Beauty And The Beast S01E07

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sojourn Traveler
IF the subtitles worked when you dumped the sound it would not be so bad.
Nelofer Shahin
Plz add all season's episode to watch plz plz plz...
Cross C Cologne
No sound for minutes right in the middle! That sucks
Emane Ahmed
Lana Lang from smallivile omg
Manisha Biswas
Episode 4 5 6 missing??
Krisan Thomas
Some body plz can attend this episode
Barbara Weiler
Sound goes in and out
Ibrhim Cisse
Plus can you dowload season 2
Jumjum Tilano
No sound so frustrating
GamerGirl Miller
&then it jus repeates its self?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Maria Almeida
Alguém sabe me dizer onde eu encontro todas as temporada dublada ???
In the original with Linda Hamilton & Ron Pearlman, there other disfigured people in camps; underground & other places, I didn't follow this series so closely, but u would think there would have something similar in this 1.
What's up with the sounds poor but good
sera talamoni
Terrible when the sounds come in and go out.
Weslany Bastos
Por favor postem traduzidos tds os episodios😢
GamerGirl Miller
captions plz