Whisker Haven Tales with the Palace Pets | Season 3: Full Episodes 1-8 | Disney

Season Three, full episodes 1-8 of #WhiskerHavenTales . Pawcation Investigation: When Treasure and River gather supplies for the pets' Pawcation, they discover the yacht is missing! S-Paw Day: Sultan doesn't want anything to do with Pumpkin's S-Paw Day until he discovers how comfy lounge chairs are! Ashes to Ashes: Slipper's dragon friend Ash comes to visit but her newfound fire-breathing power sparks trouble on the yacht! Sheep Trick: Petite has trouble memorizing the ship's terms for her Captain's exam. Fancy Fur Ball: When Treasure does Pumpkin's hair for the Fur Ball, the disastrous do makes Pumpkin wig out! Sleep Talkers: While in their new camper, Sultan and Treasure keep waking up Dreamy with their noisy car games. It’s Camper Time: Chipper and Pumpkin try to find common ground when Chipper wants to go camping and Pumpkin wants to go glamping. Tunnels of Fun: When Berry tries to deliver her basket of goodies all over Whisker Haven, she keeps falling into holes! SUBSCRIBE to get notified when new Disney videos are posted: /> Get even more Disney YouTube Oh My Disney: />Disney Style: />Disney Family: />Mickey Mouse: /> You Might Also Like: As Told By Emoji: />Tsum Tsum Shorts: />Sing Alongs: /> More Disney! Instagram: />Twitter: />Facebook: />Tumblr: /> A Little Disney History: From humble beginnings as a cartoon studio in the 1920s to its preeminent name in the entertainment industry today, Disney proudly continues its legacy of creating world-class stories and experiences for every member of the family.

J Morgan
My favourite pets sweetie but when treasure said "how ya feelinf buddy" lol I laughed so hard
Mystical Lights
Treasure is my favourite. She's The Best. And when She said "How ya feeling buddy?" Lol I laughed alot. >.<
Bruce Fireknight
good show I may be 20 years but I'm never young to watch this silly but good shows.
Hawaii Chan
Pumpkin is my favourite 🍊🍊🍊❤❤❤❤
Nuura Abdulkadir
Blossom the panda mulan’s are only didn’t appear in whisker heaven
Okay, how is that NOT Fluttershy in the thumbnail. XD
Tiffany Elixir
Treasure and Pumpkin... Pawsome😆😆
Rizly Yusof
Everyone knows that treasure is the main of the main's
つ 星ItzStar
Sultan X Treasure
Praveen Kumar
I love all the episodes of whisker haven , all the pets are so cute
Allieyya Diah
who you like the pets 1 Berry 🐰 2 treasure 🐱 3 pumkin 🐶 4 petite 🐴 5 Sultan 🐯 6 Dreamy 🐱 please comment 👍
Caty Roxy
Sandstorm-that's from Warrior Cats
Aynam Hansda
Every one is so much cute
Warrior Cat Fan #1
Isn’t River suppose to be female?
Zipporah Weiss
I love palace pets does anyone else agree with me
This Can't be the End, I Still Want Midnight.
Allieyya Diah
who do you think Sultan in love 1 Berry 2 treasure 3 pumkin 4 Dreamy 5 petite please comment
Lassy Sapphie
My favorite is Dreamy AKA Beauty Aurora’s kitty
Ellie Larsen
How ya feelin buddy.. I loved that line
Lily Henry
sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute
How ya feeling buddy lol
PsychoDamond 28
How ya feeling buddy?
Ray Carlos Aba
Treasure Is My Favorite
Tempestous Shadow
I love River,Chippy and Sandstorm.
Team BBB
awwwwww super sweet 😍 they r so cute
JDC Afterbeef
Treasure acts like a boy when she said how you fellin buddy in spa-w day
Jonah Rana
TrusT in the lord for allb
Kanta Punia
Doesn't anyone thing that Aslan is better name than sultan??
Falisha Sethi
ShEaP tRiCk BaHaHaHa
layla cordina
hehe sandstorm is the name of a warrior cat.
Universo Colorido Das Primas
Dreamy my favorite !
•Umai Chu•
I just like cats
Jayden Thompson
It looks like Dreamy Treasure Sultan and Chipper are in Alaksa Montana Colorado and Finnland
Just1n 00n
Will there ever be a season 4?
Mia Tyler
I love dreamy treasure and pumpkin
Izlin Abdullah
Dreamy is the best <1
Kimberly Garcia
My other favorite palece pet is fabulous and elegent with a butiful voice can you guees who it is
Good FYI/ —*[!§]}£¥
Makarand Yadwad
I think 💭 is was funny 😂 when river thought 💭 otter was a monster
Eidi Khandaker
Tonight's friendly
Lorence Moreno
Omg i love whisker haeven ekk!!!!
Nuura Abdulkadir
Why palace pets whisker haven is canceled after season 3
Chelle Aguilar
Treasure is my favouriti pets💝
Nuura Abdulkadir
When will palace pets whisker haven season 4
Kreek is the best
Ok but what is 23×45>:)
Brandon Morani
14:37 Chai wearing a baseball hat
Clare Gundersen
Wait, I thought River was a girl. :/
Kiera Gee
3:29 treasure "how ya feeling buddy"lol 😂
Allieyya Diah
6:35 i laugh so hard 😂😂😂
rahma_citra 1810
I love cats
Nuura Abdulkadir
I love this pets
Karamjeet Kaur
Treasure Loves treasure 😂
Viviana Nayak
The one that little rabbit Dillivers boxes was very short
candy and lollipop
15:15 to 15:33 he or she has a cute voice
Janey Carson
I love this sooooooo much I’ve been binge watching this for a while and this is so sweet how there so kind to each other
Just1n 00n
Where is season 4?
Kahkashan Nadir
Lol 16 , 20😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kreek is the best
This is a hard Question and you have to guess the Question
Kimberly Garcia
My fabulous favorite palce pet is tresure like if your fabulous favorite palce pet is treshure too
sweet honey
Whose rivers one we?
That base drop at 4:16
Nguyen Sang
I like pumkin. Do you like pumkin like me
Che Arto
The toddler in me is screaming
Clarence Paul Marquez
It is me or its petit was like fluttershy but different cutiemark
Nuura Abdulkadir
does sandstorm know taj and sultan
darth hp
If you will not answer I will think that you let me
Jonah Rana
Treuser is my favorite pet is beause i like water
Bella Bug
Treasure is my favorite and she is so pretty
Sydney Tran
I love Treasure
200 200
Heinz pending
Lorence Moreno
I like glam-ping more!
hsu aki
They are all so cute😍😘😘😘😘😙😙😙😍
cameron the girl loves janine
#ChildhoodMemories :3
Aoife Smyth
I love you
Kendra Chamberlain
It’s nice tho good job for the cartoon ok
Hengki Sunaryo
I love animal in this film
Nuura Abdulkadir
Why whisker haven is cancelled after season 3 and no season 4
Pauline Cervantes
cute ;o :3
Jolyne Jurado
I love treasure
flower girl
How Nola will talk
sparklyangelwings sparkels
Right as i heard sandstorm name i thought of warriors
Zainab Magid Seasy
Տօգցօլ! ֆկդղ
Palace Pet
Nice buddy
Frence Carmel Perocho
Tresure is the best 3
Hinda Ali
I love berry
Hena Ferik
Çok güzel 😄😄😄😍
* Fruit * Gigi *
Sorry xD
My name is ash
Viviana Nayak
I spy a sleepy little kitty cat.
Zipporah Weiss
How u felling buddy XD funny HAHAHA HAHAHA
Andrada Luca
cățelușa ce-a alba trebuia să aibă un colier și nu trebuie sa aibă inimioare la coroana
bring it bacckkkk
Lulu Al Wahaib
The new version one uses it and it does have the time and it’s oops ooiiiii
Ashley Nicole
2019 everyone😐
Theresa Kristianto
I like petite
Tiffany Kate Cruz
I love Putit the most and the rest of them I just like them
Treasure is the best <3
Pauline Cervantes
حزينة من صغري