Three Days Grace Live Stream

Three Days Grace put on a live stream show to play some songs acousticly and answer questions from fans. Songs played were: Chalk Outline, Anonymous, Time that Remains, Pain, Never to Late

Raven Shang Wolf
adam voice is soooo good
I miss you dad
2012? wow.. i thought that first song came out like 2015-2016.. felt like Adam left the band yesterday
That's the same bass Brad used in the music video for Break
Dave M
this album sucked. And so does the new one.  Generic crap.
They should do it again.
do they have more videos like this
jzat juarez
<3 XD
Ima WreckU
I am laughing my ass off because it kinda sounds like a barbershop quintet rendition of Chalk Outline.
dale Fawasse
neil looks like he had a rough night. i can see dani working security up the mall.
Jessy Wolf
when adam's speaking... so cute...
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miles janes
that's not adam singing
No! They've made it, they've played it, their shit is overrated!
He is lip syncing to Adam!!!! >:(
Saw them in concert w/ ShineDown and P.O.D
karl marx
i like danny's singing, but i miss neil's.
Mr Tofer
great band! happiness and soberness is more important than being famous!!!! ANYDAY, ANY LIFE!
HyperTrailers EU
The album art cover, who is the artist ?
Anayalli Vazquez
I don't like Danny's voice... Neil sounds better, he really distracts me form Adam's amazing manly and sexy voice.
Vladimir Stajilov
It's really nice to listen to them!!!!
Sucks that Adam quit the band.
Terry Dee
I'd like to get him off~
What their songwriting process was.
Thumbs up if you're watching this today.
amanda correll
theres a piano guy when did that happen. there was a person how said there was and i didn't believe it but now i do
Idalina Bordotti
I hope to see you in Brazil someday :)
Adam's yellow tooth, haha.
I'm gonna honestly say that Neil is a better background singer than Danny.
akis vargemezis
this is epic!!!
Danny reminds me of that guy in smosh who played Tom from myspace....
Cassidy Garvin
I love you guys so much <3 best band ever. You are my absolute favorite of all time. Really inspirational
"Why don't you come in here, and show your face... chris.." hahaha
Carly Lewis
I love how Adam says "away"
Brad's bass from 'break' video
Dolly Vaknin
Adam is hot!!!! Love the bass.. it's really good
ahmed sherif
Maaike Broekhuizen /watch?v=G0Hs2QiCqEI just one that isn't from vevo. i had the same problem, but weirdly they do let you watch this one. enjoy :3 don't think it's as good as the other music video's they made though :<
Maaike Broekhuizen
he seems pretty cool :3
Maaike Broekhuizen
adam is after he walks of stage just a 34 year old guy and the fact that you think that is very concerning :\
Maaike Broekhuizen
ch. JUST for life ? o_O :P
Dino Labrović
Come to Croatia,pleaseeeeee!
Cristian Hernandez
Bex Keyte
Adam: What's your favourite drink Danny? Danny: Apple juice :D Barry: Bad ass XD I love Danny already ^.^ and his favourite song is by Queen :D
Christopher Brown
Piano dude, you play some good piano...but leave the background vocals to actual members of the band...
la calidad de imagen y e sonido son exelentes, pero la traduccion en español es cualquiera hay un video qe esta bien traducido te recomiendo qe lo busques y te fijes qe nis e parecen
god this is amazing i love three days grace so FUCKIN MUCH PAIN FOR NEXT WEEK TATTOO TIME THREE DAYS GRACE!!!!!:)
Nicole Lamb
i love Three Days Grace they are an amazing band.
NBS Perry
That fucking annoying ass piano player needs to shut the fuck up.
dani, you are not a singer, please give de mic back to neil and brad, PLEASE!!!
ahmed sherif
ok this video is awesome and adam is always shiny like a star please don't say that his voice is not good ,just remember the last three albums of three days grace and you will know who is adam. instead of saying he is not good support him to recover his awesome performance again love u adam <3
this band is so underrated
nice which college r u goin?
did u already graduate school or u still have a year to go?
can i ask u a question how old r u?
u know what i like about u is that pay attention to ur viewers and even reply to them(you got a new subscriber)
OH MY GOD! during the song "pain" that background voice was FUCKIN ANNOYING!
I was lucky to get one of the final questions in (mine asking what their songwriting process is) before they went off the air. It's weird hearing my name being said by Adam. A very common name, but still cool to hear him referring to ME specifically. I had to enter that question several times. The comments were just RACING. I'm surprised he was able to read mine quick enough. o.O
@MrTocco1231 I know and it makes me so mad to see this but whatever Brad Neil Barry and Adam is fine with me
give brad a microphone!
and brad singing. y did he not sing his part in pain?!
i thought i was the only one who felt this way. i was soooooo annoyed wen he stole brads part in pain. like seriously. i can accept he is helping with touring and new effects on the album, but not as a new official member.
I don't like dani and I thought they were just having him play piano during concerts so Neil didn't have to run to playthe drums after piano. So is dani a new member or just a piano player? Also, dani should not be singing cuz he took brad's part in pain and he didn't even help with the songs! I think having dani helping the band is going to be a mistake. Oh and another thing, why is dani closer to the front then Neil is? I feel so bad for Neil. ):
Στέλιος Κοκκινέλλης
nice ty dude for the video i haven't see this stream
That keyboard idiot is singing too much! He stole brad's part in pain!
Kailey Tyler
I like him, but I would much rather hear Adam and Neil singing. I think he should just stick to playing music.
If 3DG chose him, he's great ;).
M. Rosaria Perone
Lera Kovalenko
Боже, почему звук спешит? :С
Andrew Ortega
thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THREE DAYS GRACE!! How can i download it?