Dmitri Pirog | Aslanbek Kodzoev 1/2


Руслан Русланов
чмо обоссаное
Руслан Русланов
У тебя вместо рта пизда Русской без духовитой бляди!
rter gewrfw
ишак ты
тебе виднее
your comment makes sense lol
Bronislav Voskobojnik
Диман красава!
@sherrod3879 just because the colour of his skin is white, it doesn't mean he needs to be compared to black fighters... so don't get to excited bro. pirog is European he isn't representing red necks (like you), and a good boxer. it's idiot comments like yours that make pirog look bad.
Adrian Lagos
Pirog is a master technician
he seems to be more of a focused fighter, and talented. the win against jacobs was high profile but, jacobs isnt really a tough nut to crack. i still wanna see more.
@ideafix12 thanks man...the talent was there for all to see, but too many people believe in hype over talent. i never even got to see the jacobs fight last night, but i wasnt at all suprised by the result...i cant find the fight here on youtube- if you have the link please post it
pirog has killer instinct Kodzoev is a warrior
@HatmanTV good post! pirog is the man!
best eastern european fighter ive ever seen, great upper body movement, great defense, looks strong, throws lots of punches from different angles, good work rate definately one 2 watch, i think he might even beat jacobs... if this guy can take a punch i think he could become the best middleweight in the world, he has all the potential