Stephen Puth - Sexual Vibe

Official Music Video | Stephen Puth – Sexual Vibe Subscribe to Stephen Puth YouTube Channel /> Listen to Sexual Vibe: /> Lyrics It’s hard to stay mad at you When you look that When you move like that so Give me that attitude And imma give it right back Make the tension last like Oh my oh my god You the baddest We go on and on and I just a bout had it I don’t wanna come across as too dramatic But imma die if I dont have it We’re on that sexual vibe You got me on that wave I'm only here for the night So tell me what’s the play I’m under your influence When you’re on top You know that I’m listening Tell me what you want We’re on that sexual vibe Your effort so effortless So don’t move too fast Cause I like it when ya Fuck with me reckless And imma give it right back Make the tension last like Oh my oh my god You the baddest We go on and on and on Just like a habit I know all them other dudes yeah they were average But that’s fine cause they was practice We’re on that sexual vibe You got me on that wave I'm only here for the night So tell me what’s the play I’m under your influence When you’re on top You know that I’m listening Tell me what you want We’re on that sexual vibe Yeah we could take it slow Teach me things I didn’t know It’s building up for show All this tension let it go We’re on that sexual vibe I’m only here for the night I’m under your influence when you’re on top You know that I’m listening tell me what you want We’re on that sexual vibe You got me on that wave I'm only here for the night So tell me what’s the play I’m under your influence When you’re on top You know that I’m listening Tell me what you want We’re on that sexual vibe (Yeah) that sexual vibe We’re in that sweet spot Baby just don’t stop That sexual vibe #StephenPuth #SexualVibe Director: Ally Pankiw Producer: Bretanya Dubin Executive Producer: Whitney Jackson DP: Michael Garcia Editor: Sean Fazende Production Company: Partizan Entertainment

Stephen Puth
This song is about that moment when you see someone across the room, and how you feel before anything even happens. It’s about the build up and seeing where it goes.
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Who clicked because of "Puth"??
Am I the only one who doesn't care if he's charlie's brother and just enjoys the song ?
this guy's voice is a sexual vibe
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Laurie Ga
I don't think that he will get famous because of Charlie, I didn't even notice it I entered this song because it seemed interesting that's it..
this song is really bad actually, very simple progression and very simple lyrics. Unfortunately because your related to someone famous means you'll get traction and become relatively famous yourself.
*Who else is here before 5M??* 🙌🏼 Btw, I am a small Youtuber!
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He's more of G-Eazy than Charlie Puth. I mean, his looks and voice is kind of G-Eazy, I think.
Rachel M
Some people are saying he's only famous because of Charlie, this is the first of Stephen's songs I've heard, and I think it's amazing! Stephen has made this song great, not Charlie. Yes Charlie might be able to give him a boost and contacts etc but the music industry is difficult, if Stephen makes it it is because of HIS voice HIS music and HIS hard work. Keep it up Stephen <3
Russell Brussell
I am going to be completely honest, this sounds so generic and not special. You can disagree.
Sophia Hangel
omggg charlie puth's brother !!!! he's like older and sexierrr!!! damnnn!!! that music is what i needed!! thnxxxx
Julia :
Who actually loves the song not because he is related to Charlie?? Because I do💕💕
Drama Queen
"Charlie can i use your mansion for a day i need to film a music video."
Andrea Pandrea
His voice gives me chills and I like it.
Victoria Latronica
Unpopular opinion but the only reason why he's famous is because of Charlie edit: half of you dumbasses don't get it LOL
never read the name, never made the connection and always put the clip down. so i thougt a black man was singing but, surprise, i just discovered he's charlie's brother, damn the world is a funny place
alright, i mean he cute or wateva.
Who came here because they seen it on Ad? Am I the only one who came here because they seen it from an Ad? lol
Iris J
I did not expect that deep voice wow
Geoff Kilian
Charlie actually has range though
It's Paula
David R
Youtube ads actually recommend something good. This is fucking amazing mate keep the good work coming
C Domo
his voice is the complete opposite from his brother
My girl packed her bags to this song. I feel no sexual vibe xD
y lane
nice song,sexy voice and cute face
Emily P
Dude... Stephen and Charlie need to collab, imagine their voices together... OOF
Josh&Katie Vlogs
Charlie has a brother?! Niiiiice! 🔥🔥
Anjali Singh
I like the song.. his voive is doing the sexual vibe 🤣
Lars Honeytoast
I wonder how many times he farted while making this
Thought his name said Stephen Puh.... like on some Dashie stuff.
Kahina O
This guy has one of the sexiest voices ever. Great song
Kacper Juzak
0:25 Oh my oh my god you the best (Stephen Puth and your song)
abby c
this is one talented family damn
10,000 subs with 0 videos For The sake of memes?
Lyrics: Look at description
Stefan Salvatore
This is the most underated song..😪
Gabriel Lopez
favorite song jeez just watch it ones then im addicted 😂
How does this guy only have 12k subscribers?
Be Mine
This voice is so sexual
My favorite song with Xavier White - Distance 🔥❤️🔥❤️
Ashish Lehri
All the best dude... Really good song
c h
I was expecting her to hit the girl behind her in the face with her hair when she came in the door 😂
Mile Martinez
You are hot!
its the same place where how long was shot
came here bcoz of the girl don't @ me
Jayk Wonderful
Looove this song! Such a cool and chill vibe! Def gonna be on repeat and at the top of my playlist for sure! Can’t wait to hear more from him! 😀 #eargasm 😊😜👍🏻😍
abby c
he boutta blow up
is he related to Charlie?
Branden Le
lil puth
freaky dab
love this song
We shouldn't judge what we can't....anyways every invention is special in their own way.....and simplicity is also needed to make life a bit easier......and mainly see the effort behind a single word rather than judging it.....
Timi Tóth
Stephen's voice is so erotic! I love this song so much! 😍
people need to stop comparing Charlie and Stephen saying OmGgg sTepheNnN iS tHe seCond cHarLie pUth. Charlie Puth is Charlie Puth and Stephen Puth is Stephen Puth, they’re both their own person and not the same person.
Bilitis Boyd
Whoever says he made it cuz his brother, I didn’t even know they’re related when I saw his name and until I scroll the comments lol this song is just amazing and gives a really strong sexual vibe and I loved it since I heard it on streaming apps
Concerned Kid
breaking and entering, chaos, lusting and promiscuity.... great.... because we needed another message just like this! I'll pass
I think hes like the noah cyrus to miley cyrus but with charlie... unfortunately
CP Fam
Oh my god the whole Puth family is talented😍😍😍
Igor Reinaldo
I came here for the last name, stayed for the face and continued for the voice and the beat! What a ride! I wasn’t expecting this!
Jenna Griffin
Srry, but I’m team Charlie 😋
Эдмунд Галлей
Когда новые треки? Это бомба
Don't know why but it makes me really think about Toploader - Dancing in the moonlight
oh zhaogy
G-eazy + Charlie Puth = Boomm!!! Stephen Puth Ps. This music video reminds me of "The Bling Ring"
Ariel Cribbs
I too am a singer! I know all of the lyrics to this song. I would like to join in singing with you!
Liza Szabó
oh my god, i'm in love with this whole thing
Krish Official
Oh Yeah I checked about him.. He is brother of my idol (Charlie Puth)😍😍😍
cool boba
Hoe does chalie puth relate to this guy im out of the loop
Tanvee Pareek
*joins stephen puth fandom real quick*
la miki minach
Well... He’s hotter than charlie let’s just say that. But let’s be clear: his voice is mediocre at best. Industry connections will get you everywhere i guess including the trending page on youtube.
I liked cuz the song makes me calm including beats.....not for what it has....its simple which is needed
Esperanza Perez Encarnacion
when i started playing it i thought ''wait, why is Charlie's voice so deep'' then i re-read the tittle, this is actually veery good, I LOVE HIS VOICE!💕😍
Mo S
Why is he a mix of G-Eazy and Charlie?
Adéla Röhlichová
Feel that vibe from song
Little Blue Dot
Err.... This song is pretty bad... Okay really bad. I know that he's Charlie Puth's brother but his voice is evidently not experienced and the video is badly made
Barbie Cheyanand
Absolutely love this song!!! can't stop singing it!
Lizette Sánchez
His voice could perfectly fit in an Armin Van Buuren song, just saying :)
Ariel Cribbs
Been on replay for about a week now. So sexual and senual. I love it
D.E.z Garcia
If any of you didnt already know theyre brothers him and charlie 😪
Naty Dia
The deep voice version of Charlie Puth, with blues vibes.
T- Harr
Is this dude related to Charlie puth?
Mahima Aggarwal
I can sense Charlie's whole family is full of musical talent ❤️🎀🎀🎀 great song! #cpf
Jd Shahabi
he kind of reminds me of Tyler from vampire diaries
Jyoti Singh
I'm here bcz of Charlie Puth 😍😍
s kanamaru
Very comfortable like i heard before in 80s Wish it a big hit
cranky pisces
Didn't realise he was Charlie's brother
Wagner Mangger
hot just like his brother
Tania Bognar
i like it, your just as cute as charlie so that helps hahaha. Keep going you will make your own mark and people will recognise you as stephen Puth not just charlies brother.
I just need 3 secs to fall in love with this song! 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Clara Ts
I am really into this music
He looks a little bit like a young Mike The Situation. He sounds really good.
Homo Sapien
His Voice is Solo much different from Charlie's... I like this song
Rosetta Lenza
I honestly love this song!
T m
We need another single, Stephen. When ya releasing another one??
Octavios Reaves
Weird how i have a crush and all i can think about is them while listening to this
Kim Edward
Is he Charlie's brother??
emilio campagnoli
very smooth and classy sound! Love it XD
2019 1월 ?
This is Charlie Puth's brother.
Ushas OA
*Any Puthinators* ♥️
this is charlie puth's bro??! how did i not know about him? omg and this perfect song!!!