Top 10 Pro Skateboarders

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What about Aaron Kyro, a professional skateboarder from the San Francisco Bay area?
Obviously Tony Hawk is the most recognizable skater in history, but nobody holds a candle to Rodney Mullen in terms of raw talent and innovation... nobody.
_ NotSoLucky _
BART Simpson ????? This list is rigged
James Talaro
U obviously know nothing about skating if u put hawk over Mullen.
Daniel Devine
Even Tony Hawk will tell you Rodney is the GOAT
Literally liking every “Rodney mullen should be number one posts”
No Daewon, Muska, Bam and Haslam in the honourable mentions? And every skater knows Rodney is the GOAT.
Saul Aguilar
Rodney Mullen should be number one
Local Gambler
Tony Hawk is the most famous pro skater, but Rodney Mullen is the best by FAR!!!
Office Chair
10) Aaron Kyro 9) Aaron Kyro 8) Aaron Kyro 7) Aaron Kyro 6) Aaron Kyro 5) That guy who runs Braille 4) That guy who is sponsored by Revive 3) That guy who is from the san francisco bay area 2) Tony Hawk 1) Rodney f*ing Mullen
rev up those fryers
10. You 9. Cant 8. Rank 7. Them 6. They 5. Are 4. All 3. Super 2. Different 1. Aaron kyro
PolaroidFreak 600
Rodney should’ve been #1 litterally no one compares to the skateboarding Godfather
Sparkle Green
Rodney Mullen should have been in first or second....... That's just my opinion!!
Carlos Carlos
My top 4 would be 1) Zeke 2) Luther 3) Tony Hawk 4) Kojo
The Illuminati Guy
Jay Adams isn't even an honorable mention???!!!!
Jay 2Z
I don't agree with your list. Rodney definitely number one.
Rpgamer 05x
#10 Andrew Reynolds #9 Eric Koston #8 Steve Caballero #7 Mark Gonzales #6 Tony Alva #5 Bucky Lasek #4 Danny Way #3 Rodney Mullen (lol what?!!) #2 Bob Burnquist #1 Tony Hawk Honorable mention: Paul Rodriguez, Rob Dyrdek, Nyjah Huston, Ryan Sheckler, Stacy Peralta
Number one is wrong. It should've been my character in skate 3
Bob over Rodney?!?? What?!?! Disrespectful.
Daewon Song should have been and honorable mention if not top 10 and Rodney Mullen casually should take number 1
Once again WatchMojo being a casual to the core. The first should have been Rodney Mullen
Communist Nut Biscuit
NO MUSKA!??!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?
NO NATAS KAUPAS?!?! Natas practically invented street skating and was the first to ever wall ride! And he wasn't even an honorable mention?? BLASPHEMY.
Rodney Mullen is best but I feel jay adams should of been on it too
Loxosceles Reclusa
How could you mention Alva without mentioning Jay Adams. Adams was THE man. RIP
Shut Up Dodo
Mullen and Hawk should be 1 & 2. IDK which order but they're legends.
Dapper Don
Most influential for me (my opinion) 1. Tony Hawk 2. Ryan Sheckler 3. Bam Margera 4. Eric Koston 5. Rodney Mullen
R Project
Wanna know why tony is number 1? Non-Skaters only know him as a pro skaterboarder.....
Jay Adams should've been on the list🤷🏽‍♂️
Brandon Dye
Rodney Mullen is to modern skateboarding what Nikola Tesla is to electricity.
bryan wilson
Burnquist over Mullen? Insane. Literally, 1 Mullen, 2 Hawk, 3 Burnquist, 4 Daewon, at least.
Stitch Chapeton
Skateboarding is not a crime!!!
Huey Iroquois
corporate youtube channel talking about skateboarding
Dominik Holdas
Yeah, i think i’ll just stay with playing skate 3
Terry Connor
Rating skaters is like rating food. There is no best - only favorites.
Josiah Rodriguez
So how are you gonna put Tony Alva at #6,Put Stacy Peralta in honorable mentions and completely leave out Jay Adams
Chems Brown
Number1 Mullen & Tony Hawk :::> Ex-æquo ( But Mullen still Da God and Father of modern Tricks )
Jeremy Paluck
In my 18 years of skating...I honestly feel like Rodney has influenced myself far more than any other skater. Since street skating is definitely the most popular, I believe he should be first. In my honest opinion.
Hey It's me
Rodney Mullen is the best skateboarder ever, and NOT Tony Hawk He is the 2'nd
Moises Virella
I can see why Tony Hawk was number one but Rodney Mullen should have been number one or at least number two
Gage Blakely
Mullen was pro at 14 and he created way more than 3-4 tricks he created so much more
Where the heck is Jay Adams ?
george appleton
Don’t do thin to yourself, mojo
No Christian Hosoi, Lance Mountain, Mike McGill andTommy Guerero?
Keith K.
Daewon *WHERE* *ARE* *YOU*?!?
R. Kelly
Rodney Mullen #1 without a doubt.. Idk bout you anymore Mojo
John McAllister
Rodney Mullen should be first Stacy peralta second and Tony hawk third
Ashley Reddin
What about Christian Hosoi😕
its more like "Top 10 Pro vert Skateboarders"
Steven Jones
I was really salty that Stacy Peralta wasn't on the list but at least he was on the honorable mentions. (FYI: Stacy Peralta inspired and taught Tony Hawk how to skate)
Mitchell Cerkas
Rodney should havw been first
Buddy Skate
Always a matter of opinion and various statistics. Just ❤ skateboarding
Junkie dances
Towny hawk is not number 1 because he's best noticed it should be nyjah rondey or jaws or sheckler
Max Crow
Waiting for Aaron Kyro, a professional skateboarder from the Bay Area.
flat ollie and kickflip? no question rodney mullen #1
Thomas Fowler
This was made by a poser %100
Top 3 Should be: 1. Tony Hawk 2. Rodney Mullen 3. Bob Burnquist
Saúl Rangel
I consider Rodney Mullen the most influential of all times
Blink 226 car racer
Bruh rodney Mullen is obviously the best ever he shaped modern skateboarding
Them: I can do a back flip off the ramp Me: I can eat a freeze without getting a brain freeze...
Kevin Cannon
I must admit, They nailed it . With the exception of #9 ,I agree 100%
Andrew Rodriguez
Poser of the year goes to watchmojo!
Brett Cherubini
How tf is Mullen not #1?? And where tf is daewon??? You picked some good ppl but you left out a few and mullen definitely shoulda been #1.....
Supremo Tribunal dos Memes
The right positions: 1 - Rodney Mullen 2 - Bob Burnquist 3 - Daewon Song
Moises Carrasco
Here’s my top 10 10. Ryan Gallant 9. Jerry Hsu 8. Rob Dyrdek 7. Lucas Puig 6. Jereme Rogers 5. Joey Brezinski 4. Lance Mountain 3. Jake Brown 2. Tony Hawk 1. Mike Carroll
I think that rodney mullen should come first, and Tony hawk second
Garret Stewart
#1 belongs to Rodney Mullen #2 Tony Hawk #3 n then the rest of your list
Domo Gotti
My Top 3 Chad Muska Buckey Lasek Andrew Reynolds
Max Merege
Hosoi, Sandro Dias and Jason Lee.... deserve much more attention than Nyjah
Danny Way shoulda gotten number one ALSO WHERE JAKE DONELLY
Rodney Mullen only at #3?
wrestle thon
Where is Bam , muska , and Kareem Campbell at on this list.
Tyler Simmons
Personally top 5 would be Tony Hawk Bucky Tony Alva Bob Eric
Eric Myers
Jay Adams
J. Costa
Loved the list. Although I absolutely love Tony and Bob, I'd put Rodney in the first position. He is the best skater I've ever seen. Even Tony said it so a few years ago in an interview.
Clark Kent
i like how they said mark gonzalez did an ollie when he clearly kickflipped the gap!!
I can think of 20 skaters that are more influential than Bucky Lasek.
Drop Button
Top favorite... 1) Deer Man of Dark Woods 2) Danny Way 3) Rob Dyrdek 4) Eric Koston 5) Tony Hawk
Giammarco Nuboni
der ab
Tony Howk is and stays pro skater nuber one
Xlyo Gamez
Lance from braille skateboarding ;D
Did everyone forget about Jamie Thomas,?
afromob !
Jawz Ollie's 25 stairs
Ace Yellow
I actually say rob dyrdek over Eric koston
Surely Rodney Mullen inventing the kick flip is a guaranteed #1 spot
dick girthy
leticia bufoni?? i love watching her skate.. her tricks get me har.. i mean they are very hard
Nik Podojil
So basically, Tony Hawk ProSkater 1 through 3's roster.... Haha
top 3 1.Rodney Mullen 2.Daewon Song 3.Rodney Mullen
Michael Flaherty
Rodney only at 3 place he should be first
Rodney Mullen should be first, honestly, and Tony Hawk like 3rd
Shawn Danlovich
Mullen is the best, not even close
Máté Kappelmayer
RODNEY MULLEN is the #1 skateboard history, Tony Hawk is also known from video game
Pavel Sushko
They did rodney dirty, he invented like 90% of street skating, sure, he didn't make a video game like probably who they put at number 1, but damn, he the goat
Joshua Casarez
Mark Gonzalez is one of my bestfriend’s uncles and his dad, Mark’s brother, look just alike
Austin Vander Heide
Seriously, did anyone not think tony would top this?
Chuck Norris
2019 any one and jeff king should be on this list
you know what it should have been top 10 vert skaters top 10 street skaters  and top 10 park skaters like if you agree
My very first board, back in '89 when I was 13, (we were poor up here north of Seattle, couldn't afford one earlier,) was a, "Plan B," Danny Way with, "Leftover," wheels. It was stolen from me, out of the treehouse I was living in, I was CRUSHED!! 🤘
Happee Birthdae
Chris Cole??? Shane O'Neill???????