Death in the Ring: Experts describe what went wrong in fatal kickboxing fight at Eagles Club

Amateur kickboxer Dennis Munson Jr. died after his debut fight in March 2014 at the Eagles Club in Milwaukee. Independent experts say there was a cascade of errors by fight officials.

Esoteric Ed
The doctor and referee should be charged with manslaughter, if someone dies as a result of your negligence, you are to blame.
Mr. Marino
TOTAL NEGLIGENCE. All these people should be charged, seriously.
Its WysDumb
Im no pro but round 2 ?! I even peeped his feet.. ref and doc and his coach didnt even care... wow
This doctor is a complete idiot. Shameful!! RIP big guy and big prayers for his family.
This was very difficult to watch. The way this young man kept fighting, shows he had alot of heart. May he rest in paradise. Shame on the ref, ringside doc and his corner
adao ramos
Who else wants to knock out the ref and the doctor
Charles Winokoor
And in the very old days of boxing, a fighter who knocked someone out often would show concern for the well being of his vanquished competitor, instead of continually strutting around the ring.
I hope the Doctor, Ref and Coach were ALL charged with at least Criminal Negligence Causing Death!!!
Poor kid is stumbling all over and nobody notices or says anything? So wrong. Is winning so important you let this young man die? I couldn’t even watch the ending of this. Heartbreaking.
Cristian Trejo
Rip a true warrior im sorry this happened to you
This was so avoidable. Such a shame. The doctors, ref, and coach should all be charged.
Jeff Wilson
The referee and the fighters own support team killed this man
Eboklang Dkhar
he's a quack not a doctor. The fighter could have been saved
Omg a missing 32 second section, RIGHT in the critical moments in which a SECOND video shows him holding him up and slapping him in the face? If THAT'S not an attempted, "cover up," I don't know WHAT is! The Ref and the Doctor should be BOOOOOO'd EVERY time they ever show up around a fight again, if they never have any other meaningful consequences.
Your Fabulous Happy Mann
Well they killed that young man....I hope they sleep well.
If I was the opponent and notice how strange dude is reacting barely being able to stand his own balance to fight back, I’d stop the match myself.
Nick Nick
Criminal neglect. Tragic. Everyone overlooked this young man’s condition. Thirty minutes to get to a hospital. I hope his family gets retribution
wilfred zielinski
this is so sad R.I.P young man
Christopher Gibson9mm
At round 3 it's clear to a blind man this fight should be stopped.
Madyguindin7 Guindin
Freaking cell phone is way more important then a human life those days
Thirteen Villains
This was actually hard to watch... Like anyone with eyes could see something was wrong.
kevin cabral
Both the Dr and the Ref should be charged, sued and Never be allowed into Any type of combat sports.
Burke and Wills Adventure
Carlos Feliciano you're the shame of all ringside Drs. You deserve jail for you incompetence.
Tony Powell
Doctor and ref should be charged with murder.
Justin Torres
They killed that man..i didnt see anykne help him whatsoever. Thats alright because that man is no longer suffering nor dealing with mistreatment. Rest in peace brother, these men will be damned for what they have done to you. God bless
The doctor and the medic were completely negligent but im even more disgusted at the coach. How could he send *his* guy in there like that?!?
Every official controlling this fight should be behind bars. Especially the Dr and ref, they should be permanently banned when they get out of jail.
His coach is just as much to blame for not calling that fight
Cathartic Canuck
you dont need any experts to CLEARLY see that Dennis was having issues....within second of understanding that, you run through possibilities.. 1) Exhaustion 2) Injury 3) Brain anomaly 1) Exhaustion. Ruled out in less than a second in my opinion observing first just dont begin 2nd round fully exhausted dropping arms, stumbling, rabbit punching...esp. if the first round for most part was one of energy, and focus. 2) Injury ruled out in less than 1 sec. Do not care how tough a man you are, you WILL wince if injury is a real injury.....never saw Dennis wince once, only stumble, many times 3) As we have know eliminated exhaustion,. and injury, we are left with the conclusion...even if we do NOT know what is happening with the brain function, signals etc..etc.. we now , KNOW its most likely a brain function anomaly. Evidence -Rabbit punches -Balance issues -Coordination issues -Situational awareness fading -Apparent exhaustion without cause (trained kick boxer, trained for endurance...esp. more than 1 rd.) -Many more evidences i could list Judgment (my opinion) -Set work "life" for referees, doctors..etc.etc.. while not an excuse. no one "ever" dies in fight sports. Monotony, played KEY role in all three experienced observers. Need to always keep possibility of death in minds at all times Very sad, VERY sad event.
Melodic Harmony
A total travesty. I'm no "expert" fight analyzer, but I would have stopped him after Round 2. At this point, it's not about winning. There is life after a fight.
skelki Galatasaray
If this one man can be called a doctor,...than im an austronaut.
Goran Kostic
What a warrior!rest in peace brother.
Kiki's Kurls
NO oxygen? Really!🤔😱🤬 *That LOUSY doctor wanted him dead*
All of these lowlifes look as though they're more concerned with the upcoming happy hour than WTF they're supposed to be focused on.
Jason V
I didn’t see any major head blows sustained in the fight. He likely suffered a significant blow days prior to the fight, which was critically exacerbated during this match.
Duke Silver
I couldn’t imagine just slowly dying while everyone around me just ignored it. This was hard to watch.
James Hawkins
The corner guy is a fuktard . Good going killing a first time fighter
Anthony Browne
I've watched this fight several times and still don't understand what fight the trainer, doctor and referee were watching. After round 1 the fighter shows so many signs he is not right. Hands go down, foot work is unstable. As his trainer he should know his fighter, you'd be thinking what's he doing, , that's not right? The doctor may as well been sat at home, absolutely pointless being there, doesn't even go to the corner. The ref, well he shocked me the most, you can Kind of see he has concerns at the end of round two, he watches the corner. But does nothing... I think every coach, ref, medical staff in MMA, BOXING ANY COMBAT SPORT should have to watch this fight as standard procedure. To make sure no fighter be left alone in the ring! Prayers to his family, RIP Never should have happened.
Louie Pellegrino
Fucking sad man!! God bless his family.
Russwel Siano
salute to the young brave fighter . my heart bleeds while watching this video
Hidden Star
I just watched a death match...surrounded by bunch of useless people. damn!
kira kim
The referee and the Doctor deserved to spend the rest of their life in jail 🤬🤬🤬!
Ekaterina Stoeva
This is so sad ...I can't belive that they all let this happen, when it was so obvious!
Daniel Brady
When the fighter is wobbly like he's shitfaced you call the fight.
Brian Estrada
Did the lights at the end affect anyone's vision? I think I got a visual migraine or seizure from it.
Brade Bronson
That doctor should get charged ...
Bennie Blanks
I expected this to be a case of Monday morning quarterbacking on the part of medical experts, but I was dead wrong. This was difficult to watch; everyone whose job it was to protect this man was negligent. The deterioration of motor skills was obvious, even to a layman.
Mercy Annah
I hope these ruthless officials were arrested...God punish them
Kaelan Dean
I see a bunch of comments talking about how embarrassing a death this is but I feel otherwise. Obviously it is a damn shame that this fighter passed so young in such an avoidable way, but can we give him a little respect for fighting through what must have been severe disorientation and also pain from being hit so frequently? An absolute soldier. He nobly stood and banged it out until the very end ignoring what his body told him in the name of the art. A true warrior mindset from his first fight. It is on his TRAINER, HIS CUTMAN, HIS DOC, AND THE REF to care for his body, a fighter must focus on the fight or he will get hurt even more or lose what they struggled so much for. "Theirs not to reason why, Theirs but to do and die", this man trusted them and they betrayed him, but at least give his death the noble memory that he earned.
Josh Weight
sounds like the crowd notices something is wrong around 4:00 when ref puts his hand up all i can hear is come on ref n something being said like their telli ng him to stop the fight
Gig Young
This is sick. All of the ring officials should be summarily fired and charged with criminal negligence.
Derek Akers
I think the worst part about the whole thing is that after he collapses, his opponent is strutting around the ring for applause. That is a trait of a coward.
All 3 are to blame but I think his coach is the biggest p.o.s. of em all
Michael Gross
man they had a bunch of freaking idiots working that day
Serious... ref and doc and trainier should go to jail...young man died because no ones cares about him... jesus christ
That's definitly the most disturbing death I've ever seen the ring. Terribly sad.
Muata Morris-omowale
Looks as if it was a conspiracy to kill this fighter...
Helen Ivanic
If I were the kickboxer and Dennis was my opponent, in my mind I'll be ask why he isn't fighting back or at least trying. I'm no doctor, and even I can tell when something is wrong. All this could have been avoided and Dennis would still be alive today. The referee, the doctor and Dennis's couch should be in prison.
sWord smith
This is hard to watch. I’m no medical doctor myself, but the signs are very easy to see and nobody is doing anything about it. It’s disturbing. All these people are here for is a flipping paycheck. What a shame, that no one said or did anything! This makes me so angry! Especially the fact that his body is deteriorating before our eyes! These people should be fired! Doctors, trainers, referee and staff! Pathetic and disgusting!
TG Lab
Its the refs fault for neglegence and should be held responsible for any death occuring
IVE BEEN A EXPERT IN KICKBOXING FOR 6 minutes and I could see this guy was done and fight should of been stopped!!
That is clearly a negligence from the referee and the duty doctor. I can even see what's wrong in there.
M Hawkes
Poor guy, went out to enjoy what he loved and because of laziness and negligence he’s no longer with us. It hurts my soul to know he was unwell whilst receiving many of those shots but still continued on bravely. R.I.P man
Dontonio Jones
To me it looks like the coach drugged him & the effects were kicking in minute by minute dis was murder & multiple roles were played from the coach ,ref,& doctor flat tf out
Chris M
That doctor should lose his license. The ref should be banned for life. Both should face manslaughter charges.
David Benavides
So disgusted by this, the young man was bullied into continuing, God bless his soul may the people people who were supposed put his safety first be held accountable and punished! #God gained another soilder
Sean McCourt
The opponent should have known something wasnt right!
Arnan Chowdhury
How could the coach not ask him if he’s ok. Player literally fell on him. The ref is even worse
Yolanda F
Wait did the Dr n ref n coach get in trouble? What happened?
I blame the black guys corner team. They should have thrown in the towel after round 2 if not sooner. In a fight your corner men should be your first line of defense because they know you the best and at near the end of round 2 their fighter looked like absolute shit. They should have seen the drastic change in their fighter, its like night and day. I do boxing and can clearly tell when any fighter at my gym is in trouble because i train with them daily. Clearly the black guys corner men were more worried about winning than his safety. His coach cushman is a complete tool, its an amateur fight you win nothing but bragging rights yet he was treating it like a professional championship match with everything on the line.
Loki Motive
The other fighter himself had to know something was off.....he could of stopped the fight as well
Chadwick Willingham
Dennis munson Jr. You are a warrior and a true fighter.. RIP young man .... the dr. And ref need to be in prison
Spitfire’s Take
GROSS NEGLIGENCE on the part of the so called ringside doctor and “referee” Sh!tty people!
Des dren Trooper
Why bother with a referee & doctor if this is what happen's....Nobody will be held accountable,thats for sure...
VCR Time Machine
Jesus...the guy was out on his feet in the 3rd round. How could no one see this?
Matt Gelfand
Right but...why was his opponent unable to knock him down? He was taking awkward weak swings the whole match. Kinda strange that despite how wobbly he was, his opponent couldn’t do anything about it.
Sergeant Bilko
All the signs were there, easy to see and the ones who could have stopped the fight just let it go on. Crazy!!
Steve Smith
all of them should go to jail!
Probably racist!! Freaking unbelievable!!.. he was staggering after the second round !!
Archaeologists Band
This is a disgrace. As a fighter myself, I was knocked down in a fight and it took me some time to get to my feet. I popped up fine, I moved with ease, but the ref called it. The audience and myself were pissed. But, I think it's better safe than sorry.
Charles Truter
We won't allow chickens and dogs to fight like this but we are very happy to watch humans do it. We are all guilty, every one of us.
Akim Murry
All of them should be in jail especially the doctor 🥼 and ref should never ref again
Ce boxeur n'était pas en état d'être lucide. C'est l'arbitre et le médecin qui doivent repérer les symptômes de son état de santé et faire ce qu'il faut. J'espère qu'ils seront condamnés pour ne pas avoir stoppé le match et ne pas avoir évacué ce boxeur aux urgences. This boxer was not in a position to be lucid. It is the referee and the doctor who must identify the symptoms of his state of health and do the right thing. I hope they will be sentenced for not stopping the match and not evacuating this boxer in the emergency room.
The Beester
You know I don’t know much about kick boxing but these people are sick they watched him die
a fan
i think the doctor is fake. he should be jailed for life for being useless.
Ronnie Rodriguez
In round 2 the man was staggering every where .limbs dropping .feet coordination all off.Those are all signs for the reff to be concerned
David Rogers
This really pisses me off incompetents all the way around somebody should be charged especially the ring Doctor
Sean M
Plenty of malfeasance to go around here. This the danger of pursuing a life of getting punched in the face.
Ethen Trevanion
And this Is why amateurs need to wear head gear
Luke Chadwick
His corner know him best and should have realised. Poor guy. RIP
when you have to stop someone from falling over they shouldnt be boxing
Ricky Sanchez
Looks like to me the reff saw what was going on
T Bud
The other fighter can't beat a dying man is the saddest part.
NewZealand Hua
I'm blind and I can clearly tell this fight needed to be stopped start of round 2!!
Stefanos Stef
If i was the Coach i would go home and try to understand how tf can i be so stupid and then i would quit the sport. If i was the referee i would apologise for being that criminally irresponsible, i would quit and i would try to avoid jail. If i was the doctor i would probably shoot myself in the head for letting such thing happen under my watch. If i was the enemy player i wouldn't know wtf to do, because these three idiots didn't do their jobs and i killed a man and i have to live with that for the rest of my life.
Chris Kenner
He's got a huge hematoma on the left side of his head! This should have been stopped!
sal been
People can't even put their phones down when someone's dying
Dontonio Jones
This shit right here don't sit right wit me dis murder in the public eye
Keisha Robinson
I look it up and they say actions are being taking against all who was involved.
Joshua Gooden
I would have pulled him out in the second round he wasn't even holding his hands up he was just taking hits to the face hope to God his family is suing