B2K, P. Diddy - Bump, Bump, Bump

B2K's official music video for 'Bump, Bump, Bump' ft. P. Diddy. Click to listen to B2K on Spotify: /> As featured on B2K: Greatest Hits. Click to buy the track or album via iTunes: />Google Play: />Amazon: /> More From B2K Uh Huh: />Gots To Be: />Why'd You Leave Me On Christmas: /> More great Classic RnB videos here: /> Subscribe to B2K on YouTube: /> --------- Lyrics: We sending this out to all the ladies all over the world All the ladies all over the world All my sexy mamas come on Come on a come on now As we proceed to give you what you need You kno i like it when your body goes Bump bump bump Baby turn around, And let me see that sexy body go Bump bump bump (yeah) That is all i want to see, Baby show me (come on) Baby turn around, And let me see that sexy body go (yeah) Bump bump bump The way you throwin that thing at me (uh yeah) I can take it

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Music was better back then...
black white
Brasil caralho
mundo na palma da mão
Essa é pika ha 2018 escutando quem tiver da um salveeeeee há ha
Honey Cullen
When booties were natural lol
Kayla Ford
Anybody else just watching because of love and hip hop Hollywood 😳😏 HIT LIKE !!!
Jackson Mc Oficial
Davenique Johnson
I'm just here to see lil fizz talking about he want the group back together lol
stefany II
Who just watched love and hip hop Hollywood and came here to ask for a reunion? We need a REUNION
I’m here because Fizz is trying to get them back together on Love n Hip Hop.😂😂
Anne Gonzales
Listening in 2018.
Earl Jon
Crazy that this song was written and produced by R.Kelly
2018 anyone
Scorpio L
Why couldn't I be a teenager around the 90s or early 2000s
Christina Manuel
Khadi's Halloween replica brought me here 😂😫😂
Renan blog
2018 😎
Eliete Silva
Que saudade:'(
Adri 2020
2018 here.
Tv Lover149
So Omarion was the Beyoncé of b2k. 😂
Não adianta se esconder vou te encontrar
Flo Ride Her
Hip hop is dead... Took 16 million shots to the head!
Jonathan Mourão Serra
2017 algum brasileiro !!!
Richee Banks
I'm still bump bump bumpin in 2018, la la la
Omarion is an underrated dancer.
Nathalia Nathy
Tem brasileiros escutado?
Hadassagustavo Gustavo
edson santos
Paulo Junior
Tio Meliodas
Farel McDuffie
Anyone else used to have a name belt.. i had the studded one and the light up lmao
Can Omarion just look like this again lol
Luiz Felipe
2018 '-'
daric nd
Diddy's walk is ridiculous 2:21 lol
Keimar Simon
fizz wants you guys to re-unite for a tour!! we do too!!
Flávio Pantoja
BR porra!
SouzaGames IV
Eu Gostaria Muito de estar la dnv nessa época onde esses rap eram perfeitos e ainda aquelas festas que tinham aquelas garotas maravilhosas hj em dia musica boa para esses adolescentes é ANNITA e OUTROS FUNKEIROS XD.. Não sabem oq estariam perdendo Só quem esteve la sabia como é a sensação de relembrar!!!! que saudade dos anos 1990 a 2010. NOSTALGIA A MIL i-i
Queen Arii
Still listening in 2018 i miss you guys . Lik fizz always been my bae sexy ass 😋😋😋😋 goodlawd if i could just have him for 15 mins.
Manuel Pascual
Glad I grew up in the generation where rappers dressed up like they're about to sneak food in the theatre.
Tailenedealmeida Santos
Brasil 2018 e nós
David Araujo
classico bom para recorda
bagulho é chave, auguem 2017???
Fabio Souza
I'm not surprised that R. Kelly had something to do with this song.
Selina Roque
need to watch this video again after watching Khadi 😂😂😂😂🤘
Tatiane Barros
Brasil? Alguém? Só deliciaaaaa
Tracey Trolley
listen to this shit with good earphones oooo damn
Quiel viana
Brasil caralho 2018.
Mael Franco
Br ? alguém ai ? rss
Kefa Abdul-Khaliq
Who came here from Latoya’s story time video?
thalia Gomes thatha
Esse hip hop me faz dança que nem robo
Yaseen Baker
When Pdiddy was bump bump bumping Omarion in the butt!
Will Cartman
Nostalgia reinando aqi slc
Lucas Martins
alguem em 2017 aqui?
Ariyana Samuels
Who listening in 2018
We all know diddy ment all the men
agz baluyut
Back then when the booty's real . 😂😂😂
tatiana Mckoy
Damn j boog ❤️❤️❤️❤️ who did I not know how fine he was 😍😍
Jo Stevens
Who 40 year old uncle/ producer in the background making them unnecessary noises.
Sajida Hussain
Umeed Kassam
2017 anyone ?
Carlos Gamer
2018 !! Brasil !
Lariian Broomfield
Anybody listening to this in 2017 🤔 or just me
Brunna Guimarães
Nuh essa era da minha infância kkkkkkkk 28/11/2017
luck nhas
ahmad koran
I dnt care diddy killed this
luiz ricardo
assistindo em 2018 , deixa um like
Rachel Stoutamire
P. Diddy always gotta be in somebody video lol
Randomgirl Mizgorski
José Roberto
2018 deixa o like ae ;
Foma William
Thought Omarion was the Beyonce of B2K. I was so wrong.
Eliza Santos
Bump Bump Bump Brasil 2018 caralho
Vennie Smith
This is better than the crap kids listen to now
Maxwel Frota
alguem ouvindo em 2017
diego david
Nostalgia ouvindo em 2018
Sunny Moha
2020 vote music
Euler Carmo
Alguém 2018
Dicko Nama
p diddy is a very bad dancer
Caio Delmondes de lima
2018 quem vai curti Brasil . show
Roberta Santos
15/3/18 E eu aqui muitíssimo apaixonada por esse clipe 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
2018 😎😀
Giorgi Chikvaidze
Camille Acevedo
these were the good ol days for me.
Geovana Crozara
Samantha B
Alguém 2018?
RaVyn Wright
Ivanitha Bodero
2018 ❤❤💋💋
That awkward moment when the group has a full time rapper and he get's sidelined for a diddy verse...
The fighter inside
B2k was raped for the deal
Dede N
Who else is from Latoya’s story time 😋
Rahinna Lucero
2018 here!!!
The 2000's Mindless Behavior LMAO😭
Joga Sujo
To emocionado
Who remembers b2klovesyou.com
OF Official
John Mccoy
What happened to houston i like that. Good song
Lorena Leticia
Brasil 2017 alguém? 😍🙉🙊
BKaker Productions
Bolsonaro 2018!! Vai corinthians!!! Palmeiras não tem mundial..
Angel Amuzu
Who’s still listening to it now