and english too 😨😨
Kim Taehyung
That viral zumba video bring me here. My childhood❤
From libya leadar of all countrys 20.12.2018 Misurata ,libya 🇱🇾😎✊
David Hauck
So this has nothing to do with ketchup lol
AwTM Sigh Of Blood
This music is ÉPICA.
One Hit Wonder
Nirmal Behera
2019...still watching
Mesmeric Shubham
Who came here after Tik Tok (musically)?? Hit Like 👍
Arshiya a
Love this song since childhood! 2019 weepeee !