Sotnikova's Gold Medal Winning Performance - Ladies Figure Skating | Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics

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Highlights of Adelina Sotnikova's gold medal winning performance in the Free Program of the Ladies Figure Skating competition during the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games. Subscribe to the Olympic YouTube channel: /> Discover more about Sochi 2014:

It's honestly soo hard to find a positive comment about Adelina Sotnikova 😂😂
International Skating Union?? Oh sorry I guess you said RUSSIAN Skating Union
Fiorella Tyrell
Both Yuna and Adelina had the skills but I felt nothing from this performance, no emotion whatsoever... Oh and my inner fashion critic just wanted to say....How dull that dress look. I mean, it's okay but not so striking at all.
Adelina is good but Kim Yuna was definitely better. It still breaks my heart that she was robbed of the gold medal.
차라리 동메달을 뺏든가 좀 그럴듯한걸로 사기를 쳐야지ㅉ
Song Yi Seo
seriously? is this the one that won the gold? wow olymic, if you let her and russia steal the gold from the one who should have won, you should be shame on you
“little bit of a dance at the finish” girl that was a two footed landing and you know it
yogayoga oehe
two foot landing champion?
She is so stiff
I just love how Yuna's video is titled 'Yuna Kim Claims Silver With A Superb Performance' while this is just 'Sotnikova's Gold Medal Winning Performance'. The shade.
Any person with emotions watching both skaters would know the difference straight away. yuna... yuna has this power to move you, to draw you in, to pull out all the emotions you never knew you had for this sport. just unspeakable grace. this girl is good, but i feel dead watching this.
tayeet !
4 years later and I still dislike this performance with every bone in my body
Still salty about this in 2018
Flora Ho
legendary comedian
Nwoozi _
It’s been 4 years and I still get so triggered by her winning. Kim Yuna had a perfect performance. I get so emotional watching Kim Yuna’s performance. This girl wasn’t graceful AT ALL and I’m definitely not the only one that has this opinion.
I'd rather loose and come back to compete than win the gold medal and have everyone question my skills and forever compare me to the person they think the gold should have gone to.
Danny Wheeler
I disagree with some of comments. She doesn't even deserve a silver. Thief.
"a little bit of a dance at the finish" ??? what a big fking joke. I THINK U MEANT SHE TRIPPED AND ALMOST FELL.
David Baek
Yuna is best
senna park
Omg people need to stop defending her. A lot of you are saying it was the judges and not her and feel bad for her but she was so disrespectful to Yuna on interviews.
I can see the flutz, underrotated and two foot landed jumps so clearly. She's just 21 even after 4 years, why doesn't she compete anymore? She just robbed Gold medal from Yuna and never comes back on the ice. This was her one and only Gold throughout her entire career.
cool J
She is a thief
avacado !
Okay. Good technically, but boring and dull. She is a horrid performer. Not deserving of gold, that's for sure. Like magic.
Andy Son
Shame on you. I don't feel anything from her.
kassie jane
late to the game. this is probably one of the worst olympic performances i've personally seen. medvedeva is my favorite alltime skater, so I definitely don't have any bias against russia, but this was so heavy, so boring, so dull. yuna for sure should have taken that gold. this doesn't even deserve top 3, nevermind gold. it picked up a little towards the end of the program but was still heavy and sloppy. it's surprising that there's anyone out there who doesn't see this scoring fraud.
Jenny Bunny Lucky
Gold medal Thief... R u happy?
Etihad and Qatar and Emirates
Adelina ROBBER 1. Horrible Flutz 2. Full-Blade used on Toe-Loop 3. Absolutely more than 1/4 pre-rotation on Flip 4. 2-foot landing on 2T and 2 Lo combination YUNA KIM Unbelievably perfect and clean performance(no doubt)
this is very good, but it is not a gold medal performance.
Igor de Sá
yuna was a lot better !!!
grapefruit grapefruit
Wrong edge Wrong edge Wrong edge Wrong edge Wrong edge Wrong edge Wrong edge Wrong edge Wrong edge Wrong edge
Putri Lestari
Kim yuna deserve gold
Angus Delaney
Sotnikova who? Is this girl even relevant anymore? A robber and trash till the end.
Nadia Dima
Very technical, no artistry whatsoever. I don't feel confident to judge whether or not she deserved the medal, but this was so insanely boring and lacking emotion.
Ncw Wong
I've never seen a video of a gold-winning medalist which has views 2m fewer than the silver-winning medalist
Andrico-maduro shabadoo
She didn't deserve that gold. I wonder how she feels knowing that majority of the skating world think her gold is tainted.
Jinjoo Hwang
She should have got bronze she is a great skater but doesn't deserve gold....Yuna was better. Yuna-gold/Italy- silver/ Russia-bronze..
Albra Kaska
How could this beat the Legend? Total nonsense.
Míša Vu
Funny how everybody discovers the true face of russia 😂
진짜 악플달기 싫은데ㅋㅋ 소치만 생각하면 빡쳐서 야 누가 피겨를 그렇게 우악스럽게 하냐ㅋㅋ 덤프트럭이 더 아름답겠다;;
Elizabeth Diana
Shame on u Russia for stealing South Korea's gold medal. You have caught red handed. Feeling nothing but angry to watch this lady skate.Olympics should have taken this video down. ❤ Yuna Kim won the gold medal in Sochi 2014.❤
4 years later, I still feel angry. It is widely known that she was the gold medal thief. The gold medalist in our mind is Kim Yuna.
Absolutely disgraceful. This performance leaves me stone cold - it should have won bronze at best. I only hope that someday Kim Yuna receives the gold medal we all know she deserves.
Danny Boy
Most of people don't remember who got the gold in Socchi. Adelina is only popular in Russia. Outside of Russia "who are you?"
Yun Ha Seo
Poor girl. Because of the judges' bias, she's now known as the thief worldwide. I believe Yuna did much better, but I also don't think she should be getting so much hate for something she had no control over (unless she did).
Mix Rason
Her skating makes me cringe... shameon you! Adelina
Lyra A
Honestly, Kim Yuna has so much grace and elegance as well as emotion in her skating compared to Adelina. Yes, Adelina was good, but there's just a huge difference between the 'good skater' Adelina is and the 'fantastic skater' Yuna is. I defiently think Kim Yuna deserved that Gold medal more than Adelina did. It's a bit unfair, but oh well Adelina was good, I guess.
i Poong
Russia must be ashamed. They have defiled the sanctity of the Olympics.
Audrey Su
네 다음 형광나방ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 러시아인들은 부끄러운 줄 알아야지 쉴드 존ㄴ나 쳐대네;
두발 착지인데도 149라닠ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
i don't like her because she criticized yuna and walked out on yuna and kostner and all the reporters/ cameras during the medalist interview. she has no common sense and no manner.
Irridessa Amore
Yuna was robbed and the world knows it.
moon light
I’m Russian and even I understand that Adelina didn’t deserve this gold medal! And still my heart is full of pain because of Yuna Kim, she was definitely robbed. I was so angry because of that! Everybody understand it and Yuna will be a champion for everybody, not Adelina. Russians didn’t want this win, majority of Russians dont like Adelina.
BLINK GreenTeaAddict
FLUTZ....Yuna shouldve won
yuna is real champ
this.. is gold?
Danny Wheeler
What does she do now? Has she retired or not? I truly hope she did. What a shame.
Mei Liu
Maryclaire Fabreag
So sad to this girl her gold medal lead to her down fall career .. karma
I hope she knows she didn't deserve it
She only won because it was held in Russia.Skating is more than jumps. She needs a new choreographer.
Grace Park
There was no emotion in this performance. It just felt like she was trying to show off. She kept making fists which looked more aggressive than delicate. Honestly surprised she won gold after she almost fell. Shes an amazing skater and i was super impressed by this vid but kim yuna should have won. Yuna had passion and heart from beginning to end which is something i struggle to see here.
Putin, ISU paid off to the judges.
lily yoon
worst thing ever!!!!!!!!!!
Naz Salahova
Yuna Kim in Vancouver 2010 scored 150.06 in long program. Sotnikova scored 149.95 in Sochi long program, which is very close. One just has to be blind not to recognize that Sotnikova’s score was fixed with all the wrong edges and doubles foot landing etc etc.
What a gold medal thief.
Alyanna Publico
Shame on all the people involved in this. How do you sleep at night? How is this is technically superior than Yuna Kim's? Look at Sotnikova's pre-rotations, wrong take-off edges, underrotations, etc and then look at Yuna's nearly perfect jumps. Compare the GOEs. Not to mention Yuna Kim's exemplary artistry. I'm sorry if this is being mean but Sotnikova's gold is truly one of the biggest jokes of the decade.
Thanh Truong
some one
That awkward moment when the silver is better than the gold.
닭식봣돍 굵역쥙 낡왁 관줡 샇읻엗 때 꼈냛? 심삵위웕 뒈과뤼 밝아뢋 ㅗㅗ 붠역하고 슆찌? 안된돠 쓰벌럼들아
greatpark 1819
José Antonio Gutiérrez López
The Russians gave her the gold medal because she was skating in his country.
Russia is always like that in all Olympics~! lol. it’s not surprising. shame on you Russia. You corrupt all the sports with your disgusting judges
robbed the gold The real champion is Queen Yuna
EXO is my religion
Yuna still the best.
전혀 아름답다는 느낌을 못받았다 삐걱거리는 로봇같이 미숙하다
Тип, который любит бесить
3Flutz+3T< 3F - full blade 3Lo FCSp4 2A+3T 3F+2T+2Lo with step out, two foot landing 3S 2A LSp4 StSq3 ChSq1 CCoSp4 Omg. And this is champion's skating??!
Jenny Whitman
absolutely wrong, dirty, insulting result to itself, not deserving the gold medal
jack riot
I am from Russia and I think Yuna is the one who really deserved gold
rsp j
overscore....Originally, Sotnikova didn't deserve to be olymoic champion. Look at her scores before and after sochi olympics!!
Rachel Rachel
No grace poor performance no shame
Laura Lee
I see how the Russian Figure skating committee is trying to defend her and their rigged decision by not competing in the Pyeongchang Olympics. They know they'll be busted big time.
keilennhxjxjxiksbucbos tagala
Yuna's views reached 7M and this Gold medal girl only has 2M views?
Aleksandra Jackiewicz
If that's a Lutz then I'm the queen of England.
Sotnikova delivered a respectable performance, but Yuna was superior in every aspect -- The jumps, the spins in Yuna's program were executed near perfectly (better than Sotnikova) but were underscored - Sotnikova's was definitely not to that standard; Yuna skated gracefully and elegantly along the music with beautiful steps, moves, emotion and power - In contrast this performance felt like Sotnikova would jump, skate, jump, spin, skate some more and maybe do some actions here and there, and it didn't have that sense of lightness or grace that Yuna had. I'm mad that Yuna didn't get the gold medal she very obviously deserved, and mad at the Russians for ruining the credibility of this sport, but in everyone's heart, Yuna won the gold in Sochi, and she is a bloody legend.
Просто ГЛУПО утверждать, что Аделина "должна отдать" свою золотую медаль Ким Ю На - при всём уважении к последней. Время Ким прошло, у Сотниковой и программа сложнее, и прыжки намного выше, и скорость выше, и больше, чем у Ю На, сложных вращений, и т.д. - ну по всем спортивным параметрам наша фигуристка обошла в этот раз корейскую Примадонну. Извините уж, поклонники Ю На Ким, но всё заслуженно, всё по делу. ВСЁ ОБЪЕКТИВНО.
grav f
Is there someone watching this TERRIBLE VIDEO in 2018?
3:17 that's goldlist two foot randing
At first I felt pity for her since getting more than one deserves often brings about bad result... And after I saw her interviews and comments, I got to know that she was a perfect partner with Russian Skating Union who were pretending to be an International Skating Union... The whole thing is totally ridiculous
Simple Truth
Look at that camera angle of adelina's opening jump!!!! They knew she was going to flutz so they attempted to conceal it with that sideway angle!!! So dirty.
rsp j
Terrible fake olympic champion.
*Wrong edge Lutz, Full-blade Toe loop, Step-out Loop, Prerotated Flip, Unclear edge step sequence, Heavy transition. It's her total package.*
rsp j
I'm so sad because Queen Yuna's last performance was Sochi olympics of 'Russia', of all countries.... After Sochi olympics, Russia is just cheating and uncivilized country to me. Russian audiences also had bad manners.
She is a great jumper but not so good artistically; she tried but it's just not there. And the ending with the waves and trying to amp up the crowd moves is cringe worthy.
Yellow Melon
I wonder if people come every month to belittle Adelina and praise Yuna - kinda strange and I’m not even a fan of Adelina
kim the virtuoso
4:28 did she just make hand gesture to the judges..? really? "oh, hi yall remember to give me extra points even though i make mistakes right?"
ℓσиєℓу ѕσυℓ
I find it that Sotnikova is indeed very talented for a 17 year old skater but when I watch her performance, I feel absolutely nothing. She has speed and jumps but what Kim Yuna has is the ability to move the audience and Kim is more graceful. Kim makes figure skating an art that makes everyone in awe, she is the queen for a reason. Sotnikova has high jumps but they aren't graceful and the mc said that her performance did not have the magic and her performance was unplanned. Personally, I think the judges should have made Kim the winner, not based on how many jumps there are or the moves but on the flow and gracefulness which is what Kin brings to figure skating. Kim also did not make any mistakes and look a 3:16 , Sotnikova made one. A gold can't be earned when you have a flaw.
RM Lustresano
I still can't accept the fact that they don't give back the Gold medal to Yuna until now. The whole world knows how the judges inflated Adelina's scores. Those corrupt Russian officials. Shame on you! Give back Queen Yuna's gold medal. Cheaters!
벌레랑은 얘기안함
안창피하냐 러시아야 어디 최하위 점수줘도 이상할거없는년을...