January Pre-Orders - Custodes News, Forge World bundles and Beasts of Nurgle

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**Marlboro** My weekly news and pre-order video for January 13th 2018. There was a lot of news surrounding the new plastic Custodes releases for February. Forge world released some bundles and GW are keeping on the pressure with the Nurgle releases. Enjoy

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Can't wait for custodes! R.I.P my wallet :(
Gw needs to update 40k night lords lords khorne and slenesh night lords should get a codex if there own hopefully they release all of at once some time this year
thank you, keep up the good work and stuff
Stephen Taylor
My wife and looked at each other in shock WHAT NO MATHS CAT the cursor hovers over the fist thumbs down i have ever given but the wife talked me down and as long as maths cats face is seen again soon all shall return to normal (thank you for your tireless efforts to bring great content)
Tyler Rivay
Was thinking of collecting orks but since GW only seems to care about space marines and chaos i'v changed my mind.
Elliot Jones
Pickle Rick
Man next month is going to be BROKENary, all dat Custodes and T-Sons
Pickle Rick
Think somebody mentioned on T-sons codex no new models to range, but can use that Mutalith Vortex Beast from AoS. Also FW did either 2016 or 2017 for 1 month that had full Warlord titan prize when spended that X amount pounds to ordering.
11:55 " that one was resin " looks like it too, i guess there weren't many complaints about it, nobody knew how it should really look anyways
Malcador Sigilite
A shame you don't get any perks from GW for your exceptional work
There was a rumour on the internet that Ork Codex last... in June :( However, the same rumour had it in close proximity to a new box set - possibly based around Armageddon... Could all the stars align and give us Codex, new models and Orks in a box set (new Ghaz?) all themed around an Armageddon narrative?
IDICBeer 40k
Great look as always :)
chris ryder
love it as always bro
Xavier Arnau
Thank you and keep up the good work!!
as always nice video. And will SPACE WOLVES be the last armybook they gone release in the line ?? Will LEMON RUSS return ?? are there gone be space wolves the size of primaris models ? and it that why we have to wait so long.
Thanks for the video mate
great video as always,am i the only one that thinks the forge world great unclean one still looks better ?
i really really want to get the limited edition codex plus some other than the one squad i have i love the grey knights custodes some space marines (making my own chapter or trying to) the tyranids the tau kinda and eldar and thats about it atm
Will Fairbrother
"I don't get paid to do any of this" So none of your videos are monetized by YouTube...?