Zac Efron on 'That Awkward Moment'

He's an actor, a heartthrob and now he's a producer! Zac Efron told Ellen about his new movie, some rather revealing scenes, and Ellen surprised him with some of his baby photos she found!

Kitty Kat
So imagine your going grocery shopping and you see Zack Efron riding a skateboard in the isles while getting groceries XD
i feel like ellen didn't particularly like the hair cut jokes
Dovahkiin KhajiitMaster
I felt extremely awkward when he made the haircut joke and I don't think Ellen liked it much either
Carrie Goodman
lets admit it: we all went through a zac phase when hsm was a thing...
"Are you showing embarrassing pictures of me....? That's where you got your haircut." hahahahaha SLAY BABE
Ana Freitas
the hottest man alive
10 years?? I feel old.
Celine Hawke
she didn't like that haircut joke
Leila Kramer
Is it just me or is Zac Efron so cute
Morgan Nelson
When he awkwardly tried to roast on Ellen's hair twice xD
We need Connor Franta on your show.  He loves you <3 
Captain Majestic
10 years ago from the time this interview aired would make it 2004... HSM came out in 2006... Ellen did some bad googling.
Cutie salt
"he pushed me over, dork" I love Zac!
It's his beautiful eyes that makes him so handsome !
"10 years ago" lol yeah right more like 8
1:19 does zac have blood stains on his pants?!? lol wtf
Rubi Love
i like when celebrities act like their parents care about what they do
I was 7 when HSM came out!! lol i remember my cousin was so lucky to get this HSM tshirt and she rubbed it in my face. i got so jealous. i also got some HSM stuff like notebooks, posters, bookmarks.. i would paste posters of Zac next to my bed so I could see his face before I went to sleep.... damnn I was a crazy kid. but I love it 😝
dumitru monica
"That's where you got your haircut" DEAD
Oli Via
The peru pic looks like he's on his period
Joseph Franc
Damn it must suck being famous. I can tell a couple of times that Zach was embarrassed a couple times in these interviews. I'd hate being followed all the time, having to hide my face, face awkward conversation during shows like this where my most vulnerable and sensitive moments are brought up for everyone to see and gawk at. It really is quite a pact your signing the moment you get big and I would hate it honestly. Zac is cool though I hope he does well.
A. Wiggins
Ellen: "The movie is really good!" *crowd cheers* *looks up movie* *23% on rotten tomatoes* *kills self*
Aura Ramos
Zac efron is my celebrity crush. SHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!
Shelby McCoy
Its actually 7 years, but zac efron will always be my forever crush! I still have my hsm stuff (that's stored away) but I still have my hsm bear from build a bear workshop lol.
Maya Pavlovic
the movie came out in 2006, Ellen is wrong. If it were to come out "10 years ago" it would've came out in 2004 (since the date of this video is in 2014). Ellen exaggerated :\
Olivia Noah
No wonder he is so hot. He is from California!
Kimberly Cisneros
Miriam Vollmer
Why are there so many flowers in the backround?
Clare Gallagher
Can't believe I'm jealous of a toilet.
Told I look like Zac Efron / Nicholas Hoult / Benedict Cumberbatch ... do you agree?
doggo in a field of flowers
Put "Bet on it" in the background and turn this videos sound off.....
Mateo Velarde
I am Peruvian, and when he said "Actually, I recently traveled with my dad to...", I was like "PERU, PERU, PERU", and he said "Peru". Lucky guess! HECK YEAH!!!!!!!
Didn't High School Musical come out in 2006 not 2004???
The Golden Boy
I think Puberty hired Saitama-san to hit Zac Efron.
Bubbles Pop
HMS was 10 years HMS 2 was 8 years and HMS was 7 years ago 😥
They never say the name of "the movie."
Becky Fernandes
It's been 8 years ago, not 10.. Still apart of my tween years and Zac Efron still is on my celebrity crush list!
Blair Hinckle
I looked it up, and 10 years ago will be in 2016, because the movie came out is 2006
Imani Johnson
I was 5 and Zac Efron was my first ever celebrity crush
jessica simpson
Lol I'm watching High School Musical three right now its on TV lol that was kind of cuter when he was on High School Musical but he's kinda cute now
Katy Dunkley
4:09 how the heck did those female audiences not pass out?
"High School Musical was 10 years ago" I feel really old...i remember the countdown from Disney...
Elise Eeckhout
My biggest crush ever😍😍😍
Ciara Evans
Everything was going good till he talked about her hair then I got pissed. She was just trying to make people laugh and he kinda jabbed her
what movie is that?? they never say the name!!
Wow.... Zac efron will always be a hottie no matter what!!!!
FatCat PPG
So it came out when I was 2? I feel old af
Daviddoesrandomstuff on YouTube
Every female audience member are having trouble hiding that boner I bet XDDDD
10 years. Oh. My. God.
Tajiah Seals
Who is watching this in 2018 😂💀
Sam Amanda
he's so uncomfortable i love it 
I forgot he was in my country some months ago
Mike Hawk
i don't need too much money but the fame man. that would be awesome to have.
Carrie Harlow
I was 10 when it first came out. Then I remember singing Fabulous on the bus ride on the first day of middle school and then feeling like a five year old going to see the third one in the theater (and crying) even though I was only 12! Now I'm in college and I miss being little!
it was NOT 10 years ago , next year it will be 10 years ago , but this was in 2014 whice made it 8 years! It came out Jan 20th 2006
Raven Queen
who is in 2016?
Typical Sammi
I ❤️ the High School Musical Series and 17 again( my favorite movies from Zac)
shina chua
omg HSM came out 11 years ago? THATS ALMOST MORE THAN HALF MY LIFE. WTF. omg
Alex Reece
what movie r they talking bout
Delmy Jeanette
Who remembers Summerland?? I loved that show
Sarah Hayden
One time when I was like 12 at a girls camp some chic shouted "Zac efron is dead!" ..... Complete panic
Moshi Love
Zac Efron 2015 in EllenShow please. : >
His grandparents are in Oregon? Did I just hear that? I live in Oregon... that's a possible chance I may know his family.. how weird what that actually be if I did? lol. Ok yea Oregon pretty
Norma Abrenica
is Zac Efron from Hairspray the movie on DVD
Haley Elizabeth
Carlos Martinez
That's Where You Got your Haircut 😂
It wasn't 10 years ago?? It was more like 2006, right? EDIT: Yes, I just Googled. It was 2006. I knew because I was 8 when I watched it and I know that I was around since the start and I was 8 in 2006.
I will forever crush on Zac♥
Why does Ellen keep ignoring the haircut jokes lol
Shianoin Kurusagi
1:21 why is there blood on his crotch part in his shorts?
Jesse Roberts
Love Zac Efron he is my ultimate celebritiy crush
issa.lexy6 Forster
My mom had a dream a couple nights ago and she said she had a dream about having a baby with zach efron hahaha lol
Lisa Lovett
I worked as Assistant Choreographer, Dance Captain, in the chorus, and played "Sally Cato" in "Mame" at Unity Community Theatre in San Luis Obispo, CA in December 2000- early 2001 with Zacky! He was around 12 years old and in middle school. So, that makes him in the vicinity of 28 years old now in 2016.  He played "Young Patrick" and he was amazing! He has always been a triple threat. ( This means he can do it all...acting, singing, and dancing....for anyone too young to know about movies and theatre before 1970.) I was the line coach for the kids in a small film he did after "Mame".  He was also in The Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts' production of  "Peter Pan" during that time. ( ) Quite a few big names attended PCPA after High School...Kathy Bates, Robin Williams. Zac grew up in a very small community on the Central Coast of California, so it's not hard to find photos, newspaper articles, videos, etc. of a very young Zac Efron,  if you look.  Please don't hate me Zac!  After all.......I have not posted the videos and photos that I have of you!  All of the older people who worked with you are very proud of you!
Miss unicorns 🦄
OMG DATS HIM?!?!?! OMG HE’S CHANGED SO MUCH! But he still has his jaw shape and his eyes xD OMG HE STILL HAS HIS POOPIN EYEBROWS :O OMG!!!!!!!!
Aly Gator2016
Omg heart attack for zac😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
what movie are they talking about?! ..nobody in the vid or comments actually mentioned it 😂😂
Christina Garcia Busa
omg.. 10 years... 10 YEARS!!!
0:55 he sorta looks like me weird
david cabrera
Zac Efron <3   so beautiful   i am his fan  there are no words to describe how much i love and like him :)
Alexia Joceline
ohhh no i miss the 'troy' look :(
Maria Outos
10 years?? Wtf thats basically half of my lifetime 😭😭😭
juli peters
Dawn May
His younger brother is lucky. I would love to go to school and be like my older brother is Zac Efron and be telling the truth
Hello Mate
“What the hell is this picture” HAHAHA DEAD ILY ZAC
High School Musical was 8 years ago during this Ellen. What a silly 
J StarMoore
WHY WHY WHY does Zac always look MIGHTY FINE in his pics... but in person he has wierd offset feature. his profile withthat big ass nose doesnt help...
She meant almost 10 yrs a go kinda rounded the number bc she didn't know exactly how long it had been... guys stop being so butt hurt
Drake Khahili
"Thanks for showing that" Haha "You brought it"I like how he was trying to get the audience to feel bad for him.
Heather Martin
I feel like this interview was quite strained on both parts. Love them both so much but this feels...awkward? Did anyone else feel this? Not supposed to be a hate comment. I will forever watch this though for the video of Zac falling over :')
Ana Peraza
3:14 damn, idk thats attractive lol its like hes checking you out lol
A Goat
He had a Justin Bieber hair cut xD
Maddy Brown
what movie were they talkin about
Kayci Baylon
When that I saw tht "One pic":"I'm so sorry....."
Ilse 1311
1:21 Why does it looks like he just got his period
I Just Here Dory 😂
Sadrambe XD
10 years ago 10 mil views illuminati confirmed
Eliza B
The Greatest Showman is so good!!!!!
Taviya Star
He came to Oregon!!!! And he didn't come see me! ugh! 😟😂
Abby Paterson
My friends want to marrie you good duet in The Greatest Showman like if you have watched The Greatest Show Man or just agree
Karim Elkhashab
The girl's reaction at 4:09 lol :D