LS3 240sx Install + First Start

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It's been a looong time coming, but finally got the LS3 into the S13! There are still quite a few odds and ends that need to be finished, but I'm so thrilled to finally have the engine/trans in. Oh and not to mention, i finally graduated. Sorry for the lack of videos, I needed to focus on graduating first :P Follow me: IG: />Twitter: />Facebook: /> Songs: Post Malone - Rich and Sad Instrumental Fortnite Theme - Orchestral Yung Gravy - 1 Thot 2 Thot Red Thot Blue Thot Instrumental

AMBush Drift
I know it’s been a while, but I’m finally back 💕 Love you guys!
Steven Devey
Drift dad isn’t dumb! We all make mistakes!
Michael Pierce
Your education comes first and if your following cares about you like they should thay understand!!!!!!having said that we are glad you and drift Dad are back!!!!!!!! Are you going to be in Atlanta I'm going to be there!!!!!!! Leaving North Carolina Wednesday afternoon! Oh Drift Sister is very cute!!!! No disrespect!!!!
Stam GR
I missed you so much ❤️
Classic Connoisseur
Great to see you back!
O967 G16
Congrats on graduating college bro!
Lukas Holmerin
Isaiah Adelson
Welcome back
Dean Tha kid
Man you have best dad ever...
Hamish Gray
Yay Alan’s back
Arnaldo Nogueira
2 views I am from Brazil 🇧🇷 🚗💨
Dope Soldier
that's a way to come back i'm happy for you Congrats on your graduation !!
Samuel Mancia
Congratulations Alan!!
Ryan Weiler
Congrats on the engine and graduating! Excited to see more content.
Kyle Drexler
two of the hardest workin booger eaters in the biz, congrats on the motor and graduating!
Rafael Martinez
You don’t know how fast I clicked💖 bro I missed your vids🙏🏻keep it up bro💯
zeldun francis
Ayyyyyyy after 48years finally! Miss drift dad! Hahahaha
Mr. Mopar
Congrats with college!!!
Landon Pritchett
Good to see you back, congrats on graduating
King Whispa
Congratulations Alan!!❤❤Missed your videos so much!!So glad to see all that grind finally getting somewhere!!😀
Mike Bush
Congratulations, my Son, on your graduation! I’m so very proud of you!
Adz1086 h
AAAAAAAAAAAA FINALLY! We missed you and drift dad
Andrei Neacsu
King Vega02
Hey does your S14 sound nice Straight piped im thinking of straight piping mine
Vrum Vrum
Glad u back S2
Its been a long time. Congratulations on graduating
missed you man! glad that you are back buddy
he is NO LONGER drift dad.. he is GREASE MONKEY dad.. lol
lucas bertelsen
Love the video ❤
Logan Hicks
Yay your back!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
Stephn Gibson
Missed you 😭
James Briggs
Hell yeah brother!
Drift dad should ls1 swap the s14
imPanda- -
glad ur back bro
Titan Studios
As you said , it's been a while, but as always good video. And keep up the good work 👍🏻.
Magnus lind
Congratulations on graduating!
Glad to see ambush drift back on YouTube
I love a pure v8 sound. I want to see that thing sliding too much and with that rumbled sound that can consume the hole track c:
CSF Videos
Absolutly love it. Expessialy the end. Congratulation and greeting form Germany.
also BIG CONGRATULATIONS on teh college thing.
Tobin Kupe
Congrats Allan yeeeewwww
Meh Gusta
you gotta do what you gotta do, no need for apologies will always support you even if you dont make a vid for 4 months
Jorge Ortega
I've missed that intro 😭😭
B. E.
glad you are back man!
Jacob Rachwal
Been waiting! So hyped!
Nick P
Congrats on the graduation and getting the first successful start up.
Daniel K
Finally a new upload so hyped that u finished the car can’t wait to see u shredding in that thing
Magzarot Game
congrats glad to see it started and that your graduating its all coming together
Hector Benites
Seth Cramer
Congrats on graduating college bud! We are so proud of you!!
T Mac
That was a great genuine smile when you surprised drift dad. Congrats on graduating and completing a great stepping stone for a bright future. Graduation drift party!
Shaolin Cruz
Best father and son content ever !!! Much love 💕 🤙🏽🤙🏽
Squirrel M3
Congratulations on graduation and the progress on the 240! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Alex Dowling
Congrats on the degree!!! And on the first start up! I'm heading to Orlando at the end of August, just wondering where's best to visit (outside of the theme parks), and where might I catch a glimpse of the (street) drift/car scene? Cheers!
Beam Averick
Hell yeah man! I’ve been waiting for this video! Congratulations🤙
my friend
Don't apologize man you good you getting us excited now tho
Trevor O'Baker
congrats!!! and welcome back man!!!
Mike DeFusco
Glad you’re back! Congrats on school! Been checking your channel weekly for an update video lol
Congrats on your long voyage of college it will be all worth it with a great career comes great drift builds 👍🏻.
Super happy for you Alan! Congrats on the graduation, only 30 more days until I´m done myself! :D
Shaolin Cruz
Congrats homie 🤙🏽🤙🏽👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽
Daniel Bernal
Congrats on graduating! Now lets knock that EIT out of the way!
Congratulations on graduating, Bro! I know your family proud of what you're doing with your life. Keep living your dream and to the top you can make it. Much love from the ATL ✌ IG:sky_walkin_me
Hillary Goh Enn Shieng
22 mins video from AMBUST DRIFT, SO GOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Congrats on graduating. Glad you’re back on the LS build. GL
Wb, cant wait to see more videos and you getting a 350z Congratulations tho!
Andrew Logan
Welcome back Alan - and congratulations on the graduation!
Travel The Nomad
Glad to have you back Alan 🤙🏾✊🏾
Tomas Garcia
Congrats dude, the wait was so long but it was worth to wait, keep rocking \m/
Welcome Back! Congrats on the graduation.
Bars Bitch
Congrats Men and Welcome Back ^_^
Zohar Hussain
Congratulations on graduating man, must feel good not having to stress about studying anymore
Zach Marshall
congrats on graduating. have been wondering whats going on with ambush... glad your back at it.
Shivan Sins
Wish me and my dad did car stuff together he hates my car because its a 1994 mitsubishi galant with a rb25det motor. Congrads bro keep up the vids.
Basic Car Guys
I never clicked on a video so fast! Good to see you back Alan! Can't wait to see you testing and in Pro Am competition
Aaron M
Wow! congrats on graduating definitely an accomplishment, can't wait till I'm there. looking forward to the future of the channel.
Ayrton Bondzanga
Ayyyy graduation party 🎓
ypung savv boi
Finally my boi is back on the YouTube grind. Congrats on your graduation from the bay are—> California
Kenneth Souffrant
yoooo congrats on graduating !!!!
Nano alfaro
Hell yeah! Congrats on the graduation! Keep up dude!
Hope you're back for good... Yes, and congrats on your graduation!! Cheers
Lol fortnite music for the graduation
Congrats brother !!!! And I miss you guys 🙌🏾🙌🏾 #familygoals 🙌🏾
Valera Man
Congrats! Really missed your vids man )
Welcome back to YT Alan! Congrats man and love the Rich and Sad instrumental.
Todd Brown
Congrats on graduating 🎓
Mohamed Magdy
I am glad i got to share this moment with you alan , congratulations buddy
Ruuudddyyy R
Congrats on finishing College! I Graduate Aug 4th!
Hillary Goh Enn Shieng
Congrats on your graduation Alan! I just graduated 2 weeks ago as well, this makes us graduated on the same year! Feeling special 🤣
Jolicoeur Steve
congrats for your graduation man!
Stephen Osborne
Congrats man! Glad we can tag along on your journey.
Ryan Digiovanni
Congrats on graduating Alan. You and drift dad have been missed!
Congratz on graduation, that is a great accomplishment.
James Furtado
Heck yeah man
Richard Culbertson
Congratulations on graduation Alan great to see you back at it on the 240
Lee Fipps
Congrats on your graduation!!
Congrats on getting the car started and graduating