Ronaldo vs Zidane ( Inter Milan vs Juventus 97/98)

21 years old Ronaldo vs 25 Years old Zinedine Zidane .. Two Legends facing each other in a game between Inter Milan vs Juventus 1997 1998 season ... For daily updates and videos join The Facebook Page: ◄ ► Squad : .. Goalkeepers 01.Italy Gianluca Pagliuca 12.Italy Andrea Mazzantini 22.Italy Raffaele Nuzzo Defenders[edit] 02.Italy Giuseppe Bergomi 03.Italy Massimo Tarantino 04.Argentina Javier Zanetti 05.Italy Fabio Galante 07.Italy Salvatore Fresi 16.Nigeria Taribo West 21.Italy Luca Mezzano 24.Italy Luigi Sartor 33.Italy Francesco Colonnese 35.Uruguay Martín Rivas 36.Italy Mauro Milanese Midfielders 06.France Youri Djorkaeff 08.Netherlands Aron Winter 13.Brazil Zé Elias 14.Argentina Diego Simeone 15.France Benoît Cauet 17.Italy Francesco Moriero 18.Italy Nicola Berti 40.Portugal Paulo Sousa Attackers 09.Chile Iván Zamorano 10.Brazil Ronaldo 11.Nigeria Nwankwo Kanu 20.Uruguay Álvaro Recoba 23.Italy Maurizio Ganz 27.Italy Marco Branca 27.Italy Alessandro Sgrigna Squad information[edit] Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality. No. Position Player 1 Italy GK Angelo Peruzzi 2 Italy DF Ciro Ferrara 3 Italy DF Moreno Torricelli 4 Uruguay DF Paolo Montero 5 Italy MF Fabio Pecchia 6 Portugal DF Dimas 7 Italy MF Angelo Di Livio 8 Italy MF Antonio Conte (captain) 9 Italy FW Filippo Inzaghi 10 Italy FW Alessandro Del Piero 11 Italy FW Michele Padovano 12 Italy GK Morgan De Sanctis 13 Italy DF Mark Iuliano 14 France MF Didier Deschamps 15 Italy DF Alessandro Birindelli 16 Italy FW Nicola Amoruso No. Position Player 17 Italy GK Michelangelo Rampulla 18 Uruguay FW Daniel Fonseca 20 Italy MF Alessio Tacchinardi 21 France MF Zinedine Zidane 22 Italy DF Gianluca Pessotto 23 Italy DF Marco Zamboni 24 Italy MF Raffaele Ametrano 25 Uruguay DF César Pellegrín 26 Netherlands MF Edgar Davids 27 Uruguay FW Marcelo Zalayeta 30 Italy DF Rudy Nicoletto 31 Italy DF Salvatore Aronica 32 Italy FW Luigi Giandomenico 33 Italy DF Massimiliano Zazzetta 35 Italy MF Marco Rigoni 36 Italy FW Lorenzo Morandini "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use." Ignore Tags a lot of majestic Skills, Dribble and Passes Ronaldo Corinthians Brazil Il Fenomeno r9 Brazillina Cruziero Psv Barcelona Inter Milan RealMadrid Ac Milan Corinthiens retired perfect skills moves tricks Manchester Cristiano Messi tricks skills moves dribbles Gol goal hot Timão Red Devils paulista serie calcio liga world cup super liga ligue premier league new 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 first comeback injuries hatrick soccer football legend fenomeno nutmeg panna comp incredible zidane ronaldinho kaka forlan Inter Milan Jose Mourinho champion Phenomenon Brazil Brasil penalty barca barcelona best spanish justin bieber lady gaga accident crash sports elastico hoscus pocus step over pedala flip flap inversoronaldo done two of the most impossible elastico flip flap ever perfect skills moves and tricks Ronaldinho revilinho pele maradona cruyff laudrop zidane romario messi cristiano ronaldo liga clacio seria primier Copa America league bundesliga elastico hocus pocus flipflap inverso pedaleta canos nutmegs panna dribbles real madrid barcelona classico vs versus man u manchester united city chelsea arsenal juventus roma bayern munich fenomeno phenomenon king best player ever barcelona vs versus real madrid 5 0 29 10 2010 Neymar Ronaldo,Corinthians,skills,dribble,passes,playmaker,tricks,goals,2009,2010,2011,Serie,Calcio,uefa,cup,liga,Champions,league,preimier,bundesliga,Manchester,Barcelona,Cristiano,Messi,Fenomeno,Finalisti,C.,R9,hot,campeonato,paulista,santos,Treino,Best,of,Kaka,Pato,Bagio,Beckham,injury,goal,ManU,Real,Madrid,Milan,Brasil,Brazil,comeback,Fans,Training,São,Caetano,Palmeiras,primeiro,segundo,timao,Ponte,Preta,Ituano,barca,psv,nutmeg,step,overs,panna,hocus,pocus,flip,flap,r10,Neymar,2012,Zidane,Ronaldinho,Pele,Maradona,Bale,2013 Real Madrid 2014/2015, Cristiano Ronaldo 2014/2015, Ronaldo Skills & Goals, Gareth BaleToni Kroos Iker Casillas, Best Saves Ever, Raphaël Varane Pepe Funny Moments Sergio Ramos Fábio Coentrão Marcelo Daniel Carvajal Álvaro Arbeloa, Álvaro Arbeloa Real Madrid, Álvaro Arbeloa , Sami Khedira Gareth Bale 2014-2015, Xabi Alonso Luka Modrić Real Madrid Ultimate Skills, Ángel Di María, Isco Best Skills & Goals Ever, Goals,Karim Benzem 2014,Jesé Rodriguez, Future Talent, Jesé Rodriguez, James Rodriguez The best Club in the World, Real Madrid Champions League Goal, Alexis, Ray Hudson, FCB, Barca, Neymar, Messi, Amazing, Sport, LaLiga, LFP, Liga BBVA, FCBHDWorld رونالدو زيدان إنتر ميلان يوفنتوس

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Luis Lizard
I'm Italian and I've seen recent interviews of legendary defenders like Bergomi Maldini Nesta Cannavaro ... they all said that Ronaldo was an absolute nightmare to mark... not only was incredibly strong and fast but his most dangerous weapon according to Maldini is that he could turn with the ball at his feet in a split of a second leaving you on the spot like a sack of shit.( see Nesta in uefa cup final .. he looked stupid) and once he was gone it was impossible to catch ever
This is Jon Snow He's King of the North
Today's kids just will never understand just how good football was in the 90's so many great teams and players Romario,Batigol,R9,Zizou,Bergkamp,Figo,Baggio,Del Piero,Shearer,Cantona,Ortega,Effenberg,MattausMaldini,Dessailly,Roberto Carlos, the de boer bros the list is endless I do think Messi is top 5 of all time but in an era where there aren't even 5 world class defenders on the planet I can't put him no1 Ronaldo R9 and Zizou played in the same era as all of these players and there was clearly something different about those guys that put them on another planet I think Messi is from the same planet just he has not taken over a World Cup like those 2 and led them to victory that's why they are my top 2 all time
Fawwaz Farid
back when serie a was the best league and all the best players played times have changed.. hopefully serie a will return to what it once was
Sam Rothstein
Ronaldo 96/98: 10/10 Ronaldo post-injury: 8,5/10 Zidane: 9/10 Messi: 9,5/10 C. Ronaldo: 9/10
ToMMy Noob
Before Ronaldo and Messi fanboy strikes,, footbal was beautiful....
Legend CH
number one Ronaldo! forever
O próprio Zidane disse que Ronaldo foi o melhor com quem ele já jogou. Os dois são monstros, mas Ronaldo foi melhor.
Mohammed Ghani
that is a time when no one really cared about the Classico
Abdullah Mohamed
the goal is all to ronaldo take a bow forza inter sempre fenomeno
Fidel Maranje
ronaldo way better than zidane
Gil Fernando
it is insanity to compare Zidane and Ronaldo9 because they played in different positions. Zidane was offensive midfield player whereas Ronaldo9 was a striker. They were both good and sometimes depending on the match one would do better than other. It is just football!
Panos Liaskos
3:52 hair of the century
The only reason Zidane won a world cup is because Ronaldo got sick and Romario was out injured.
grade ronaldo7,zidane5 italy media
Forza juve
Ron P
It was all about Ronaldo from 1996-1998, Zidane was nowhere near as famous until he scored those two headers.
Mario Ng
Legendary and btw the old inter kit looks awesome
Valeria Medina
ronaldo ronaldo ronaldo ronaldo y ronaldo mil veces mejor toda la vida aunque zidan era bno pero nunca se comparara con ronaldo
o costa
Ronaldo had no one come even close to him!! He was on a level of his own
Stelios Nathanailidis
R9 is the best player in football history ! we must accet this.. Theres only one Phenomeno !
Semîr Yûsiv
R9 forever <3
Lookcell Sorocaba
he is the "Real' RONALDO
Altamiranda Lima
Ronaldo Fenomeno > Zidane.
johan cruijff
The 2 best players of the era.... Zidane was the best though, a true genius... Ronaldo was a great player also but Zidane was the man.
Felipe Rodrigues
R9 INTER 10/10 100%
Lou Ong
This Ronaldo is truly the best of all time .
Haedar Alsaghir
Serie A at its best.. never seen good football style after this periode of time
Yago Carvalho
Essa camisa do Inter era muito bonita
Amazing vidéo! :) Very compliquade to choise the best.
Vanessa Linhares
Ronaldo is dangerous, Zizu is magic!!
Carlos Ponce
Nadie va ser mejor que Ronaldo, La generación del Fenómeno nunca sera superada.
Gino Ait
when Ronaldo's been asked many many many times who's your idol? He always replied Zidane... I'am a huge fan of ronaldo but comparing the two... It's like day and night. -three players that are not to be compared to. -Pele - Maradona - Zidane.
8:29 Messi would last exactly 30 seconds in a 85 to 2003 Serie A match. And he would have 3 broken legs lol. Ronaldo took a double footed tackle to the back of his legs and kept going like it was a fly. Maradona was the same.
Etienne 1991
Zidane grandissimo campione, ma Ronaldo è leggenda!!!
I remember this particular season in Serie A very, very well. Of the two, Ronaldo was BY FAR the better player than Zidane (this coming from a Juve fan). There was no comparison. In fact the only player who could challenge Ronaldo at this particular time was Del Piero...not Zidane. The physical and psychological issues Ronaldo had throughout his career rob us of perhaps the greatest natural football talent. And everyone will tell you that for all he achieved, Ronaldo underachieved what his prodigious talent demanded of him. Ronaldo's entire career was reminiscent of some divine tragic comedy where the protagonist is blessed with immense prodigious talents and then--out of jealousy that no mere mortal should possess such a gift--the Gods deprive him of ability to use those gift sufficiently. Ronaldo during this period was regularly scoring 30+ goals a season in the hardest, most defensive minded league in world at that time. With the likes of Maldini, Cannavaro and Nesta either at the height of their powers or beginning to come into their own. Both Zidane and Ronaldo had tons of skill with ball though with Ronaldo it looked like some thing he could turn on and off, whilst with Zidane it flowed out of him effortlessly like he was doing something mundane and insignificant. With Ronaldo he could beat a man (or two, or three) almost instinctually; with Zidane it was like he was day dreaming while strolling through a park on a Sunday afternoon while skipping past one guy after another. Zidane only began to spoken off as great internationally (although Juve fans already new he was special) after the 98' World Cup which his two headers for France and his magnificent performance (as well as Brazil being in disarray because of Ronaldo not being fully fit to play in the final) allowed them to win. It was when he got to Real Madrid that Zidane began to shine as essentially the team was built around him. Even when Ronaldo did eventually join Real and play alongside Zidane, he (Ronaldo) was a shadow of his former self even though he still knew how to bang in the goals.
Francisco Hernandez
Ronaldo is the best !!
Mabinty Bangura
Mohamed Hamdi
R9 is the best ever...
Bernardo Chaves
zidane classy and maestro. ronaldo tricky and indestructible. back to 100 years ago, when we all played with black soccer shoes...
Lovacnavoce Ipovrce
Ronaldooooooo best player ever!!!
ricky teves
Juan Vargas
ronaldo era una máquina!!
Mohd Sahabaz
only one boss in football ronaldo
que saudade, zizou, fenômeno, djorkaeff, simenone etc
mam somal
Messi playing with R9 would possibly be a better strike force that MSN.
Ethio must
I respect Zidane but Ronaldo Lima is the best player in my age, pls kids don't say Messi or Cr7
the best scorer vs the best midfielder, 2 great players
Nabil Djaouani
ronaldo the Best
jesus gonzalez
Cuando la Serie A era la mejor liga de fútbol del mundo! Ojalá algún día regresen sus grandes equipos (JUVENTUS, INTER DE MILÁN, MILAN Y ROMA) a los primeros planos del fútbol mundial.
I always thought Zidane got all the attention because of the 98 finals and the fact that Ronaldo got badly injured several times. Ronaldo filled us with joy like Messi does today.
Wait, why was this titled as Zidane vs Ronaldo? During the 96-98 period, the best player in the world argument was between Ronaldo and Del Piero. Lol looks like other commenters here have given you hell for that title as well.
Lelei 7 7
Zidane monstro! Gênio! Melhor da história pra mim!
Sakur Sakur
vitor santos
ronaldo vs zidane? RONALDO VS JUVENTUS!!!
Alicia M
Ronaldo 9 is always be my KING while Zidane is the true KING MAKER.
Alexander Johnny
this were the best teams in the world back then
Antonio D'Amato
the best league of the World serieA...Davids ronaldo zidane delpiero schewchenko nedved Moore Moore moore
evandroninho2014 evandroninho
que gol umilhante o de Ronaldo era o melhor jogador de futebo
Antonio Allenza
Ronaldo The win!
who win in this match?
Chandra Kurniawan
great trance music
Freddy Rodriguez
definitivamente lo mejor del futbol asido los latinos asi les duela a los de europa m10.p10.r9. r10. m10. r1o. y eso que no les hablamos de los chilenos uruguallos y esta peruanos y ecuatorianos mejor dicho sur america los reyes del futbol duela donde duela hpt
Abimael Quiroga Rodriguez
esto si es rivalidad no los jueguitos en pañales de messi y cristianos Jajajajaj partidos arreglados
2 great players, but Messi is the best of all times Steven Gerrard: ´´Messi is the best of all time´´ Paul Scholes: ´´I shared pitch with Eric Cantona, Zidane Ronaldo, Pirlo, and the greatest of them all, Messi´´ Giggs: ´´Messi is the best player of the last 20 years´´ (Even Giggs puts Messi over R9) Frank Lampard: ´´Messi is the best of all times´´ John Terry: ´´Messi is the best in history Paolo Maldini: ´´Messi SURPASSED the level of Maradona´´ Raul Gonzalez: ´´I played with Zidane, Ronaldo, Figo and CR7, but Messi is different. He can do the impossible Rooney: ´´´Messi is the best ever´´ Cassano: ´´Messi is the best in history, that is why I prefer Barca´´ Van Nisteelroy: ´´Messi is the best in history´´ Deco: ´´Messi is a mix of Romario, Ronaldo and Ronaldinho´´
Michael Trumph
the football pitches were horrible back then, but they still managed to create amazing plays.
Jorge Reyes Alvarado
êste se crecía en los partidos importantes el falso ronaldo se encoge jajaja
Islam Dadu Channel
Two my favourite players. Rony king of dribling. Zidane just hard man
Muhammad Rifky Febrian 25DAY
wowwwwwww ronaldo is beautiful
charming mohammed
if Messi and Ronaldo played in calcio in this golden age , they would have been eaten alive , R9 was the best in history
I Am Falcorn, Defender Of The Alliance
I miss serie A futbol I'm a AC fan
Gianfranco Giannotti
Zidane vs Ronaldo 0 - ∞
Fanis7 Lame7
its only one ronaldo
Fanis7 Lame7
zidane is a midfield but he cant make game to playmake he keeps the ball too much in his feet ..... xavi inieta and messi best playmakers ever
Jack Thai
có ai là người VN đang xem k ?
the amount of talent in this video is overwhelming !!
فهد ،،
Very boring Italian league
The Magican Zidane
Paolo Drawler
ADP10 EVER....
andy Andy
I love you Ronaldo
mark Zuckenburg
zidane is the best ever
At that time was Ronaldo VS Del Piero the real deal
neen Noon
زيدان يكفي انه يلعب وتشوف الكوره بين رجليه اختصار للفن
Mahamoud Aden
the best player for ever
Stefano Caro
Objectively there´s nothing special but memories in this video..
Francesco Filomeno
forza inter sempre
ryan habib
iler merda ... forza juve
only 180
:) :) 2 friends, 2 legends, 2 champs...2 good 2b true!!!
mohammed saleh
una guerra especial
Majed a
Forza Inter
hid geddo
ilove ronaldo
Flávio Moreira Ramos
Zidane muito mais habilidoso.
Rodrigo Ribeiro
Zidane foi melhor do que Ronaldo !!
Gino Ait
check for yourselves the game France V-S brasil Zidane made look like he was playing with kindergarten kids. lollllll I seriously love ronaldo and I think he's the best striker ever but the creamer the master mind
I Am Falcorn, Defender Of The Alliance
if zidane gets sacked at Madrid he should consider returning to juve fantastic team
Chelsea Is going to walk the league
Back when Italian fans had so much money they could actually fill a stadium
Swizz Chocolate
those were the times where football was great, wrestling was great, and mike tyson was still boxing...
Julius Caesar
I miss those days!
I remember this match, was very good....but the Super classic or Super Derby of Italy is MILAN vs Juventus
Júnior Braz JR
Ronaldo é foda