Athlete Wires lyrics

Lyrics to Wires by Athlete

Athlete Wires lyrics

So... um, am I the only one who didn't come here from vampire diaries?
Ping Ping
you're coming here from The vampire diaries :)
emeliine .z
Vampire Diaries: Stefan and Elena 😢😩😞
My 2nd child was very premature and almost didn't make it. This song always held a special place in my heart <3
OMG wish everyone would shut the hell up about Vampire diaries on here. This song is about the artists premature child. It's a powerful song. Not about some whiny vampires
jaylinn stewart
TØP Obsessed
Just started watching The Vampire diaries a couple weeks ago. It's so good
ᴏᴛᴀᴋᴜ ғᴇᴅɪᴅᴏ
diana krastewa
brooke davis and lucas scott <33
Guims Maeva
One Tree Hill and Vampire Diaries
14 years today mum. Feels like 14 days. Love you so much xxx
Taylor j
I heard this on vampire diaries and I was so obsessed with finding this song that I downloaded a app called shazam to figure out what the name was 😂😂😂😂
Scherie Memorey
i came here from the vampire diaries because i love the show soo much sometimes it makes me cry 💋❤💙💚💛💜💓💔💕💖💗💘💝💞💟
Dark Paradise
Arno Lachica
Stefan and Elena
One Tree Hill .
Sam I Am
One Tree Hill brought me here
Sunshine Hernandez
I know this is about a premature baby, but I think about a death that happened too soon.
Dr Who
its very emotional song that's why its very beautiful song.
Annie Nguyen
reminds me of when my son was in the nicu...
Canal Girls
delena e stelena omg love llove love love 4ever pra sempre
May _Bored
mah favourite song #ILoveVampireDiaries
Shipper Trash
Brooke & Lucas
I don't particulary enjoy the melody, but the lyrics are wonderful and they speak to me
georgia grande
One tree hill :)
One Buffalo
Funny how both failed shipping involved this song lmao brucas and stelena caught the L after they got this song
Adam Butcher
Under rated tune/band. Excellent work chaps
Sweet Impala
TVD gone but not forgotten
I know this is about a premature baby but this reminds me when I was 5 years old and was suffering from Meningitis and me mum showing me photos of me close to death on the hospital bed and I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for her 😢❤️❤️❤️❤️
kissickle yin
its been nearly six years and i still listen to this! i love it :)
Unzis MSP
When I was young I nearly died with pyloric stenosis and my mam and dad used to sing this song to me, it would remind them of what happened to me.
misterjohn john
POSTSCRIPT 1ST ; The following was written before I re-heard the lyrics Properly, and originally this song reminded me of a close relative in hospital who died just before Christmas aged 12 after a very, very long battle with a relentless cancer← Postscript. My original comment; i usually prefer instrumental music, but this song hit me hard. Anyone who has had a loved one seriously ill in hospital knows the feeling. It's been a couple of decades, but it still hurts. Its also a beautiful little piece of music, but the lyrics.... ;'~[ And ;~)
Imma get my bro to go on the voice and sing this and i will play dis on the piano for him
clare herbert
My baby was so poorly nearly lost him, he's now 19 years old such a beautiful young man. I tell him everyday I love him. So precious my life and world.
Mona Lisa Lisa Mona
My mum was in a coma for 3 months and she had tears running down , she never woke up , miss you mum.
TheGilmoreGirl17 B
Brooke and Lucas brought me here ❤️
Daria Hutcherson
Brooke and Lucas💔
Florian de Boisvilliers
Brucas <3
Price Captain
cyx <3
Stelena & Brucas :)
The Real Benard
vampire diaries really got me listening to this . 😂❤️
Meme Crider
Emily Coughlin
Kayla Deak
same I'm on the fourth season and it is SO good! This song probably relates to one of the most emotional moments in the show so far.
Mona Lisa Lisa Mona
Shemaiah Mcdowell
i love this song
ilayda çınkır
Hearts A'Mess
It just now occurs to me- as I'm reading along with the song- to wonder what ISN'T being said outright in the lyrics. "Your dried blood on my fingertips" is a line I never gave too much thought to before, having written it off as the result of the speaker having been the one to find/ attempt to revive the person who is now clinging to life in the hospital. If that person slit their wrists- as the song seems to imply- then he probably WOULD have bloody fingertips from having checked for a pulse before calling for help. I also get the feeling that the speaker might actually feel personally responsible for what's happening, though... as metaphorical blood on one's hands is usually a classic symptom of GUILT. So which is it... literal heroism, or metaphorical self-incrimination? I feel like the entire song's true meaning is hinged upon accurately interpreting what's actually being said, here.
Elena GilbertFangirlofsomestuff
Aww my favorite stelena song ever this is so sad i feel like crying i remember when they broke up in season 2 it made me cry because i still ship stelena and i always will rip stelena and rip tvd the good old days i miss the human elena ughh sadly ...
Your friendly neighbourhood nobody
So, when I was a kid I dealt with a chronic illness called JIA. This song makes me cry every time, because it reminds me of me as a kid. That little girl, wires coming out of her skin, crying in unfathomable pain... But, she'll be alright. She'll get better, she'll learn to deal with the pain, make friends, have a life. I have flashbacks to those corridors and automatic doors... But looking at me now, you'd never know.
joao pedro
Roque Ribeiro Júnior
STELENA FOREVER Que saudade dessa série.
Faviroute song
SaPeet NoGood
Not a bad recommendation... #yqbaba..
Sharon Gethziah
Who else came from 'yourquote'
Hey, amazing movie! have a great evening :o)
George williams
My 90s kid's who heard this on one tree Hill and discovered it was about his child? Such a beautiful sad song
Nanda CSousa
Dakota Spinks
i came from the charli xcx cover
Amelia Durrant
This song came out around the same time as I was born and this was pretty much what happened to me, scary stuff children
my drama teacher last year but this on once in a lesson. I was in a very bad place at that time mentally I thought this song was about someone that tried to kill theirselves and got put in the hospital after a suicide attempt
This band might be third rate Coldplay/Keane, but this song is pretty good
sweet serenity
"I have no words but to let u go...but you'll be alright...."
mourmes chrystel
Dans la bo de 17 ans encore
Nathaniel Hartley
Idk about Vampire Diaries but this is the juice. A Charli XCX cover sent me here. Lol
Kanna Roirraw
This would make a pretty good nuts n dolts amv.
Elizabeth Perris
Shut up about vampire diaries I have cerebral palsy and my dad sings this to me everyday of my life and when he does I cry
Virginie BONNET
stephen and elena <3 #max
Amarieon Maybell
this is my song
Alfie Massey
I love this song so much
Gabrielle SH7
so good 😊😀
Young Doc Bates
Great tune, thanks for sharin'
Franz Marcos
did Jim really love June that much?
Whitney Blair
this is the best song
Niamhy Potter
Such a sad song bout cancer 😭
Whitney Blair
love it
mark pryde
I can relate to this 😞😞
Yasmina Hamdi
what's the reason for making this song?
Poly Orchid
If you have to come here from some film/series you need to get into music properly. Oh and btw this song is based on a true story.
Brendadirk Cramplescrunch
the wonderful part about music is that it can be interpretated in many different ways. May it be a heartbreak or dealing with a death or premature birth... the list goes on.
When you speed this up a bit, it becomes this amazing upbeat slightly uplifting reggaeish masterpiece
Geovana Teixeira
musica ruim
bryan mcdade
you can't rhyme corridors with doors. get a grip.
Rose Mata
I wonder the meaning behind this song
Jade Ollerton
find it sad how people keep putting is it just me who's here because of vampire diaries this song isn't about a pathetic break up of shit actors from a shit show its about prem babies and means a lot to parents going through that
I keep putting this on repeat..
Shelby Breneman
I love this song so much :)
one of my most favourite songs<3 it's so beautiful! ♥Vampire Diaries forever♥