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His teeth are so yellow! Well I guess when you look like a melted candle, flossing is just pissing in the wind
But really, how come no one says Wizard anymore :(
Bary Baragon
lol Gary: I don't mean to be a pain, but I think I need a raise.... you're busy, ill come back later
"Agh, you're really looking into my soul there, buddy".
Jack Mehoff
No Star Wars tale is ever complete without Gary the Stormtrooper.
"Wait, is he gonna try to kiss me??? Oh my god, this is happening!! Stay away from me you idiot!!!" Classic XD
"omg is he going to try and kiss me? Is my dad gonna kiss the emperor!?" XD
"Wow, his teeth are so yellow. I guess when you look like a melted candle, flossing would just seem like pissing in the wind." I just lost it with that.
Trombley Creative Media
"It's a mad house! A MAD HOUSE!
d 1234
Can someone explain to me the Wizard thing?
After watching the star wars rebels season 3 premiere i can indeed confirm that.....ZEB BROUGHT BACK THE WORD WIZARD! WE'RE BRINGING IT BACK!
Sam Philips
Luke: Hey, my face is really warm. Everything okay up here? Anakin: Idk, what do you mean? Luke: Ow, OW! My face- it's on FIRE! Anakin: Well, I don't think there was a single bolt of lightning that didn't hit you. Luke: You just sat there and WATCHED?? Anakin: Turning to the light side was a pretty big decision! Luke: OH, GOD! I HAVE A MELTED CANDLE FOR A FACE! What am I supposed to call myself, Luke Eye-horror? If you had made up your mind FIVE SECONDS EARLIER, we could have SAVED the galaxy, AND I'd have been able to visit Tosche Station one more time! Anakin: I see you're upset... I'm just gonna go die, now! Luke: Yeah, whatever.
shit that was pretty wizard indeed
"Is my dad gonna kiss the emperor?" that line made the scene so much funnier.
Elizabeth Cooper
1:37 gets me every time. EVERY. TIME. (dies of laughter) "STAY AWAY FROM ME YOU IDIOT!"
I am the Senate
"You guys are busy.I'll come back later..."
That was pretty wizard lol
Northeast Tropics
"Is my dad gonna kiss the emporer?"😂😂😂
Will Boston
I love how Seth Macfarlane is the emperor
Matthew Mason
"Hey I don't mean to be a pain... But I'm gonna have to ask for a raise... I see you're busy... I come back later"
CT 7567
how come no one says wizard anymore
Red Boy
If only the movie actually ended like this.
Sean Rogers
Everytime I hear the Emperor's voice I think of Seth Macfarlanes Voice now
Now I'm going to just see that blood smeared Stormtrooper as Finn.
The Mr. Pete Channel
:29 Yes Vader, yes u were that whiney as a kid.
Catherine Thomas
I just loved it when Vader said "I'M BRINGING IT BACK!"
Rocko Steel
well, vader, watch the new episode of star wars rebels... THEY BROUGHT IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!
1:41-1:48 Gotta love Turk the stormtrooper.
Fernando Reis
How come no one says wizard anymore...? That... Was pretty wizard... Wasn't it son...? What??? I'M BRINGING IT BACK!
Brian McCarty
"God, his teeth are so yellow. I guess when you look like a melted candle, flossing is like pissing in the wind."
Bringing back wizard is pretty wizard.
You see...this is my problem with Adult Swims humor... It would have been just as funny if they stopped at the storm trooper Or at the very least, cut to the storm trooper and let him have a monologue too...
I'm bringing it back!
Street Drive 420
Flossing would just seem like pissing in the wind xD
Patrick Bellevue
Its been said before but seriously... GARY NEEDS HIS OWN SHOW!
Jeremiah Douglas
wow really I finally figured out who played Darth Vadars Voice it's the same person as Optimus Prime nice one gang!!
Jimmy Johnson
It's a madhouse. A MADHOUSE!
Jphile D
Seriously, how come no one says "wizard" anymore....?
Mark Sinister
I can't lie if the emperor ask me to kill my dad, I'm 50/50, I'm saying yes! That's how bad this hurts! LOL!
John michael
that was pretty wizard
Raeyne Jaymeson
"His teeth are so yellow. I guess when you look like a melting candle; flossing would be like pissing in the wind."
Wes Bugg
"That was pretty wizard, wasn't it son," "I'M BRINGING IT BACK"
Bobby Bargas
How come no one says wizard anymore?
Johnathan Clark
1:40 Gary the stormtrooper.
not drago
Is my dad gonna kiss the emperor?
Scp 682
It's a mad house a mad house
Random person
00:36 Vader completely changes the subject lol.
1:41 poor Gary : /
This One 6uy
Young Skywalkaaahhh
Señor Spook
Anyone else notice how nicely molded/ painted Vader's helmet looks for a toy?
luke: is my dad gotta kiss the emperor?
Brian J. Wnek
Was I that whinny as a youth. I still can't stand sand - it gets every where.
Brandon Martinez
Is vader gonna try and kiss the emperor?
How come no one says "wizard" anymore?
My deathbed concerns will probably be about reviving slang from my childhood. It'll be totally wizard.
the way Palparine was sliding back was funny af
Chang Tissot
That guy is got to be Gary
How come no one says wizard anymore :/
Bruno Belmonte
"Is my dad gonna kiss the Emperor?"
- -
Vader is one of those dads that try to hard to be hip an funny
I've been trying to bring wizard back for 6 years now.
Big Yomz.
" guys are busy, I'll come back later." Gary never fails to kill me 😂
Sriram Ramkrishna
Alfonso really cut his hair pretty good!
Daniel Davenport
That was totally wizard, Annie!
GingerSpaceNazi XIII
I just realised while they were doing their inner monologues, that Darth Vader's inner monologue sounds as though he is speaking through the mask even though if it were his inner monologue it would be unmodified. Still a great video though
Nitrous Skater
'That was so wizard!' 'What?' 'IM BRINGING IT BACK' XD
Best Star Wars tv special ever
Dakota Vanleer
Vader: That was pretty wizard wasn't it son. Luke: What? Vader: Am bringing it back.
Dean V.
Darth Vader, Bringing back the wizardry!
The Cinema Cynic
This is definitely canon.
1:40 They should do a whole episode devoted to Gary.
Save The Donuts
I can watch this over and over again and I can't get tired. ~playing dead~ xD BTW, I love Gary!
I just love how Palpatine immediately thought Vader was gonna kiss him XD
Breing what back
Cash Curran
Honestly Vader That WAS pretty Wizard 🤘🤘🤘
Frank Barrera
Uh his teeth are soo yellow well I guess when u look like a melted candle wax flossing would just seem like pissing in the wind lol fav part
Brandon Baker
Yo gary is my favorite 😂😂 "I dont mean to be a pain but I'm gonna have to ask for a guys are busy, I'll come back later"
Let's Fight
this lightning really hurts
He kills Palpatine like 3 times in this
Bjoern Rapp
Was I that whiny as kid? Yes, yes you were.
Britton Thompson
Is that Hulk Hogan doing the voice for Darth Vader?
I love how the emperor and luke had the same idea when darth vader was coming on to the emperor XD
Brian McCarty
"Meh! Looked right into the lightning! God, it's like looking into a laser pointer."
Dre_Dre _555
I LOVE Gary at the ending XD
I think this is my favorite Robot Chicken segment ever. Something about how casual they all are and Vader's vague surprise about everthing
“How come no one says Wizard anymore?” -Deep thoughts, with Anakin Skywalker
Josh Bitterman
"How come no one says wizard anymore?"
The Boulder
*_is my dad gonna kiss the emperor?!_*
Arnel Andrada
“Hey, wait a minute!”I don’t know why, by the way he said/thought that always makes me laugh
Superquickslash /Eric Dutchover /Dispap
Palpatine:Is he trying to kiss me ._. Luke:IS MY FATHER GONNA KISS THE EMPIRE Stormtrooper:I NEED A RAISE....uh ur busy I'm just gonna go....... Vader:throws palpatine off a cliff*now that was pretty wizard IM BRINGING IT BACK
Bill Kendrick
That was wizard (whizzer?... I never understood what that kid was saying)
Yahya Galal
gary better be canon....i mean it
John Harvin
The Tin Memesman
What is it with Skywalkers and right arms? You'd think they'd appreciate the ability to fap more!
Sherman Ng
OK guys what's Vader's favorite NBA team? Answer: the Washington Wizards!!!! 🤣