Best Upcoming Kids & Family Movies (2018) HD

Best Upcoming Kids & Family Movies (2018) HD Please subscribe and like our other channels ... For all animation and superhero movies subscribe to ViralMEDIA @ />For all game trailers and game play subscribe to GameMEDIA @ />For all global trailers subscribe to Global Trailers @ /> Here are the best kids and family movies for 2018. Incredibles 2 I kill giants The grinch A wrinkle in time Ralph breaks the internet Luis and the aliens Hotel Transylvania 3 Sherlock Gnomes Monster hunt 2 Monster family Small foot Mary poppins returns Fantastic Beasts The Crimes of Grindelwald The nutcracker and the four realms

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WHAT THE FERTILIZER?!?! EDIT:thats a LOAD of likes!thanks people!
Gacha Potter Noemi
Who else thought they baby playing the game was baby moana?
Cre8tiveb1t Aj
happy family is so funny lol dad *fart* sis" ughh dads dad XD
Oh god please don’t tell me I’ve been waiting for 10 years for an Incredible parenting story
Elisheva Freely
Ralph breaks the internet, Luis and the aliens, and Mary Poppins returns are no longer on Netflix.
Nutcracker gave me Narnia vibes for some reason ._.
Raine Malicdem
"But Dad, this is the way they want us to do it." Dad; "I don't know that way. Why would they change math? math is math..... MATH IS MATH!" *Common Core in a Nutshell*
Francisco Barraza
Note: I Had to Remove the Map Season 1 Episode 18 Got Blocked Worldwide Except Canada
Dear Eyepatchez
"What the FERTILIZER?!" "No ship sherlock." Im watching the gnomes.
Lynette Gilmour Crouch
the little girl in reck it ralph looks just like moana
'No ship, Sherlock' I LAUGHTED SO HARD MY LIFE
Fox-A-Bell Aj
when it said "based on the graphic novel" im like OMG! IS THIS AMulET?! i was sad when it was not :(
incredible 2 is like the Korean variety show Return of Superman 😂😂😂
E&M's Playtime/Toy Reviews
I can't wait to see Incredibles 2!!😀😀😀😀🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊👍👍👍
I wanna watch the "I kill Gigants" It seems awesome
Julia LaFosse
I CANNOT WAIT for the incredibles 2
Isabella Danowski
At 5:33 😂😂😂
Musicorn Playz
I laughed so hard at the thumbnail 🤣🤣🤣... Just me? Fine.
Hey Im Mimi
I just watched the incredibles 2
eli Ace
I want to see all of them
Barry Copithorne
Oh sweet! They are actually continuing where they left off! :D The underminer! xD Woot!
Madcamp Recordings
0:40 I SWEAR that's me and my mom XD so relatable 🤣🤣🤣
Marvel Next Gen FanFictions
Can't wait for the Nutcracker and the 4 realms. Mostly because it has Mackenzie Foy
••• Dayshalee •••
Sherlock really lol 😂 now I know who Jake is.....SHERLOCK PAUL!!!!!
Haley Gavares
"What the *fertilizer!*" got me 😂
lαυяα x
who broke the internet? *YODELING YOUNG KID FROM WALMART*
RayzerAze Darkrai 24/7
The Song in the Movie "Wrinkle In Time" is Scars to your Beautiful by Alessia Cara :D it suits the trailer myghad sooo muchh <3
Bianca Piwowarski
On the wreck it Ralph one you missed a lot of the advert but love email all 😘😘😍
Girls Frank
A hotel on de water😂🤣
Omg. I Kill Giants looks really interesting!!!!
Try Me
Thicc cheese
8:00 I thought it was gonna be a remake of the lion the witch and the wardrobe 😂
I was born on the same day the first incredibles came out
Esmeralda Gp
2018 already past I am waiting for some of the movies
Dead inside
A Winkle in time is sooooooo different from the book *Wrinkle
Chloe Alleyne
OMG you need to keep up the good vids!!🦄🦄🦄 Smile
Baptiste Deparday
wrinkle in time: Kid falls to an island, FORTNITE for you, dear audience, fortnite
Melanie Loves Sans
*the thumbnail explwins me when i heard incredibles 2 was coming out*
' oh nooo... stop watch this video at 005... not good and very big lousy computer edit animation cartoon... not worth it watch
Spongebob SquarePants
0:39-0:47 😂😂 my mom when she would help me with homework
Lucian Andries
I only care about Incredibles and Fantastic Beasts. The rest can go beep...
Queen Davis
so excited for the incredibles 2 to come out!!
David Schneider
Perform depression chief elbow somebody basket bite kid curriculum.
Vlatiania TheWolf
I watched the Sherlock Gnomes at 24 march 2018 its sooo cool and interesting
Vin Cent
Putting ads over someone others work. 2018
Sam Wells
stress convict run clothes deal episode tissue chemical giant.
Dean Pitchforth
The start reminded me of LEEEERROOYYY JJJEEEEENNNKKIIIINNSSSSS. Just me.... k
No ship Sherlock. I am ded! XD I know I spelled dead wrong.
Allyson Lowrance
Lil guy: who is broken? O MY GOD
gucci turtle
When are they going to make a zootopia 2
John Allen
Most excited about The Incredibles 2!
severn j
HOOORK HUAAAK illumination is making grinch BAAAAAAARF HAACK
TheBeanieKid _
18:17 this girl just mastered the invisible box challenge
Neeltje Schmidt
Did you know Johnny Depp is voicing Sherlock Gnomes? I can't wait to see that movie!!
Cool Everything Everywhere
I want to see every new movie that's coming
owlloves youtube
Did anyone notice in the first movie EMILY WARSOM(EMMA WATSON)
Nice thumbnail awesome video keep up the good work
John Carpenter
I already saw Sherlock gnomes!
already watched cherlok gnomes or how ever the fudge u say it......
Kitty Witt
11:15 Did he freaking, break, the forth wall
Tracy Stratton
I would love to see Nightmare Before Christmas.
TheEvilJig 101
we're all gonna get smashed tommorow :[]
"we have to get across that river...,! we will need a ship!*me thinking* no shi* Sherlock -w-the gnome answered *"no ship Sherlock"* *me: "OHHHH AHHHHH OMG WHERE AND WHEN IS THIS MOVIE GETTING OUT??"*
HorsePro Gamer11
WAIT is there a new Incredibles movie coming out after so many years please say there is a new 1 coming out Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Rafael Rufino
Oh My God. They cucked Mr. Incredible. Jesus.
1000 subscribers With no videos
YO I’m PUMPED for the Incredibles 2
*Wolf plush
Ha12tman Cat
"I kill giants" I also wear ears!! Except they're cat ears!!!
Blueberry Lee
when it got to 8:28 i was like " ITS NARNIA BEEECH
SalsaGirl Z3
I only want to see Hotel Trasilvaiya 3 sry if I spelled that wrong
I Kill Giants reminds me hella lot like “A Monsters Call” , which was fantastic and gave me chills to my soul. IKG didn’t evoke any tangible feeling in me 🤷🏾‍♂️
Luka Visekruna
"Sherlok gnomes" is a copy of "Toy story" :)
FamGutierrez Guajardo
Everything that's on the picture comes last on the video😂😂😂😂😂😂 I thought they go first but they............don't
Ms. Terious
the thumbnail looks like baby moana in the modern world
Bob Coffee Filter
I’m so exited for wreck it Ralph to I was really young when the original came out
Ash Ginsberg
The crimes of grindelwald was pretty original.
A girl named Paige
have faith in who you are. i love it
Lexieey809 Story
OMG The girl who screamed in reck it relph SHE LOOKED LIKE MOANA WHEN SHE WAS LITTLE :o
Steve Price
I wanna watch Sherlock gnomes. It seems Extraordinary.
As a coward or a worrier, well I choose to live in the moment
Pearl of a Girl Nursery
0:30 Don’t think you can hide behind animation. We see you and we love you, Bob Odenkirk.
Hannah Tran
The Nutcracker and Four Realms reminds me of Alice in Wonderland
Doritos Person
Am I the only one confused..? Disney is making a Nutcracker movie and Marry Poppins Returns Nutcracker-Christmas movie, coming out in November Marry Poppins- Normal movie, coming out on Christmas 🤷‍♀️ WHAT!
Good Mister
"Broken? Who's broken?.......OH MY GAAWD!!!
The Best Films
هذه القناة ستوفر لكم افضل الافلام على الاطلاق .. تابع القنات واضغط عالجرس لكي يصلك كل جديد ولا تنسى المشاركة مع اصدقائك والضغط على زر الاعجاب وشكراا
Mariah_uxx X
I have watched 'a wrinkle in time' but its not in thd video
Golden Wolves
“Everyone knows that the small foot isn’t real!” Me: *looks at my freakishly small feet* “Or is it?!”
I've watched monster family on Netflix
Shadow Shroud
*No SHIP Sherlock*
The grinch one made. FKN HELL NO. Leave Dr. Seuss alone!
Mia _DB
I already watched the second one its " I kill Giants "
Lucas Berry
3rd one has Johnny Depp! Yay!
Vivien Lane
OMG! I can't wait to see A Wrinkle In Time! My class is reading it right now! (And I'm happy that Chris Pine is in it!😘)
I found a tycoon..... NOW WHERE IS MY SUPER SUIT
victor owi
this is like the best year if movies can't stop screaming😰😰😰😰😰😰😰
Queen Edwards
I love this movie because it is my faverote
Animaljam Patite25
**sees ice skaters on TV** the grinch and Yuri on Ice-reality?
Wolf Serenade
Why does my geometry teacher look like Mr. Incredible?
red ink
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