Bump! Episode 10 - Baby Routine!

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Wow...can you believe we're at Episode 10 of Bump!! Time has flown by. I really hope you're enjoying Bump! and if you get a minute please do comment below to let me know your fave episode in the series so far! Every new parent has a routine that works for their baby, so in this episode of Bump! I chat about our routine with Cooper, what we do, and by following a regular pattern, even at such a young age, Coops kind of knows whats happening! I love reading your comments, so please do let me know your thoughts and i'd love to hear what your routine favourites are. Don't forget to subscribe to my channel as well! Thanks so much, Georgia X

ok wait what you barely posted this and someone already disliked it?THEY HAVENT EVEN WATCHED IT YET
I think people get confused between having routine (as in keeping some things the same such as bathtime) and A routine where you dictate to the baby when they wake/feed such as Gina Ford. A breastfed baby may be predictable but they need to be fed on demand and that’ll change loads with growth spurts etc. You’re doing a fab job Georgia, he seems a lovely baby!
Lindsay Tomkins
Your so down to Earth and lovely 💕😊
Piratas Pirata
What the heck!? Why do you think it's necessary to bathe a baby every night??? Once a week is more than enough for when they're still so little as they don't sweat or get dirty in any way (apart from when there's a poo incident maybe - in those cases it's sometimes easiest to give them a bath to get them cleaned up again) and it is actually bad for their skin to give them a bath every night as that destroys the natural protection of the baby's skin and leads to very dry skin. So for god's sake, cut down on the baths! (Also saves you a lot of time - I don't know why anyone would even want to go through the work and effort of bathing their baby every night. It's so much quicker and easier just to use a wet flannel to clean everything up.)
Mollie Woods
Metanium is amazing! I swear by bepanthen as a barrier cream for every nappy Change but the few times my little one has got sore metanium has worked wonders! Remember you are an amazing mum, don’t let anyone ever try to tell you any different x
Charisse Sullivan
You should both be proud parents you are doing so well, routine is different for every child, i found it wasn't till my daughter was a few months old we started getting into a routine so don't worry if things don't always go to plan you got this! 😊
FYI vests with envelope necks can be removed by sliding the babies arms out and pulling the vest down over bottom. Saves poo getting in hair etc! 😜( I work in a nursery and have used this tip on many occasion!) 💩💩💩
sammy doodle
Lovely honest series. Loved all 10 so far :) and your both doing fab with cooper. :)
c m
Just wait until you have a poonami once he's bigger and in a jumperoo or some form of bouncing toy. He won't stop bouncing and it will spread even further! Ah the joys 💩💩💩🙈
Natalie D'Costa
I don't have a baby but I love watching your videos!! Xxx
Mummy Baby Blog
Lol x
Blogger immeamy
I’ve got a loose routine with my daughter, just meaning that if for whatever reason we are say an hour behind it doesn’t effect her and we don’t have to rush home if we’re out.
Tamara Porritt
Its so amazing to you watch you and your journey of being parents! I cant stop watching! xx
Rachael Sime
Metanium is a life saver!
Gail Dickinson
Routine shmootine 🤣
Samantha Smithers
Hahahaha good luck having a routine with young babies. Mate it’s not gonna happen like that. Everyday is different. There’s no point putting that pressure on yourself. Do what you can in the time you have. U do not want to bath your child everyday it’s so bad for their skin. Takes all the natural oils out of the babies skin.
Charlotte Hardy
Poonami 😳😜💩💩🤢🤣xx