Jacqueline Kennedy: White House Tour - Documentary Film

*Damn...Jackie Kennedy gave a pretty accurate Natalie Portman impersonation. :b*
Lucas Dunker
So cool watching this after watching "Jackie"!
Alexus Rivera
is it just me or does jackie's voice give you that soothing feeling?
Brian Ferguson
What a classy woman it's a shame today's generation isn't more like this.
Robert Muir
Ay yo i'm Jackie Kennedy, and this is my criiiiiib
Boho Hobo
Why is it that everyone back in the day seemed to talk so soft and almost with an accent on some letters? When did that stop? It was nice.
Fabian Carreon
her voice is so soothing ! she always makes me sleepy
She took her job as FIrst Lady so seriously. She was one of a kind. Beautiful woman.
Lumi Mitchell
...this is who JFK felt the need to cheat on? She's stunning, fascinating and and a charming lady. I'll never understand people with wonderful spouses who cheat, particularly with people like Monroe.
I love the moments when the smile on her face genuinely showed her passion and dedication to her project. Bravo, Mrs. Kennedy.
She speaks as if reading a fairy tale to her children.
Chris Allen
There has never been or ever will be a woman of such Grace, Beauty, and Style in the White House.
She had a very sweet and nice voice..very relaxed.
Yo Daddy 9999
Marie Bellucci
What a gorgeous voice!!!! <3
Stefany Gv
Seen this after seen Jackie makes Natalie's performance so much amazing... her accent and even her moves and how she walks was perfect
Les Amis de la cuisine provençale
Natalie Portman imitated her voice and it's absolutly gorgeous !
i could listen to this lady talk all day. her voices gives me the chills
Jackie was such a beautiful First Lady, her voice is so soothing. I could listen to her speak all day, She made the White House a beautiful place like it is today. No wonder it was considered Camelot, they definitely brought elegance to the White House.
She was so passionate about the White House and preserving American history. After Eleanor Roosevelt, my favorite First Lady, she made such a wonderful addition to the White House, the role of the First Lady, and making the White House the people's house. She doesn't really get the credit that she deserves.
Deneka Lewis
NATALIE PORTMAN is magnificent as Jackie. She captured her so well.
Christina Archer
I remember seeing this when I was a child.  She was beautiful.
Richie Bustamante
They talk so different from us today.. very kind and cute.
Tam Raaah
She was so pretty. She was beaming on this video. She really liked talking about the White House
Maria Sim
I came here after watching Jackie. And oh-my-god, Natalie is just so incredible, I am mindblown.
Portman ridiculously exaggerated the way she talked in Jackie.
Jackie has an ASMR voice (see youtube videos). Most soothing. So many young women these days are speaking with a loud, nasal, shrill, clipped squawk - listen to some of the women on GMA and CNN news - horrible! And now, thanks to the Kardashians, add to that the croaking of the new trendy "vocal fry" Howard Stern complained about on a youtube rant - and you've got a generation of startled nighthawks. If they only knew what they sounded like. So a throaty, slow, soft, hushed voice like Jackie's is like having cool water trickle down your spine. 
Her voice is so soothing ahhhh! Helps me sleep
WHO wrote the subtitles ??????? A person who could not speak English?
Leila Mulia
Who else is here after watching Jackie?
Pete Brewer
I find Jacqueline's voice so soothing.
Jason Rosha
She is stunning, with grace and measured poise. Its aesthetically very pleasing. But I will argue that that is hardly a necessary virtue for the role of first lady. I appreciate a role model who demonstrates intellectual ability, empathy, and attentiveness to the issues of the world. Which is not to say she didn't possess it, but the were clearly undervalued qualities of the time.
The Slayer
My favorites bit is when she says "I don't know! That's such a complicated question, I just think everything in the Whitehouse should be the best". She's dodging a touchy socialist question, separating herself from serious politics, and being patriotic in wanting the best for the Whitehouse.
msjuicy ツ
Hard to see but I'm in love with the house in Jackie the movie if it really looked like that then wow
Her voice is wild. Jackie Kennedy definitely knew her history. She was very thorough.
_Magenta Arrow_
After watching "Jackie" Natalie Portman nailed Mrs Kennedy's accent!!!
Wow Natalie Portman nailed this.
Marcus Crassus
JFK was pretty eloquent even when speaking informally with no script.
Imzadi Beloved
This is a wonderful piece of history , where we get to know JACQUELINE KENNEDY .what am amazing woman !!!!
Valar Morghulis
I grew up on cape cod, where the Kennedy family often lives, and it was cool to see their houses and see different family members in public. everyone loves Jackie. All of the women in my family talked about her.  My Grandpa even helped one of the Kennedy women who was kayaking by herself in the bay and was having troubles lol
JFK comes in at 49:00
This woman had such a magnetic glow and charm and her voice is better than a warm glass of milk. She was also very beautiful.
Sp33dracer 812
I saw Jackie today, I got to say that the movie and Nat Port got her and this tour exactly perfect!!!
mrs trump: here, is the bedroom where... trump: old stuff! get it out, get it out now! mrs trump: the men are here with the sign for the roof darling... trump: too small! get it out!
Melody Foulk Manwaring
It is very interesting to watch this, but the captioning is terrible.
Jeff Harris
Who wrote those ridiculous captions?
John F. Kennedy Jr. definitely took after his mother.
Maggi V
I hope no one is depending on the subtitles for accuracy.
Fascinating.  Thanks for posting.  For any "Grey Gardens" fans out there, you can sure hear some of Little Edie's vocal mannerisms in Jackie.
Kelly oxo
I could probably paint that on my walls, no one in my family likes murals on their walls. o_o Wow so neat she did that. Kind of a history lesson when you walk in the room.
Owen Berg
Jackie's voice was just SO soothing and relaxing
genneral edmond
Jacqueline Kennedy strategically elaborated on how beautiful the White House household was. She had a hand in some of the decorating at the White House. However, she only told half the History of the White house truth. Construction of the White house was in 1792. The main residence, as well as foundations of the house, were built largely by enslaved and African American laborers, as well as employed Europeans. I commend her on her expertise and intellectual art fundamentals. Rip Mrs. Kennedy.
Ben Wherlock
I just watched this for the subtitles! :D
I wonder who underwrites the White House home owners insurance
Christopher Kinzig
She took me on a personal tour all those years ago...I fell in love with White House History.
Brendan Hensler
Anyone else see this in season 2 of mad men and came to see the whole thing?
She is the epitome of American class. Michelle Obama is next in line. Modern day class. Lovely to the max...
greenday lover
I just got back from seeing Jackie and I thought Natalie Portman was spot on!
veronica moreno
she amazes with her knowledge of art and history. lovely
She had such class and style, and a beautiful soft voice, wonderful.
Mrs. Kennedy is the classiest first Lady ever a real lady who stood as a symbol all by herself 
L.F. Thornton
I agree this is not so much mid-Atlantic as upper class New York. I am soft spoken as she is, but my accent is influenced from living in the South and in Jamaica/ I really love the way she sounds -- such a contrast to the terrible way young women speak these days: Vocal fry. That clipped chewing up of words that now prevails -- is it from California? I don't know, but the SNL spoof on The Californians provides a very exaggerated version of it. Plus, they say "literally," "actually," "amazing," and "like" until I cannot listen to them anymore. I wish people would go back to elocution lessons. I don't mind accents but the current mode of speaking, especially among young women, is so grating. I am impressed about how many people commenting here mention how soothing Jackie's voice is. I remember that from when I saw this program as a young girl. We were all surprised at the way she spoke, as no one in the public had ever heard her before.
Liz Von Villas
"May none but honest and wise men reside under this roof" :(
Shiloh Willis
she's precious. I had to get used to her speaking at first. but now I have to agree that it's a very gentle soothing sound. love u, Jackie
She's beautiful!
Julie K Munden
My daughter is portraying Jackie for a school project! ♥️♥️♥️ Jackie
24:18 The mantel inscription ..."May none but honest & wise men ever rule under this roof". I can imagine the whispers among the dinner guests should #45 ever host a meal in the State Dining Room
My goodness she is soothing. I’m falling asleep. Such a Heavenly voice
Steve Matthews
Fascinating to watch this after viewing the movie 'Jackie'.Natalie Portman clearly studied this footage closely though I still found her performance stilted.
Alberto Ascari
newt nevesyt
This documentary was directed by Franklin J. Schaffner.  Six years later, he directed "Planet of the Apes."  Two years after that, he won the Oscar for directing George C. Scott in "Patton."
Alexandra Keleti
The White House is getting redone again. It's getting a new paint job, a new carpet, and new chandeliers. Otta be beautiful.
I'm listening to this every night and her voice makes my sleepy so smooth, love her voice.
Griselda Torres
I listen to Jackie Kennedy voice every single night just so I can fall asleep.
Kelly oxo
1:08 She is funny also…lol. She and Marilyn have lots in common.
Chloe Grieshaber
73 Questions With Jackie Kennedy | Vogue
Ok, so it was totally overacting
mags _
Everyone saying her voice is so beautiful and soothing....and all I can hear is Edith and Edie in Grey Gardens 😬😬
Platinum Brunette
The closed captioning is a hoot!
It's as if she had dubbed Disney's Cinderella. How their accent evolution led to Sandra Bullock remains a mystery.
D Me
Gotta love her. I could listen to her talk WH history all day - or whatever she wanted to talk about.
Teddy Malvar
It feels wonderful to hear Jacqueline Kennedy's voice. It sounds very relaxing! She is an amazing speaker! Why do very few women speak like that?
Tom Rose
Jackie was born exactly 71 years before me, mental
Dasha Perekhodova
I wonder who are those 89 people who did not like this? this is iconic.
Jacqueline Kennedy was the female role model of the 60's. Now we have our youth looking up to Niki Minaj and her demoralizing filth.
MattMan Reviews
Natalie Portman really screwed up
joe mcclintock
seeing a portion of this on Mad Men brought me here ..also ASMR lol
Chris Canale
love Jackie
Simon Brooke
Wonderful history but the subtitles are hilarious - so inaccurate. "President" becomes "effeminate"!
Genevieve Lee
why does she sound like Marilyn Monroe?
Mellie from "Scandal" is kind of like her... 😂
Haegeman Antoine
Greetings from Haegeman Antoine from Belgium from Beersel (Huizingen).
Z.A .K
Holy crap Natalie Portman sounds exactly like this
Such a stark and drastic difference of class, elegance and respect between First Ladies like Jackie Kennedy (D) and Nancy Reagan (R), compared to Michelle Obama.
Sadie M
Such a beautiful voice
Stevie Weevie
She's wonderful. I'm from England. Never heard her talk before. She's also inspired me to watch The Stepford Wives.
Martha astor Beauty isnt always what ones facial appearance is. Grow up. Jackie was one amazingly gorgeous woman. Inside and out.
Kristine RH1
Jackie was not that pretty. She had a big head, big forehead, wide set eyes, wide mouth, crooked teeth, and a manly jaw.
Incidentally, she pronounced her name zhock-LEEN, the French (and I believe most authentic) pronunciation.
Rebecca Rogers
I was one of the 46 million. And she wasn't parroting Marilyn--that was her voice.