Top 10 Pro Skateboarders

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Max Crow
Waiting for Aaron Kyro, a professional skateboarder from the Bay Area.
Rodney Mullen only at #3?
Saul Aguilar
Rodney Mullen should be number one
_ NotSoLucky _
BART Simpson ????? This list is rigged
Local Gambler
Tony Hawk is the most famous pro skater, but Rodney Mullen is the best by FAR!!!
No Daewon, Muska, Bam and Haslam in the honourable mentions? And every skater knows Rodney is the GOAT.
Office Chair
10) Aaron Kyro 9) Aaron Kyro 8) Aaron Kyro 7) Aaron Kyro 6) Aaron Kyro 5) That guy who runs Braille 4) That guy who is sponsored by Revive 3) That guy who is from the san francisco bay area 2) Tony Hawk 1) Rodney f*ing Mullen
Rpgamer 05x
#10 Andrew Reynolds #9 Eric Koston #8 Steve Caballero #7 Mark Gonzales #6 Tony Alva #5 Bucky Lasek #4 Danny Way #3 Rodney Mullen (lol what?!!) #2 Bob Burnquist #1 Tony Hawk Honorable mention: Paul Rodriguez, Rob Dyrdek, Nyjah Huston, Ryan Sheckler, Stacy Peralta
Carlos Carlos
My top 4 would be 1) Zeke 2) Luther 3) Tony Hawk 4) Kojo
Number one is wrong. It should've been my character in skate 3
jouny halideh
daewon song ????????????????????????????
The Illuminati Guy
Jay Adams isn't even an honorable mention???!!!!
Garret Stewart
#1 belongs to Rodney Mullen #2 Tony Hawk #3 n then the rest of your list
Communist Nut Biscuit
NO MUSKA!??!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?
Thunder Rebel
Gotta love when a commentator whos completely clueless with skate lingo gets a sheet of things to say and completely shreds the video.
Daewon Song should have been and honorable mention if not top 10 and Rodney Mullen casually should take number 1
findoca 1
Carlos Cthulu Lastra?
Ashley Reddin
What about Christian Hosoi😕
Red Deviltillidie!!!
Rodney Mullen end of No argument! Without watching he must win hands down! He invented pretty much every trick in the book that skaters today still do!!!
Chems Brown
Number1 Mullen & Tony Hawk :::> Ex-æquo ( But Mullen still Da God and Father of modern Tricks )
Rico Skateboards
Uhm...rodney mullen hello he is the best
Tommy O
Rodney Mullen is best but I feel jay adams should of been on it too
R Project
Wanna know why tony is number 1? Non-Skaters only know him as a pro skaterboarder.....
Mullen should’ve been #1
Robb Sebbis the Grand Nebbis
corporate youtube channel talking about skateboarding
Saúl Rangel
I consider Rodney Mullen the most influential of all times
Gage Blakely
Mullen was pro at 14 and he created way more than 3-4 tricks he created so much more
7:15 - 7:16 just look at that moonwalk!
DJ Giraffe
Rob Derdek is my favorite skateborder. He inspires me so much.
6:11 *B U C K Y N O*
Kk Ruelos
Tony Hawk just copied the idea of landing a 900 to Tas Pappas 😂
Andrew Rodriguez
Poser of the year goes to watchmojo!
Mitchell Cerkas
Rodney should havw been first
My very first board, back in '89 when I was 13, (we were poor up here north of Seattle, couldn't afford one earlier,) was a, "Plan B," Danny Way with, "Leftover," wheels. It was stolen from me, out of the treehouse I was living in, I was CRUSHED!! 🤘
Connor Harrington
Daniel Devine
Even Tony Hawk will tell you Rodney is the GOAT
Sparkle Green
Rodney Mullen should have been in first or second....... That's just my opinion!!
Raymond Fee
Rodney Mullen is #1 for me. I grew up in the 80’s and Hawk was the man, and although he and Lasek etc are forever some of the all-time greats, they skated on perfect half pipes and other vert setups that 90% of skaters never get to ride, at least not on a regular basis. The 90% skate on the street using creativity in whatever city or town they live in and there has never and will never be a better ground or street skater than Rodney.
REALLY???? RODNEY MULLEN 3????? WTF he should be 1!!!! Hes is by farrrrrr the best on this list... Tony has the 900.. mullen has like 20 tricks more than that......
Jay 2Z
I don't agree with your list. Rodney definitely number one.
flat ollie and kickflip? no question rodney mullen #1
Moises Virella
I can see why Tony Hawk was number one but Rodney Mullen should have been number one or at least number two
J. Costa
Loved the list. Although I absolutely love Tony and Bob, I'd put Rodney in the first position. He is the best skater I've ever seen. Even Tony said it so a few years ago in an interview.
Buddy Skate
Always a matter of opinion and various statistics. Just ❤ skateboarding
Flavio Santos de Andrade
2019... Rodney #3? What the what???
Eric Myers
Jay Adams
American Ratel
Tony Alva “ride every inch as hard and fast as you can“..... that’s what she said 😄
Literally liking every “Rodney mullen should be number one posts”
Seth Bonilla
Pretty sure everybody has the same consensus about Rodney Mullen including Tony himself.
Danny Way shoulda gotten number one ALSO WHERE JAKE DONELLY
Keith K.
Daewon *WHERE* *ARE* *YOU*?!?
Robert Lewis
I think Rodney Mullen should be either 1 or 2.
Max Merege
Hosoi, Sandro Dias and Jason Lee.... deserve much more attention than Nyjah
Brandon Dye
Rodney Mullen is to modern skateboarding what Nikola Tesla is to electricity.
Supremo Tribunal dos Memes
The right positions: 1 - Rodney Mullen 2 - Bob Burnquist 3 - Daewon Song
Rodney Mullen should be first, honestly, and Tony Hawk like 3rd
afromob !
Jawz Ollie's 25 stairs
Jacob Erickson
To be fair there are so many skateboarders who are more than good enough to make this list. It would probably be better to split it up into best skateboarders and most influential skateboarders. Also it’s really hard to understand and communicate the skateboarding culture without being an actual skateboarder who grew up around the culture. Taking into account that you guys have little to no clue what you’re saying and how subjective skateboarding is, this list is pretty accurate. Personally I disagree with most of your opinions, but you guys did manage to get relatively close. I guess you can’t please everybody.
ronnie jacobson
leticia bufoni?? i love watching her skate.. her tricks get me har.. i mean they are very hard
Xlyo Gamez
Lance from braille skateboarding ;D
Domo Gotti
My Top 3 Chad Muska Buckey Lasek Andrew Reynolds
Cris tian
I think that Rodney Mullen is the number one
Noob Gaming
"Hi, my name is Aaron Kyro and I'm a sponsored skateboarder from the San Francisco Bay Area."
george appleton
Don’t do thin to yourself, mojo
Rodney mollen should be first
Brett Cherubini
How tf is Mullen not #1?? And where tf is daewon??? You picked some good ppl but you left out a few and mullen definitely shoulda been #1.....
Gran Jaguar
This is spot on, you guys complaining don't know about skateboarding in the good old days
Winter Wolf
i know Paul Rodriguez was in the honorable mentions but he is awesome and should be put on the list (if you can't tell I am a big fan of him)
Where the heck is Jay Adams ?
Clark Kent
i like how they said mark gonzalez did an ollie when he clearly kickflipped the gap!!
Robin-Sons Squash
i remeber learning about these guys when i started skating at the age of 8 absaloute legends man!!
Toxic Daddy
Rodney Mullen is the best skateboarder ever, and NOT Tony Hawk He is the 2'nd
you know what it should have been top 10 vert skaters top 10 street skaters  and top 10 park skaters like if you agree
bryan wilson
Burnquist over Mullen? Insane. Literally, 1 Mullen, 2 Hawk, 3 Burnquist, 4 Daewon, at least.
Drake Jordan
mullen should be first
LaMelo Ball
Where’s Chris Joslin!??!?!
Josiah Rodriguez
So how are you gonna put Tony Alva at #6,Put Stacy Peralta in honorable mentions and completely leave out Jay Adams
John McAllister
Rodney Mullen should be first Stacy peralta second and Tony hawk third
wacky1 Srpranksalott
It's an insult that Mullen is#3
Figty `97
Where is Chad Muska!?
Shut Up Dodo
Mullen and Hawk should be 1 & 2. IDK which order but they're legends.
No Christian Hosoi, Lance Mountain, Mike McGill andTommy Guerero?
top 3 1.Rodney Mullen 2.Daewon Song 3.Rodney Mullen
Screw tony hawk for being number 1 he should of been number 2 Christian hosoi is the best
John Smith
4:23 that's not an ollie
Joshua Casarez
Mark Gonzalez is one of my bestfriend’s uncles and his dad, Mark’s brother, look just alike
Vivi Bd
Wasn't Eric Koston on JackAss:The Movie?
Ace Yellow
I actually say rob dyrdek over Eric koston
I think that rodney mullen should come first, and Tony hawk second
Anyone who is actually skates knows Rodney is number 1 no contest.
Miyamoto’s Apprentice Jim Vaughan
*gotta give it to Steve-O*
Oreo Kid
What about Chris cole, Jamie Thomas and Tony T
Pavel Sushko
They did rodney dirty, he invented like 90% of street skating, sure, he didn't make a video game like probably who they put at number 1, but damn, he the goat
Taj Bulish
What about Shawn white bruh. He needs WWWAAAYYY more recognition and what about BART SIMPSON LIKE COME OOONNNN
Isaiah Rummerfield
I swear if Tony's number one..... MOTHER FUCER
Giammarco Nuboni
Michael Flaherty
Rodney only at 3 place he should be first
Ivan Pena
Rodney Mullen should be number 1. 🐐🐐🐐🐐
Xian Scion
Tony Hawk - Best Skater Rodney Mullen - Art Skater
nerf bacca
No daewon song, why?