Why Parasites May Not Be All That Bad

According to one ecologist, parasites might be the most common form of life on earth. How gross is that?! Trace looks at what these little creatures are doing to our bodies, and how they may not be quite as bad as we're led to believe. Read More: 5 Reasons Parasites are Beneficial to the Earth />"Parasites aren't all bad, though. In fact, some of them can actually be quite beneficial to humans and other living creatures." 'Parasitism is the most popular lifestyle on Earth' />"Parasites are all around us - humans alone have 100 - yet they receive little attention. That should change, says ecologist Kevin Lafferty" Tapeworms in Humans />"Tapeworms are flat segmented worms that live in the intestines of some animals." Parasites - Dracunculiasis (also known as Guinea Worm Disease) />"Humans become infected by drinking unfiltered water containing copepods (small crustaceans) which are infected with larvae of D. medinensis." The Potential Health Benefits of Parasitic Gut Worms />"A dose of parasitic whipworms cured monkeys with chronic diarrhea, fixing immune systems gone haywire and offering a snapshot of what worms might do for people." The 7 Most Horrifying Parasites on the Planet />"As soon as your doctor says you've got parasites in your body, you don't need to hear any more details. They're all horrible, right? How can it get worse than little tiny worms or something feeding on your insides?" Watch More: Bacteria Makes You You: />App Diagnoses Malaria: />Future of Pollution: />____________________ DNews is dedicated to satisfying your curiosity and to bringing you mind-bending stories & perspectives you won't find anywhere else! New videos twice daily. Watch More DNews on TestTube /> Subscribe now! /> DNews on Twitter /> Anthony Carboni on Twitter /> Laci Green on Twitter /> Trace Dominguez on Twitter /> DNews on Facebook /> DNews on Google+ /> Discovery News

Parker Faulkner
Sounds like something a parasite would say
I don't feel comfortable with the idea of going to defecate and a giant live worm starts to peak through my anus. No thanks.
John Sirjob
Yeah,hello parasites,i hope you find my intestines as a nice,comfortable hotel,Home sweet home!
What he fails mention is that all of the medical uses for parasites are intended to be temporary and are supposed to be removed once they finish the job. If left in your body for too long, they will negatively affect your health. Evolution really designed the human body to survive all by itself. And by that I mean without internal organisms. We obviously need external organisms to survive, like plants for food and oxygen.
Yep I don't care as long as it doesn't damage me
noelia castellon
Using a worm or any other invasive creature as a form of medicine is not something that sits right with me as that creature cares less about its habitat and more about reproduction. There is little I could do if it began to cause detrimental effects since the damage is done by the time I could respond with appropriate medical treatment. It would have to be something made artificially through genetic engineering or the like designed to treat a specific problem and proven to work as designed for me to even consider it. And even then, by the time we could design something like that, I'm sure a better treatment that didn't involve living things could be used instead. 
The Bee's Knees
Its not harming me and staying in my intestines and only there then im ok with parasites.
Those fish and birds aren't parasites. An orgamism can only be categorised as a parasite if the organism is living at the cost of the host, meaning the host experiences disadvantages. If not, it is just a symbiotic relationship.
We got thread worms from uncooked food at a Vietnamese restaurant. The timing was right and we all who were there got them at the very same time. When I was first infected I noticed that I had a weird amount of energy and that my joints did not hurt as usual. Another person who got them with me said the same. This lasted several days. I looked up autoimmune effects of helminths and sure enough they, pinworms, secrete a peptide and probably lots of other stuff that calms the host's immune system. The torture of the itching makes me glad they are gone now but I will not forget the physiological and psychological effects they had on me and this other person too. Some helminth research needs to be done, for those who suffer all the autoimmune diseases, pronto!
Hunter Jones
Yes in a heart beat as long as they are sure it will help and not harm
Jonathan Corrales
Lmfao there is only one parasite I would ever love to infect me and sadly they don't exist lol but they are the worms that infect fry on an episode of futurama lol
Lavender-Rose Fox
you even have parasites living in your eyelashes called get this eyelash mites they clean your eyelashes by eating flakes of dead skin and dirt keeping your lashes clean thus keeping dust out of your eyes maggots are als used in hospitals to clean away large amounts of dead tissue and can prevent further infections from what ive heard ther's even a species of fluke that actually feeds on things that would other wise poison your body
J Bowers
Hey. Internet. I learned something interesting about cats and people. Cat parasites alter it's cat poop. That alteration directly affects mice, cats food prey, to become reckless. The reckless "drugged" mouse feeds the parasites host. Circle of life and all that jazz... But think of this, mice are the go to animal for testing, damn near everything, for it's effects on humans. Is it then logical to think, perhaps, a human cleaning cat poop is affected by the same behavioral change??? OR a different one. My theory: Ancients didn't worship cats, they were royal slaves to the parasite. (It prefers to be called a symbiote btw.) ((Yes. I've implied the reason we are "reckless humans worshiping cats' is because of drugs in their poop)) Well, at least hey no longer eat us. I can haz upvote?
as long as it doesn't harm me, why not?
Atsuma Komatsu
Would I accept a parasite with all benefits and no real down sides.....yes if I had a sure way to remove them.
Sean Madden
all live birth fetuses are parasites
Christian Lenze
*Almost throws up in the first 10 seconds.*
{ Ace-Kid97 }
You can't be serious," we might need parasites" does he know what a parasite is?
infamous420 hip hop
As long as their not killing me and playing a role in my life, im cool with it
Kimochi san
one time i got in car accident in sping. where the was still little rock they use to spray over snow/ice to prevent slippy. my whole face was sliding the ground and those little rock aswell as bacterie got in me so many that somehow my immune system overwork to defend it for so long, and somehow it didn't ''Turn off''. ever since than i never ever been sick again, and i live in Norway where winter can get -10-20°C i wear just a jeans with one shirt and leather jacket not even zip it up. all my classmate is Norwegain they wear like 2-3 layor shirt, sweatpants underneat jeans they still get sick
jose nava
the lactobacillus is a tipe of parasite that is said thats good for digestion
Calvin Hodgson
Just look at the related videos to the right and you'll know why parasites are no good.
levi boffamartin
i do that
Bad Little Wolf
love your t-shirt
I'm waiting for the worms from Futurama to be real, the ones that whip your body and mind into peak condition.  I'd eat that truck stop egg salad sandwich any day.
I once had tape worms in my intestines for many years. I got them cured when a friend told me that it wasn't normal to have worm like creatures coming out of my butt. I really regret it. When I had worms I was thinner and could eat whatever I wanted without gaining any weight. I also never EVER got sick from eating anything rotten or upsetting to the stomach. I guess the worms took care of that for me. I wish I could get infected again.
Tengku Aliff
Just like politicians
Jack Balitok
"Hi human HOST."
Little Matzwood Knight
Do you know what's really creepy, this video just hit 666 comments LOL
Anti zarof
And they give u Alien babys
Mouadz Carado
if a parasite need u to live he will not hurt u but maybe make u stronger cuz if u die he die u live he live
Sara Johnson
if it helps me the sure, I love the part about that one worm curing allergies cause I have really bad allergies nearly all year long
Dueling Champion
Oh god oh god please no no no nooooo
Rhino Lin
you said trial and error but what about symbiogenesis. Sure you know symbiosis but symbiogenesis doesn't get mentioned as often in papers about evolution as natural selection does. many people know Charles Darwin but what about the people who are working on symbiogenesis? by the way, i read this stuff in the magazine american scientist.
Levi Ackerman
WELL I HATE BUGS AND WORMS UGH ;-; and this is creepy and wierd
Sebastian Silander
Yes! Infect me already!
Savannah Simmerman
I had pinworms once but there gone now I feel better
well now I want to get an axe,chop open my stomach and see if there's any parasites inside
Coffee Crow
Shoutout for SG-1!! lol :D
Samuel Lourenço
Next video: why poison is not all that bad (even if it turns out to be lethal).
Eian Guevarra
2:39 Wouldn't that then be considered commensalism?
Samuel Nilsson
I've been thinking about this a lot. I mean a symbiosis with parasites would be friggin' awesome. (I'd like to be a tree)
we also have eyelid MITES.. it's true.
Adolf Hitler
Yes ladies that's right you have a worm inside of you. ; )
If a parasite doesn't harm an organism, it's literally not a parasite. That's called commensalism.
Walter The White Knight
I woke up this morning with a dead creature next to be, it looked like a spider, I think there's something inside me, any help? (This is a reference to alien)
abyaccf nlac
If I had intense allergies like I couldn't even go outside like some people I might
Logan DeMott
After watching this. My body is fine
emmanuel cruz
PArasite mutualism
Information Technology
Got a parasite you can't look at in a positive manner, Morgellon's! These are the unseen evil that will assist all the other parasites! The only thing I can tell you is, like me, I put a Garlic Clove to my open wounds and it forces the parasites OUT! You can tell from this video, the host has parasites, hence his defending them, he's got the "I got parasites" stomach going.
supercat gaming
I don't think venom snake would agree with u
love the top
Yes I would! If it would cure my Ulcerative Colitis then HECK YEAH!
eric b
than its called mutualism or communalism
Cugz Arui
i happen to be sick while whatching this
I don’t really mind worms ;-;
i love symbiosis :)
77 Yy
The longest living species of shark is blind because of a parasite in its eye
Ortiz Industries
What is that song playing in the background? it sounds awesome
micheil leil
love that top!!
that sounds like something a parasite would say
o m f g do NOT let your wife and kids see your youtube account dude XD
that's a nice image you left in my brain.
I would infect myself with a health benefiting worm it ment no yuck egg swolloing or injections
Child-A & Child-B
Valen Dreugh
What did you name them?
Valen Dreugh
You have more bacteria in your body than cells.
emiky may
Well our entire body is an ecosystem so what's one or two more to join the ranks of the thousands of org. In our body right now
Andre Valentine
This video doesn't understand the tree different types of symbiotic relationships. Parasites harm their host. The other two, mutualism and commensalism do not. If these "parasites" aren't any harm to you than they aren't parasites.
Professor Mikey
@metabolicshaun haha
Kevin Carmona
I cringed so much during this video
johannes nordeng
I just wathced a video about I don't wanna be infected with, so no
I would gladly embrace the symbiote Venom from spiderman, but worms n leeches... eugh
Stephen Helms
Reminds me of when Fry from Futurama got worms from a truck stop sandwich and they ended up turning him into a super human.
The picture of the sciencey guy in the beginning. I thought he was just standing in a river at first, like seriously his shirt matched that water, spot on...
Cynthia Allison
Eat garlic...... Kills parasites....
No. It's... gross and no
Yes Parasites are helpful and think scientists should spend more time trying to figure out what makes em tick
Lord Kratos
im staying away from all hospitals period. think i might move to a more purged location one day. YUCK...!
Alright lets all be honest who else thought of alien when they read the title
I would allow a worm to get in my body if it was the best choice of treatment; but if there were better forms of treatment with the same effect such as tablets or something, then i would prefer the tablets. Moreover, I don't view parasites or microbes as bad.. I only view them as bad in certain situations (in places that they are not meant to be). And usually these microbes can be easily avoided (for e.g. HIV, don't have promiscuous sex, anal sex etc. this prevents AIDS, and thereby diseases)
Happy Canuck
Maybe if they found one or genetically modified one to live in symbiosis with the human body.
I WANT that shirt!
Robert Thompson
Depending on the benefits I would get from 'infecting' myself with the parasitic organism... I would probably do it. I'm no loon. If what I need is what it gives, and it has no drawbacks: symptoms, effects, etc., then I'm taking that motherfucker any way possible. Need for benefit + benefit = harmony
Oh my god I love his shirt.
I have two horrific, blood sucking parasites. They have raised my blood pressure, caused me sleepless nights, gave me intense headaches & made me wish I was dead. I should have used a condom.
atleast the make some fat persons dream a reality
Sharaku Hosuke
Do we need special medication for the purge or removing of parasites to our body?
can they sing?
Moss loder
I love that shirt!
April Ruiz
We live inside of another organism, feeding off of it for nutrients to grow. Then, after the gestational period in our host for approximately nine months, we wreak havoc on the Earth. We are parasites to the Earth.
Commensalism and mutualism is quite different than parasitism.
Genetically engineer a parasitic worm that feeds from the host's body fat. This way you can lose weight easier while allowing a high-fat diet. Basically you can eat the tasty shit and not gain weight as fast.